Father/Son Bonding in the Hair Salon

This weekend, we are heading up to Atlanta for a bridal shower for my sister.  The trip sort of crept up on me and now I am frantically trying to get us ready for another weekend of traveling.  Today, as I hauled out suitcases and rounded up outfits for the weekend’s festivities, I glanced over at Bean and stopped in my tracks.

His hair.

There was no way I could take him to a bridal shower with 45 of our closest family and friends with that toupe on his head.

So this afternoon while we were out shopping for my sister’s shower gift, we stopped in a Super Cuts for a drastic Bean make-over.  We’ve had his hair cut before and Chris and I have done it ourselves at home, too.  But we’ve never had so much cut before and we’ve never had a little style.  We’ve always just trimmed a little here and there.  This time though, it was intense.  I told the woman to make his hair the same length all over.

Bean sat on my lap in the chair like a little pro.  Like he gets haircuts every day.  He was perfectly still and didn’t make a peep.

He didn’t even get scared when she turned on the razor.  He just turned to see what the buzzing noise was and then he sat there while she worked on his little head.

In fact, the only person who flinched at all was me.  When they cut off his little curls on top of his head.  Even though it was part of the plan and I knew it was coming, I still jumped a little and cried out when she snipped those little floppy curls off the top of my baby’s head.

But in the end, I think it was totally the right decision.  Bean’s hair is now the same length all over and he looks so much older!  So handsome!  I love it!

Chris was so proud of Bean.  See, to Chris, hair cuts are almost as important as life itself.  It was like a rite of passage.  I don’t think I’ve ever known Chris to go longer than three weeks between haircuts.  And he usually keeps them at two weeks, unless an act of God keeps him away.  And even then, you can bet that he’ll be in the following week no matter what.

I used to think he got haircuts so regularly because he has really thick hair.  And long, thick hair on a guy is just a little too…well…long and thick.  But one afternoon a year or so ago, he called me after work to say that he was going to stop and get his hair cut on his way home.  I told him I was almost to the salon where he got his hair cut and why didn’t I just meet him up there.  He kind of hesitated and then started stammering.

“Well…I don’t know…Why don’t I just meet you at the house when I’m done?”

“That’s silly,” I said.  “I’ll just meet you up there.”

“Yeah…okay…but…its just…I really like my time alone when I get my hair cut.”

“How come?”  I asked.

“Cause my hair cut girl is SMOKIN’ HOT!”  he said.

The truth shall set you free, Chris.  The truth shall set you free.

So, I let him have his little “date” every two weeks with his hair lady.  It seemed like the right thing to do.  After all, I don’t like to be interrupted when I’m drooling over Tim Riggins in Friday Night Lights, so this seemed only fair.

But now that Bean is getting his little hairs cut like a big guy, I can just see this whole new world opening up for Bean and Chris.  A world where the two of them ditch Mom at the house and go get their hair cut together.  A world where every hairdresser is beautiful and haircuts last for hours.

In my family, father/son bonding begins in the hair salon.

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37 Thoughts to “Father/Son Bonding in the Hair Salon”

  1. Super cute haircut, Bean!

  2. Bean man looks adorable with his new haircut!

    And that is an awesome bonding experience haha. Though in my family, it was always the girls. We all went to the same person (before I moved) and she was like the absolute best friend we had…that we only saw every 6 weeks and never hung out with outside the hair salon. But still! BFFs.


  3. Jen

    Oh my! He looks like a big boy! How sweet 🙂

    And I love how he always looks at the camera.

  4. Jen

    Oh and the look on his face is like blue steel from Zoolander!

  5. Look at that little man. He’s so handsome! 🙂

    I would have cried out myself if I were you. I’m not sure I could have done it. Which is probably why God saw fit to give me a girl. I just put her hair up in a little pony tail on top and we haven’t cut it yet! I’m glad I haven’t had to cross that bridge yet. Maybe when she’s 10.


  6. He IS so handsome!
    And as usual, your stories are too funny. 🙂
    By the way, Mike and I saw Scott Porter (Jason from Friday Night Lights) in Winter Park once. Keep your eyes peeled! haha

  7. 1. Bean looks incredibly handsome with his new ‘do.
    2. I love that hair salon time could equal bonding time for your boys. How stinkin’ cute is that!

  8. Ashley

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! He looks like a brand new Bean! ….and I love the story too 🙂

  9. Ella

    Bean looks so handsome with his new haircut! What a good boy to just sit there 🙂 My partner & son get there hair cut together as well. My partner started taking him because he would always throw some sort of tantrum for me and end up rolling around on the floor in all the hair (only as a 2 yo boy would do) so i refused to take him anymore so now its my partners job 🙂

  10. Margaret

    wow, his hair is already lighter in the southern sun!

