Vote. Or Die. (Or Not. Whatever.)

This kid wants you to vote.

I mean, personally?   I’d never ask you to vote for me for’s Best Mommy Blogger Contest.   Cause begging is just not my style.

I’m just not the kind of person to ask you to go to the website and vote.   And then refresh your screen and vote again.   And then do that over and over again until I win $1,000.   I could just never do that.

And I’m certainly not going to offer up two brand, spankin’ new video iPods as giveaways on my blog if I do win the $1,000.   That would be bribing you.   And I’m not a briber.   No siree.   No bribing going on here.

But more than any of that, I’m certainly not the kind of blogger – or mother! – who would use adorable pictures of her child to entice you to vote for me for Best Working Moms Blog on   We don’t roll like that here on Marriage Confessions.

But Beanie?   Well, I have no control over him.   So when he says that he wants you to go to and vote for Marriage Confessions in the Working Mom Blog category for Best Mommy Blogger….well…I’d do what he says.   And if he says he’s going to give away two brand, spankin’ new video iPods on the blog as thank yous for voting if we win the prize money?   Well, there’s just nothing I can do to stop him from making campaign promises like that.   That’s just how Beanie rolls.

If you’ve got the time to waste, my blog is a finalist for Best Working Mom Blog in’s Mommy Blog Awards.   The cool/sucky/annoying thing is that people can vote as much as they want.   So just keep on voting until either your boss walks in and catches you or your hand falls off or you get bored and die at your desk.

Thanks to all of you who have already voted and a special thanks to those of you who have Tweeted and Facebook’d this for me as well.   It is much appreciated and just proves that I should totally win the award for Coolest Blog Readers Ever.

Click the icon below to enter the voting site.

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50 Thoughts to “Vote. Or Die. (Or Not. Whatever.)”

  1. Shannon

    I’ve been voting! I’m studying for midterms and I’ve been using it as a nice way of procrastinating. Not that I wouldn’t vote anyway, because I love your blog, but it’s a nice way to combine helping you out and giving myself a break. Now if I don’t do well in my exam tomorrow… I might have to stop voting…

  2. I’ve voted like 7 times. =)

  3. I have voted a million times..well maybe not a million…but I think I deserve that Ipod…if we post on our blog to vote for you we should get triple bonus points for the ipod 🙂

  4. Zoe

    I’ve been voting for you! Hope you win 🙂

  5. Lovin the pumpkin hat!
    Now i’ll go vote….again

  6. Tammy in TN

    Done, and I’ll vote again tomorrow. Looks like you’re currently in 2nd.

    The hat is cute, but it’s nothin’ compared to the hair underneath it!

  7. Julie

    Good luck, I’ve vated 3 times.

  8. I will have you know I just voted you up for 10 solid minutes and gained you one whole percent. Me. Personally. I’m sure it was me.

  9. Liz

    Katie, you know I love your blog.

    Now. By “video iPod” do you mean “iPod Classic” or “iPod Touch?” This will be a significant factor in how much of my time I will spend refreshing your page and voting again…

    And remember, as a stay at home mom, I’ve got a fair amount of time…

  10. Looking € oHeaven

    Your son is darling. I love the hat!
    Oh yeah, I votes lots too! 🙂

  11. Laura

    I voted and voted. It’s my goal in life to get the percentages to go up. Lucky for you it’s a very slow day for me…hee hee

  12. I voted for you-many times. My mom is voting for me and watching the percent go up over in the SAHM category. Feel free to vote for me. I am not too hopeful about winning, and I still can’t believe I’m a finalist!! I really do feel like Sally Field at the Oscars (only she did win. . .).

  13. Molly

    Dear Bean,

    Your campaign skills are truly remarkable, I just saw your 1st place status emerge! If I may, I suggest you start planning future campaigns and drumming up the support while you still have those chubby cheeks. Bean for President 2044!


  14. Sandy

    OK Beanie…I have been voting for your Mom for 2 days straight! As of this minute she is ahead by 5%…YEAH! Can I please go to bed now and get some rest? I promise to jump right back in there tomorrow (or is it today)! Me and my pooped finger wish your Mom all the luck!

    1. Woo!! We were doing at the same time! Go us! We got the power!

  15. Select.
    F5 (refresh)
    Three open browsers work fastest.
    Well, It took an hour and a half plus just over 2000 votes (not all were me and I’m sure some were for other blogs) but you went from 31% to 38% and I guarantee you’ll be at 40% before I go bed. That should hold you in the lead until the kids are in bed tomorrow. . .if not, I’ll be sure to fix that.

    1. btw it is possible for one person to get in at least 15 votes in one minute.

  16. dave

    Ok. For the baby’s cute factor & for your writing I have voted two times. I’d have voted more but my boss is here somewhere lurking.

