It €™s Never Too Early


“Chris, I asked you to watch the Bean!”

“I am.   He’s watching me play Playstation.”

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4 Thoughts to “It €™s Never Too Early”

  1. Ha! I’ve been missing out on these pictures. Now that you have the three blogs in one I see why, I’ve only been getting MC in my blog roll.

  2. Michelle Uhlfelder

    My husband does the SAME THING with baby boy Henry (3 months tomorrow!). I come in and find them “watching TV.” For the record: Totally does not count as ‘watching!’ BTW- Katie, this is such a small world- I found your blog about 5 months ago and started reading it. Turns out, I used to work with your sister, Ginny! I’m going to Facebook her and say hello. Such a small world, truly. I’m enjoying the updates and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the blog. You’re right up there with Dooce in my mind! Can’t wait until you’re able to quit your job and live off the advertising from the blog. It’s in your future- I just feel it! 😉 Take care! Michelle Hayes Uhlfelder

  3. Sarah

    He does look pretty interested in the pretty colors on the screen. Haha.

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