A Super Funny Giveaway

(Before I start, I should tell you that I have not been compensated in any way for this blog post.   My use of the product was before the company contacted me.   And I like them.   And they’re nice.   So I gave away their product.   So there.)

This cracks me up.

Remember a couple weeks ago when I posted about an important, high tech gadget called a pee-pee teepee?   No?   Don’t remember that?   Well, go read about it HERE.

Go ahead.

I’ll wait.



…(foot tapping)…

So, after I wrote that post, an incredibly nice woman named Carly contacted me.   Carly works for this company called Beba Bean.   (I know!   Bean!   How ironic!)   Beba Bean is a totally posh, totally adorable, totally dreamy baby line that is available at retails stores across the country, including Barneys New York.

(Side note:   I always pronounce Barney’s with a British accent.   It will always be Baaaahhhney’s to me. Don’t know why.)

Are you following all this?   Good, cause here’s the kicker…   Guess what product Beba Bean sells.   Just guess.   A wild guess.


That’s right.   They sell the actual Pee-Pee Teepee brand!   I poked around their beautiful website and discovered they have a plethora of designs besides the two that I have:


And plain, soft, terry cloth blue:

Bean’s Granddad would freak out over the golf themed ones:

And Beanie’s GREAT Granddaddy would proudly stand behind these fishing ones:

And Chris would absolutely adore these camping ones.   Look!   Tiny trees!

But my absolute hands down favorite are these Christmas ones.   SANTA HATS!!!!!

Oh, man.   Those crack me up every time!   Can you imagine those?   On the boy bits after a bath?   HYSTERICAL!   I would have Beanie model these for you, but for moral and legal reasons, I will not be posting that picture to the internet.   And because my Mom would kill me.   For real.

Besides, I’m sure someday Beanie will pay thousands of dollars to sit on a couch and discuss why his mother hated him enough to dress his boy bits up in Santa hats.   No need to add a visual image to those sessions.

Moving on…

I also found this little onesie with the owl on it.   My sister, Ginny, would love this because she was a Chi Omega in college and their mascot is an owl.   I love it because its teeny tiny.   And blue.   And teeny tiny.

I surfed around the rest of the Beba Bean website, drooling.   I mean, look at these shoes:

I found these and immediately announced to Chris that I wanted a baby girl.   Then he slammed my laptop shut and threw it out the front door, just for emphasis.

He’s so dramatic sometimes.

But you know the saying.   You can take away my laptop, but you can’t take away my maternal yearnings! Or something like that.

Anyway, Carly was kind enough to offer a $25.00 gift certificate to a lovely reader of this blog so that they, too, could experience the awesomeness of tiny genital hats.   To be entered to win, just submit a comment below telling me who you are and where you’re from (cause I’m curious).

BONUS!   Carly and the wonderful people at Beba Bean have also agreed to give a 10% off coupon code to anyone who enters the contest.   Just be sure to fill in your email address because that’s how they’ll get the code to you.

Enter to win until midnight on Wednesday, September 30.

A very special thank you to Carly and the Beba Bean team for contacting me with this fun giveaway!

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85 Thoughts to “A Super Funny Giveaway”

  1. Maria

    Oooooh, these are soo cute! I adore the Santa hats, as well! I have a baby boy too and those would be fabulous! My name is Maria and I’m a SAHM in Nebraska. I also have a daughter, and would have loved to have found those darling little shoes when she was tiny! That website is addictive!

  2. Toni S.

    Hi, I’m Toni from Indiana. Both of my kids are too old for this, but not my new niece!! Those little shoes are soo cute!! Oh, plus I have a new cousin on the way, too!

  3. Kimberly

    Absolutely Adorable! My name is Kimberly and I am a wife and a mom, who homeschools her girls, and lives in Texas. I can’t believe how big your baby is already. Seems like he was born just yesterday. Time flies… 🙂

  4. Julia

    Hi Katie!

