Fall is for Family

This past weekend we planned to just lay low at the house.   Beanie was getting over his terrible cold and my cold was starting to get bad.

But then we woke up Saturday morning and said to hell with that plan and we loaded the car up for a day trip.   In our defense, we wanted to go pick pumpkins and there just aren’t that many weekends left to do that in.   Although, the fact that it was only about 35 degrees outside should have probably deterred us.

Good thing logic never plays much of role in this family’s decision making.

Lyman Orchards is one of my favorite parts about living in Connecticut.   Nestled into the hills, it has the best view of the changing leaves in the fall.

You can pick apples and pumpkins this time of year, but it was so darn cold that we decided to pick a pumpkin and then just buy our apples at the Lyman Market. For those of you who don’t live in an area where apple or pumpkin picking are common, its pretty much as easy as it sounds.   You go out into this huge field and just pick out what you want.   Then you take your produce to this little cart that sits out in the middle of the field and you pay by the pound. Couldn’t be easier.

The pumpkin patch was up on this hill and the wind was whipping up there!   It was already about 35 degrees outside, but that wind must have made it 10 degrees cooler.   Beanie was freezing!   So, we jumped out of the car, grabbed a couple pumpkins, took a few quick pictures, and jumped back in the car.

Once our quick, freezing photo session was over, we drove down the road a bit to the Lyman Orchards Market.   Its where the orchard sells their produce that is already picked and ready for sale.

It is quite possibly my favorite place on earth.

My favorite part about my favorite place on earth are these:

Lyman Orchards HIGH TOP apple pies.   HIGH TOP.   As in extra filling stuffed in extra pie crust.   Its just about the greatest thing you’ll ever eat in your life.   I buy them at Thanksgiving and then tell people that I baked.   Its a lie worthy to be told.   But no one ever believes me.   Probably because I serve it in the plastic container.

After I drooled over the apple pies and helped myself to a few samples of apple cider donuts.   That’s right.   Apple cider donuts. We headed out back to take some pictures with pumpkins that had already been picked.

And as I took pictures of Chris and Bean, my mind wandered back to this time a year ago.   We had just found out that we were pregnant.   I don’t even think I had told anyone yet.   Chris and I drove up to Lyman Orchards one Saturday to pick our pumpkin and out in the pumpkin patch, I stuffed a pumpkin under my sweater and we laughed about how big I was going to get over the next nine months.

On the drive home we talked about the little Bean in my belly and all the fun things we’d get to do when he was here with us.   We talked about starting our own family traditions, like pumpkin picking.   And we laughed about how much life was going to change over the next year.

We just had no idea, did we?

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24 Thoughts to “Fall is for Family”

  1. so cute!!
    i just had a similar post about us going to keene nh for pumpkinfest this year and how we used to talk about going there with kids someday. you think you know how amazing it can be and then it happens. and you just have to smile.

  2. I voted again. So sad that some people have 0 votes. I thought about voting for all them, but then I thought nahhh! So I’m voting for you more because I love your blog. 🙂

    We found out we were expecting ON Halloween so we are very reminiscent about this time of year too. 🙂

  3. Zoe

    Hehe I saw the last photo and said out loud, ‘Oh my gosh, as if that kid isn’t the happiest kid in the world!’.

  4. I love the picture of you and Beanie, but the last picture could possible be the cutest picture ever.

  5. Kristen

    I love the pic that you took last year. It’s amazing how much can change in a year. I’m due later this fall, so this year will my last to think of Halloween costumes just for 2 😉

  6. Laura

    Just reading the words “apple cider donuts” adds 10 lbs to my arse! YUM.

  7. Allison

    Hi, I just found your blog–love it! I’m from CT too and it’s fun to read about your adventures in a different part of the state. You’ve got a cute family!!!

  8. kay

    what a cute lil pumpkin that little bean is!!!!!

  9. we headed to the pumpkin patch this weekend too! not quite the same experience as you get since we are in south florida but it was our first cool day so it worked out really well, felt nice and fall-ish. my tummy is actually as big as a pumpkin and i’m excited to possible go back for another photo session next week since i’m having the baby on wednesday!!! (c-section again, so we’ll see how i feel) a fun pumpkin patch picture with our family of four!!!
    i love all the pictures, the whole family looks happy. glad you got out of the house for a fun family outing, they make the holidays!!!
    p.s. i have carrot cake cake balls chilling in the fridge right now, can’t wait to eat them.

  10. Loving that last one! Supposed to be warm here tomorrow so maybe we’ll head to the pumpkin patch!

  11. Sarah C. H.

    Aaah, the cuteness! I love fall so much. Pumpkin picking has to be one of the best things ever. I need to go get me one or two.

  12. kirsten

    Oh my goodness … that last picture totally melts my heart …

  13. Sweet post 😉 Love the leaves!

  14. Kelly H

    I absolutely agree about fall being the best thing about living in the Northeast. We are in Upstate NY. We did the pumpkin patch this past weekend and have already been apple picking twice. My favorite – apple fritters!

    Bean is way too cute in that last picture.

  15. Love the pictures! Definitely my favorite time of the year just for reasons like this -pumpkins and great fall colors!

  16. That last picture of the Bean is way way way adorable!!

  17. So cute remembering this time last year! Bean looks pretty happy to be starting some family traditions like pumpkin pickin’.

  18. If you want to risk your kitchen again, Smitten Kitchen actually has a recipe up for apple cider doughnuts right now: http://smittenkitchen.com/2009/10/apple-cider-doughnuts/#more-5067

    PLUS, she posed her baby with a can of shortening. What could be better?

  19. The little Beanie doesn’t look like he’s having much fun. Too cold! You’ll have to compare pictures from now and when he’s 15 and too “cool” to go pick out pumpkins. Bet that he throws the same faces.

  20. Deb

    OMG, I have been reading your blog officially for one year now! The first post I read was the one where you stuck a pumpkin under your shirt. Wow, time flies! I didn’t even realize it’s been that long:)

  21. I LOVE fall, all the leaves and pumpkins and chilly mornings. And last year we found out I was pregnant on Nov. 1st, so we have good memories of this time of year too. Love all your pictures!

  22. new reader to your blog, it is great! Your photos are vibrant … off to read more!

  23. Ha ha ha! The last picture of Bean is a heart melter.

  24. Claire

    You live in CT…cool. So do I. We haven’t made it to Lyman Orchards this year…yet. I hope you feel better soon.

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