Two Heads Are Better Than €¦ Whatever

Yesterday I shared how Chris and I have been struggling to stay in love with each other in the face of sheer exhaustion.   The arrival of the Bean has been awesome, but it has pretty much turned our brains to mush.   And its hard to be in love when your brain is mushy.

We decided that we would kick start our new outlook on our marriage by taking on a project together.   So, for the past two nights Chris and I have worked side by side at our computers (yes, it required multiple computers – ugh!) and rebuilt our website.   What better way to get a fresh perspective on our marriage than by creating a fresh start on our blog ABOUT marriage.

Turns out, there are about a million other ways we could have gotten a fresh perspective.   We could have gone bowling.   Or gone out to dinner.   Or developed an exit strategy for Iraq.   Any of these would have been infinitely better for our marriage than building this damn website together.

If I could title this picture, it would be called The End of My Rope
If I could title this picture, it would be called "The End of My Rope"

This happens every time we work on something tedious as a couple.   The problem is that we each problem solve very differently.   The biggest problem is our though process.   Its like the tortoise (me) and the hare on speed (Chris).   When I take on a project, I want to work on it from start to finish, in chronological order, dealing with the most difficult first.   There’s a pattern.   There’s a plan.   There’s a timeline and a deadline.   When Chris takes on a project, he’s like an ADD 3-year-old.   He bounces from issue to issue, attacking problems in no apparent order.   He just thinks of another random detail that needs to be addressed and jumps over to it.

Drives. Me. Crazy.

Please dont judge us by the beer bottles.  It was the only way to make it through without someone calling an attorney.
Please don't judge us by the beer bottles. It was the only way to make it through without someone calling an attorney.

But in the end, it was all worth it (sort of).   We’ve got a brand, spankin’ new layout for our site and we’ve expanded into three separate blogs.   I may need to be placed on oxygen in order to keep up with it all, but IT’S ALL FOR YOU, PEOPLE.   ALL FOR YOU.

We now have a home page that will alert you whenever one of the blogs has been updated.   You’ll see rolling pictures taken from the latest posts.   Fancy pants, huh?

Marriage Confessions will still be the primary blog that gets updated every day.   Like I said yesterday, I’m really making an effort to keep this blog about my marriage.   Parenting and the Bean will play a big role in this, but it won’t be primary.

If you are hankerin’ for some Bean lovin’ head on over to The Bean.   I’ll post at least a picture here a day, but I’ll try to keep Bean updates here as well.   I’m not sure how thorough these posts will be once I go back to work in three weeks (sob, hiccup, sob, sob, hiccup, snort, sob, sob…), but you can at least get a picture of what’s going on in Beanie’s world.

One of the most surprising parts of this whole blog world has been everyone’s interest in Chris’ posts.   He rarely posts, but when he does people send him comments and emails for days!   So, we’ve created his very own blog, The Man Cave.   He’s promised to post more often and I’m trying to hold him to once a week, but we’ll see how that goes.   I may have to take out his knee caps to get it done but IT’S ALL FOR YOU, PEOPLE!   ALL FOR YOU!

We’re still hammering out some minor details, so if you’re hunting around the site and you notice a link or something that’s not working, shoot me an email and point me in the right direction (   Also, use the comments section to let me know what you think of the new site.

So, here we are.   New, improved, and gettin’ better by the day.   Not a bad place to be for a blog OR a marriage, right?

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9 Thoughts to “Two Heads Are Better Than €¦ Whatever”

  1. Not going to lie…I was confused at first..but who isn’t confused at 645 am. 🙂 Think I’m going to like the new look. 🙂

  2. interesting…3 blogs in 1. Good luck keeping that up!

    But most of all I love the addition of the baby’s toy in the header- very cute.

    Oh, and I think every couple fights when it comes to working together on a computer……..

  3. Sue V

    Love the new look! Thanks for spending the time working on it for us.

  4. I was confused at first too with the rotating pics, but I get it now! I love it! I love the way that you are so honest about everything. I think it would have been weird if you guys transitioned to a ‘with kids’ couple without any bumps! Keep up the good blogging!

  5. Sandy

    Love it! I must say however that The Bean “tab” is still my favorite!!!

  6. I get an anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach for you! I am sorry you have to go back to work. I cried for a long time when I thought about it. I am so lucky though that my baby stays with my husband. Good luck going back to work!

  7. Grrrrl! I’m glad you got through it, because developing a website is super tricky with a spouse – even when you do it regularly. Trust. Me.

    Looks like things are coming together – which is better than the alternative, huh?

  8. Love the site! So cool you guys are doing it yourselves AND raising a newborn. Who are you wonder woman? Way to go! Great job all around!

  9. Michael Madravazakis

    Sarah and I work the same way… and it drives her crazy too. I guess that’s why Chris and I work so well together. A pair of ADD 3 year olds dealing with whatever problems walk in the door.

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