Beancast: Pffft €¦

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15 Thoughts to “Beancast: Pffft €¦”

  1. Ashley

    m.a.d.e. m.y. d.a.y.! That was the funniest thing ever!! Haha

  2. Oh he’s just so cute! It amazes me how much a 4 month old can do. Hearing something and then repeating it, with the mouth action and everything. Very interesting and educational. Annnnnd, I want a baby 🙂

  3. Nona

    Its so fun to do new things right Bean!

  4. Ella

    So cute! My little fella was sitting on my knee watching & copying Beanie blow rasberries 🙂

  5. Zoe

    Oh my god, that’s fantastic! What a clever litter Beaner <3

  6. That was AWESOME! Good job Bean!

  7. Shannon

    That was adorable. It made my day so far 🙂 It also makes me want a baby… or I at least need somebody close to me to have one!

  8. So freakin’ cute!! Hurry up, Beanie and get here for Thanksgiving!!!

  9. Diane

    Too cute. I was holding my monkey bean and she would do it along with beanie.

  10. this is what’s it’s like with me and my boyfriend all the time! i’m sure if we ever have children, we’ll be an entire family that converses in fart noises.

    “oh yeah? well, guess what?”

    (ok ok, it’s much funnier when i say it out loud)

    this Beancast made my day 🙂

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