I Vant to Peek a Veiner

We have a winner folks!

First, I should tell you that the winner was chosen using the highly scientific method of having our family friend, Charles, pick a random number.   We’re nothing if we’re not professionals ’round these parts.


I am so glad that Charles picked Sarah C.’s comment number because when I read her family’s tradition I was so moved.   What a touching way to bring the holidays back to what they truly are about – our loved ones.   This might just be the tradition that we start this year, Sarah, so thank you.

Please contact Jenn at jennford@my2.tupperware.com with your mailing address and your toy will be shipped right out!

And for everyone else who played, don’t forget that you can still order Tupperware from Jenn to help benefit the Toys for Tots drive this year.   Just mosey on over to   Jenn €™s Tupperware website and shop to your little heart’s content.

Thanks everyone for playing!

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2 Thoughts to “I Vant to Peek a Veiner”

  1. yea me:) So glad they still make this toy.
    Thanks guys.

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