Because Its Wednesday and My Brain is Fried.

Tonight, Chris and I took Bean Man to one of my favorite places.  Le Cracker Barrel.  As a misplaced Southerner living in New England, Cracker Barrel has provided just the kiss of sweet tea that I sometimes need in my blood stream to survive.

They have also provided me with hashbrown casserole.  Thanks be to God.

This was all part of Operation Keep Beanie Awake So He Sleeps Through the Night.  And it worked perfectly.  We had such a nice, leisurely dinner just the three of us.  Well, until Chris got so engrossed in the peg jumping game on the table that he forgot we were there with a small child who likes to throw lima beans at his mother.  I had to ask him to put down the pegs and remind him that his duty in this whole dinner out thing was to protect me from flying vegetables.

He didn’t really care because the peg game kept telling him he was an egg-no-ra-mous.  That’s really degrading to someone with a Masters degree from Yale.  Or so he kept reminding me.

After we got our Southern food fix on, we moseyed on out to the gift shop.  Have I ever told you how much I love Le Cracker Barrel Gift Shops?  You can always find the most clever little gifts in there.  Chris has a grandmother who collects John Deere tractor merchandise and that is one of the only places that carry that stuff.  And the things in the gift shop are always affordable, too.  Its one of those places though that I never think to go to find a particularly thoughtful or cute gift unless I happen to be in the restaurant already.  I should fix that.  I found some cute stuff in there.

Bean found this hat and faithful steed, who we named Pork.  (Get it?  Pork and Bean?)

But, sadly, Bean said the cowboy hat was merely a sad reminder that Valentine’s Day was coming up soon and we had still not received an invitation to The Pioneer Woman’s ranch.  He just couldn’t handle the hat after that…

While Pork the Steed and the cowboy hat were excellent finds, I think I hit the jackpot myself.  I found these adorable ceramic measuring cups.

Aren’t they just the cutest?  I love their little beaks.

And I love their little tails.

Let me tell you about my latest obsession with ceramic measuring cups.  It all started with Paula Deen.  She uses a beautiful set of ornately painted ceramic measuring cups sometimes on her show and I think they are gorgeous.  And then for Christmas this year, I gave my BFF, Emily, a great set from Anthropologie.

After that, I started keeping my eyes peeled for them.  I like them because for one thing, they aren’t that common.  Especially when you make up your mind you must have them.  Suddenly, they disappear into that black hole along with every great pair of shoes you wanted to buy, but didn’t at the time and then you could never find them again.

I hate that hole.

But tonight at Le Cracker Barrel, I was finally able to put my little paws on my very own set.

My favorite part about them is that the biggest cup is 2 CUPS!  WOW!  I only have one two-cup measuring cup (cup, cup, cup, cup, of, of, of, of, cup, cup, cup, cup, of, of, of, of, cup a’ tayyyy) and I always find it so useful.  I’m so glad that now I have another!

And the sizes go right on down the line all the way to the ‘ittle bitty 1/4 cup.  Ain’t he cute?

I loved the measuring cups so much that I bought an extra set to share with you all!  Now, I know this isn’t some huge, wonderful giveaway, but you know.  Its Wednesday. And its probably cold wherever you are.  And wouldn’t it be nice to warm your house up with something freshly baked using some super cute, brightly colored measuring cups?

I’m convinced they make the food taste better.

So, to enter to win this giveaway, leave a comment telling me 2 things.

#1 – That you went to The Bloggies website at some point and voted for Marriage Confessions for Weblog of the Year (and no cheating on this part or the measuring cup birds will poop in everything you use them to bake with for the rest of your life).

#2 – What your favorite utensil in the kitchen is.

The giveaway will close to comments at 8:00 PM on Thursday, January 28.  I’ll post a winner on Friday.

There.  That’s easy.


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279 thoughts on “Because Its Wednesday and My Brain is Fried.

  1. Margaret

    Yes ma’m, I most certainly did go to the bloggies website and vote for ya!
    I love my wooden spoon the most. It is so beautiful and simple.

  2. Dyanna Vanatta

    I actually found your blog through the Bloggies. I came here to read it 3 days ago and haven’t left…. 🙂 Just love it……..

    My favorite kitchen utensil is a silicone spatula. I have tons of them and use at least 2 a day.

  3. Dyanna Vanatta

    Forgot to add that I have since been back to the bloggies and voted for you guys!

    Good luck!

  4. I don’t want to be the first comment on this post, because a random # generator almost never picks #1. But someone’s gotta do it, so I’ll take “one” for the team. Haha, I just cracked myself up.

    And, of course I voted for you!!

    1. of course… I took so long to write my post that I wasn’t first.. not even close! oops 😉

    2. and gosh, I’m really a mess tonight. I forgot my favorite kitchen utensil! It’s a good, sharp knife.

      ps. I hope all these replies to myself don’t count as comments- I promise I’m not trying to get more than my fair share!

  5. Cassandra

    I went to Bloggies a few days ago and voted. Thought you guys deserved it more than Ree and her Bajillions of stalkers 🙂

    Fav kitchen thingy… I have always wanted a melon baller. Never bought myself one. Just waiting for the special someone to enter my life and give me a Melon Baller 🙂

  6. Shannon

    Those are adorable! While I was reading this I thought they were so cool, and I was jealous. You’re so thoughtful to give a set away.

    I voted!! I voted many times actually. I wasn’t sure if they really counted more than once, but I kept doing it. And I used a few different e-mail addresses (hehe). I also made my roommate and my boyfriend vote, and I told other people to but I don’t know if they listened to me or not. I really hope you win!!

    I don’t really know what my favorite utensil is… but I’m going to say the spork because I used one tonight and I loved every minute of it. I don’t own any though. I might have to start taking them from KFC and start a collection of my own.

  7. Katie, I have most definitely voted for you and I have campaigned for you on my blogs and Facebook. I am *this* close to making a banner and standing at the State Capital at Monroe and Apalachee Parkway encouraging people to vote! Go Team MC!!!

    My favorite utensil is my KitchenAid stand mixer. Ok, so it is more than a utensil–it is sort of a MACHINE–but I love it in a way that doesn’t compare to anything else in the kitchen. Aaron got for me for Christmas when I was pregnant with Porter as sort of a “last hurrah” before we started spending our Christmas on single-handedly supporting Fisher-Price, Playskool and VTech.

    And I could have used a 2 cup measure tonight as I was making cookies for Aaron’s students! I actually didn’t know they made 2 cup dry measures!

  8. 1 – Oh hells yes, but of course!!

    2 – Favorite utensil is hard! Fave appliances, easy (Kitchen Aid mixer). Fave items, easy (nested glass mixing bowls).

    But utensil? There’s so many. I might have to choose the classic wooden spoon. It’s so great for mixing no matter what your ingredients are in (glass, plastic, non-stick pot, etc), won’t melt, and I always feel a little more like a “real” cook when I use them.

  9. Nicole

    yes i voted for ya!!! and my favorite utensil has to be my sifter its perfect for adding just the right amount of powdered sugar on desserts!!!

  10. adrienne

    I found your site thru the bloggies too. And, yep I voted 🙂

    Right now my fave kitchen item is my new little dipper. So fun! And those little measuring cups are too cute.

  11. Jordan

    I did, I jumped right over and voted for you! Best of luck!!

    And my favorite kitchen utensil would have to be my Pampered Chef baking pans. NOTHING STICKS, AND NOTHING BURNS!! They are a cooks best friend!!

  12. Lori

    Of course I voted for you! LOVE my one piece silicone spatula!!

  13. Those have to be the CUTEST measuring cups I’ve ever laid eyes on! I am officially in love with them! Not to mention that I am also completely enamored with your blog! So, of course, I voted. Multiple times, actually. =) favorite kitchen utensil. That’s a toughie, because I love cooking. If I had to pick only ONE utensil, I’d have to choose my COMAL! It’s actually kind of like a griddle, but since my hubby is from Mexico, we call it a comal. It’s amazing! I use it for everything…tortillas, garlic toast, grilled cheese, pancakes, and really anything you have to flip over and cook on both sides (as long as it won’t make too much of a mess).

  14. definitely voted for you!

    favorite kitchen utensil: my lime green spatula!

