Messy Meals









Bean likes to chew on the rubber part of the medicine dropper.  Don’t worry.  It came out of the dishwasher.  There’s no medicine in there.







It really is amazing what a little pressure washing can do for a messy baby…

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18 Thoughts to “Messy Meals”

  1. bean makes some cute faces, much better then kids that just stare when a camera is pointed at them. too cute!
    but wait it gets worse. make sure the camera is ready the first time you give him things like pasta and tomato sauce! i swear kids have a stain preventative in their skin! it always amazes me that it comes out.

  2. Nate's Mom

    The comb-over picture is my hands down favorite! What is Bean chomping on? Is it a medicine dropper? When we went to visit our pharmacist, she gave us a medicine spoon and a medicine syringe for Nate to teethe on. The spoon? Nate’s favorite teether EVER. Too bad it went overboard at Target….

  3. Courtney

    Goodness. What was he eating? I love how it shows him with it in his hair and eyebrows. Teehee. Very handsome after pictures.

    1. Katie

      Sweet potatoes and avocados. Messy, messy stuff. They should come with warning labels.

  4. Michelle, Mom of Henry (10m)

    Henry chews on the medicine dropper too- we actually give him his ‘own’ while we give him medicine. It’s made it soooo much easier- plus, it feels good to his gums, right? Glad we aren’t the only ones who use it for teething! 🙂

  5. The comb-over is killing me. As is the silly grin with two little theeth! Dangerous pictures I tell you.

  6. Ashley

    SOO CUTE! I love the before and after!

  7. Bean looks so cute with his hair combed to the side. I hope his tantrums have settled down now.

  8. Oh my word. Those pictures are so cute! Love the messy ones and the clean ones! He is just precious!!

  9. Beanie's Nana

    Ever consider actually feeding Bean IN the bath.

  10. Emma

    The sweet potatoe in the eyebrow is my favourite. Cute cute cute!

  11. Bhuvana

    Totally adorable photos! My munchkin is the same way – I think she had sweet potato mousse in her hair yesterday. I guess it’s just an all-natural baby hair product!

  12. Dave

    I like the 4th before picture, pretty much sums up everything…lol

  13. Jackie

    He’s so cute, clean or dirty.

  14. Tressa

    So so so so cute!!!
    Its funny how his hair can go from being so WILD to so tame!!!
    He smells soooo good!!

    Can’t wait to see the big boy haircut!

  15. He is such a cute baby if I do say so myself! Love that wild hair and big blue eyes. You may want to invest in one of those rubber bibs with the crumb cathing pocket that snaps together when he starts eating more finger foods. It is a lifesaver! It helps keep the seat of the highchair a little cleaner too. Not to mention the floor!

    Q-Tip likes to chew on the rubber end of the Tylenol bottle. I keep an empty one for her to play with on the changing table. I don’t know why I spend money on toys DESIGNED for chewing!

  16. The boy is enthusiastic about his food. Can’t hate that! 🙂 (the fourth before photo is killing me!)

  17. Cindy In Owensboro, KY

    Just you wait– this is just the beginning of messiness. Spaghetti is really fun to clean up:)

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