    My name is Julia, I am first year law student in Long Island, but I worked for years as a scenic carpenter (same as Chris!) In fact, I suspect we have many mutual friends, especially in the Yale crowd (small world!) I dont have babies (yet!), but I do have a couple of honorary nieces and nephews on the way! Yea babies!! Thanks for the veryveryvery welcome distraction to law school, and keep up the good work Mom!

  5. Alison

    I gotta have those very cute baby girl shoes. So much so that I’m making my husband watch the girls so I can write a post!!!!! So I’m Alison, a SAHM to twin girls in NJ, friend of Katie and avid reader. Katie can I be entered twice since I have twins??? I love the web site and if I have a boy I know where to get the cutest Pee Pee Teepees.

  6. ally from boston. no need for tee-pees over here with 2 little girls, but as a sahm with a teacher-husband, little perks (aka show me the $$) are BIG perks 🙂

  7. Heather O.

    I’m Heather and I am in the very rainy Northwest PA. I have a little boy and those pee-pee teepees are hysterical!

  8. ps, bean is just a couple weeks older than my youngest and she’s jealous that he’s rolling over already!

  9. Kristin

    Hi! I’m Kristin, I’m a SAHM and a proud Air Force wife. We live in Okinawa, Japan for now but originally from New York!! Being so far away makes it hard to keep up on all the new and exciting things going on in the shopping world:) I love your blog, my daily source of guaranteed laughter! Thanks for that!!!

    1. Sue V.

      Kristin, I just had to say hello. I was an Air Force kid, and spent the early part of my childhood in Okinawa. I went to Kindergarten there. I have such fond memories of my time there. I hope your family is enjoying it. Sue V.

    2. Yay for Air Force Wives!! I was one, then they kicked my hubby out for ulcerative colitis. I miss it!!

  10. Sue V.

    Hi, I’m Sue, a stay at home mother of 4 (ages 3,5,7,9) living in Osakis, MN. Mine are too old for this, but I have a sister in law who is due in March.

  11. HI Katie,
    I am Melissa curently live in Augusta GA. It is now the longest place I ever lived 10 years now. I was a military brat, My Husbad settled me down (geographicaly anyway). I have 2 girls that I say at home with. Your blog is many times the relief I need at the end of the day. Thanks for always being there.

  12. Kimberly

    Hi! My name is Kimberly and I am from Texas. Houston to be exact. I love your website. I am not a future mommy, but my best friend is expecting and I would love for her to be able to get all sorts of goodies.

  13. Caroline

    Hi! I’m Caroline from Atlanta, GA. I don’t have any babies of my own (yet) – my hubby’s still in school getting his MDiv, but hopefully soon! I’d love to buy some of those pee pee teepees b/c I’ve been peed (is that even a word, it looks so funny!) on multiple times by kids I babysit!!!

  14. Ashley

    Hey! I’m Ashley from Dothan, Alabama!! I attend Troy University, in Troy, AL, and I’m majoring in Accounting (SO FAR :)) I hope to be a stay at home Mom one day with as many children as the good Lord will bless me with! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

    1. Katie

      Its so nice to know who you are, Ashley! I see you commenting all the time! Thanks so much for that!

      1. Ashley

        You’re SO WELCOME!! I am going to write you a message on Facebook about a gift idea I have! Do you actually check Facebook messages or would it be better to send you an e-mail?!

  15. Amy

    Hi there, I’m Amy from Michigan. I love love love your blog and have been laughing about pee pee tee pees since your first wrote about them. I’m not a mother yet, but I’m an aunt to a 3 months old baby boy and a friend to many mothers who are expecting right now so I would LOVE to win and be able to give the gift of pee pee tee pees to one of the other mother/ladies in my life!

  16. Hi! I’m Kate from Ontario Canada. Expecting my first baby in January.

  17. Hi, I am Amber from Salt Lake City, Utah. I have an adorable little girl who is 8 months old and I am a working mom. I cried for you when you went back to work.