  15. Mom of 3

    Yes, I voted!
    My favorite utensil is my pizza cutter. It’s so easy to cut up the kids’ food into little bites, especially when they were toddlers and everything had to be cut. Remember that when Bean finally decides to eat. 🙂

  16. Bridget

    Of course I voted! and I made my boyfriend vote too! My favorite kitchen utensil is my garlic press. It has made everything easier!

  17. Sabrina

    Do you ship international? ‘cos those measuring cups sure are cute 😀

    Anyway, I most certainly voted for you right away when you first put up the link and my fav utensil? Hmmm, probably my awesome pink cooking knife, directly followed by my pizza cutter, being single and all that… lol

    1. Katie

      Yes, I will ship internationally. 🙂

  18. 1. I did indeed vote for you guys- love your site.
    2. My favorite thing is my knives!

  19. Yes i Voted…several times actually. My favorite utensil is…Vidalia Chop Wizard..yes the one seen on TV makes salsas very easily and fast. Love it.

  20. I voted. Best of luck! What great exposure!

    Hmmmm, favorite kitchen utensil? I have so many! To name a few: my awesome lime juicer (better to make fresh margaritas with), KitchenAid whisk, rubber spatulas, and a good, sharp knife.

  21. I definitely voted! =)

    My favorite kitchen utensil is my pampered chef wooden spoon. I love that thing!

  22. Kim

    I voted! And the measuring cups are adorable.

    But, I really want to tell you that if you really need some unique John Deere gear for grandma, I’m your gal. The headquarters is in my town, my hubby works there and both my parents retired from Deere. I have green coming out of my ears. It’s everywhere. I cannot get away from it. So, if you need something special, I’m totally your girl. I will take the responsibility seriously. We have entire stores devoted to John Deere. Just call me on the bat-phone.

    I completely understand that I sound crazy right now. And, I apologize for that. =)

  23. Lindsay Campbell

    I voted!!!

    I want those measuring cups! I would have to say my favorite kitchen utensil is scissors….does that count? I use them to open all my prepackaged food. 🙂 I love your blog!

  24. I always vote for you, that’s easy
    not so easy is picking one utensil.
    an appliance would be my orange artisan kitchen aid stand mixer (i have to do it justice with a complete description) (yes it is that great)
    i can’t pick a fave so i’ll go with my cutest utensil, a set of ‘smidge’, ‘dash’ and ‘pinch’ measuring spoons, saw them years ago and had to have them

  25. KP

    I voted! It was weird to scroll sideways through the lists. Will all of the internet be like that in the future?

    My favorite utensil is a fork. Straight up fork. For digging into any kind of food and putting right into my mouth. (The ol’ husband takes care of the cooking. I just get to sample whatever he makes.)

  26. Emily

    Of course I already voted for you silly! How could I not!! Good luck getting to the ranch! I can’t pick a favorite! I love my stand mixer and my spatulas oh and maybe my beautiful anitque brown bowl..and oh ok I’ll stop there.

  27. ashley

    Yes I voted on the bloggies and gosh I don’t know that I have a favorite utensil, i like them all but I do like it when I can use my Pampered Chef chopper

  28. I voted.. that’s how I found your blog 🙂 My favorite kitchen item is a rubber scraper. I like a small one that fits well in my hand.

    I hope Bean is sleeping through the night! I’ve had 5 children… and I promise they do sleep SOMETIME 😉


  29. Amy

    I voted last week! I have only started reading your blog in the last 4 months but you were my pick!

    My favorite kitchen utensil is my garlic crusher! Wierd I know but I use a lot of garlic in my cooking and it makes life so much easier!

  30. cathy

    I went, I voted for you and my favorite utensil would have to kitchen shears.

  31. Those are adorable!!! I agree with the 2 cup thing, the only one I have is plastic and I need that ceramic one. NEED!

    I already voted (perhaps more than once…what?) and my favorite kitchen utensil… the one I use the most …. a fork.

    I’ll be honest, I don’t cook. But I do bake. And I need those cups, did I mention that?

  32. Of course I voted (we talked about it on Twitter).
    And my favorite kitchen utensil has to be my good set of tongs – seriously, they come in handy for everything

  33. I voted! I also didn’t like scrolling sideways… But best of luck!I like the cucumber/potato/carrot peeler because using knives to slice scare me.

  34. Jen

    I totally voted. Several. Times.

    My favorite kitchen utensil is the ice cream scooper. I’m a huge dessert person… So seeing the ice cream scooper makes me think of ice cream and then it all goes downhill!
    I also like it because you can use it to serve pretty servings of mashed potatoes, rice, etc!

    There are totally cute!

  35. Kelly

    I so voted for you! Because your blog is my favorite!

    My favorite kitchen utensil is the potato peeler. Only because I would much rather use this simple tool than spend half an hour chopping away too much of the potato myself. This one comes in so handy!

  36. Sandy

    Don’t worry girlfriend€¦ I. WILL. VOTE. FOR. YOU. Sadly I am still in the process of checking out the other blogs (NOT in your category of course!). I like to make informed choices you know. I promise to vote no later than Friday night€¦PROMISE! Let€™s see, favorite kitchen €œitem€ has to be€¦my husband! He ALWAYS does the dishes€¦by hand no less. But if I won those cute little measuring cups there is a good chance that he may be replaced!

  37. Not only did I vote for you, I nominated you as well. My fave kitchen utensil? Offset spatula. Invaluable.

  38. Adrienne

    Yes I voted for you! And my favorite tool is my microplane. I use it all the time!

  39. judy liebo

    …and I’ll go back a second time and vote for you again.
    My favorite tool of the moment is a bench scraper. It’s like adding a second hand when I’m trying to scoop cut-up chunks of food.

  40. Sarah C. H.

    um, totally voted for you. duh. ;p

    God there’s so many utensils, how to pick? I have this really cute set of nesting bowls in lots of pretty different colors. The different sizes are so useful and they just brighten up the kitchen.

    Other than that I really love the proper set of nice knives. Sharp and well made. Beautiful weapon of the slicing and the dicing.

  41. Jessica W

    A) That picture of Bean is insanely adorable! And Pork and Bean might seriously be the cutest thing I’ve ever heard, still laughing over that.

    B) Yes, I voted. 🙂
    C) My “fudge” spoon. It’s a wooden spoon shaped at an angle which makes it perfect for stirring, especially my fudge.

  42. Syd

    I voted. And my favorite is a wooden stirrer, no spoon just an egg shaped end. It’s perfect for whipping up something yum.

    Pork and beans, tee-hee.

  43. Lindsey

    Great minds think alike, as I was reading this (before i got to the part where you said you were giving away a set)I was thinking to myself what a wonderful give away idea!

    Of course I voted for you guys, over the weekend.

    I have 4 different sizes of Le Creuset spatulas that I adore. They were by far the best purchase as far as kitchen utensils go.

  44. Michelle

    Hi there!

    Was that a reference to My Fair Lady I caught? Ok, so, not only did I vote for you but I feel it absolutely necessary to let you know what’s been going on with me and your blog lately. Last week I found your blog though The Pioneer Woman’s blog but like any good book, you can’t just jump right into the middle and start reading (although, I have been known to get impatient and jump to the end. What can I say? Sometimes you need a little motivation!) After hundreds of entries, and 4 (or was it 5) Bellycasts(s), I decided I would jump to the current posts and read backwards.

    There are a thousand reasons I enjoy hanging out in your corner of Cyber Land… we have the same foundational beliefs – both in our faith and politics – and we are both newlyweds (ok, maybe not officially but I’m hanging onto that as long as I can!)

    Oh, and my favorite kitchen utensil? I was tempted to say my husband but I would hate to imply that he’s a tool of any kind. 🙂 So I’m gonna say a whisk. I also love to bake – my husband loves espresso brownies. You, however, don’t seem to need caffeine. 🙂

  45. 1.yes
    2.The whisk.
    just say it…
    w h i s k
    I didn’t get invited, neither. Boo.

  46. 1. I did vote in the bloggies. I am pretty sure I picked ya’ll, but I don’t remember anymore, I’ve slept since then.

