Travelsized Beanie

I’m not gonna lie, Bean had a rough trip.   It wasn’t his fault and to his credit, he really tried to be happy, but traveling is tough for babies.   He was in an unfamiliar place, so it was hard for him feel 100% comfortable.   He didn’t nap because we didn’t have his swing or his music, both of which really help him sleep when he just can’t unwind.   His sleep schedule was off because of the no napping thing, so he woke up at 3:30 every morning, rearing to go.

I was so disappointed.   I had been looking forward to this weekend for so long.   Everyone was excited to see him and, naturally, they all wanted to spend some time with him, but he just cried most of the time.   It probably wouldn’t have been such a big deal if I had just planned for the tears.   But I hadn’t thought about travel from his perspective really.   I know when I go home to family, I am just so relieved to be there.   You can unwind and let your hair down and relax, and so I was looking forward to being able to pass Beaner off for a while.   But I didn’t think about the fact that, to Beanie, this was all really intense.   Even though they are family, Bean doesn’t see them all the time so he doesn’t really go to them right away.

Don’t get me wrong, there were definitely bright spots.   Mostly due to the fact that my parents brought Beanie’s Christmas present with them to my sisters so that he had something to play with.   It was a jumparoo and Bean loved it.   It kept people out of his face, really.   He had this bubble around him in his jumparoo that let people spend time with him without being too close and scaring him.

Bean is actually a pretty independent baby.   He doesn’t like to be held all the time and he’s happiest when he’s rolling around on a blanket somewhere by himself.   So, suddenly having all these people who each wanted to hold him and spend time with him was a little overwhelming.

But by Saturday, Bean had settled down a bit.   And just in time, too, because we ended up leaving early and heading home Saturday afternoon instead of Sunday morning, partly to beat the traffic, but partly because Bean was so out of sorts.   Right before we left though, Bean turned on that charm that we see at home.   For a couple hours, he was like a different baby.   He was himself – happy, talking, playing.   And who got to capitalize on that?


And then later when we had lunch at this cute little soda shop, Nana was the one who got the Beanie lovin’!   It was really crowded inside and it was beautiful outside, so we sat out on the patio.   Bean wore Nana’s coat because it was kind of windy.

And in thanks for her coat, Bean showered Nana with face pats, hugs, and sloppy wet kisses…

And even Uncle John Michael got some snuggles in…

All-in-all, it was an eye-opening experience to travel that far for that long with a baby.   But, you live and learn.   Babies cry.   And as my Grandmother told me this weekend, it is more unsettling for the parents than it is for everyone else.   To my family, Bean was a good baby this week.   He hung in there like a trooper and while Chris and I know that he is capable of being so much happier, when you’re with family it doesn’t really matter what your mood is.   They see you for who you really are.

And Bean is really a good baby.

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