The Dark Side of the Nursery

The Bean is a morning person, and by morning i mean he rolls out of bed around 8 or 9.  We usually try and let mom sleep because she is staying up with him during his first breakfast around 3:30am.  I love waking up with the Beaner and having my morning coffee.  The bean loves his coffee in the morning too, I personally think he puts WAY too much milk in his… but i don’t judge.

This morning over coffee me and the bean discussed something that was bothering him, his bedroom.  The bean said that he loved his room and he thinks that mom did a wonderful job designing it, great color, good feng shui, great closet…

Dad – “Well then whats the problem big guy?”

Bean – “Dad, it just doesn’t have anything in it that’s COOL.  I need something in there that makes my room cool dad!”

Dad – “Haha… Well bean, what do you think it is you need in there?”

Bean – “I don’t know dad…  maybe a dart board or a poker table or something…”

Dad – “Well that’s what we have the man-cave for little buddy, but I think I know what your talking about let me see what I can do…  But don’t tell your mother.”

Walking into the Bean's Room

Me and the Bean walking into his room after some “cool” has been added.

*Note – The Bean’s bedroom door always stays open, it doesn’t even have a doorknob.*

(yes, the doorknob is on the list of things to do)

Now Turn Around and Close Your Eyes

Dad – “Now turn around Bean, and close your eyes.”

Now Open Your Eyes!!

Dad – “Ok Beaner, open your eyes!  I added a Pink Floyd and a Radiohead poster to the back of you door, two of the “coolest” bands just for you buddy.  When you can hear a little better i will let you listen to them, but for now…  you’ve got some cool.”

How's That Bean!!??  Does this make your room cool?

Dad – “What do you think?   Do you feel a little better now?”

Bean – “Dad…(hiccup)…(burp)….(spit-up)… your the best!”

That's Awesome Dad!!  Thanks!

Dad – “But remember Beaner… Don’t tell your mom, or she might make you take all your “cool” stuff out to the man-cave.”


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18 Thoughts to “The Dark Side of the Nursery”

  1. Catherine

    Haha! Chris, you’re going to have to buy something like this:
    Have fun with your little guy!

  2. doug

    check this out they have a lulabye version of floyd songs

  3. Ha nice! Get him started young on the greatness of Pink Floyd. Actually when he gets older, you can try the Dark Side of the Moon and Wizard of Oz trick.

    I am gonna rock a poster of Big and Rich in my kids room, once I have kids, maybe in a few year, ie about 8-10!

    Take care!

  4. Liz

    Those Rockabany Baby albums are incredible! I bought the Metallica one and found that even though the key in all their songs is minor, they do make for some very tranquil sleepy time lullabies.

    I still feel weird that Bruce had a Metallica lullaby cd though… Like maybe that’s one of those things I shouldn’t go around telling people!

  5. Liz

    Haha! I meant Rockabye Baby… Darn predictive text!

  6. kay

    I think you and your coffee bean need to keep up your morning ritual always! What a way to start the day!

  7. That is awesome! So glad the two of you are on the same wavelength!

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  9. You guys are too funny. 😀

  10. I hope my husband is as thoughtful a dad as you!

  11. Heather

    That’s great! LOL!

  12. When our youngest son was just a little guy my hubby and him were in the van with the radio playing. Max said- hey daddy,isn’t this Pink Floyd? My Hubby was so proud of the little guy he got teary eyed and then called his brother to share ‘the moment’…

    Start’em young!

  13. You’re influencing his musical taste when he can’t even talk. Well done.

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