    2. My favorite kitchen tool at the moment is my set of collapsible baking racks. I live in a tiny apartment and love that I can pull them out while baking but put them AWAY when I’m not using them. I’m also a pretty big fan of my pampered chef oil sprayer. I will never have to buy another can of cooking spray again!

  47. Voted! I love Ree too, but I believe she won already, and I love the Bean, soooo here you go.

    My favorite utensil in the kitchen is in my grandma’s kitchen. When I was younger, I used a special fork for my salad, as that was my favorite food. I still use that special fork at family functions. 🙂 It’s coming with me when I get married.

  48. Voting – check.

    Many times a day usage of my favorite utensil, the spoon spatula – check.

  49. Megan E.

    I voted twice under 2 different e-mails accounts!!

    My favorite utensil is probably my tongs. I’m still scared of raw meat.

  50. Yes, I did go vote for you in the bloggie awards. That€™s actually where I found your blog, and after reading it went back and voted for you!

    My favorite thing in the kitchen is my crockpot. I love that sucker!

  51. Brooke

    I did! I did! Before you even asked I went and voted for you! Oh and my favorite utensil is my wooden spoons, I love them!!

  52. Yup Voted for your blog. Also, my favorite tool would be a spatula. I use it for just about anything, but mostly for mixing gatorade powder and flipping omlets( a staple in a young married couples life.)

  53. Summer

    Of course I voted!! You deserve it! My favorite utensil is my trusty muffin pan! I am a baking fool!

  54. I definitely voted! I also love this flat sauce whisk that I got from Ikea, of all places. I use it All The Time. 🙂

  55. Houstonianess

    Yes, I voted for you! Saw the post on Facebook.

    Ummm—favorite utensil would be the silicone, heat-resistant spatula. Totally necessary.

  56. Taylor and Addison's Mom

    Of course, I voted for you…I am so glad that I finally took the time to look at the blogs. They are very funny. I can hear you talking in my head!

    My favorite kitchen utensil is my wooden handled rubber spatula from Williams Sonoma. Now this is not a flat spatula but it is slightly curved so that it works better. You can use this tool in all types of containers, pots, etc. You MUST get one!

  57. Katie

    I most certainly did vote for you! And so did my mother and grandmother!

    My favorite utensil in the kitchen is my crockpot. Is that considered a utensil? I love anything that does the cooking for me while I’m at work. haha

  58. Yes, I voted!

    My fav utensil..well I have a lot of favs but I’m going to say my cookie scooper and my little brown bear that keeps my brown sugar from getting gross.

  59. Erica

    I voted, I voted! Can’t wait for the results Katie!

    My favorite kitchen utensil is a microplane grater….I can grate garlic/ ginger easily into things. Adding touches of lemon or lime zest to some muffins or just the right amount of freshly grated parmigiano cheese to a dish. It is a great little gadget!

  60. I actually found your blog through the Bloggies, voted, and haven’t left since. You have some great archives! 🙂

    My favorite utensil(s) are my inherited wooden spoons. Just the right shape in the handle…I love them!

  61. of course i voted for you 🙂

    fav utensil: my whisk and spatula. i love to bake!

  62. I’ve committed a sin – I have never been to Cracker Barrel. And I love my mini food processor!!!

  63. 1) Yes I voted! I was stalking the Bloggies on the 21st so I could vote for you guys (and my other fav The Pioneer Woman in the other categories)

    2)Favorite utensil: Mmmmm probably my vintage Pyrex mixing bowls. You can’t go wrong with a good, sturdy mixing bowl.

    Good luck with the Bloggies!

  64. I voted! I am struggling between my two favorites: my stand mixer – which has changed my baking world, but may be classified as an appliance? If so, I will go with my pizza cutter. It is perfect (I have had bad pizza cutters before and this makes me fully appreciate the design) and used often…

  65. I most certainly voted for you! My favorite kitchen item is my new juicer. I’ve had so much fun creating yummy combinations!

  66. Christine

    My vote is in….Good luck:)
    And oh how I love kitchen utensils!….But I think my favorite is my silicone spatula.

  67. Sommer

    I voted for you, promise. Fav kitchen items are my colored spatulas.

  68. Kate Buselli

    I found your site through the bloggie nominees! Good luck, you have my vote! My favorite kitchen tool is my French Press. It’s how coffee was meant to taste!

  69. Liesel

    I voted!!

    My fav kitchen tool…le creuset cast iron anything but probably the braiser or dutch oven.

    Love the measuring cups!

  70. I voted for you, and I hope you win!

    I’m not sure if I can pick just 1 fav kitchen tool, but we recently bought a Shun bread knife and OH! I just do NOT know why we went so long without one. It really does slice through the bread like a hot knife through butter.

  71. Elisabeth

    As a Southern transplant in Boston, I, too, love that there is always a Cracker Barrel close by when I need it! Although, my northern-born fiance doesn’t seem to see the appeal, which makes me sad. I guess it really is a southern thing. There is nothing like their coffee and some pancakes on the weekend. And there is so much going on there! The rocking chairs outside, the country store inside. My father actually bought me the peg jumping game once while we were on a roadtrip. Kept me busy for the rest of the drive!

    Of course I voted for you for best blog. And I’d have to say, my favorite kitchen gadget is my yellow Kitchenaid mixer. I bought it with my first ever paycheck at the age of 16 (yes, I was that dorky). It makes everything easier and I don’t know what I’d do without it.

    1. Jenny

      It’s not lost on all northerners, I love going to Cracker Barrel and I despair that the closest one is 2 hours away from me!

  72. Nikki

    I voted using my multiple emails : )

    My favorite kitchen tools would have to be my cutco knives. Just when I think something is too tough for those guys they prove me wrong! Everyone needs a set!!

  73. I most certainly voted for you! I am so excited for you too.

    My favorite utensil has to be my wooden spoons – versatile and useful in so many places.

    PS – The measuring cups would complement my hubby’s rooster collection pretty well too! 🙂

  74. Cait

    I voted!

    My favorite kitchen utensil is my flat sided scraping spoon thing from Wilton. It gets all the stuff out of a bowl when you’re baking, but then you don’t need ANOTHER spoon to scrape it!

  75. Jenn

    I voted for you twice! And I LOVE my standmixer!!

  76. Amy

    Of course I voted several times, and my favorite kitchen utensil is a good wooden spoon!

  77. Voted!(A few times) Good Luck!

    My favorite kitchen utensil you ask…my baking stone from Pampered Chef. Love that sucker. Makes the best cookies and french fries ever.

  78. kirsten

    I voted for you yesterday! You make me laugh every day …

    I HEART my toaster oven … so very, very much. I also HEART my wooden sppons

  79. Yes, I certainly voted for you. My favorite kitchen utensil is my peppermint swril spatula from Target. Pancakes, ground beef, chicken…it’s pretty, it’s huge and it does the job.

    I LIVE in the South and still go to Cracker Barrel (we affectionately call it “The Crack”) at least twice a month. It’s easier for us to get our down home cooking that way. If I cook it, I end up with enough food for a church picnic.

  80. Jenny

    I also found you when I went to vote for a different blogger in another category about a week ago and haven’t left! As a young married lady (has it been 6 weeks already?!) I’ve been looking for more blogs along these lines and I fell in love with yours, the pictures of that cutie of a son of yours was the first thing I saw!

    My favorite kitchen utensil is our Kitchen Aid mixer we received as a wedding present from my Dad’s parents, all of a sudden I went from making chocolate chip cookies with a fork to the amazing mixer! I <3 to cook and bake and I use it at least twice a week.

  81. Voted. Couple times. Need to do some advertising b/c you’re totally more deserving than your BFF. (not that I don’t love her, too)

    I have all sorts of wonderful gadgets…and I use my hands. It’s really quite sad. But kneading dough in my Kitchenaid (which I do love) isn’t as satisfying, and mashing things together with a whisk just isn’t as efficient.

  82. I voted for you before you even mentioned you were nominated! =)

    Also, I wanted to let you know that we have driven FORTY MILES to get to that exact Cracker Barrel (when we lived in CT because, you know, there’s just the one…) and it was glorious.

    As for my favorite utensil? Hmmm, we have a set of small prep dishes that I got at Anthropologie that I love and use all the time. Also, the ketchup-like squirt bottle we use for olive oil. SO MUCH BETTER than a regular bottle.

