Spring Days and Giveaways!

This past weekend Chris and I took on a little home project.  We put in a vegetable garden.  Now, this isn’t our first foray into the vegetable garden world.  In our old apartment we had one in the backyard.  And we actually grew a few vegetables.  That is, we grew them until our dogs discovered them.  One afternoon I came outside to find both dogs standing in the middle of the garden.  When I called their names, they turned and looked at me and each dog had a juicy tomato dripping from their mouths.

So we put up a cute little picket fence.  Which the dogs jumped.

So we put up a little taller picket fence.  Which the dogs jumped.

So we put up a hideous green plastic netting.  Which the dogs trampled and then jumped.

So we moved.

This time around, we built a more substantial garden. Chris started with a good frame.

Frame around the garden
Frame around the garden

And then he put down good soil.  The soil had fertilizer and manure in it and so the dogs, of course, tried to roll in it and eat it.  Bunch of animals.

Chris putting down soil
Chris putting down soil
Molly inhaling the manure goodness
Molly inhaling the manure goodness
Lucy trying to eat the soil
Lucy trying to eat the soil

Once we Chris put down the poo soil, we got busy planting seeds.  We planted a good variety of veggies – peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and squash.

Seed packets
Seed packets
Burying seeds like the bad ass gardener
Burying seeds like the bad ass gardener

And once we planted our little bity seeds, we got busy protecting them.  With a fence.  A good, sturdy fence.  The dogs were not impressed.  They followed Chris around as he put up the fence not quite understanding what was going on until he put up the final side and suddenly the dogs got very agitated.

Chris finishing the fence
Chris finishing the fence
Molly being locked out with chicken wire
Molly being locked out with chicken wire
Lucy trying to break on through to the other side
Lucy trying to break on through to the other side

In the end, we ended up with a great little dog free vegetable garden.

Watering our new veggies
Watering our new veggies

As excited as I am about the vegetables themselves, I was even more excited to just be outside in the sunshine enjoying the weather.  I love spring.  I love sitting outside in a cardigan, drinking lemonade, wearing sunglasses, ordering Chris around.  Spring is just the best.



I’m giving away my very own spring gardening gift basket!  It comes with four seed packets with some of my favorite veggies – eggplant, cucumber, peppers, and carrots.  There is a knee pad to lean on while you are planting and cute little gardening gloves with two matching diggers (I think they are called spades?) and a cultivator.  There’s a hot pink watering can so that you can water like a rock star, and a little yard lizard because every garden needs a little yard art.  And what would a gardening gift basket be without some SPF 50 sunscreen to keep your skin fresh and healthy (P.S. the sunscreen says it is “Ultra Sweatproof” – ew!)?  And last but not least, reward yourself after a hard day of gardening with a box of my very own Girl Scout Cookies.   Cause what’s the point in working hard if you can’t celebrate with cookies?

So…here’s the deal.  Enter the giveaway by leaving a comment below telling me what your favorite thing about spring is.  If you are a member of the Marriage Confessions Facebook group or if you follow me on Twitter, then you will be entered twice when you comment today.  All comments must be submitted by 5:00 PM EST on Thursday, and the winner will be announced on Friday.

(To join the Facebook group, click here.  To follow me on Twitter, click here)

Whether you win, lose, or draw, I hope you all are enjoying the beginning of spring just as much as I am!

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53 Thoughts to “Spring Days and Giveaways!”

  1. My favorite thing about Spring is all of the rain that washes away pollen~ and I love how fresh that rain always smells. Mmm.

  2. Renee

    I follow you on twitter!

    Spring…L.O.V.E. the fresh air and sunshine on a trail at Paris Mtn in Greenville, SC.

    Love the sun on my shoulders and the breeze in my face as I mountain bike down a trail.

    Love sitting on the patio at Northampton Wines sipping a great red blend and tasting some triple cream cheese on a fresh baked slice of french bread!

    I just love the change of seasons since I grew up in West Palm Beach!

    Cheers Bella!


  3. stephanie

    Yay entered twice, already in the facebook group! My favorite thing about spring is the open doors and sun shining in my home!

  4. Melissa

    I love that I no longer need an excuse to wear my white embroidered sundress =) It’s spring and that, is therefore reason enough!!! Also… my birthday is in May… who doesn’t love their birthday =)

  5. Yay! Entered twice! I love all the blooms. Savannah is beautiful with all the azaleas blooming and the Spanish moss. And y’alls garden is cute! We made the mistake of thinking the dogs wouldn’t jump over a cute picket fence too. And a tomato plant suffered.