  17. Prasanth

    Voted till my boss saw me on a ‘Mommy Blog Awards’ site and gave me a look!!
    Atleast for that i should win the Ipod.
    Cheers, Prasanth

  18. Aidan’s been voting furiously for his boy Beanie. Lucky for you our lives involve a lot of down time so voting gave me something productive to do whilst I breastfed. Multitasking Mumma surely takes the cake, I mean ipod… mmmm cake…

  19. Corinn

    I voted again, and again, while Porter sleeps in mt arms. Good luck!!

    P.S. I think Bug has the same hat as the Bean. Is it from

  20. Shelley

    I just put in 20 votes, now I have to get to work before I get fired! 🙂 I’ll go back at lunch and vote another 20 times and I’ll do it just before I leave work tonight, oh ya and maybe I’ll get you another 20 when I get home. I’m working hard here!!! 🙂 I hope you win!

  21. Kelly H

    I think I broke my refresh button.

    1. Katie

      It did not die in vain, my friend.

  22. Tressa

    VOTE, VOTE, VOTE……all because Beanie told me to! 😉

  23. Maria

    How could anyone go against what Beanie wants?? He’s sooo adorable!

    I’ve been voting and refreshing and voting like mad!

    Good luck!

  24. Mua-ha-ha!! Nothing can beat the power of a SAHM ignoring her kids to vote for a favorite blog!! Except perhaps another stay at home mommy doing the same thing for an opposing blog. . .which it seriously felt like I was up against trying to go from 43% to 44%. . .20 min. later you’re still at 43% and I cannot put my shower off any longer!

    Woo!! Fabulous job last night/ this morning ladies, good job getting our fav work mom blog up 2% while I slept! Lets see if we can work together (after ya’ll are home from work of course) to get katie up to 50% today!!

    When does this contest end anyway. . .?

    1. Katie

      Monday? Maybe Sunday? I’ve never been good with details….

  25. I voted before the video iPod bribe, but I’ll admit that the bribe sure makes me want to refresh a lot more. 🙂

  26. Nate's Mom

    And remember, if you don’t vote, Beanie will find you and cough on you.

  27. I really thought that bib said HULK at first and I about died laughing from the cuteness. Then I realized that I can’t read and about died from laughing at my stupidity. HM.

    I’m off to vote for you now =)

  28. Jes

    I hope you win! BTW, i love that hat that the beanie is wearing. I need one like that too. Oh wait that might look really stupid on top of my red/orange curly hair

  29. Sonya

    Who needs to take notes in class? Not me. I’m doing my part as a patriotic citizen of the blog world. Voting until my fingers fall off.

  30. Tallgirl8476

    Katie, I found your blog through the nominations and have now voted for you (several times). Best of luck! I am going back to work after baby #2 on Tuesday and am really struggling this time.

  31. Lisa

    I will do whatever the adorable bean wants. Especially if it involves afree ipod 🙂

    Got the girls at work voting for you too. It’s not like we get any work done on a Friday afternoon anyways!

  32. I like to think I single handedly moved you from 43%-44%. Aiming for 45% 😉

    Love the pumpkin hat!

  33. elizabeth

    ok..i voted and voted….that BEANIE!!!–he drives a hard bargain…lol….DA ENFORCER….
    good luck…you rock.

  34. Dave

    Since you tossed dignity out the window, I’ll show you some mercy. Will 1,000 votes be enough? 🙂

  35. Suzanne

    You were leading so I just voted once. I’ll check tomorrow, Good Luck!!

  36. Meg

    I voted several times and am posting for the first time because:
    1) Your kid is cute.
    2) Your cute kid is wearing a pumpkin hat which makes him even cuter.
    3) The pumpkin hat made me think of the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks and that is just fabulous.
    4) Your blog rocks. Your a great writer who has an all too real sense of humor about life. Good luck!

  37. I voted for you the whole time I was watch Jeopardy. My arm and finger are killing me!!! Did you know it takes forever to increase just 1%. I got you to 44% and then when I refreshed it was back down to 43%!! so…. I voted more till I got you back up there! Good Luck!!! I hope you win this. You need to find out a way to get on the Today show,Early Show or Good Morning America when ever they talk about mom blogs! You deserve your 15 minutes of fame!!!

  38. Sandy

    OK, that counter at the bottom of the voting screen is all over the place! It counts forward…backward…and sideways. Either we have blown the system up with our excessive voting or that system is flawed. If you don’t win we will go with the latter!

  39. I have been voting 🙂 does Bean want to give one of those ipods to someone outside the US?

    1. Katie

      Bean does not discriminate. He is a student of the world. 🙂

  40. melissa

    you’re going to win.

  41. Amy

    I have been voting for you and then thought I should check out the competition. I am glad I did because I still think you should win!

  42. Jen

    I’ve been home sick and voting all day while watching my daughter play. It’s so close!

  43. Nicole

    I voted…I read everyday and haven’t commented. But you are far worthy of this honor and I’ll keep voting. Don’t have a video IPOD, but it gave me the kick I needed to go out and give it a try. 🙂 I love reading about your adventures.

  44. Nicole

    After returning from grocery shopping, you are down by 4%. Send out the tweets to vote.

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