  83. I actually found you through Bloggies, and I did vote for you!

    I think I like the whisk the best 🙂

  84. Nicole

    1- Of course I voted for YOU.

    2- Kitchen Shears. I don’t know what I did with my raw meat (cutting fat/tendons off) before I had them.

  85. Alice

    I voted for you guys!

    I want to say my favorite utensil is my KitchenAid mixer… but that feels like cheating since it’s really an appliance.
    So I’ll say my favorite utensils are the set of cobalt blue LeCrueset spatulas sitting by the stove – use them all the freaking time.

  86. Tiffany

    Yes of course I voted for you. I read your blog every day.

    My favorite utensil I use in the kitchen is my Pampered Chef spatula. I use it every time I cook.

  87. I most certainly did vote for you! My favorite kitchen utensil is my wisk. I actually don’t use it that often but I think it’s really fun when I do!

  88. I voted for you the other day!

    My favorite utensil is my wire wisk because I can’t make gravy without it! Such a southern thing to say!

  89. Amy

    1) I actually found your website through the Bloggies after going there to vote for someone else in a different category. Your blog is great!

    2) I really love a good whisk, and the old fashioned kind and not the kind that smush down into your bowl – they don’t have enough power. There’s nothing like whisking something into submission in my opinion.

    I hope to God these measuring cups are dishwasher safe or I am going to be in big trouble if I win. 🙂

  90. Heather

    1 – I voted before you even asked/told/begged/threatened us to.

    2 – my favorite utensil? hands down – my cookie scoop. No more using a spoon, get most of it out of the bowl (except for the dough I purposely leave there when its time for “cleaning it” with my finger!)

  91. Jessica

    But of course I voted for you!

    My favorite kitchen utensil is my silicone wisk. It is perfect and doesn’t scratch my pans. : )

  92. Jules

    Is it too late? 🙁

    But yes, I did vote for you!!! 🙂

    Favorite utensil? I Love me a good peeler!!! 🙂

  93. I voted for you!!! 🙂

    And my favorite cooking utensil is DEFINITELY my blender (does that count?). 🙂

  94. You bet your bloggin tokhes I voted! I get such encouragement and inspiration from you guys!

    My favorite utensil is a peeler I got from Taiwan. My aunt & uncle are missionaries there and they gave it to us for Christmas. I thought it’d be cheap and wouldn’t work, but it’s the best peeler ever!

  95. Casey

    I did vote go vote for you of course, I stalk your site like I stalk PW’s.
    My new favorite cooking instrument is…. I have to say my new rachel ray tea kettle, b/c my kids steal all my spoons and such.

  96. Laurie Bailey

    Of course I voted for your blog..I LOVE IT!!
    By far my favorite utensil is my garlic press..I love garlic and I hate having to cut it by hand..soits awesome.

  97. Elizabeth

    Gosh, I had already voted for you! I love your blog!

    As for kitchen utensils, I love my Rolling Pin. It was my great-grandmothers. My mom has memories of using it when she was a little girl to make cookies. I have memories of it with my mom and I can’t wait to use it and make memories with my son!

  98. I voted for you, i love reading your blog. My favorite kitchen utensil right now is my brand new can opener. It’s one of those side openers so you can’t get cut. But the utensil I use the most is a regular old pancake flipper.

  99. Any wooden utensils are my favorite. I voted for you too b/c you’re on up there with PW as my favorite blogs to read!

  100. Sue V.

    I voted for you a few days ago. Hope you guys win.
    My favorite kitchen thingy are my baking stones – I bake cookies every couple of days, and I couldn’t live without my stones.

  101. Yep, I voted for ya!

    I’m torn. I was all ready to say “garlic press” without a moment’s hesitation…but then someone said “wooden spoon” and I had second thoughts. Because my wooden spoons are truly the superstars of my kitchen. They are not merely uni-taskers like my beloved garlic press. They stir, they allow me to take a taste or two or three, they prop my oven door open when I have something cooling in there…like a cheesecake. The batter of which I stirred with, you guessed it, a wooden spoon.

  102. MrsEAM

    I voted a few days ago. My favorite kitchen utensil is my measuring cup that’s used for liquids that’s angled so you can see how much is in there just by standing over it instead of contorting to look at the side. Wow – was that just the worst description ever or what?

  103. I voted for you! I read you every day and I have say that these cups are SO cute that they have made me delurk. My favorite kitchen utensil is a wooden spoon that my mother in law gave me. It is the one she used when she was first married to my father in law. I happened upon it by accident when I was cooking them all dinner soon after I met my now husband and we were visiting. It was so worn down and smooth and seasoned that I loved using it! I also have this weird thing about the feel of new wooden spoons (ICK). SO, nicely she gave it to me when my husband and I moved into our first condo.

  104. Looking€ oHeaven

    Those are really cute!

    Yes I went and voted, more than once as a matter of fact :p

    My favorite kitchen utensil would have to be my garlic press. I just love that thing! No smelling like garlic for days.

  105. So, I plan on voting, but work has blocked the 2010bloggies site so I’ll have to do it at home (what they expect us to work here???!!!). You and PDub are my favs 🙂
    My fav kitchen thingy are my wooden spoons. They are great for everything including keeping the baby entertained while I make dinner.

    1. HA, my work filtered it because of sex!!

  106. Sonya

    I voted! My favorite kitchen utensil is my Rachael Ray tongs. Just the small one though, I don’t like the big one, it’s too clumsy. Or I’m too clumsy. One of those.

  107. Julia

    I voted! wait..I voted for you!
    My favorite utensil is the whisk. not only is it fun to use…its fun to say: “whisk”

  108. Laura

    Definitely voted for you guys. Even found some new blogs to read, which is always fun!

    My favorite utensil is my green silicone wisk. It’s fun to use, easy to clean, and when it’s being used, it means something delicious is being made…like coconut cream pie…mmmm.

    Those little birdies are so cute! If I don’t win, I think I will go buy them!!!

  109. Omaha Kat

    Of course I voted for you! And I absolutely love my rubber spatula from Pampered Chef. I have many spatulas, but that’s the ONLY one that works well and didn’t get all hard and nasty. I definitely need to get another…

  110. Tanya

    Of course I voted for you for the Bloggies! Its a tie for me.. I really enjoy my tongs, its makes sauteing so much easier. I also love my Rabbit Corkscrew Wine Opener because anything that makes opening a bottle of wine faster, is okay in my book 🙂

  111. Beth

    I voted the first day they had it up. 😉

    I love my Pamper Chef spatulas or their covered baker dish.

  112. ToniS.

    Yes, Ma’am, I do go and vote, and had my hubby vote, too!
    My fav untensil is a tie between my mandolin and my 4-in-1 mixer. The mandolin is great because it slices really thin, which is great for salads, slaw, and fried potatoes. the mixer has regualr beaters, a bread hook, an emulsifier, and a mini food processor attachment. With those two things, I can make just about anything!

  113. I voted!

    I think I have to say my Santoku knife. It cuts everything effortlessly and it’s just plain cute! I also have a large rubber measuring cup that I use….mostly for watering plants, but it’s immensely useful for cooking, too! 🙂

  114. Melissa

    Of course I voted! (Just 2 seconds ago) My favorite kitchen utensil is my spoonula. My fiance is a nerd who strictly prohibits any metal utensils from touching his non-stick calphalon cookware. And so, I have been relagated to stirring everything on creation with a spoonula. It’s my savior.

  115. Mara

    Yes, ma’am, I voted for you!!

    My favorite kitchen utensil is my silicone pancake spatula. It is the perfect shape for flipping pancakes. I love it so much that I still use it, even though the handle broke off and even though there are at least four other perfectly good spatulas in the kitchen – but none of them work on pancakes the way this one does!

  116. Whoa, great place Mrs. Confessions! I’ll enter, though if I actually do win, you may have to misplace my email addy because I’m from Canada ;).

    #1 €“ I actually did go vote and found you through there. I was initially voting for Coal Creek Farms and browsed through the other contestants and found you (and voted for you too!).

    #2 €“ The spatula, hands down. Metal spatula too because it can scrape the overcooked eggs off of an old teflon pan I don’t care about, then peel smashed grapes from a laminate floor that a 2 y/o didn’t eat, and then scrape the ice off my windshield. Talk about multi-tasker!

