Out with the Old and In with the New

Today is the last day of 2009 and I simply cannot let this day go by without pausing to remember all the happiness and all of the adventures that this year brought to my little family.   For many of you reading this, you’ve shared in my experiences with me, providing support and encouragement through the trials and celebrating and congratulating my triumphs.   For that, I am truly grateful and ever so blessed.   And there are many of you who are new to my little corner of Cyber Land and I hope that you will grow with me in the new year, as I’m sure there will be many new paths to venture down.

Tomorrow, on New Year’s Day, we will look ahead at all the possibilities of a new year, but for tonight, I want to take a minute to look at the past.   To remember my special and favorite moments of 2009.   Because I truly believe that you can’t move ahead until you have learned from your past.

So, without further adieu, I bring you…

My Favorite Moments of 2009

5.   The Non-Baby Shower (March 2, 2009) – When I was pregnant with Bean, Chris decided to throw me a shower.   It was so unexpected and (between you and me) very unlike him.   But he made some stipulations with this shower.   There would be no games.   There would be no presents.   There would be no pink and blue.   It was a dinner party celebrating…well…me.   It was so sweet of him and I remember feeling so warm inside knowing that this was the person who would be the father of my child.

Me at the non-shower

4.   The Hospital Tour (May 5, 2009) – Throughout most of my pregnancy, Chris was a little freaked out about having a baby.   He was great having a pregnant wife – he brought me food in bed, he rubbed my feet, he told me I was pretty when nothing in my closet fit me anymore – but that actual part where we brought the baby home sort of freaked him out.   I thought it was cute in the beginning, but the closer we came to having a baby the more irritated I became with him.   But on the night that we took the tour of the hospital where I’d give birth to Beanie, something shifted in Chris.   I watched him slowly exhale for the first time in eight months.   It was my first glimpse of him as a dad and I remember how happy it made me.

3.   The First Weekend with Friends After Bean was Born (September 20, 2009) – I loved the first weekend that we had our group of friends up from New York after having the Bean.   Chris and I were so worried about what having a baby would do to our group of friends.   We were the first to go forth and multiply and we wondered what change that would bring to our friendships.   The result?   Things were a little different, but in a way that made it a completely perfect change.   I was so relieved and so happy to share this new person with our oldest friends.   It was a wonderful and memorable weekend.

Lovely Linda

4.   My Version Procedure (May 15, 2009) – Now, this isn’t necessarily a pleasant memory for me, but it is a very distinct memory for me.   A couple weeks before my due date, my doctor thought that we should try a procedure called a version to get Bean to shift out of his breech position so that I could deliver naturally.   It was a horribly painful procedure and in the end Bean didn’t end up budging at all.   But it was my first glimpse into Bean’s little personality.   He was stubborn.   And now that he’s here with us, that is a glaring personality trait in him that I have come to simultaneously love and hate.   He just has his own little schedule and his own little plans and if he doesn’t feel like doing something, then he’s just not going to do it.   I can’t imagine where he gets that from…

3.   This Thanksgiving and Christmas (November 30, 2009 and December 28, 2009) – This year might have been my favorite holiday season out of any I’ve had before.   Thanksgiving at my sister’s new house with my family was just the best.   We spent time together eating, drinking, laughing, and watching football.   I can’t remember a more relaxed time with my whole family.   And Bean’s first Christmas this year was just how I hoped it would be – full of old traditions and new traditions, not stressful or crazy, and with lots of love and joy.   Seeing Bean’s little eyes light up on Christmas morning just made my heart glow and having my parents visit in Connecticut this week to celebrate capped off a perfect first Christmas.

Our family at Thanksgiving
Our family at Thanksgiving

Beans first Christmas
Bean's first Christmas

2.   My Sister’s Engagement (April 16, 2009) – My sister’s boyfriend, John Michael, proposed this year on a family vacation in Florida at a photo session with our entire family.   It was so romantic and I loved that he joined our family right there in front of our family.   He’s a keeper and I’m really glad that Ginny said yes.

