Sympathetic Husband of the Year


Me:  My midwife told me today that I was a super cute pregnant lady!

Chris:  Eh, I bet she says that to all her patients.

Be jealous of my sensitive hunk of a man, ladies.  Be very jealous.

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4 Thoughts to “Sympathetic Husband of the Year”

  1. Well, I don’t say that to all pregnant ladies, so you can rest assured that it’s true—you ARE a super cute pregnant lady!

  2. Catherine

    You guys are too funny.

  3. I agree with Camille: you ARE a super cute pregnant lady!
    In the future, when I’m pregnant, I would be happy if I were half as cute as you are!

  4. You’re cute. In fact, I have secret fits of jealous rage over your gorgeous red thick perfect hair that is only made more beautiful by the fact that you are pregnant. Damn you.

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