  6. Courtney

    Very awesome. Good luck with the garden.

  7. Kelly

    I love spring because it means:
    Flowers in Bloom
    Bunnies hopping all over our backyard
    Baseball Season
    Flip flops and other cute spring sandals
    Eating out on the deck
    Long walks
    Bringing out the bubbles and sidewalk chalk for my students
    Sitting in the sun
    Painted toe nails (for the flip flops)
    Warm days and Cool nights!

  8. My favorite thing about spring is that this year I’m experiencing it in Georgia, where it started a month ago and our vegetables are already sprouting 🙂

    Do I have to tell you that I follow you on twitter and facebook so that I get my multiple entries, or do you have super special ways to figure it out??

  9. I love pushing my new baby boy around in his stroller while soaking up the sun…and the smell of spring rain!!!

  10. I would love to win this! I follow your blog, twitter and am a fan of the facebook page! =)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Oh where to begin about why I love spring? I love the 70-80 degree weather in Georgia, just perfect for wearing flipflops, playing out in the yard with my two girls, going on walks (although should be running), Gardening (it is my first time this year), and the spring showers are warm enough to play in. Here’s to stomping in puddles.

    I love your site, it puts a smile on my face regularly. I follow you on FB also.

  12. I’m a fan on Facebook!:)

    I enjoy spring because it’s not too hot yet – and coming from Texas, and now Florida, I appreciate the cooler hot days. *haha* I also love watching our cats get excited about the birds/squirrels outside that tease them. 🙂

  13. lauren

    Selfishly, my favorite part of the springtime is my birthday which was April 4th!

  14. Linnet

    My favorite part of spring is all the green coming back. The grass, the leaves on the trees, even the weeds because it means that winter is over and I don’t have to bundle up in five layers just to take my dog for a walk. Of course, I’m sure by the time summer hits I’ll be really sick of pulling up weeds and mowing the lawn but for right now the love is on!

  15. Amy

    I’m a fan on facebook and read your blog daily — I have way too much free time at work, which is what led me to create my own blog. Since this is my first ‘real’ spring outside of Florida, I have to say my favorite thing about spring in the DC area is the cherry blossoms! Not only is it fabulous to be able to forgo my winter coat and layers, but it’s nice to *finally* be able to see gorgeous pink and white blossoms on every tree in the city. So the cherry blossoms and all the blossoms and green leaves are my favorite thing about spring. But of course blossoms can’t bloom without warmer weather right? So maybe my favorite thing about spring should be the warmer weather that causes the blossoms to bloom? Who knows, I’m just glad winter is over and I can enjoy being outside again.

  16. Colleen

    My Favorite Things about Spring are the longer days filled with warm weather and sunshine. This is the time where I think it’s ok to stalk the dogpark (I am not a dog owner). where the sun seems more orange than yellow. Where I get the impulse to take a walk. Oh and sleeping with the windows open!

  17. Hilary

    My favorite thing about spring is definitely shopping! Because I got pregnant two summers ago and was about three months postpartum last summer, I haven’t been a consistent size in two friggin’ years. So every spring break, I go on a shopping spree for a new spring/summer wardrobe. This year, I hit Kohl’s (my first love), Old Navy, and TJ Maxx. I’m wearing my new clothes right now in fact! The garden looks awesome by the way, and I’m totally jealous. I plant tomatoes under our deck because that’s about all we have for space.

  18. Emily C

    I bumped into your website by accident…read your funny comment on Pioneer Woman’s site and had to come visit! 🙂 …and I love it…love your pictures of the garden with the dogs, reminds me of my “babies”. I think my favorite thing about spring is the new growth, when we’re done with the last frost and I get to work out in the yard again. I love the outdoors. Happy Spring!!

  19. I love the garden. I want to start my own and this is helpful in getting started.

  20. km

    Planting flox. I know that by the time it’s warm enough to sit out at night with a glass of wine they will smell divine.

  21. Oh crud. I totally forgot about the giveaway part because I was thinking about my potential big fat juicy tomatoes.

    My favorite part of spring is the sense of rejuvenation. It’s like a fresh start. The plants and trees regaining their foliage is like meeting with an old friend you haven’t seen in a while.

