I Don’ta Eata the Cantaloupa

“Muph numph romfff,” said Beanie.

“What’s that, Beanie?” I asked.   “You say you love your new present from your Aunt Ginny?   Its a Munchkin Mesh Feeder.”

“Posssshhfff gnofff mumph,” said Beanie.

“What’s that Beanie?” I asked.   “You think the apples I stuffed in there are the greatest because they taste good and they feel cool on your gums?”

“Umphhh flannn numph,” said Beanie.

“What’s that, Beanie?” I asked.   “You want me to try stuffing it with something else besides apples?”

“EEEEWWWW!!!!” said Beanie.

“You don’t like the cantaloupe that I stuffed in there?” I asked.   “But I thought it would be cool on your gums just like the apples?”

“Narph umnph pherrrffff,” said Beanie.

“Okay, fine, Beanie,” I said.   “Don’t freak out.   I put the apples back in it.”


“You don’t believe me?” I asked. “Well, just try it.   Chew on it again and you’ll see that its just apple slices.”


“Are you kidding me?” I asked.   “You aren’t ever going to use it again because you’re afraid I’ve filled them with cantaloupe pieces instead of apples?   Come on, Beanie!   Just chew on it!”


“Okay, fine,” I said.   “Don’t chew on it.   But you’re really missing out here.   I promise you I didn’t put anymore cantaloupe in it.”


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9 Thoughts to “I Don’ta Eata the Cantaloupa”

  1. Nate's Mom

    This is why Beanie and Nate are friends – Nate LOVES cantaloupe. Since the Bean doesn’t, Nate knows that Beanie won’t steal his cantaloupe! Nate also loves super ripe pears in his meshy bag. What kind of apple did you put in there? Was it really ripe or did Bean have to work on it? We’ll have to try that next! 🙂

    1. Jackie

      Hi Nate’s Mom! I’m Beanie’s Grandmomma. Beanie got the mesh feeders for Christmas from has Aunt Ginny. We weren’t sure what to put in them, so we tried golden delicious apples. The apples weren’t over ripe or anything. He absolutely loved them. He was use to apple juice so that was probably a plus.

  2. Awww! My nephews LOVED those mesh things! Good luck getting him to try it again!

  3. OOO thanks for the idea! I’ve been meaning to get one of those for Molly but I didn’t know what you were supposed to put in it. Might have to run to store today!

  4. Vicki

    A man of taste and discerment… Im with you Bean, Cantalope tastes like rotten earwax!!!

  5. Whoa! Probably because I don’t have kids yet, but I am always so amazed at the cool things they make for babies! Seriously, that one is genius.

    Also who doesn’t like cantaloupe?? 🙁 Oh Bean, how you’re missing out.

  6. I just bought one of these for Aidan but we’re traveling at the moment and I left it at home. Bean is too cute. Pity about the melon… try plums 😉

    Introducing solids to Aidan is gong well. So far he’s eaten: Peas, Mash potato, roasted sweet potato, celery sticks (pop in the freezer and it’s bliss for teething gums), steamed carrot, coliflower… the plus side is, where eating more veges since he’s eating of our plates 🙂

  7. Kelly

    Try some pineapple – my kids loved it so much they sucked almost dry!

    P.S. – Is the Bean’s hair going red?

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