  117. Heck yea I voted for you =]

    I love love love those measuring cups! I’ve been thinking about my favorite kitchen utensil and that’s a hard one. I love my kitchen-aid mixer, my garlic press, & my wooden spoons with the slot on the side (you can rest your spoon on the side with out it falling into the pan)

  118. maureen

    I voted a few days ago when you brought it to our attention. I can’t believe they’re making you wait until March to find out…

    And my favourite kitchen utensil is a hand cranked food chopper. Not having to chop them by hand is the only reason I eat vegetables now.

  119. Ro

    Computer glitch and my last post posted before I was done. As I was saying….YES I certainly did vote for you and more than once. I voted from both my home and work computers. Let’s see…well I love my mini food processor- it is so handy. Those measuring cups are so, so adorable.

  120. 1. I voted the first day you posted that you were nominated. So there.
    2. My favorite kitchen utensil is my Wusthof Classic 7″ Santoku knife. I can’t live without it.

  121. heck yes i voted for you!
    i think my favorite kitchen utensil is my good santoku knife. it’s just the best.

  122. Jean

    I voted for you last week. Ha!

    My favorite utensil…Hum, My Kitchen mixer. Or my wet hand towel that I can whip people with, the come in and bother me. 🙂

  123. Lindsay

    1. Voting – done. I love your site and have been sending your link to my friends. The piece on the day care really hit home for a few of my friends and now they are addicted to your site like me!

    2. My VeggieChop. LOVE it. Use it every day. So easy to clean, saves time — no need to learn how to cut an onion properly because this sucker does it for you – and carrots and peppers and mushrooms and chicken and tomatoes and anythign you need chopped!

  124. Anna

    #1 I definitely voted for you on the website.
    To be honest, I first I figured it would be a hassle, then thought, what the hell. You entertain me everyday, so it’s the least I can do, right? I then went on to vote for other awards for the websites that you feature on your blog.

    #2 My favorite untensil in the kitchen has to be the pounding thing you use when pounding meat. I have no idea whatsoever what it is called. Does that disqualify me? 🙂 Anyway, it’s great to use when you need to get some tension out and when the 3 year old wants to help you cook but just gets in the way. There is no way he can screw up the pounding thing. And of course, great cube steak with yummy gravy always is a result of the pounding utensil.

  125. Kristin

    I definitely voted (more than once) for you guys!

    My current favorite utensil are my Martha Stewart kitchen tongs. You should try them – makes flipping things so easy! 🙂

  126. I voted on the first day and my favorite kitchen utensil is my Pampered Chef stoneware.

  127. Lacy

    I voted for ya last week!

    My favorite utensil-Hmm, my spatulas, but my favorite appliance is my blender so I can make my lil one his baby food! 🙂

  128. Alison

    I voted for you and am so glad I found your blog awile back during a different award!

    My fav “utensil” probably should be an oven mitt…I”m a terrible, terrible cook and baking isn’t attempted without the fire department on alert. Thankfully, my hubby enjoys cooking.

  129. I voted! And I love my really sharp kitchen knife 🙂

  130. Adriane

    YES! I voted!

    And I am sure it sounds stupid but the apple corer (which cuts the apple into perfect little slices) and the cherry pitter. I knw it’s two, but I can’t live with out them they are so helpful.
    I have a 6 year old that actually loves to snack on fruits and these two items are the GREATEST!

  131. Voting – check!

    My favorite utensil in the kitchen is my flat wisk – it is a necessity in a true southern belle’s kitchen. i remember the day i went to make some milk gravy right after we got married and i didn’t have one yet – the horror! and i had to use a fork 🙁

  132. Tracy B

    Well, of course I voted for you – you’re hilarious!!! I appreciate good “get at the husband sometimes” humor and you’re great at that!!! In a good and loving way, of course.
    Now – my favorite utensil today would have to be parchment paper…..I’m not sure if that really counts as a utensil, but I have just discovered this stuff and it has saved the life of my cookie sheets! 🙂

  133. Becky

    I most definately voted for you! Congrats on your nomination.

    Favorite kitchen utensil….hmmm, hard choice as I am a kitchen gadget/utensil junkie. I would probably say my Pampered Chef silicone spatulas. I have them in about 4 different varieties and I use them all the time.

  134. Leticia

    So I just found your blog yesterday when I was voting on the bloggies (via Pioneer Woman)… and I love it! Needless to say I haven’t been getting much work done!

    My favorite kitched utensil is probably my wooden spoons. I have no idea why, but I love to use them!

  135. Tressa

    I LOVE Cracker Barrel…LOVE the gift shop. Always find cute things in that place!
    I LOVE your blog, it’s the BEST! I don’t even read PW blog, yours is ALL I NEED! So of course I voted for you, many times!

    As far as the my favorite kitchen utensil…I don’t like to cook, I can, I just don’t like to. So I’m going with the magnet on my fridge, it says “I kiss better than I cook” 😉

  136. I voted for you! And my favorite kitchen item is my emeril pan with glass lid. I use it for everything. it’s the perfect size for everything.

    Also– those are so cute!! I looove the ones from anthropologie but i can never justify the cost of buying them. 🙂

  137. Of course I voted for you! You are the best!

    my favorite utensil is the menus i have in my cabinet. Always so handy and useful!

  138. LOVED the My Fair Lady reference. I’ll be saying that all day. And singing all the songs I can remember too.

    I voted a few days ago. GO YOU!
    My favorite utensil is the dishwasher, followed closely by anything made by Pampered Chef. I love it all!!

  139. LOVE those! Because I love birds and ducks and most things with beaks, feathers, and tails. OK–now that that is out of the way—

    I’ve voted 5 times 🙂 And my favorite kitchen thing….um….I don€™t typically bake or cook, so my favorite kitchen “utensil” is my husband!! He makes me breakfast, lunches, dinners, desserts, you name it– he makes it for me 🙂 I’m one lucky lucky wife! But hey if I had these measuring cups I’d TOTALLY bake him cookies or cupcakes or something!

  140. Heidi M

    I voted for you at bloggies! I love my huge Pampered Chef cutting board the best. I use it every day.

  141. voted – for you no less!

    I actually had to go open a drawer in my kitchen and sift thru the junk in there for a while before I found somthing worthy of being a “favorite” utensil… generally I am a disaster in the kitchen and I hate everything in there pretty equally. However… I may dislike my cookie scoop (or muffin scoop – that thing with the squeeze handle that makes all your muffins/cookies the same size) a little /less/ 🙂

  142. Yuppers-I did vote!
    My red stacking mixing bowls (with pour spouts) are my favorite-my daughter gave them to me-from Williams Sonoma!

  143. BFF Emily

    I’m not commenting so I’ll win a new set of ceramic measuring cups – I’m said BFF who received the beauties for Christmas (thanks, Kate!). But, I did vote, I did tell everyone I know to vote and I’m considering creating some homemade business cards so I can pass them out to people on the street so they’ll vote too.

    And. . . although I do love my new measuring cups, my favorite kitchen utensil is a 9″ Wusthof Grand Prix II cook’s knife. Boom.

  144. Meghan

    Oh man. Making me pick between you and PDubs? That’s hard!

    I actually found your blog because you left a fun comment on one of her contests, and I was interested because I am part of young married couple as well. I haven’t left – you guys are so funny!

    I have many favourites. My most treasured possession was stolen from my Mum when I moved out – a flat, angled wooden spatula type thing. I use it ALL THE TIME. It is my mana. If it breaks, I will cry for a week.
    I also couldn’t live without my santoku knifes or epicurean cutting boards. I just have to remember that (duh) knifes are sharp! Sliced my hand open last night while making stuffed mushrooms.
    I also love my kitchaid mixer. It’s my rockstar.

    I LOVE those measuring cups. Whimsy!

    1. Chris

      Think of it this way, PDub won last year’s blog of the year! 🙂

  145. Tanya

    I am only commenting again to tell you that P-Dub mentioned your blog on her new confession 🙂

  146. Cristina

    Of course I voted (more than once! ;)). You deserve to win!