  18. Betty

    Betty from Birmingham, AL

    1. Betty

      Like the song, “Black Betty from Birmingham.” Seriously. That song gets sung to me at least once a week.

  19. I would love to win that! I am Katrina, and I am from Carson City, NV. Well, I live there now… I am from central California originally. =) I have a little boy who is 10 weeks old today! I go back to work in 2 weeks, and am dreading it with everything in me…

  20. Shannon

    I think those are adorable, and hilarious! I’m Shannon, and I’m from Connecticut! I’ve lived there my entire life except for when I’m at school (in Massachusetts). I don’t have any children (yet… 21… still in college… so the lack of children is a good thing for now), but I have a nephew and am hoping one of my older brothers can add another niece or nephew soon!

    I also just want you to know that I LOVE your blog. I’ve become addicted to ready many blogs a day recently, which I really don’t have the time for at all, which is why I rarely comment on any of them. I’m horrible. But I’m going to start, because I know if I was writing, I’d want to know people’s comments! So keep writing, I love it!

  21. Jana

    Hi I’m Jana from Illinois. I’m not a mom but have a bunch of nieces and nephews I would love to spend that $25 on!

  22. Adrienne

    Hello, I’m Adrienne, from Arlington, VA but originally from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Married, but no kiddos yet, though I do have a friend that’s due on Halloween. She decided not to find out what she’s having, so not sure if she could use them, however, I’m in that stage where it seems like EVERYONE is having babies so I’m sure that the little TeePees would be put to good use!

  23. Hi Katie,

    Sure, you already know me and you know that I now live in Tallahassee, FL–but did you know I am originally from Yorkville, NY? Oh it’s true! Just outside of Utica, right in the middle of NY state where it snows from October through May. AND I have also lived in Maine, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Connecticut (but you knew that.)

    I am not gonna lie–we could use some PeePee Tee-Pees in this house. And I also get squealy over little girl’s clothes even though I have a son…

  24. Jeska

    I’m Jeska. My husband and I don’t have children yet, but we’re at the age that all of our friends and family are having babies. So it would definitely help with gifting them! Oh! And I live in Rapid City, SD.

    1. Katie

      Ohhhh…. I see you comment all the time and now I know where you’re from! How exciting!

  25. Jill, from Texas originally, but living in Minnesota right now. No kids myself yet, not til after law school, but I have a brand new nephew who definitely needs one of those! So ridiculous!

  26. I’m Erin, and I’m from Sacramento, California. Do I have to buy Pee-Pee Teepees if I win? Because I have a 4-month old daughter (yep, we were pregnant at the same time! She’s 3 weeks older than Beanie 🙂 ) and I don’t know that she would appreciate them much. Her mama would love those cute little shoes, though!

    1. Katie

      You can buy whatever your heart desires!! 🙂

  27. Hi! I’m Kristen and I live in Prattville, Alabama. No kids yet, but alot of my friends are expecting, so this would make for a cute gift!

  28. Oh i would love to win this giveaway! One of my very best friends with pregnant with a boy! For as long as I have known her, she has never wanted kids. And now she is pregnant, and wanting this baby boy very much. Lord knows I’ve been peed on a lot by my little boy, maybe this could save her from the dreaded experience 🙂


  29. What a great gift! I’m from Columbus, Ohio. I have a little boy just 8 1/2 months old now. I saw these pee pee tee pees when I was pregnant, but didn’t end up getting any. I wish I had – I have been peed on a few times! (just last night actually). I am a sucker for cute outfits though, so I don’t know what I’d spend the $ on! 🙂 Thanks!!

  30. I’m Jordan and currently reside with my husband in Athens, GA. I’m getting my masters from UGA. But I don’t really identify with the south- we’re from the DC area, and will probably end up back there when I’m done with school.

