Sisters Make the World Go Round

This is my sister, Ginny.


She’s 14-months younger than me, so we’ve always been close.   Well, except when she shows up looking like this two days before I give birth.


When she shows up all tanned and thin and shiny like this, I put toe lint in her hair when she’s not looking.   But most of the time, she’s alright.


Ginny recently moved from Atlanta to a teeny, tiny town in Virginia to live with her fiance, John Michael, who is building a hospital in this teeny, tiny town in Virginia.   I think she’s incredibly brave.   And, until recently, I thought she was incredibly smart, too.   But then she called me a few days ago and now I question her mental capacity.   Allow me to explain…

Ginny and John Michael just got a golden retriever puppy named Sugar.


And, apparently, poor little Sugar has worms.   Lot of ’em.   This stinks for Ginny because worms have to come out – if you know what I mean.   And when your wormified puppy isn’t quite housetrained yet…well…you get the idea.

So, the other day I get a voicemail message from Ginny and its marked “Urgent.”   The fact that its marked “Urgent” doesn’t really mean anything.   Ginny marks all of her messages as “Urgent.”   One time I got a message marked “Urgent” and it was Ginny singing Cheeseburger in Paradise while evidently enjoying a few margaritas.   I don’t know if Ginny understands what the word “Urgent” means.

But when I listened to her message this time, she did sound frantic and I thought that maybe this really was urgent.   She said for me to call her back as soon as possible because she was really worried about Beanie.   So, I immediately call her back.   And she’s frantic.   She’s so frantic she’s panting.   And her voice is about 4 octives higher than normal.

“What’s wrong, Gin?” I ask.

“Well, Sugar has worms,” she explains.   And then she goes into this incredibly graphic explanation of the worms which I will not burden you by writing here.   But just know it was graphic.   Really, really graphic.   Horrifically graphic.

“Well, Sugar’s a dog and sometimes they get worms.   Just hang in there,” I tell her, still uncertain what this has to do with the Bean.

“That’s why I called you.   You need to make sure to get Beanie on de-wormer as soon as possible!”   she screeched.

“Uh, Gin,” I say.   “Babies don’t get worms.”

“They don’t?” she asks.

“No.   They don’t.”

“Oh, well, I wasn’t sure.   I don’t know that much about babies and I just wanted to make sure Beanie was okay,” she says, sounding incredibly relieved.

“Beanie’s fine,” I assure her, trying not to laugh.   “No worms here.”


Oh, Ginny.     Your thought process never ceases to amaze me.

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7 Thoughts to “Sisters Make the World Go Round”

  1. Libby

    Babies CAN get worms, and they can get them from dogs! “Occasionally, human infants and children become infected with the dog tapeworm. This happens through ingesting larvae-containing fleas…The dog tapeworm has been found in infants as young as five weeks old.”

  2. kay

    love spending time with my sisters. we laugh til we are ready to pee our pants. so we take a potty break and laugh some more! have fun with yours!!!

  3. Please tell me that Ginny will be having noting to do with the new hospital!

  4. I’m sure that the Bean will have great fun with Aunt Ginny in a few years. 😀

  5. Too funny! 🙂 Babies can get worms, but I think there are other more details involved than just being around the doggy. 🙂

  6. Sugar is super adorable! Poor puppy.

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