  22. Your garden looks great! My favorite thing about spring is the longer evenings – I can even do a short hike after work!

  23. Jen

    Spring is great isn’t it? The trees stop looking so naked and there are different colours emerging in the garden, although the newly planted vegetables are still hidden.
    Along with the lighter mornings and evenings, my favorite thing about spring is that it heralds the summer kayaking season where I volunteer; we now have courses on three evenings a week which is brilliant.
    And this spring in particular – I’m turning 21, what could be better!

  24. Um, so here’s the thing. I can’t believe you had the energy and momentum to PLANT A GARDEN. I am officially 100% jealous of you.

  25. Natalie

    My favorite thing about THIS spring is that I’m moving to a new (non-rental) house and I can offically start a garden of my own! I ALSO get excited for spring because my pale white skin gets a nice fresh sunburn the first time it sees the sun….so that SPF 50 might be a good thing to have on hand 😉

  26. My favorite thing about spring is my birthday, which was yesterday! I am now officially a 26-year-old lady.
    I also really like spring in general. It makes me happy. It’s my fave.
    I, too, am jealous of your garden. It’s pretty!
    Oh and I’m a facebook member so… woohoo!

  27. Oh what fun! I can’t believe you’re already planting yours. I have to wait until May.

  28. Katie, what I love about spring is the smell of the rain. And new blossoms on the trees. But mostly the smell of the rain.
    Now, I’m not a member of your facebook or twitter but I have something that you might be interested in, I’m hoping it enters me in the give-a-way at least 5 times….ready…below is a blog for a homemade recipe for Thin Mint girl scout cookies. They are so good and you can have them anytime, not just the one month that Satan decided to tease us poor fools. Enjoy!

  29. Toni Schneidt

    My favorite thing about Spring is planting flowers in a huge variety of color. After a loonngg winter of cold and snow and ice, color is a must around here. I also love to kick the kids in the yard to play, LOL When they come back inside, they smell like sunshine. Don’t believe me? Smell thier hair the next time they spend the day outside playing!

  30. Well aren’t you little miss domestic! My favorite thing about spring is finally switching up the wardrobe! I’m so sick of my winter clothes!

  31. I looove the warm weather, and getting my butt back into gear at the gym to get ready for summer! I could do without all these nasty spring bugs though…

  32. Annie

    The best thing about spring is sitting on the front lawn of the swamp in gainesville,fl with an ice cold beer watching all the frat boys and sorority girls in their seersucker, costas and lilly dresses get drunk before the orange and blue game!!! Go Gators 🙂

  33. Deborah

    My favorite thing about spring is my birthday! And the blooms on the trees:)

  34. My favorite thing about spring is (1) getting to wear spring dresses, which are so much more comfortable than jeans, and (2) getting to eat fresh strawberries from the farmer’s market.

  35. Adrienne S.

    Not a huge fan of the heat spring brings, but growing and EATING all our own veggies sure does rock:)!

  36. Spring means FINALLY NO MORE SNOW IN MAINE!!! (knock on wood!)

    Btw, love your pups but especially Lucy. We have 2 wiener dogs so I’m always drawn to all things wiener related!!


  37. Linda M.

    Hi! I’m so happy I found you! Stalking the comments on PW is a “good thing” sometimes…..this spring is not like all the others,I’m usually happy to be outside planting with my precious Pug (that I rescued 12 yrs. ago) by my side…my birthday is always around the corner in spring & as I always told all my customers, they HAD to be nice to me that day…..my precious Grand Daughter’s birthday is in April..all these wonderful things always made me happy for spring…..but not this time…..this month brought the passing of my Pug & I wasn’t prepared for it or the hurt & loneliness it brought me. You see,she was my constant friend & companion to me now that I’m on disability & haven’t been able to work for the past 6 yrs. So now spring means loss & heart ache for me…………BUT it doesn’t mean that for you! I’m thrilled about your Baby & I’m thrilled to follow you on Twitter (Linda454) & to hear ALL about the birth & happiness your Baby will bring into your life.I’m having a new Grandbaby in Sept.so I do have many things to look forward to & be happy for.Promise me one thing…..please find a little time for your “Fur Babies”when your Little Bundle of happiness arrives,OK? Thanks & I sure hope I win this great give away! How nice of you!!