    I have no babies, and don’t plan on having any for several years. But I know some people that are going to have some soon and this looks like a great gift buying opportunity 🙂

    oh, and I’m also the sister of reader/commenter Sarah H. as you just found out a few days ago 😉

  31. Anna…in Ohio. LOL – Cincinnati to be exact. 🙂

  32. ShelbyP

    Hello! I am Shelby, and I am from Oak Harbor, WA for now. I know, thats pretty ominous sounding, but we are moving within the next few months and we still don’t know where! haha By the way, love your blog and your Bean!

  33. Sandy

    Hi ya’ll, I’m Sandy from Charlotte, NC. **said in her best beauty pagent voice**

  34. colleen

    Hi Katie,

    Colleen from Wethersfield CT. And while we won’t know until March 5th (or so) if we’ll need Pee-Pee-Tee-Pees or cute pink shoes, I’m sure there is lots of stuff we will need. Looks like a great site! And yes, those shoes are REALLY cute!

  35. Jenny

    Hi Katie- I’m Jenny and a SAHM in Portland, OR. My little guy is turning 2 next week and we’re trying to decide about a 2nd. My hubby is the one yearning for a daughter, but those little shoes might just push me over the edge too!

  36. Amanda

    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Amanda. I am a military brat who has been in Tyler, Texas for 14 years now. That is a record and personally I would like to break it but my husband is having nothing to do with even flirting with the idea of moving.
    I am a working mother who hates leaving her baby every day. Mondays are tough!
    Ha! Pee-Pee-Tee-Pees are a riot! I wish I had bought some when my little one was little, but now at 13 months, I can hardly get him to stay still for a change much less use a tee pee.

  37. cathy

    Oh, this stuff is darling. Can’t wait to win.

  38. cathy

    OOPS, grandmother from Tulsa ok

  39. Michelle Uhlfelder

    I just announced to my hubby that we have to have a girl next. He got this horribly scared look on his face. Then I showed him the shoes. Unfort, it didn’t have the same effect as it did on us women! 🙂 I’m Michelle and live in Seaside, FL (by Destin). Well, technically I live in WaterColor (behind Seaside). Hope I win! I get peed on WAY too often!

  40. Lori

    Hi Katie – I’m Lori, a very young grandma from Arkansas City, Kansas! Love your blog ~ My grandkids are the light of my life! I’d love to shop at Beba Bean for my sweet grandchildren.

  41. I’m Laura from Illinois! Hiiii! Cam and I totally need some pee pee tee pees! 🙂

  42. Baby girl – two point five weeks old, still haven’t managed to update my site with her starlight filled face. In PA, though sadly, not anywhere I might be of help to the lost pooch.

  43. Whitney

    I am Whitney and I’m from Texas too but now live in MS. Your website is great! I know plenty of new mommies of little boys that would love to have these! Thanks for the chance to win. I love your blog!!

  44. Hello!!! I am Chelsea from Sacramento,CA! Love the peepee teepee’s…and I agree the Santa hats are toooo cute!! I also have a little girl and think the shoes are to die for…every girl needs to start off with a great shoe collection, right??!!

  45. Lisa

    Hello everyone, I’m Lisa! I’m originally from Ontario, Canada but I’ve been living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for the last 5 years. I am certainly out of the loop with all of the stores Katie offers giveaways for in the US, as I don’t think Dubai would have them, so I just thought I would say hello. 🙂

  46. So cute!! I love the camping ones, and it would be just the thing for MY little Michael. I’m Emily from Seattle(ish) and I’m a SAHM to my 20 month old little girl and my 2 month old baby boy.

  47. Megan E.

    Hi! I’m Megan. I’m an ultrasound tech and live in Southern Illinois. Very Southern. Example: the neighboring county my mom lives in doesn’t have a single stoplight!! *cue banjoes* I have a 3.5 month old son named Eli. When I was sitting in a hospital room a few days before my c-section I googled “biggest cankles ever”. I’m pretty sure I could have won a cankle contest. Anyways, a picture from your blog came up and I’ve been reading ever since. Thought you might find that amusing.

