Hear Me Roar

Since I have been staying home, Chris has been enjoyed the luxury of making a few digs at me every now and then.   If he comes home from work and the sink is piled with dishes, he’ll make a little remark about how I obviously didn’t have time in my busy day to put a few dishes in the dishwasher.   He doesn’t do it often because I’m pretty positive that he values his life.   But he does it often enough.

Its actually something I’ve struggled with during my maternity leave – how to not kill my husband.   Luckily, I’m usually just too damn tired to do any bodily harm.   But that doesn’t mean those little comments don’t just ruffle my tailfeathers.   I’m sure I could spend my days doing all our laundry, cooking meals to freeze for when I go back to work, or vacuuming our curtains.   But all of those things will be there today and they’ll be there tomorrow.   Beanie won’t.   I’ll never get this time back with him and I’m going to take advantage of that.

And besides that there is they physical exhaustion.   I’ve already said how lucky we’ve been that Beanie sleeps pretty good so we are well rested, relatively speaking.   But that doesn’t mean that the 2:00 AM feeding and the 5:30 AM feeding aren’t painless.   It takes me all day to recover from those odd sleeping patterns.   So, if I need to lay down in the afternoon and take a little nap, then I’m going to lay down and take a little nap.   And let’s not forget that I take both of those feedings so that Chris can sleep through the night since he has to go to work in the morning.

But this morning the tables turned a little bit.   I had to be out this morning for a few hours and Chris stayed home with the Bean instead of going to work.   This also means that he took the night and early morning feedings so that I could sleep.   So, when I came home and found this on my couch:

I couldn’t help but chuckle a little to myself.   And grab my camera.   When Chris asked why I was taking pictures of him sleeping, I told him I wanted documentation that staying home was exhausting.   That’s when he hid his face in shame…

And when that didn’t work, he started waving his arms and flailing around so that my pictures were blurry.   But I was undeterred.

The damage had been done.   He’d been caught.   He blamed it on a headache, but I know better.   And you know, I didn’t really give him a hard time about it.   I didn’t nag him or tell him “I told you so.”   I didn’t have to.   Because I have the pictures to prove it.

I am woman.   Hear me roar.

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12 Thoughts to “Hear Me Roar”

  1. He had the WHOLE day off and didn’t write ONE post for us to read in “The Man Cave!” Gasp! LOL!! 🙂

  2. Sue V.

    This is awesome. My husband never made a remark, he always just gave me that “look” of you didn’t get this or that done today. Sometimes he would come home from work and shake his head – man I wanted to punch him. I remember the day it happened to my husband. I came home and the house was in disarray – he was laying on the couch with the baby on his chest and looked up at me, his eyes saying “please help me” It was classic – wish I had taken a picture.

  3. I think our husbands should be best friends. Mine does the same thing. I so wish I had the opportunity to make him take the night feedings one night. He drives me nuts complaining about how tired he is all the time. HA!

  4. The tables have so turned at my house since I went back to work 4 weeks ago leaving Aaron to play Mr. Mom. I spent the first 2-3 weeks after baby was born home alone feeding the little one every 2 hours and changing all the diapers. It was so exhausting. Now I come home to find my husband frazzled and emotional with a cranky baby in one hand and a burp cloth in the other and I can’t help but be like, “See how hard it is?!”

  5. Hi! Where did you get those pillows for your couch? I’ve been looking for throw pillows with that accent color for so long! Thanks!

  6. Amy

    I feel your pain, by actually sympathize more for you because you have a little one at home to care for all day and I’m positive that task takes 100% of your time, attention and energy. I’ve seen pictures of the bean, I know how adorable he is and I am certain I wouldn’t be able to get anything done (aside from cooing, tickling, kissing and loving on him) if he was hanging out with me!

    As of 3 months ago my husband and I move to a new city for his job. Therefore, forcing me to leave my job and established career back “home”. Since moving, I have been looking for a new job in this crazy different city, but have yet to find one so my days are spent being a “housewife”.

    I always thought I would LOVE being a housewife and it was once my dream. However, that dream has quickly turned into a nightmare! Without kids (or even a dog) to keep me company, I am quickly becoming stir crazy!! I always snap when hubby calls during the day and asks in his “I bet you are just laying around in your PJs watching reality tv or talk shows” tone… “what are you doing today?”

    While he doesn’t mean any harm and is simply just asking for lack of conversation, such a simple little question strikes a nerve with me. 🙂 I feel your frustration.

  7. Ashley

    Oh dont you just LOVE IT when you have proof to prove them wrong? Im not even married, but I catch my boyfriend of three years quite a few times doing things that hes made fun of me for or picked at me about 🙂 SWEET REVENGE I CALL IT!

  8. Our next door neighbors have a baby that’s a little older than the bean. We were hanging out with them the other day and the mom/wife said to my husband “when you have a baby, don’t EVER ask why she can’t even clean the house when all the baby does all day is sleep!” I’m pretty sure my husband took note. At least I sure hope he did!

  9. I love it! Every husband should read this post. NOW.

  10. Deb


  11. kay

    and you have the dogs as witnesses!

  12. When every people remark on the huge amounts of energy that kids have, I contend that the reason they have so much is because THEY SUCK IT OUT OF ANY ADULT IN THEIR VICINITY!

    Chris is obviously the victim of such a sucker.

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