    I use my santoku knife is just about every kitchen task, but my other favorite kitchen tool is the wooden spoon my mom bought for me in Mexico for the equivalent of 50 cents or so. It is proving to last much longer and work better (standing up to the dishwasher) than the $10 williams-sonoma one I had before that!

  147. Sarah C.

    I’m a new reader and LOVE your blog! Especially since I’m about to get married and hopefully start a family soon 🙂

    1. Of course I voted for you! After I voted for The Pioneer Woman. You understand, I know you do.

    2. In general, I love my wooden spoon! Although I am very enamored with my new immersion blender right now.

  148. Claudia

    1) I voted not once… or twice… but three times for your blog! I used all three of my different email addresses to make it possible.
    2) Spoon! Why? because I use it to taste everything I make =D

  149. Cbeene

    Yes I did vote and I found your blog thru PW.

    I like the flour sifter, even though I never have the need to use. It’s just a fun little gadget!

  150. AlbertaMom

    #1 I voted!

    #2 A spatula!

  151. tammy

    I always vote for your blog, I love your blog.

    My favorite gadget is my OXO vegetable peeler, it really works great.

  152. I voted for you!! Whoo!! 🙂
    And my favorite is measuring spoons.

  153. Mikelle

    Yes, I voted for you already!

    I have a mixing bowl from Pampered Chef, that acts as a huge measuring cup too. It measures up to eight cups…I use is all the time. It also has a spout on it, so when I make brownies/cake/etc. I can pour the batter into the pan. Love it!

  154. oh i most certainly voted for you!! with enthusiasm too!!
    and i love me a wire whisk. why? i have absolutely no idea.

  155. Lisa

    Definitely voted for you, and a few times because it wasn’t working the first time!

    My favourite kitchen utensil/product is my Braun hand mixer and chopper. It is awesome because it grates cheese or blends small amounts very quickly with little mess. It is so handy when you’re in a rush.

  156. Vicki June

    I voted!!

    Fave utensil ever has to be my little citrus juicer!! Made my life sooo much easier!!

  157. Just found your blog through the Weblog awards and I’m hooked! Voted for you, and I love my Kitchen Aid mixer!

  158. I have voted!

    I think my favourite is my spaghetti spoon. I always said I didn’t need one, but then my sister got me one as a present and now I can’t live without it!

  159. September

    Voted! Fave utensil is my bread knife…I bake homemade bread several times a week and having the *perfect* knife is essential.

  160. Laura

    Just love the little birdies and don’t like bird poop, so hit the Bloggies site for a vote, and couldn’t live w/out my heat resistant silicone spatulas!

  161. Adrienne S.

    I voted! Does a kitchen aid mixer count as a utensil?? If not I love my little wooden “dough” spoon. I use it every time I make bread, less surface area keeps the dough from sticking to bad as I mix: )

  162. Jen

    You know I voted for you. Your blog makes me sit at my desk and giggle almost everyday. And my fav utensil in the kitchen is my fiance – I prefer him to do the cooking. It just makes my life simpler and yummier!!

  163. Melissa N.

    I voted for you great site – it’s my top one to read daily 🙂

    My favorite thing in the kitchen is probably my pyrex baking dishes – though I am wanting a kitchenaide mixer so bad.

  164. I most certainly did vote-for you!

    My favorite kitchen utensil would have to be my fancy wine stopper (does that count?) Nothing is more satisfying than a glass of wine while cooking something delicious.

  165. Amanda

    I hope it’s not too late to participate…I couldn’t really tell when the giveaway ended…

    1. Done!
    2. My Kitchenaid mixer, definitely. I LOVE IT.

  166. vote for you, I did! And man oh man, do I love my big ol’ kitchen knife. It never makes it back to the drawer.

  167. I have been trying to vote every day, and never got the confirmation email! I was getting very frustrated, then finally today it worked, even though I’d been doing it the exact same way… now that I got it to work once, I’ll vote from my other emails and all of dan’s. Also, encouraged my blog-readers to vote for you!

    I love my Pampered Chef Small Mix n’ Scraper – that thing gets every last bit of batter out of the bowl!

  168. Carol

    I did vote for you and am new to your website because of the Bloggies and PW’s recommendation.
    My favorite thing in the kitchen is my husband, because he cooks for me every night. I just love him more than anything.

  169. Heather Ben

    This doesn’t have to do with the contest – but have to have make sure you know this Katie – PW LINKED TO YOUR WEBSITE TODAY!!! ABOUT A HOUR AND A HALF AGO…

    “And there are so many more great folks, great sites, great friends…Confessions of a Young Married Couple…There are too many to name.”


  170. maegan

    I voted! and my very most favorite thing is my hardboiled egg dicer thing. no clue what its real name is. but I looove it!!

  171. Mary

    I definitely voted for your blog…just found it a week or so ago and have spent quite a bit of time catching up! I love it! I’d have to say my favorite kitchen utensil(s) are my silicone spatulas with plastic handles. No wooden ones for me!

  172. Renee

    I’m not going to lie, I didn’t vote for you because this is the first time I have ever been to your blog but so far I absolutely love it and plan to visit many more times.

    My favorite kitchen utensil is my hand mixer. I am a huge soup fan and so I use it all the time.

    These measuring cups are adorable and would go perfect with the colorful porcelain measuring spoons from Anthropology that my husband gave me for Christmas.

    1. Katie

      We applaud honesty ’round these parts. I’ll tell the birds not to poop in your food.

  173. Ladonna

    Just found your blog, LOVE IT! I am a southern gal from Georgia and love me some Cracker Barrell! I voted for ya, and my fav fav fav utencil is definitly my wire wisk! Nothin better than fluffy cheese eggs in the morning!

  174. Sarah

    Just found your blog when I was looking at the Bloggies and I love it.

    Favorite utensil is the cookie scoop from Pampered Chef. It makes the cookies turn out so much better.

  175. 1) I voted for you!!!

    2) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the whisk! I have a Kitchen Aid one in the “breast cancer pink” colour and it’s my pride and joy! 🙂

  176. I wenty and voted for your blog te moment I found out you were nominated. I have to say you are one of the only blogs I get excited to read. As for my favourtie kitchen tool, Id have to say it would be my lifetime warranty non breakable measuring cups. They are not nearly as beautiful as the ones you are giving away though and I would LOVE to win them. I actually thought of asking you to pick some up for me and send them on down to Canada. I then realized that was a very unlikely wish to come true. I hope I win 🙂

  177. Dani

    1. I voted!
    2. Kitchen shears — so useful! And funny story: I was telling a girlfriend about how I just got kitchen shears at a recent shower (as in, the bridal variety). A guy friend overheard and, astonished, said, “You use kitchen shears in the shower!?” Ah, erm… no. But still, they’re very useful elsewhere!

  178. Heather in ND

    Duh I went and duh I voted for your spectacular site. (and P.Dub’s)

    I like any sort of wooden spoon!

  179. Sarah

    I found your blog through the bloggies and have spent the last few days reading through. Love it.

    Favorite kitchen utensil? There are so many but I would have to say hand blender, then stand up mixer, then wooden spoon, then cast iron dutch over, etc., etc., you get the idea! : )

  180. Whitney W

    I did vote for you! And I actually found your blog through Pioneer Woman’s blog. My favorite kitchen utensil is my KitchenAid mixer! I don’t know what I would do without it!

  181. Meghan

    I actually found your blog through the Bloggies (and of course, I voted for you!!) and am now working my way through your archives. LOVE the blog! And the tweets are hilarious (I’m following you and the hubby, lol).

    Hmmm favorite kitchen “utensil” is hard! I love certain items (like my nesting mixing bowls with rubber on the bottom so they don’t slide around the counter top…genius!) and appliances (I’m extremely jealous of all the KitchenMade mixer owners out there, but I still love my hand mixer). But an actual utensil? This required some thinking. I’d have to say my “turner” (which is apparently NOT the same thing as a spatula, as my husband so kindly informed me of). I use it to cut, turn, mix and serve – love it!

  182. First of all, Pork and Bean… my sides hurt from laughing so hard!! Secondly, I voted for you with all three of my email addresses. And finally, my favorite kitchen utensil would have the be the *fabulous* set of knives that we got when we got married. If I could choose two kitchen utensils, our cheese grater would come in second. It’s nothing special, but I use it ALL the time.