    1. Katie

      So…..were your cankles bigger than mine?????

  48. I’m from Oslo, Norway and my mom complains about me peeing on her quite a lot. Guess she hasn’t heard of the Pee-Pee-teepee yet. Maybe you should help her? Don’t worry you won’t have to send the gift card all the way to Norway. All my family lives in USA and my grandparents live in Gulf Breeze and guess what…I get to visti them the whole month of Nov and part of Dec. Well tell the Bean buck wheat says hello.


  49. Laura

    Hi Katie,

    I’m Laura from Brooklyn, NY. I have a 6 week old baby boy and am tired of getting squirted during diaper changes. Maybe the peni-hats would help? I love your writing style and look forward to reading your posts. It makes 3am feedings go by much faster! I too work in higher education, at NYU. Hope to hear from you!

  50. Michelle

    Hi 🙂 Michelle here and, well, I live in Australia right now! I also don’t have any children (yet) but just got engaged!! Anyway, I read your blog almost daily… sometimes I let them build up for a few days so I have more to read (wow, I need a life!! haha). Anyway, thanks for the congrats on the engagement. Can’t wait to see you and the bean.. and Chris 🙂 in April for Ginny’s big day!!!

  51. Elisabeth

    I’m Elisabeth and I’m from South Carolina. I’m having a boy on Friday so these would come in handy. Your blog makes me laugh and I appreciate your honesty.

    1. Katie

      CONGRATS! And GOOD LUCK on Friday!!!!!

  52. Those are so cute! My hubby and I saw them in a store a few years ago when we were buying my sister baby supplies ~ and he was all excited about them and like, look, something that she will actually need. And of course, I didn’t think that was the case!! But after lots of stories from her they are a great product.
    Ok, moving on from my novella. I’m living in upstate NY, but grew up in Vermont! And I *love* your website 🙂

  53. Sarah H.

    Well I’m Sarah–a dedicated blog reader. I live in Rockville, MD but when I began reading your blog (Oct 2008)I lived in Chesapeake, VA. I’m 27,been married for 4 years, and I work at a high risk OB’s office as a prenatal genetic counselor. I don’t have babies yet–but I have friends who are pregnant (some with confirmed boys) and would use the gift card to buy gifts 🙂

  54. Heather

    I am from the woodlands, tx (about 30 min north of houston). I have one daughter that is 9 months old and I discovered your site shortly after returning to work. It has been nice to know other people are going through the same thing. I mean, you know that, but to read about it is great. Thanks!

  55. Hi! I’m Katy, and have a Chris of my own, and we’re 20-somethings, but we’re in Philly, and no Bean of our own…yet. So, while my clock is ticking loudly, I’d just donate the gift card to one of our BAZILLION friends who have had babies recently.

  56. i usually say no to all things posh, but i seriously need a teepee. i have been peed on more times than i can count and seriously, the time Charlie peed in my hair really pissed me off. haha…get it? pissed me off? haha… oh man.
    my name is Holly.
    i found you via Camille at Archives of our Lives. and i fell in love. and have read ever since.
    i am from Arizona, but now reside in Utah.
    i have a cute husband in nursing school and an adorable son named Charlie who is 6 months TODAY!!!
    and, um… we are expecting baby # 2 and find out its sex in a week and a half.
    i have a private blog and it sucks and if i could have one wish it would be that you and i were best friends. in fact, sometimes i fantasize that i randomly fly out to your state and we run into each other at the store and i bow down and worship you and ask for an autograph and i get to see bean in person and… and…
    well. i will stop now.
    that is probably TOO much information.

    1. Katie

      Oh, man. That cracks me up! CONGRATS ON BABY #2!!!!!

