A Moment of Clarity

Last night I talked to Chris like I said I would.  And it was a great conversation.  Short.  Simple.  Honest.  All the necessities for a great conversation in my book.  Chris said he had the same fears sometimes, but that when he got nervous and anxious about all the change, he just thought about Bean.  And how wonderful this move would be for his life and, in turn, how wonderful that would make all of our lives.

Perspective is important in a marriage.

Today when I woke up I had a little more of a spring in my step.  I felt a little lighter.  So, on my way home from work, I impulsively pulled my car into the CVS parking lot and I had a moment.

A moment of weakness, some might say.

A moment of poor judgment, some might say.

But, I’d call it a moment of clarity.

Normally, when I buy candy or chocolate for myself, I find an excuse.  I’m already in line at the grocery store with a buggy full of groceries, might as well throw in a little somethin’ extra.  Or, I’m already in the coffee shop ordering a tea, might as well throw a little piece of chocolate from the counter display in with my order.  I’m a sucker for impulse buys.  Especially the edible kind.

But this stop at CVS was just outright.  Loud and proud.  It’s how I roll.

I walked right in there and didn’t even pretend I was there for anything else.  I went straight to the Easter candy aisle and I started grabbing handfuls of candy.  All too quickly, both my arms were full.  But did I stop?  Did I give up?  Did I throw in the towel?

No, I did not.

I walked all the way to the front of the store, candy in arms, and threw everything into a basket and then took the basket back to the candy aisle and filled that basket to my little heart’s content.

I had no reason.  No justification.  No pretenses.  It was just me and the chocolate bunnies.  Raw, I tell you.  It was raw and hardcore.

I bought all my favorites…  Cadbury Eggs…

Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs… (which we all know are just giant Reese Peanut Butter Cups and if there’s anything better than Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, its GIANT Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups SHAPED LIKE EGGS…)

And I had to buy Chris’ favorite, the Russell Stover marshmallow eggs, so that he didn’t judge me…

There may also have been malt balls involved, but those didn’t quite make it home.  Or out of the CVS parking lot.

So, in conclusion, the moral of this story is the following:

1.  I have a good husband.

2.  A good husband doesn’t necessarily make the road any smoother, but he walks beside you the whole time reminding you of what you’re walking towards.

3.  There is no situation that isn’t immediately made a little better by chocolate.

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45 Thoughts to “A Moment of Clarity”

  1. I had a moment like this on Sunday. I came home with Cadbury eggs and tons of Sarris’ chocolate (a local brand). But I’m not moving. Or anything like that. What’s my excuse?!?

  2. oooo I love it 🙂 I can’t wait for Easter Candy to show up in my basket…

  3. Amy

    Amen. Amen. and AMEN!

  4. Jennifer in CA

    I couldn’t agree more!

  5. Reese’s eggs are amazing. They’re better than regular reese’s because there is more peanut butter.

    Last year on Easter day we found ourselves in WalMart and I decided I wanted a Reese’s pb egg. But we couldn’t find ANY! They had all been bought. So this year, when we saw the Easter displays show up in mid February, we bought some right then and there. We said we were going to save them for Easter time. YEAH RIGHT. I made sure to eat mine before lent started. I also plan to eat one when lent ends.

  6. Word. That’s really all I want to say. Reese’s PB eggs are amazing. One of my students gave me a giant Reese’s PB heart for Valentine’s Day. It was amazing. All 340 calories. It took three miles on the treadmill to burn that baby off, but it was worth every step.

  7. Amy

    Chocolate’s good, but I’m all about cookies. Offer me a Pecan Sandie or 2 or 5 when I’m having a bad day, you’ve made a friend forever.

  8. Angela

    Mmm, Cadbury Cream Eggs.

  9. Stacey

    my favorite part of easter? Cadbury eggs!! YUM. Ain’t no shame in your game…going in just for chocolate is totally fine. I applaud you.

  10. Debbie

    I think that we are related…. I LOVE the Reese’s egg, heart, tree, pumpkin… Why do they taste so much better when they are in shapes? I consider them my drug of choice. They have no chance in my house or if they are within 5 feet of me!
    Be proud and we all need a little somin’ somin’ now and then (or more often as in my case 😉

  11. I am loving this post! Mainly for the candy. At walmart, they have a TON of easter candy for like a dollar. I loaded up and my husby was quite surprised that I bought all the candy, but he loves it…even if he doesn’t admit it!

  12. Glad ya’ll had a good talk. And chocolate… glad you got some of that, too 🙂

  13. Jessica

    Reese’s eggs+ freezer= the best treat EVER!

  14. Jeska

    Husband’s can be a good thing sometimes. (:

    My favorite are the Cadbury Mini Eggs. The ones that come in a bag and are candy coated. Delicious!