  183. Katy

    I actually found you via the Bloggies! Of course I voted!

    My favorite utensil (I’m assuming this means no appliances) would be my offset spatula. BEST. PURCHASE. EVER.

  184. amybee

    Just found you through the Bloggies. Don’t worry. I’ll be back! Favorite tool is the tongs that look like lobster claws. Use them daily.

  185. Lauren

    1. OF COURSE
    2. tough call, i love my pyrex baking dishes and containers!

  186. Shelley

    Hey, I really DID go vote for you the day you posted about your nomination!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE those birdie measuring cups. Just love birds period. I’ve got a couple of the real things at home too. 🙂

  187. Yes, I voted for you. I’m a new reader and I love your blog. My favorite kitchen utensil is my Le Creuset spatula. It’s awesome.

  188. Stephanie Neal

    I voted for you!

    My favorite item to use in the kitchen is the meat pounder thingy; a great was to release frustration!

  189. Rebekah M.

    1. i did. this is my first real year at blog-reading…and i have to say, its SO fun…yet, time consuming!

    2. hmm, part of me wants to say my little rubber basting brush because i have fun using it…or maybe my new Lodge cast iron skillet (from Cracker Barrel actually!) I live about an hour away from the Lodge Outlet & i have to say, that stuff is my favorite…i could spend hundreds of dollars and hours in that store.

  190. Nicole

    I certainly voted and hope you win big (is the prize really just $20.10???)!! I have lots of kitchen utensils that are my favorite- but my most favorite is my lime juicer which is especially useful when making a delicious batch of homemade margaritas!

  191. Ashley

    I voted! I love Rachel Ray’s spoon-u-la’s! Spelling?

  192. Susan McA

    JUST found your blog from ree at PW and I’m so excited to follow you. I voted for you!

    Favorite kitchen tool: Anything with silicone: tongs, spatulas, brushes, I don’t discriminate. So practical.

    Saw ceramic measuring cups at anthropologie this weekend but resisted due to the price tag…will have to visit my local cracker barrel!

  193. KCL

    Yes and my new cookie scoop!

  194. Sarah


    And my favorite kitchen utensil is the hamburger masher thing from pampered chef. We like hamburger at my house and it breaks it up perfectly every time.

  195. AngAk

    I just voted—tough choices!

    Favorite utensil is a toss-up: silicone spatula or Santoku knife. couldn’t cook without either.

  196. I of courseeee voted for you thrice times using 3 different email addresses 🙂 (does this give me brownie points?)

    My favorite utensil is probably a wisk. Because i like the word :).

  197. Melissa

    Just found your site from the blogger awards and love it!

    Cracker Barrel rocks too – ate there the other day also with our 2 year old! Didn’t see those cute measuring cups there 🙁

    favorite utensil… cookie scoop for making meatballs!

  198. Evan


    My favorite utensil is probably the little palm peeler that we got when we got married. It is a vegetable peeler that fits in the palm of your hand…very handy (pun intended) 😉

  199. MichaelaW

    #1 – Yup!
    #2 – I love my OXO bowls, and my wooden spoons

  200. Sarah Gamble

    This is my first time reading your blog, there was a link to it on The Pioneer Woman. I do really like your blog though and shall begin reading it now 🙂

    I am torn between my favorite knife which I use every minute in the kitchen or my lime squeezer that helps me make my tasty cocktails.

    I am in LOVE with those measuring cups!!

  201. KatieB

    Yes I voted for you!

    And my favorite kitchen utensils are my Calphalon Contemporary Knives. Because good knives are necessary and make life so much easier!

  202. Erin

    I voted! I love my basic wooden spoon. I use it so much!

  203. Natalie

    I voted for ya! And I love my cheap ($6) IKEA cheese graters!

  204. Too cute!

    I voted for you right away!

    I love my kitchen shears!

  205. Beanie's Nana

    Of course I voted for you, Sweetheart! Dad does most of the cooking these days…but I still use the iron frying pan occasionally. It keeps your father in line.

  206. #1 OF COURSE
    #2 A basic spoon so I can taste anything and everything.

  207. Pam

    yes yes yes…I did go over and vote. It took me awhile to find you (o:
    my potato peeler. It is new and not cheap! Who knew how much easier it would make life.

  208. Angie

    1. Yes! I did go to the bloggies and vote . . .funny thing, I voted for you because I liked the name of your blog, then I clicked on it and read yesterdays, and some older ones, and now today! So happy to have found you – as a young newly married person!!

    2. I LOVE my caphalon pots & pans my sister in-law gave us for our wedding this past summer!

  209. Katy

    I actually found your website through the Bloggies, and it’s one of my new favs!

    It isn’t really a utensil, but I love love nestling bowls. They make my heart go pitter patter.

  210. Betty

    1. Yes! I have voted (3 days ago)
    2. Well, today it is a wisk b/c I made pancakes with it. yum.

  211. Heather

    Okay, so i’m not going to lie…i found your website yesterday. Yep, i’m comin clean, yesterday i found this site…well, before that i somehow stumbled on the bloggies site…yet another fantastic find i have to say. I read very few blogs…and i was supposed to be studying for a nursing midterm i had today and procrastinating is the spice of life…and i digress….
    ANYWAY, I thought i had won the lottery when i found this site and happily spent probably two+ hours last night perusing this site instead of studying, and i’m hooked, i promptly sent the site to my husband pointing out a few choice passages he should read and take notes on…and THEN i went and voted for you! And told him to vote for you too!

    Favorite kitchen utensil, my kitchenaid peeler..i went through MANY a peeler before i found one that was just so wonderful i was able to throw the ten crappy ones before my red kitchenaid away…. it’s just so hard to find a good peeler..and cheese grater..i’m still searching for the perfect one of those…

  212. k

    Just found you. Sure can do!

    My fav utensil? a sharp knife, with a nice weight to it.

  213. Jody M

    I voted!
    I love my Williams Sonoma spatula!

  214. Here’s another dose of southern comfort fur ya “I’m fixen to vote for yew”

    my Pamperd Chef knife…it comes with a sharpener/protective case

  215. Tawny

    Totally went and voted for you.
    You had me at LAUGH. FIGHT. STAY TOGETHER.
    My husband and I live by this mantra.

    Also I love love love my silicon brush set, no more hairs in my BBQ sauce. YAY!

  216. Kim

    I voted, I voted I promise. My favorite kitchen utensil would have to be a good wisk. Thanks for the fun contest!

  217. The vote is in!
    My favorite utensil was my measuring spoons until I got a garlic press this Christmas!

  218. Jen C

    i just voted for you!!!

    Fav thing in the kitchen is my huge oven mitt. i love to bake but very clumsy. this saves my pale freckled skin from getting fried 🙂

  219. Cat

    I voted for you and PW in the bloggies! My favorite kitchen utensil would be anything used for baking or my mom’s kitchen aid!

  220. Jenny

    I voted as soon as I heard you were nominated for Blog of the Year because I have LOVED sharing your journey. My little guy is 2 and I love looking back at what he was like when he was Beanie’s age. My fav kitchen utensil is the spatuloon (combo spatula and spoon and just as awesome as its name).

  221. Julie

    I just started reading your blog-happy to vote! My fav kitchen tool is just a good shrap knife. Sure wish I had one…

  222. Julie

    Or a sharp knife. That would work too. Geez.

  223. Carla

    I’m new to your site– its wonderful! Hope you take home that Bloggie!

    My favorite utensils are those involved in pancake making- whisk, spatula, etc!

  224. This is my first time to your blog and I found it through the Bloggie Awards!

    My favorite kitchen utensils are my rubber spatulas; I use them for everything!

  225. abigail

    voted and i love my santoku knife. makes chopping a breeze!

  226. i actually found you through bloggies a week ago {I think – days are blurring together}. My favorite kitchen utensil are those cool spatulas from pampered chef. I seriously need a lot more of those soon!

  227. Voted for you? What a question? Of course I voted for you.

    My kitchen aid mixer hands down.

  228. I voted for you!

    My fav kitchen utensil would be the whisk. Weird, I know, but I like it. 🙂

  229. Alicia Clark


    And my favorite kitchen utensils are my knives. I use them hundreds, sometimes thousands of times a day! Good thing they’re sharper’n sharp!