  38. Katie! I love your blog/website! I find my self looking at it all the time!

    Ok my favorite thing about spring is Boiled Crawish and Strawberry Abita Beer! I live in Louisiana and nothing says spring like cold beer and crawfish boils!


    My roommate Sarah and I want to plant a veggie garden in our yard! If you can do it 8 months prego, so can we! Thanks or he motivation!

  39. Spring is my absolute favorite season. I love when the first crocus and buttercups come up even when it’s still cold. And then come the other bulds like tulips. Then the tulip trees and the white and pink dogwoods here in the South. The bradford pears bloom with glory in their beautiful pear shape. the azaleas are bursting with pinks, reds and whites, simply beautiful! The buds on the trees have that light green, then matures to dark green. The birds are churping all over the place. I found a dove nest outside my window and I have been watching as I presume Papa Dove bringing in more little twigs to complete the nest while Moma is sitting and waiting. I have six acres and so many trees and when everything blooms it is simply spectacular. It is the newness of the earth again. It renews itself every spring. I love spring because of Easter as well. We all have hope in Easter and in Spring!

  40. Nadean Barnes

    My favorite thing about spring is no more SNOW !!!!! The grass has sprung, the grass has ris, wonder where those birdies is?
    My flower beds are in dire need of some warm weather an TLC. I live in Ohio’s snowbelt an it snowed this morning AGAIN!

  41. Pam

    My favorite thing about spring is when the grass starts to turn green. And then the weather gets warmer, and I can kick my kids outside to play after a loooong winter!

  42. I’ll be honest I only found your blog today. I love your garden, it’s so neat and tidy looking. My favorite part of spring is when the birds start coming back and singing.

  43. Katie

    I love sleeping with the windows open and having the grill up and running again.

  44. Brooke

    My favorite thing about spring is when the two tree’s in my fron yard bloom!

  45. Erin M.

    I live in Florida and my favorite thing about spring is the lack of humidity! It’s been absolutely incredible weather the past month or so. I’ve spent nearly every day outside in its glory. I am giving my first attempt at growing a few flowers from seeds and I have about 20 little buds popping up right now that I couldn’t be more proud of!

  46. spring in Seattle is a strange time… it’s rainy and windy and you can’t really tell whether or not February is actually over.

    but the way i can always tell that spring is really here is when the cherry trees start to bloom. in the 1920’s, the City of Seattle sent aid and a relief team to help a Japanese city (i think it was Kyoto) after a disastrous earthquake struck there. in gratitude, the Japanese emperor sent something like 15,000 japanese cherry blossom trees to Seattle, and in late april they all start to bloom and the city becomes a haze of grey skies and pink petals. walking down the street on any ol’ day feels like a fairytale, with the wind blowing the petals all around you.

    on the miraculous days when the sun DOES come out, i love to go to the nature conservatory near my house with my dog- we play fetch, chase squirrels and rabbits, make daisy chains and bask in the sun for hours, not knowing whether we’ll see it again until july.

    then i go home and refresh myself with a tall glass of iced tea. ahhh…

  47. Amy

    I love spring because I am a 1st grade teacher and that means SUMMER is right around the corner!! YEEHAA

  48. Sar

    All the fresh herbs for me to cook with!!!!! And, being southern, all of the Azalea bushes!

  49. Lydia

    Just found you from PW’s site. My favorite part of spring is when the leaves JUST start peaking out from the trees giving them a fuzzy little look. The trees are so big and stark, with just a little peach fuzz. I love that.

  50. Ilana J

    For a native Southern Floridian even 70 degrees is a bit too cold, Spring means we go straight back to 80 degree weather and bathing suits and tanktops and….Exams. Hooray for college exams. 🙁

    I’m a member of the facebook community and follow you on tweeeetter.

  51. I LOVE SPRING BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS NEW!!!! New baby calves, new flowers blooming, new leaves on the trees–and best of all, a new zest for life! Just ran across your blog after seeing your respone on Pioneer Woman’s site.

  52. Ginny

    I love spring!!! I love the cookouts and sleeping with the windows open… and I even like the rain from time to time. I need this set for the Virginia house where we can actually plant a garden!!

  53. Ginny

    Oh… and I follow you on Facebook and Twitter. And I’m your sister and have had to put up with you for my entire life. I think that warrents a copy more entries.

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