Momma’s Boy

You can’t tell from these pictures, but Chris and Bean are fighting right now.

Bean has always been a bit of a Daddy’s boy.   He and Chris just have this special connection.   They play.   They laugh.   They tickle.   In fact, one of my favorite parts of being a mom is that I get to see Chris be a dad.

But in the past week or so, Bean has decided he just needs his momma.   Between you and me, I’ve been waiting for this day since Bean was born!   FINALLY!   Bean wants me more than Chris!   FINALLY!   When he’s flipping out and crying, I’m the only one who can calm him down!   FINALLY!   I’m the one who can get him to eat, get him to play, get him to sleep.   It’s all me, baby.

And it kind of sucks.

For whatever reason, Bean has decided that I’m his girl right now.   It has been really sweet for me and a little disappointing to Chris.   He gets frustrated now that Bean cries and holds his arms out for me when he’s holding him.   It hurts his feelings.   Plain and simple.   And even though we both know that this isn’t an intentional decision, just a little phase for Bean, it can still be a hard pill to swallow.

While it has been really heartwarming to me, its also become a little annoying.   Bean doesn’t want ANYTHING else right now.   He doesn’t want his toys or his bouncer or his swing or Big Molly.   Nothing that usually makes him happy is doing the trick right now.

Its all momma.   All the time.   And that makes for a very tired momma.

I think Bean is just going through a little phase here.   Its not just me that has changed.   He has also started fighting sleep and he’s never done that before.   Now, when I rock him at night, he starts to flail his arms around as soon as his eyes start to close.   He starts crying whenever he gets sleepy.   I’ve heard that this can sometimes happen during growing spurts and I’m thinking that’s what this is.   He’s not really teething right now so I know that’s not it.   And I’ve noticed that he is suddenly too long for a lot of his clothes.

Poor little buddy.   Growing up is tough work!

So, I’ve been giving him some extra loving this weekend.   Extra cuddles.   Extra kisses.   Extra tickles.   And while it takes a lot more of my time since I am now The Chosen One, its time well spent.   Beanie is growing faster every day.   He’s learning and making choices and expressing himself more and more.   Its so great to watch and it makes me so proud of all three of us for creating a home that Bean is thriving in.

For now, I think this phase is the hardest on Chris.   He misses his little buddy.   So, I’m making sure that I give Chris some extra attention, too.   Extra cuddles.   Extra kisses.   Extra tickles.

And for now, that seems to be working.

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9 Thoughts to “Momma’s Boy”

  1. Mom of 3

    Around this age my daughter started waking at night and the pediatrician said it was because at this stage they beging to understand that you are out there somewhere and when they go through their natural sleep cycles they start looking for you when they stir. He wants you in his sight (or closer). Basically he’s scared to be alone whereas before he didn’t really understand that. I have no good advice to offer though, because I caved and started letting my daughter sleep with us. Let’s just say it’s been a long road to getting our bed back (of course there were 2 others who followed in her footsteps). My theory is keep him close as much as you can because before you know it he’ll be eight and you’ll wonder where the heck the time went.

    1. Katie

      That is excellent info from your doctor and makes complete sense for Bean right now. Thanks!

  2. Whitney

    Presley is the same way right now. Whenever I hand her off to someone else she turns her head right around and has to look at me the whole time. She also hates it when I walk through the room and dont grab her and hold her. shes almost 9 months though so… Im hoping were almost done with the I need momma always phase.

  3. My girl is going thru a “mummy only” phase too at the moment. Its kind of sweet.
    As an aside – My husband who NEVER reads blogs sometimes likes to look over my shoulder when I’m reading yours, and comment on how cute Bean is. He actually said to me last night “Hows that Beanie kid doing?” Teeheee.

    1. Zoe

      My partner asks about Beanie too. I now make him read every Beanie post. He loves it, thinks Bean is the best kid ever.

  4. I agree that seeing husbands be dads is one of the best things about being a wife and a mom!

  5. Not even his feet will make him happy?? Cute post… and I am sure it is just a phase. I think all babies go through that. Just keep giving Chris that extra attention!

  6. Tressa

    All mommy + all the time = ALOT OF STRESS!
    Hang in there, his phase will change again and again and again! Pretty soon you will be the one needing extra kisses and tickles from Chris 😉

  7. Sarah

    You guys!!!!! These photos are so amazing!!!! What a treasure to have these moments to look back on forever and ever. Your camera deserves a round of applause. 🙂

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