Giveaway Thursday!

A couple weeks ago, HomeGoods sent me a $500 gift card so that I could shop and then review my experience on my blog.


Check out our new blog: and enter to win a $100 HomeGoods gift card of your own!

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12 Thoughts to “Giveaway Thursday!”

  1. Beth

    Bohemian Classic!

    So true! I’ll have to add a stop at HomeGoods to my to-do list this weekend. 😉

  2. Patty Crittenden

    Earthy Casual……… it! Need to ditch the dark colors and lighten it up in my house. The kid stained furniture needs to go, time to liven it up some!


  3. How exciting that they wanted to do that!

    I didn’t want to comment over on the reviews page because I can’t enter, but I LOVE your new bedroom. Cushions are so simple but make such a difference to a room don’t they?!

    Like the new review page too 🙂

  4. Tiffany

    Country Casual.

    I love your website. The Bean is too cute.

  5. The bedroom makeover looks really great! I can’t enter, boo 🙁 I don’t think I’ve ever seen a HomeGoods store anyway.

    I wish HomeOutfitters would give me a gift card like that, too bad people don’t care who I am and what I say lol

  6. Seriously? They just sent you a $500 gift card? Seriously? I think this means you’ve made the big time, girl!

  7. I LOVE Homegoods. Last time I was there, I bought five lamps. Seriously, I got new lamps for my entire condo. It’s silly, but I LOVE that store. Congrats on the giftcard and have so much fun spending it!!

  8. Donna

    That is too cool!

  9. This is pretty awesome dear. I will have to take that thing and go post about it and leave a comment on your other post and do this. I REALLY like your bedroom and how it turned out. The big girl beds ARE THE COOLEST. Were the lamps from Home Goods?

  10. Laura

    This is so awesome! Did you ever in your wildest dreams think that a store would solicit your opinion and give you $$$ (lots of it) to spend?! Fabulous!

  11. EARTHY CASUAL. Although, I’m not quite sure. Casual, yes, but my style is a bit more modern and less earthy. But whatever — it’s a cute site! I could certainly use the $100 gift card…


  12. I’m a Country Casual! Who knew! Ha ha…

    I am SO happy for you! Home Goods ROCKS!

    I was one of those that suggested you put down the Pottery Barn catalog and get your duvets/bedding at Home Goods. They CANNOT be beat!

    Thanks for the tip to their site. I enjoyed it!

    Your Beanie is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! I cannot stand it!

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