“Mom!” yelled Beanie.   “Someone flipped me over!”

“I know, Beanie,” I said.   “I put you on your tummy so that you could learn how to roll yourself over.”

“But Mom,” said Beanie.   “I hate being on my tummy!”

“I know, Buddy, but you really need to learn how to roll over.”

“How come I have to learn to roll over?” asked Beanie.

“Well….um…..I don’t really know,” I stumble.   “Its just what you’re supposed to learn how to do.”

“Well that’s just silly, Mom,” said Beanie.   “Now, flip me back over!”

“No, Beanie.   You have to spend some time on your tummy today.”

“Fine!   Then I’ll just chew on this blanket right here until you flip me back over,” said Beanie.

“Oh, Beanie, stop sucking on that!” I say.

“Alright,” said Beanie.   “Then I’ll just suck on this hand right here.”

“Beanie!   Alright!   Fine!   You win!” I said.   “I’ll flip you back over.”

“Hey!   Look Mom!” yelled Beanie.   “I rolled over.”

“Nice try.”

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13 Thoughts to “Protesting”

  1. Jackson is 6 months and still hates tummy time. Now that he actually can roll over, he will so the second he gets placed on his stomach. Guess he never wants to learn how to use his arms and maybe one day crawl. I keep telling him that it just isn’t feasible for me to carry him around for the rest of his life. Have fun with that!!!

  2. Tressa

    He’s so precious! Adorable monkey blanket Beanie is on too!
    Thanks for sharing these memories with us. I hope teething is going better.

  3. He just looks so . . . stuck on his tummy. Like a turtle on its back only the opposite.

    I’m so eloquent today.

    Anyway, hang in there Bean.

  4. Porter still hates tummy time too, Bean. He just winds up creating a giant puddle of drool on the blanket.

  5. Sarah Reed

    I love the last photo! Proof that he has a neck!!

    1. Katie

      LOL! I know! His neck rarely makes an appearance!

  6. ugh….tummy time. even I hate the thought of it.

  7. That blanket is adorable! I love the colors! I agree the last picture is the best. He’ll get there one day. Once he starts crawling you might wish he never learned to roll over 🙂

  8. HA!! I do the same thing with Levi. He hasn’t quite mastered it yet, but he’s getting close…..I think. 😉

  9. Ha! So cute! Tummy time WILL pay off 🙂

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