Bean’s New Toys: Part Two

This year, one of the big gifts that Santa brought Bean was this little scooter.  I loved it…er,…I mean, Santa loved it because it has stages to it.  For now, we have it folded down into the scooter so that Bean can sit on it, but it also extends into a pushing cart that he can push around when he learned to walk.  I didn’t think he’d actually be able to balance enough to sit on it yet, but he was a pro.  His favorite thing to do though is to sit next to it and play with all the moving parts.

Oh, and he likes when Chris and I push him around on it and chase Lucy.

For the record, Lucy hates this toy.

One of Bean’s favorite gifts that he got for Christmas was his very own jumparoo.  He has two at daycare that he really likes, but Nana and Granddad brought Beanie his very own special farm-themed jumparoo.  He loves it.  He likes to sit in it and look at the lights.  He likes to jump in it.  He likes to play with all the buttons.  Jumparoo?  Big. Hit.

Bean is also really into this new singing toolbox.

I have a confession about this toy.  I had it wrapped and under our Christmas tree weeks before Christmas.  One morning, Bean was irritable and cranky and bored, and as I looked around my house for something to entertain him, I decided, “Oh, what the hell…” and I unwrapped this present and gave it to him to keep him busy.  He loved it.  And he still does.  When you hit the little shapes, they light up and sing.  It comes with a hammer to hit with.  Bean uses the hammer as a chew toy (like everything else in my house) and he beats the shapes with his own hands.  This is one of his favorites.

Santa also brought Bean this activity tunnel by Baby Einstein.  It is a mesh tunnel with toys and pictures that hang down on the inside.  He can lay down in there, or sit in there, or crawl through it when he learns to crawl.  For now, he’s not quite sure about it.  He doesn’t mind being in the tunnel as long as you stick your head in there with him.  And he likes the toys that hang down inside.  But he gets a little freaked out when he’s in there by himself.  Not that I blame him.  I bet this will be a bigger hit when he can crawl and move around more.

All of these toys are great and they’ve opened up all these new activities for Bean to learn.  But as much as Bean loves all these toys, his favorite toys are still the two attached to his legs.  Simple pleasures, I guess.

That just about wraps up the presents that Bean got from our Christmas in Connecticut.  I’ll post Parts Three and Four as soon as our boxes from Florida arrive.


You didn’t think this was ALL he got, did you?  Let me remind you that Bean is the FIRST.  He is our first child.  He is the first grandchild on both sides.  He is the first great-grandchild on both sides.  This kid is set for life on toys.

(Click HERE to read Part One of Bean’s toys.)

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5 Thoughts to “Bean’s New Toys: Part Two”

  1. Porter got the tool box for Christmas too! He likes the tape measure–and so does our cat, Rosie.

  2. Jen

    That’s quite a bit of toys he got there. Even I’m feeling a bit jealous 🙂 Ellie’s the first in my family too but my sister had her baby a few months after so she’s got competition! At least my sister loves her to bits and pieces so Ellie got quite a bit of stuff from her. She also has the bucket with the shapes and also loves chewing on all the parts. She also got this really cool Leapfrog activity/music table from my brother that lights up and sings songs when she pushes and pulls on the stuff on it.

    After looking at your 2 lists, I feel the need to buy a few more toys for her…her dad’s not going to be too happy about that 🙂

    1. Katie

      Oh, Lord! Don’t buy more! Bean would have been happy with a bubble gum tub on his head!! Too many toys are just the curse of my family!! 🙂

  3. Oh, the bean is so cute it kills me. Seriously, I’m dying a little with every picture.

    So. LEVI GOT THE TUNNEL FROM HIS GRANDPARENTS!!! He loves it. And he rolls so hard that he flips it over all the time and it makes me laugh. He also got a little car thing that grows with him! I’m telling you, he and bean would totally be BFF.

    OH! And I may be going to the conference!! With my Mom!!

  4. Kelly

    Five years later, I can still here the song from that toy box in my head.

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