1.   Bean’s Birth (June 1, 2009) – Bean’s birth is definitely at the top of my list this year.   Life changing doesn’t even begin to describe what his presence in our lives has been like.   The day he was born was the happiest day of my life.   I remember every single thing about that day.   I remember Chris and I driving to the hospital together for my c-section, so excited that we couldn’t do anything but giggle.   I remember seeing my family in the waiting room before we went back into surgery.   I remember being on the operating table and seeing Chris walk into the room dressed in scrubs and even though he had a mask over his face, I could still see his smile.   I remember hearing Bean cry for the first time and Chris saying to me, “He’s here!”   I remember waiting forever while they cleaned up the Bean and stitched me back up.   And I remember seeing Chris walk towards to me, carrying the baby.   I remember him handing Bean to me and whispering, “Here you go, Momma.”   I remember it all like it was yesterday.   Like it was this morning.   My heart swells just writing about it.

The first of MILLIONS of pictures...
The first of MILLIONS of pictures...

Being wheeled into the operating room
Being wheeled into the operating room

I can think of about a million more memories that I loved this year, but I think that’s a pretty good list of favorites.   Experiences that I’ll always remember.   So, as you’re sitting around on New Years morning (or afternoon, depending on how good you celebrated the night before…), trying to sober up and remember why you’ve got Frito’s in your underwear, I hope you’ll enjoy some of these memories with me.   Its been an incredible year for our family and I know there are some new adventures on our horizon in 2010 and I hope you’ll all be there to share them with us.

In 2010, I wish you all happiness, health, and a whole lot of humor.

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10 Thoughts to “Out with the Old and In with the New”

  1. Ella

    Happy New Year to you Katie, Chris & little Beanie, I stumbled across your blog about 4 months ago and now i read it everyday, im addicted! What a wonderful year you have had, you are so blessed. I love reading your blog as its always so full of happiness and so funny to read as well. Its became part of my day now – i usually sit down at the computer with my morning coffee and read all my favourite blogs and yours is at the top of the list. So thankyou for sharing snippets of your life with me.
    I hope you have a fantastic 2010 and i look forward to many more blog posts. I may even start my own blog this year 🙂

  2. Lovely New Years post. I’m a new reader….enjoy your writing. Keep up the good work!

  3. What a great list!

    It has been such a huge year for you, and it’s been so fun reading along! Bean is freaking adorable.

    My husband and I are the first in our group of friends to get married, or even have a serious relationship, and I worried too about the changing group dynamics once we were married–but to my relief that, too, has been wonderful.

    Happy New Year!

  4. I’m a new reader, too – I found your site in November, and I’ve been back through all your entries and check regularly for updates. You guys with your little Bean are a funny, sweet and honest haven from a lot of the other sites I find myself on.

    I also had a little boy this year (my first!) in August, and reading your memories of the Bean’s birth gave me a little lump in my throat. My baby’s arrival was one of the only shining moments in a pretty ordinary year for me, and nothing I’ve experienced comes close to how I felt that day. I’m sure 2010 will be extremely colourful and interesting with a new little person to share it with.

    Thank you for sharing your great year, and I hope your 2010 is just as exciting!

  5. EmilyC

    Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family. I hope 2010 brings you lots of love, happiness and wonderful memories….and funny stories to share! 🙂 Thanks for making me laugh so much in 2009.

  6. This was fun! I wasn’t here for all of these. Love your outfit for the non-shower. 🙂

  7. You’re counting is a little off 😉 but excellent list of favorites!!

    1. Katie

      LOL! That’s what you get when you decide at 11:30 PM that you MUST get something posted before the New Year!! 🙂

  8. Of all the blogs I read, your look back on 2009 is my absolute favorite. You really had a memorable year! My hubby and I are expecting our first baby at the beginning of June 2010. I show him your blog all the time because our baby will be about Bean’s age this time next year. Thanks for being such a great blogger and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  9. maureen

    Happy New Year! And thanks for being willing to share your year(s) with us, events big and little.

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