Beancast: Talking Bean

So.   Beanie is loud.

A couple of weeks ago, he discovered his voice and, more specifically, how to yell with his voice.   And he hasn’t shut up since.   No matter where we are or what we’re doing, Beanie is there.   And he’s yelling.   Talking.   Babbling.   He just likes to run his mouth and be the center of attention.

I can’t imagine where he gets that.

At Beanie’s daycare, we get a report card every day from his teachers.   It tells us when he ate, when he slept, when his diaper was changed.   And then at the bottom of the sheet, there’s a place where the teachers tell us what his mood was that day.

Every day this week, Beanie’s report card has said the same thing.


I’m getting nervous.   Visions of my mother-in-law (who was my eighth grade history teacher) writing me up because I was running my mouth are dancing in my head.

What have I created?????

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22 Thoughts to “Beancast: Talking Bean”

  1. elizabeth

    ohhhh… ™¥….that is so lovely!! thank you for sharing..i feel like a GROUPIE…which is downright….WRONG. lol…
    ™¥hugs ™¥ from ottawa, canada

  2. Mom of 3

    awwwww! I miss those sounds, mine are all big now.

  3. hehe – I showed this to my nearly-4month-old daughter, Daisy, and she stopped her incessant chatter (for once) and watched bug-eyed. I then said to her “do you like that little boy?” and she said “ah-ging” which I’m pretty sure means “yes I love him and want to marry him”. Or it might mean “Mom can you buy me a cool purple seat like his one”…

  4. Sounds just like my almost four month old!

    Btw, Beanie’s hair is STILL amazing. 🙂

  5. This is awesome. Hahahaha. I love that he and Levi are so close in age because they are doing everything at the exact same time! Levi is a chatterbox, too. It is just the funniest thing to hear him talk.

  6. Sarah

    He’s adorable. He sure does like that grape thing.

  7. Too cute! My baby is 2 months old, and is starting to talk a ton. He loves his swing mobile and his toys. =)

  8. Corinn

    Bug is 8 weeks old and talks A TON. I, too, am a talker….so there is no denying where he got that from 🙂 It’s okay though, I will be totally understanding when ALL his report cards K-12 say he talks too much. Mine always did and I turned out okay 🙂

  9. If I designed children, they would come with two little buttons on their heads. One for “snooze” and one for “mute. ” 🙂

  10. OH my gosh!! Presley is the same way. We just have conversations all day long. I even had a lady come up to me at Joann Fabrics and ask me why I wasnt attending to my kid. She didnt understand Presley was just yelling/ talking. I call it her singing voice. I said to the lady she wasnt angry she was singing. The lady laughed and thought that was hysterical. But seriously like I am the type to let my baby just cry all day long.

    1. Katie

      We had the same thing happen the other morning. We went to our favorite diner for breakfast and Beanie yelled the entire time. All these people kept looking at us like, “Can’t you quiet your kid?” but what do they want me to do? He’s happy, he’s just loud! – Katie

  11. um, where and how did you get that cool bumbo tray? i want one!

    1. Katie

      Target! $9.99! Go get one! They are awesome!

  12. well he’s got a lot of important things to say!

  13. Jackie

    Well, I wonder where he got the “chatty” part from? But I agree with Naomi. He has a lot to say. Now if we can just decode it. lol

  14. I looooove when babies talk! One of my nieces used to talk herself to sleep. It was so sweet. Maybe Michael wants to be a talk show host?

  15. Ashley

    LOVED the video!! Beanie has got to be the cutest baby I have ever seen, and I have yet to figure out who I think he looks like!! HE IS SO HANDSOME!

  16. Ella

    Ive been stalking your blog from here in Australia for a while now – Beanie is sooooo cute! He has the cutest facial expressions! I have a very loud & vocal son (he is now 2). When we are out somewhere Riley likes to yell out in his loudest voice “i got poo’s”. I dont mind, people stare though. I love all beanies hair – very cute!

  17. Tressa

    He is so darn CUTE! I could help spoil him rotten!!! I love when babies talk….better than screaming! How could anybody want such a sweetie to hush?!

  18. So I was sitting here feeding my almost 4 month old when I started the video and as soon as she hears Beanie she pulls back real quick and looks at me like, Wait! That wasnt’ me!! What’s going on here?!

  19. So first I watched the pffft video, and my 21 month old little girl watched it with me. When it was over she said “more little boy!” so I scrolled down until I found this one and we watched it. During it she points at the screen and asks, “Who’s that?” I told her it was The Bean. When it was over she told me, “Like the bean!” Just thought I’d let you know that Beanie already has a little girlfriend!

    1. Katie

      Oh, be still my heart!!!! 🙂

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