  15. I think I need some chocolate.

  16. Ella

    I love those cadbury cream eggs…might need to the shops now. Glad you had a good talk though. I moved from my hometown to where im currently living about 5 years ago. Unlike you i was moving away from my family, friends and the only life i knew. It was scary but now im so glad i made that decision – there was hiccups along the way but i dealt with them. My move was work related and although i do miss my family they are not too far away so i have the best of both worlds really.

  17. Ella

    …might need to GO to the shops now

  18. Bonnie B.

    Your last bullet point? Number 3? Is totally word-for-word the same piece of advice I gave my oldest daughter when she started her period. And when she had to dump her first boyfriend for being a douche. And I will impart that same wisdom to my youngest daughter when the time comes.

    Words to live by.

  19. I agree on all three points.

    But you’ve got me craving chocolate now. Dang you. 🙂

  20. Michaela

    Must have Reeses now!

  21. Lisa

    Must…find…chocolate…Katie you can be a bad influence sometimes!

  22. My one Easter chocolate addiction is to cadbury mini eggs. mmm….milk chocolate covered in a crisp sugar shell. Seriously, I started with a huge bag on Friday and I’m down to six pieces. Thank goodness I had enough foresight to pick up two bags. Did I mention I’m addicted?

  23. Way to go, girl! Buy that candy with pride!!

    There should be a candy pride parade…we buy it, we are not ashamed!

  24. Zoe

    Ooh creme eggs are my fave things about Easter, honestly. They’re just too delicious.

  25. Hands down, the holiday shaped Reese’s are the BEST.

  26. Sounds like the perfect solution to me!

    I personally love the white chocolate Reese’s eggs and Starburst Jelly Beans at Easter.. but those Cadbury Eggs are DANGEROUS! Have you tried freezing them? YUM!

  27. Lee Ann

    Katie – my first time posting, but I’ve really enjoyed your blog since discovering it a couple weeks ago. I think the candy haul must have something to do with the recent full moon … I did the exact same thing at Walgreens the other day, under guise of picking up the advertised special of shaving cream. But then yesterday, while I was at Target, a box of Arc.her Farms asiago cheese sticks jumped in my basket. It’s a problem for sure!

  28. Beanie's Nana

    You and your sister were 5 and 6 years old before you finally asked why your chocolate Easter bunnies had no ears like the other kids. Bad mom bad mom.

  29. everything is better with chocolate!

  30. HAHA!!! I’ve done the same thing. Sometimes chocolate is needed to make everything all better!

  31. Cindy

    Chocolate always makes things better– I usually justify it with Dark chocolate though because the antioxidants are good for you!

  32. kay

    i agree with every thing you said except the cadbury eggs, uck! have a great time sugaring your self, sounds fun and if it gets you through a bit of stress then go for it. have a great week!

  33. Girl after my own heart! There is nothing better than a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg!!! LOVE THEM.

  34. Good, good, good plan! Both the talk AND the Cadbury Eggs. I totally plan on copying your bravado this week. I’ll make no excuses…”No, thank you, I don’t need any help finding anything. I’m here for the candy.” =)

  35. Jen

    LOL. I had a moment like this a week ago, but it didn’t involve candy at all…it was the cable man! He came to visit my dish one Saturday morning and I was feeling particularlky releived of some stress that morning and invited the man in for breakfast! I didn’t think he would partake, but he did and he was real nice! His wife is a yoga instructor and now I have some free classes. It all worked out in the end! LOL

  36. AMEN! (to the talk and the CHOCOLATE)

    Bliss thy name is Cadbury. . .

  37. Peeps and CHOCOLATE anything here. Seriously addicted to CHOCOLATE. DARK CHOCOLATE the best. Love your posts.

  38. Nate's Mom

    And the best part? You have to eat all that candy now so you don’t have to pack it!!!

  39. Ta Ta….I’m off to buy chocolate…lots and lots of chocolate!

    You and PW…with her dang apple turnovers…have thrown me completely over the edge! Thanks so much….Eugenia the Wicked (my sweet tooth) thanks you too!

    Your BFF forever…


  40. Linda

    Katie, I have been craving a Twix for over a week. Thanks to your post I am going to throw caution to the wind, buy one and devour it. Thank you. 🙂

  41. September

    Have you tried the Cadburry caramel eggs? Yum-O…and they’re so gooey and messey that you pretty much have to shove the darn thing almost all at once (so much for spreading the calories out over an hour so you’re not lusting after more in less than three minutes).

    I started endurance running after my son was born (he’s 4 now) and I’m convinced that half the motivation is being able to float from holiday to holiday inhaling junk food.

  42. Chocolate is definitely the best cure for just about anything. I haven’t hit up the Easter candy isle yet, but I didn’t know about Cadbury Carmel Eggs! I’m on my way to the store now…

  43. Stephanie Hannum

    Ahh Katie, I’ve been trying SO hard to avoid Easter candy, it’s my favorite, but my non-working out doesn’t help the sugar situation! However, this post is making me crave it, so might be stopping at Walgreens on my way home today!!

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