Photo Booth at Work

Today is my last day at work before we move to Florida.  I was cleaning out my computer and I came across a folder of Photo Booth pictures I took on my Mac throughout the past three years.  Most of these were taken to either email to my mom or to put on Twitter.  I was going through them and some of them are pretty funny.  And they tell the off-the-record stories of my time here.  What a great way to reflect on this huge chapter of my life that is closing today…

My desk during the first week of work. What a whirlwind!
The, like, ONE DAY that I actually straightened my hair. Happens every five years.
A haircut I got that I didn't like. At all.
The first day I thought I actually looked pregnant.
An ultrasound I had of Bean. Chris couldn't come, so I emailed the picture to him when I got back to work.
My first day wearing maternity clothes to work.

The day I spent my last penny (literally) on a cupcake from the Cupcake Truck.
Getting bigger...
Too big! Just too damn big!
My happy face after the ladies in my office threw me a baby shower.

The flowers my sister sent me after I called her one night crying because my feet hurt. I think I was eight months pregnant.

Flowers Chris sent me after I wrote him a letter via the blog asking for them. I even faked my surprise really well when the delivery guy showed up.
GIANT mint cupcake from a co-worker
Trying to figure out how to tie a scarf around my neck...

Sleeves that kept getting caught in my desk drawers one day

My friend, Renata, bringing me some holiday cheer

I had to bring Bean to work with me one day because he had a fever and couldn't go to daycare. He went through three rolls of tape. It was the only way to keep him busy.

I found 2 bracelets in my jewelry box one morning that I thought I lost. Score!

One day I found a complete set of silverware in my purse. Weird, even for me.

One of my co-workers introduced me to Almond Joy M&M's. Holy cow.

Showing one of our faculty how to use the Photo Booth. He thought it was awesome.

Two weeks ago one of my co-workers surprised me with 2 cupcakes from the Cupcake Truck!

And so today, here I sit.  In my office.  Boxes packed.  Purchasing card returned.  Blackberry turned off.  Phone lines forwarded.  Email account deleted.

But I’m smiling because I know that when the Lord closes one door, its because he’s about to open an even bigger window.

March 5, 2010

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45 Thoughts to “Photo Booth at Work”

  1. I love finding old photos – these are so fun! Best of luck for your move and on opening a new (even better?) chapter in your lives!

  2. I think digital photography is one of the greatest inventions ever. I never throw anything away because I love to be able to look back at all those moments. It’s amazing how fast time flies by. And the new chapter in your life seems like it’s going to be a marvelous and rewarding one!

  3. Love finding old photos – these ones from work are GREAT. I think they really show who you are. 🙂

  4. Very cute. Good luck on your move!

  5. I like that you’re wearing your glasses on the last day- going out in scholarly style 😉

  6. Aw, I love looking back at pictures. Though I admit, I’m confused. Are those cupcakes with no icing? Why, oh why, would a person ever want a cupcake with no icing?

    Not to judge.

    It just seems crazy.

    1. Katie

      I actually prefer them without icing. I call them Naked Cupcakes. 🙂

      1. Naked Cupcakes are superior.

        Katie that was a nice post I bet it was fun to remember!

      2. Jessica W

        Very true! It can depend on the icing though sometimes. I’m a sucker for dollop butter cream, but cupcakes with just a little whipped cream can be just as good as naked cupcakes sometimes.

  7. And now another chapter in your life begins. 🙂

  8. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. I love love love Photo Booth on my Mac too – it makes work entertaining when I have a minute or two to be goofy and capture a moment. Save those somewhere for later so you can look back and smile! Good luck with your move!

  10. Happy last day Katie. I can’t wait to see what comes next. 🙂

  11. Megan

    This Megan thought the same thing as the previous Megan regarding the cupcakes with no icing! Must be a Megan thing…

    Have a fabulous last day of work!

  12. Meryn

    Oh RENATA!!!!! And Faculty Memeber who I miss dearly! I miss Yale 🙁 Be sure to enjoy the last day with the students and cupcake truck. If you’re anything like me (and I’m afraid you are), you’ll miss them the most. Uh, the students, not the cupcakes…
    And Renata. The pain of losing Renata stings like no other…

  13. Those were fun… thanks for sharing! Happy packing, and best of luck when you leave work today… it’s hard leaving a job you enjoy, even if it is to move on to bigger and better things 🙂

  14. Awww..this was too cute! Don’t you just love photo booth on Mac! It’s addictive. LOL!

  15. Sarah

    I have never ever seen those glasses. So cute! I’m sure it was really hard turning in your purchasing card. Not that you ever purchased anything you shouldn’t have with it, but isn’t it fun to spend someone else’s money? 🙂

    Yale and the Dean will miss you greatly, I’m sure.

