The Sling Returns

So, today is a new day. I wish I could say its sunny and happy here after the horror that was my website crashing last night. But its actually rainy and stormy and I still want to kill Chris. But what’s that saying again? No use crying over spilled martinis, right? ONWARD AND UPWARD!

Last night before The Incident, I decided it was time to try this darn baby sling out again. I really need a hands-free mode of transportation for Beanie and that sling would be perfect. The last time I tried the baby sling, Beanie had issues.

Remember this?
Note the small, wailing child seen here.

But last night, I decided to try again. I put Beanie in the sling and he cried a little bit, but I gave him his binkie (a.k.a. God’s gift to mothers everywhere) and that seemed to calm him down some.

Hello, Beanie.
Hello, Beanie.

It was the most magical night of my life! Well…before The Incident, anyway. I helped Chris cook dinner. I ate my own dinner. I did the dishes. I worked on my blog (notgonnacrynotgonnacrynotgonnacry). All hands free! And the Bean just slept the whole time!

Hands-free is the way to be!
Hands-free is the way to be!

I was a little worried because it was so dark and hot in there, but Beanie didn’t seem to mind. It was like his own little cave. A Little Man Cave. When I’m speaking to his father again, maybe I’ll ask Chris to hook up a really small beer light or a tiny dart board in there for him.

Then again, by the time I’m speaking to his father again, the Bean might be old enough to hang out in the real Man Cave…

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