  11. Oh so handsome!! Isn’t it hard to imagine, before the haircut, that they will look much cuter after it’s done? And then the hairs get cut, and they look cuter than you ever thought possible! I was nervous before my son’s first haircut, and elated afterward!

  12. Bean’s hair looks GREAT!!! And look how much lighter it got! WOW!

  13. So cool!! So So Cool he’s so adorable there 😀

  14. Heather

    Aww, so cute.
    He is really starting to look like a toddler there.

  15. Love the haircut. He looks so handsome!

  16. Jean

    OMG!!! He looks like such a big boy. Now you can really how beautiful his hair color is.

    That is crazy cute.

  17. Debbie

    Very cute! Bean is a handsome little man! And I am jealous; haircut time equals a thermonuclear meltdown for my son. I am not sure what it is. I even take him to a kid place where he can sit in a car and watch T.V.
    Alas one cannot even begin to understand the inner workings of the mind of a 2 year old.

  18. EmilyC

    I didn’t think Bean could get any cuter. I was wrong. 🙂

  19. He does look like a little man!!

  20. Love the haircut! He is so adorable.

  21. Courtney

    Seems like he behaved like a champ. Seems like a lot of little ones are scared to get their hairs cut. Hopefully Bean’s great attitude about it stays the same. His haircut is so cute. I love that his hair seems to match his mom’s.

  22. Heidi

    My husband is the same way about me going with to haircuts!! I always ask if I can go with, just to get out of the house for a while. (Not to sit in Supercuts with him, but go to the mall that is across the road.) He always has some sort of excuse and says that his ‘alone time’. Now, you got me thinking he probably has a hot hairdresser!! LOL!!

    BTW, Bean is totally adorable 🙂

  23. Heather in ND

    This post makes me smile.

    Way to go Bean!

  24. Jessica

    He looks so big! He can’t grow up so quickly 🙁

  25. Julie

    I’m totally with you on the Tim Riggins thing!!!

  26. Janet

    Wow, super sweet transformation! Now, I’m just going to tell you this because I’m your friend and so you’ll be prepared. Little Bean might just not be so cooperative next time around-or the next-you never know when it might hit. My little angel once made me cry in the Barber shop he was so, so bad and screamed so, so loud. One of the barbers had to actually hold his head still so the other could finish…you would have thought he was cutting his ear off or something. But after your most recent restaurant experience I have a feeling you’ll be able to handle it (if it even happens) 😀

  27. ohmigosh Bean is too cute! he’s going to be a total lady killer in a few years.

    Also, I just had to comment on your hubby’s Florida hat. 🙂

  28. Lissa

    The haircut looks great!

    I wanted to tell you how cute the dad/son haircut tradition can be. My husband also likes fresh haircuts and our 3 year old goes every other time with him now. They go very early on Saturday mornings and get breakfast together after. It’s so cute that when he wakes our son up, he shoots up in bed and says “gotta get our hair cut!” and then he gets so excited about breakfast after and tells us “gonna get pancakes and sausage and chocolate milk (his treat)!”

    Suckers and the water spray bottle are your friends when Bean stops cooperating with haircuts 🙂

  29. Lindsay

    You are a good wife. And I love that you recognized the toupe quality of his former hairstyle. The baby toupe is always hard to say goodbye to, but always the right thing to do.

  30. Bean’s haircut looks great! Am I noticing correctly that his hair is changing colors? I’ve had an inkling for some time with some of the pics you have posted, but now it seems more eveident with the haircut.

  31. Ginny

    He looks just like a little dad in the last picture!!!

  32. Oh, you are so right about the Daddy/Son Hair Cut Bond. I’ve been taking our son to the barber for the past couple years because Daddy has to work during the week and can’t get off, but when Daddy IS home and they both go together it’s like they put on invisible Manly Man cloaks. It’s really fun to witness the transformation!

    And yes, spray bottles are a God send!

  33. Lisa

    He looks great with his new haircut 🙂

  34. What a cute haircut for the little man! 🙂 Friday Night Lights is the best, isn’t it? I may be known to drool over Tim Riggins from time to time.

  35. Amy

    I just stated reading our blog and love it!! Bean’s haircut is adorable! And I agree, Tim Riggins is hot!

  36. Amy

    Oops, I meant “your” blog. 🙂

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