  16. Amy

    Almond Joy M&M’s.


    WHERE can I get these?!?

  17. Tressa

    Good luck today. It will be hard walking away, but exciting at the same time. I’m thinking about you! 🙂

  18. Aww Katie, what great memories! I felt a twinge of sadness for you, but you have so much to look forward to! I’m so glad that you can’t move too far away on the Internets! =)

  19. I love all your photos! They are so random, but seem to hold such happy memories. You’re brave face during this move has helped me, we’re moving 2000 miles from our “home” in June, and I’m freaked about it. Happy last Friday to you.

  20. This just makes me jealous for a Mac!! My sad ol’ work PC doesn’t do anything cool!!

  21. Jennifer

    very cute post Katie. The pictures are cute. But i can’t get behind you on Naked Cupcakes. I perfer to make cupcake sandwiches by taking half the bottom and putting it on top of the frosting. I get an equal frosting to cake ratio. The day i go to leave this job for a new one will be scaring. I have way too much stuff on my desk. Between the radio, Ipod dock, and all the toys, it’ll take a couple boxes to move it all out.

  22. i dont know you and i am crying. either its my hormones going stark raving mad due to my pregnant self, or i am just quite nostalgic for you as you make the transition from your current home to your new. praying for you that the Lord will bless you with a wonderful job and wonderful friends and co-workers like the ones you are leaving behind.

    …i live in middle georgia, south of Macon. if you drive 75 south through to Florida, be sure to wave as you go by in your UHaul!!

  23. Aww, thanks for sharing!!!

  24. Sandy

    I sure hope that “big window” is close to the parking lot if you have to carry all of those boxes to your car =-) Happy Last Day Of Work!!!

  25. What a great little peek into the past few years! Good luck with the next open window!

  26. Jeska

    I was confused by the naked cupcakes too, haha.

    It makes me smile to know that you are so optimistic about everything!

  27. Elisabeth

    Love the photos! What a good idea, photoboothing through the years. Sadly, my bosses both sit directly behind me and I’m not sure they’d be into me holding photo sessions. Glad that I got to live vicariously through you today : )

  28. Kim

    Katie, is that a Franklin Covey planner I spot in the first photo? Are you as reliant on yours as I am mine?

    This photo post was very cool. Best of luck with your move! Sunny FLA is about to get a whole bunch more sunnier when you and your family arrive. 🙂

  29. These pictures are so fun! You are lucky you could document your work life like this. At my job, we are not allowed to use cameras unless they are an approved work camera and then we would be shot if we posted them on the internet. Export compliance is a tricky thing…

    I am a new reader and first time commenter. Love your blog! And I am jealous you are moving close to your family! I am from MN and have lived in Seattle for almost 5 years now. I would love to be able to be back with my parents, aunts, uncles, sister, etc. Good luck!

  30. good luck on your next adventure!

  31. kk

    The last picture – on the right looks like a crumpled large pink lipstick digitally edited in the photo..ha ha..

  32. Lisa

    Omg the cupcakes!!! Enjoy this exciting time, you’re free from work!!!! Freeeeeeeeeeee!!! Thanks for the inspiration, I really should get to know Photo Booth on my Mac better.

  33. Okay…I know I’m focusing on the wrong wrong wrong thing here but…

    ALMOND JOY M&M’S?????


    ….please say “No…no, Kimberly, they are available everywhere you are just wildly unobservant and have never looked hard enough to find them”…please!


  34. jamie

    i visit your blog every single day. love your blog. you make me laugh and cry. enjoy this day. i love how you documented this important day in your life. i can’t wait to {be with you} as your journey continues.

  35. Nate's Mom

    LOVE this entry! What the heck is photobooth? Looks like fun!

  36. Beanie's Nana

    Maybe it will help to know that Dad and I are counting the hours until you, Chris and Beanie are here in Florida near us. Every conversation is about all the things we want to do and share with the three of you. Please hurry!!! Love, Mom and Dad

  37. kay

    looks like a fun journey you have had. hope it only gets better!

  38. Laura

    “pictures I took on my Mac”
    Wow, it’s pretty impressive that your computer can take ultrasound pictures lol. I genuinely laughed, because I’m weird like that. And then I tried to figure out exactly how there is a baby in that picture… couldn’t do it, ultrasound babies evade me.

  39. I love this, what great memories you’ll have with these pictures!
    You would love my husbands website
    reminds me of this!!!

  40. Jen D

    I love this post!!!

  41. I love this! Too cute, and it really seems like an accurate representation of your last few years at work! …Minus the work, of course. 🙂

  42. La.

    Um wow. I lose the feed and come back to you and EVERYTHING is different!!! Yowza. Congrats to you on your house selling in 7 days. That is oh so awesome! You guys are great, seriously.

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