Trouble Maker

You can’t tell from this picture, but Chris is actually in big trouble at my house right now.

Oh, sure.   He looks all innocent.   He looks all “check-me-out-holding-an-adorable-baby.”   He looks all masculine and manly with these big forearms and that cute cowlick in his hair.

Sure, there’s nothing sexier in the world than a good looking man with a baby.   But I cannot be distracted.   He’s in big trouble.

And don’t think those silly fish faces and those fat, little baby giggles are going to distract me from the fact that it seems to be physically impossible for Chris to put his dirty clothes into the hamper, instead of on the floor right next to the hamper.

Don’t think I’m going to be fooled by the airplane game, either.   I know that trick.   You think a giggling baby and a glimpse at your abs are going to make me turn away from the dishes in the kitchen sink?   Or the leaves in the front yard that need to be raked?

No, sir.   I’m on to you, Chris.   I see your sneaky ways.   Using that innocent little Bean to make me turn into one big pile of mush.   As if you have never looked so good as when you’re toting around our baby?


Nevermind.   I forgot what I was saying.

Come on.   Let’s go have another twelve babies.

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13 Thoughts to “Trouble Maker”

  1. Hilary

    I think there is no greater natural high than seeing your husband playing with your child. I literally start glowing when the two of them are together. No one can make my daughter laugh uncontrollably like my husband. As jealous I can get over her clear preference for her father, I can’t stay jealous because they are so freakin’ cute. As for having another 12 babies, well, we opted for #2 but that will be it. Hubby’s sweet, adorable, and super cute but not “ten more babies” hot. But good luck with that! 🙂

  2. Ah, so it goes…the Lord made sure that babies would get made by wiring us the way he did. They are pretty irresistible. (Mine for me, not yours, although very cute, indeed 🙂 )

  3. Sarah H.

    My husband ALSO leaves his dirty clothes on the floor RIGHT in FRONT of the hamper. BUT it’s really easy for me to do it, so I do…and an old lady at Church once told me “At least you have a husband to pick up after.” So…I don’t mind picking up his clothes or dishes…but that doesn’t go for fixing things that I have no idea how to fix and raking leaves, I don’t feel like doing that stuff, haha.

  4. Katt

    I love this entry! Lol. I can be mad as hell at my husband and see him w/our baby girl and just forget everything. Haha.

  5. It’s definitely a man thing to not know how to operate the hamper. Or washer. Or dryer. Or vacuum. But hey, I have NO IDEA how to work the lawn mower. (wink, wink)

  6. Deb

    Katie or Mrs. Duggar? Oh wait, 13 kids aren’t enough to be considered a Duggar:)

  7. LOL! So funny. And ya ~ just be happy that you have such an amazing hubby 🙂 The clothes and leaves can wait 😉

  8. I can’t wait to see my hubby with our baby… nothing sexier than a dad with his kids!

  9. Jeska

    You didn’t fool me for a second, Katie. I knew you’d give in to that wonderful husband of yours! 🙂

  10. They totally know how to manipulate us. Sly dogs. All of ’em

  11. That is very funny and true. They do look cute when they are helping with the kiddos

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