This is my birth control pill.

This is the packet my birth control pill lived in.

And this is the dog who ate the packet that my birth control pill lived in.

Later that day she cried in the bathroom for two hours about the size of her hips.   It was really pathetic and I told her she got what she deserved.

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24 Thoughts to “Hormonal.”

  1. Serves her right! But wait, do you think she wants another baby?

  2. Uh-oh! Dana might be onto something… she loves Beanie so much she wants another! 😉

  3. Sarah H.

    Wow…did you call the vet? That’s got to be an interesting thing to watch–a dog with all of those pills in her system, haha. I hope you have more!

  4. Ashley

    Goodness gracious! She made a meal out of those expensive things!

  5. You can’t get a dog to take a pill when they’re supposed to, causing you to smother it in peanut butter or cream cheese. But when it’s one they’re not supposed to have? They’re more than happy to chew ’em up! Luckily I see a bunch of them left on the ground so you still have some to take 😉

  6. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Dogs are great, but sometimes they make me angry and I think THAT would do it.

  7. Sarah B.

    Molly’s just trying to be safe…

  8. NO WAY! I promise, what I am about to tell you is the 100% TRUTH:

    One night this week while Kyle was out of town, I had a nightmare (I usually don’t sleep well when he’s on the road, for all my worrying about him). I don’t have nightmares often, and I don’t normally remember the details of my dreams, but this nightmare was one that I will always remember. I had a dream that a blogger’s daughter ate a pack of birth control pills and DIED. (It wasn’t you—it was mooshinindy, and she’s actually TRYING to conceive, so she probably doesn’t have any birth control pills kicking around her house.) Anyway, I woke up in a cold sweat, wondering if I should email mooshinindy and tell her to hide all the contraceptives in her house. I talked myself out of it because I decided b.c. pills weren’t deadly, but still…it has been lurking in the back of my head all week.

    Looks like my dream was channeled to the wrong blogger. I’m sorry I failed you and couldn’t relay the message in time. I’m so disappointed in my subconscious.


  9. Oh. My. Word. Wow, I bet Molly was upset when she wondered why those pills didn’t taste like Smarties. My dogs have never done that. The worst they’ve ever done is eat my burt bees lip balm but I didn’t really mind; their breath was nice and minty : ) *sigh* Molly…..

  10. Gerds

    That happened to friends of mine (except it was their cat)…nine months later, along came baby #3…

    (Delurking because this made me laugh so hard)

  11. Sarah

    Too funny! I guess if she seems a little bloated and crabby for the next couple of days you will know why. Harley (my furkid) ate an entire pack of gax-ex when he was about 2 years old. I called the vet in a panic, and all he had to say was “well you can’t blame it on the dog for the next day or two”. Ha!

  12. Zoe

    She’s trying to tell you something. More babies!

  13. We’re both laughing. Really hard. Good job.

    I think she wants another Bean, fast!

  14. Oh my gosh..I can’t believe that..what did the Vet say?

  15. Emily

    Oh my gosh they were massacred! Poor little pills.

  16. EmilyC

    OMG!! What was she thinking??!!! I have a dog who does terrible things like that but thankfully she has never chewed up my pills. That is just too funny.

  17. well at least you don’t have to worry about her having puppies anytime soon.

  18. well, look at ME! i dont even have to TAKE birth control and thats what i do! 🙂

  19. Alicia

    This has happened to me before. Twice. My dog got a hold of them a couple of times. I swear they made him so sweet and cuddly.

  20. Ha haaaa – I love this post! Actually, I love your blog. I found you on the Bloggies website (congratulations by the way)! I plan on becoming a regular reader of your wonderful blog! My favorites are the Soap Boxes – they should be read by everyone!!!

    PS. I know you wrote this last summer – I’m just skimming through and decided to comment here :).

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