  57. I’m Abigail, I’m a California transplant to Utah cause it costs a heck of a lot cheaper to live here than in CA!! And I guess cause we have tons of my husband’s family here. I’m a mother to a 3(going on 16) year old drama queen and a sweet little angel who’s 4 months old and currently on the floor attempting to pull some dirty laundry to her mouth. We have the same laundry issues here as you do. . . .

  58. Jessica W

    I’m Jess and I’m from Northridge, CA. I’ve been insanely happily married for just over 4 1/2 years and love your blog for your humor and your premise. People need to know what real marriage is like! No kids for us as of now, although we have many kids in our life (nephews, nieces, etc) whom I LOVE to spoil to no end!

  59. Meg

    I’m Meg from Atlanta, GA. That web site is addictive… just like your blog!

  60. I want the owl onesie! Count me in!

  61. Diane

    Hi! I’m Diane a soldiers wife from Arlington, VA.

  62. hey what a great giveaway! I’m not entering the contest, I don’t have a baby of my own yet. But what a nice thing for a ‘fellow-reader’ to do!

  63. I just wanted to say that those tee pees are so flipping funny! The Santa one cracks me up! My SIL is having a girl in January so that gc would help with some cute stuff! Maybe even those adorable shoes!
    My name is Amanda. Originally from Orange County, CA, now living in beautiful Ann Arbor, MI where my husband works for the university for the next 4-5 years. We will miss the beach and warmth but for the first time our Christmas card will have snow 🙂

  64. Cheyenne

    Hi. I just started reading your blog. I have a 6 week old baby boy and really enjoyed your post about the Bean’s schedule. I’m from British Columbia (Canada). PS. I love your son’s hair!

  65. Sara M

    Love your site! I found it when you were about 6 months pregnant and I was 5 months prego with #2! I live in sunny Phoenix, AZ!

  66. Judy H

    Hi, I have been reading your blog ever since I clicked over from one of your comments on Pioneer Woman’s blog. I am a nanny for two different families, because I love babies and kids. The best news is that I am expecting two of my own grandchildren…one is a boy!!! So I could really appreciate being able to gift my new grandchildren with cool stuff from Beba Bean!!! I am from Batavia, Ohio, which is just east of Cincinnati.

  67. Hilary

    I’m a sometimes poster, always lurker. I live in Massachusetts and I am expecting baby #2! Yay for giveaways!

  68. Jennifer

    Jennifer, a SAHM in Redmond, WA. My boy is getting into the potty training stange, I remember seeing those teepees at my sisters house when she had her little boy though. 🙂 We will certainly be expecting again in the near future (or maybe my sister will beat me to the next one, whatever) so never fear that a gift card would go unused here!

  69. Hey!!! I’m Ginny, your sister. And I live in the middle of no-where, VA. If I win, I will by Beanie yet ANOTHER Christmas gift. 🙂

  70. Laura in Michigan

    Hi! I’m Laura from Grand Rapids, MI, married, but no kids yet… but many family members and friends seem to be having babies… so this gc would definitely come in handy!

  71. Laura in Michigan

    Hi! I’m Laura from Grand Rapids, MI, married, but no kids yet… but many family members and friends seem to be having babies… so this gc would definitely come in handy!

  72. Laura in Michigan

    Hi! I’m Laura from Grand Rapids, MI, married, but no kids yet… but many family members and friends seem to be having babies… so this gc would definitely come in handy!

  73. They are super cute. I do not have a boy so I do not need to be entered but I think that the Santa ones are the best. Thanks for the giggle!


    Please visit me at http://www.askbecca.com

  74. Leslie

    I am from North Carolina! My sister-in-law is pregnant with a little boy and ever since I saw the pee-pee tee-pees awhile ago on your blog I’ve been wanting to get them for her! love your blog 🙂

  75. Natalie

    Hi! I’m Natalie from Oklahoma. I work in a small gift department store and we sell the pee-pee teepees and they are so cute!! I love the santa ones!! 🙂

    Have a great day,

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