How to Be Married to a Dad

When I was pregnant, all the pregnancy books said the same thing.   As the mom, you need to stand back some and let your husband get involved in his own way.   So, I try to step back sometimes and let Chris do his dad-thing.   Sometimes its hard.   Sometimes I want to tell him what to do.   Sometimes I think I can do it better.   But as hard as it is, I try to give Chris that space.

But then I walk into the living room to find this…


At this point, I really want to yell out to Chris, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!”   And the only thing I could think to do to prevent myself from yelling this out was to leave the room.   So I did.

And then 20 minutes later I walk back in to find this…


And just as I’m about to actually yell out, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?”   Chris turns to me and says, “I just love our life.”

Out of the blue.   Just like that.   He loves our life.

I stopped for a minute and thought about it.   Was this our life now?   Baby faces and night feedings and binkies?   Yeah, I guess it is.   And you know what?   I love our life, too.

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13 Thoughts to “How to Be Married to a Dad”

  1. i just love your blog. 🙂

  2. elizabeth

    What a sweet life, right?
    Little Bean is SOOOO CUTE!

  3. Oh the Home Alone face is too much! Adorable!

  4. what was he doing wrong in the first photo?

  5. Yeah, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the first picture either.

  6. Be sure you tell him spontaneously how much you love your lives together too 🙂 Isn’t that great to hear! Congrats again!

  7. Yeah, I saw nothing wrong in the first pic either. Good thing you didn’t yell at him. LOL Bean looks adorable as always.

  8. The Beanie is sooo cute!!
    I’m glad Marriage Confessions is back!!! YAY

  9. So fun! Sounds like you guys are eating parenthood up. Congrats girly!

  10. Andie

    It looks like the Bean has gel in his hair in the first photo lol 🙂 So adorable

  11. Zoe

    D’awwww, that’s so lovely <3

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