  230. So was the tip to Cracker Barrel before or after the Apple store? 😉

    I voted again, and this time it worked! Good luck. I <3 your blog and tweets.

    Does my bottle warmer count as a kitchen utensil? If not, then I’d say my 2 favorites are my Kitchen Aid mixer and Pampered Chef chopper.

  231. allison

    1) I voted using all my emails!

    2) I like whisks…and cookie cutters if those count =)

  232. Athena

    I actually found you through the bloggies and I’ve been reading your blog for most of the day! Lol. 🙂

    My favorite kitchen utensil: my chefs knife, hands down has gotta be my knife. I’m lost without it!

  233. Hallie

    1) Of course I voted!
    2) My favorite utensil is probably the whisk, or the spatula. Anything for baking really because I love to bake!

  234. Dorice

    I most definately voted. And favorite utensil is 1) my small sharp kitchen knife which I use daily and 2) my kitchenaid mixer (don’t know how I got by without it)

  235. Emily

    I voted for you! My favorite utensil is my amazingly sturdy rubber spatula. It scrapes bowls so very well.

  236. Amy V

    Of course I voted for you guys, your blog is my favorite site!

    My favorite kitchen utensil is a super sharp Cutco chopping knife that I have. It cuts through everything like butter… it takes the chore out of chopping.

    I’d love to win these measuring cups, before I even got to the giveaway info I was thinking in the back of my mind that I need to go to Cracker Barrel to try to find myself a set! SO CUTE!

  237. Jenn J.

    I voted for you because that is how I find your site!

    My favorite utensil is a wood spatula that my mom got me a while back. We refer to it as the “pusher”. I use it for everything.

  238. Susan

    I found your website through the Bloggies! What fun! I’m loving it and am adding it to my favorites. You got my vote!

    Favorite utensil=zester! So much fun!

  239. Angela in KY

    Just voted!!!! I love my little bent spatula (not sure what it’s called). I use it to spread icing…looks like a butter knife but has a bend in it….oh whatever, surely you know what I’m talking about.

  240. I just found you through the pioneer womans site and love your site!!!! Will be checking it out frequently.
    My favorite utensil…..that is hard to say. I use wooden spoons a lot and my pampered chef mini whisk.

  241. Terri Griffith

    So voted for you, what a great site.

    My favorite kitchen utensil is the avocado slicer. Cuts an avo without getting your hands dirty.

  242. Ashley

    I just found your blog through PW’s website! 🙂 And then I voted for you on the Bloggies.

    My favorite kitchen utensil is my slicing knife. It looks like a murder weapon, but it slices anything from meat to veggies to bread easier than anything I’ve ever owned. It’s the most amazing knife in the world!

  243. Ashley

    Also forgot to add that Cracker Barrel’s hashbrown casserole is the best, and that I also grew up in Florida and still live there. Very cool that you guys were Southerners at one point!

  244. Hi Katie!

    Of course I voted!

    I love, love, love my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Not only was it one of the vry first gifts my then-boyfriend, now-husband gave me, but it’s cut the time needed to make my killer garlic mashed potato recipe in half. : )

  245. Yes, Ma’am, I voted.
    And I like a potato masher and one of those grease seperator things in equal measure.

    I cook in an 1890 kitchen in my 1890 hotel. It is an adventure.

  246. Going to vote now, came over from PW! Love it. hmmm, my favorite kitchen thingy…. my we/dry measuring cup but the writing is rubbing off since I got it as a wedding present 6 years ago this month! And for Chloe, my first Christmas I asked for a simple potato masher and never got it, they thought I was joking. I love the simplicity of it.

  247. Oh, my did I vote for you! I love you! (was that too strong?) Ahem. Yes, I did vote for your blog. I feel that it is very deserving.

    Also, I sat here for longer than I want to admit pondering my kitchen utensils. I have finally decided that I love a knife that my grandmother gave me best. It is used many times everyday. And it is sentimental. My husband threw away my favorite knife in a pizza box once. And my grandmother felt so sorry for me that she sent me one of her knives to replace it. Ain’t that sweet?!

    And also, I LOVE CRACKER BARREL. My kids love it, too. OK, they love the gift shop. . . I have even blogged about it!

  248. My husband…because he does most of the cooking!

  249. Caroline

    1. Yes, I voted & I enjoyed it 🙂 <3
    2. I heart my zesting utensil. I get crazy with it. I have a citrus obsession. I’m working on it.

    P.S. I just bought Paula Deen’s tea kettle in robin egg blue & it is precious. Just precious.

  250. I found you through the bloggies and I love you! I voted.

    I have a tiny whisk and I find that to be my most used item.

  251. Amy B

    Yes mam, will vote this minute, cause I am a southern girl too! I love my kitchen sheers/scissors. Use them all the time! Enjoying your great blog!

  252. Cheryl

    Yes, I voted!
    Anything Pampered Chef is my favorite in the kitchen. Love their stuff!

  253. I surfed over here from Pioneer Woman and love the blog! (And what a great time for me to stumble…) I voted for your blog on the bloggies site – best of luck!

    My favorite kitchen tool is either my Cutco knife or my brand new bamboo spoon and spatula set. They’re so pretty and make me smile each time I see them.

  254. colleen fogelson

    1. Ofcourse i voted for you guys!!!
    2. My favorite kitchen item would have to be my paula deen pans!! Got them for christmas and they are the absolute best. Nothing sticks to them and they are so easy to clean.

  255. jessa

    hi! i voted for you before i knew about this give-a-way! and i adore colanders… i have big ones, small ones, metal ones, painted ones… it’s the italian in me!

  256. Keshet

    I voted! And my fave new kitchen thing is wooden spoons. Back to basics for me!

  257. Carolina

    #1. Sure did!
    #2. My Pamp Chef mini spatula. That thing is PERFECT for browniess!

  258. cori

    Yes I did go and voted for your blog, that I just love reading. Thank you for sharing your life, your sons life and your husbands life with the blog world.

    My favorite kitchen utensil…is my zester, I love the fresh clean smell of zesting an orange or a lemon or lime, or the smell of grated nutmeg, or cinnamon, yum!

  259. Katie

    Not sure if someone said this already, but they have similar bowls and measuring spoons at Pier 1. Very fun!!

  260. Farihah

    i actually found your blog through the bloggies, and i totally voted for you! umm i dont do much real cooking, thats mostly my mom (i’m only 17) but i DO bake a lot. and my favorite utensil is my silicon spatulas. and of course, handy little forks for random taste tests. ;D

  261. 1. I’m loving this website even though I’m a newcomer. And I wouldn’t dare take your bird poop threat lightly.

    2. Fave utensil has to be a Mircoplane. Don’t use it too often, only b/c I’m too lazy to hand wash it when it gets dirty. So I only get to use it once every few days. 🙂

  262. Victoria

    I voted! (have the email confirmation to prove it!) My fav utensil would have to be my kitchen aid mixer! My hubby got it for me as a wedding present and it makes everything SO MUCH EASIER!

  263. Adorable!
    Voted – and I couldn’t live without aprons in the kitchen. Does that count AT ALL?! :-p

  264. Katie, so many people found you through the blog awards!! That’s awesome 🙂 I hope your blog doesn’t get SO BIG that you can’t read all of our comments! 😉

    1. Katie

      I’m reading every one of them, Miss Sarah. I ain’t too big fer my britches yet. 🙂

  265. Chaille S.

    Yes, I voted for you and I love my garlic press!

  266. I don’t normally enter contests, but finally your tweets have drawn me in… plus, they are SO adorable!

    And of course I voted!

  267. Christina

    I voted! And what a Thursday treat to stumble upon your site! I’m a fellow East-Coaster as well and my favorite utensil would be my blue spoonulas (spatulas) from Rachel Ray – so handy!

  268. Ann

    I voted twice! And my favorite kitchen utensil is my husband – he is a great cook!

  269. wendy

    one more vote for ya! awesome website btw!

    my favorite utensil??? well the birdie measuring cups i hope to win ;p

  270. Teri

    Yes I voted and I don’t have a favorite

  271. Lisa B.

    I voted! And i love these – although measuring spoons are my fave in teh kitchen.

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