Etsy Day!

My name is Katie.  And I am an online shopper.

It started when I was pregnant and was too tired to drag my huge belly around from shop to shop.  I started shopping online from my couch in my yoga pants and it was like the Heavens opened up and the angels were singing down to me from on high.

(To the tune of the Hallelujah chorus, please)


You saved monnnney!  You saved monnnney!


You saved monnnney!  You saved monnnney!

It was amazing.

Now that I have Bean, shopping in stores has become harder for different reasons.  I’m okay to just run in and pick up a few things, but it can be difficult to just leisurely peruse the aisles looking for that perfect pair of kitten heals.  Which means, I have once again turned to online shopping.

Well, technically, I’m not shopping for anything right now because the cost of moving is, apparently, the equivalent to two ivy league educations.  But when I HAD money and WAS shopping, it was online.

And then someone introduced me to Etsy and now I just stare at the website and cry at the insane beauty of the handmade, delicious, eye candy that I can’t afford.  (sigh)

If you aren’t familiar with Etsy, allow me to introduce you to the most incredible way to spend time on the internet ever.  In fact, I hesitate to introduce you to it because I’m afraid you’ll go visit and never come back.  Its like a black hole of artistry and you might not be able to find your way out.  Ever. is a website that sells handmade artisan crafts and merchandise.  Remember that time  told you my idea that the internet is one giant town?  Well, Etsy would be the outdoor arts festival in the center of town.  Only it takes place ALL YEAR LONG.  Each vendor/artist has their own “shop” where they sell their goods and you can literally spend hours wandering around from shop to shop.  How I love it.

The only problem I have with Etsy is that I tend to not know where to go first.  Much like real arts festivals, I get swept up in everything and I walk around so worried that I’m missing something that I, ironically, miss something.  I need a street map of Etsy.  And I’m probably not the only one.

So, I’ve decided that the next best thing to a street map is a tour guide.  And I’d like to be that for you.  Starting today, I will be profiling Etsy shops on my blog at random times.  I would do it on some kind of sensible schedule, but I am not sensible and rarely scheduled so this seems to be a better fit.  Whenever I feel like it, I’ll be profiling an Etsy shop on my blog and doing a giveaway with one of that shop’s items for you all.  That way, I get to shop online without spending any money (Chris is happy), the Etsy shop owner gets to have some free advertising and exposure (the artist is happy), and you guys get to find new places to visit on Etsy AND get free goods (you all are happy).


Here’s the thing though.  I do giveaways a lot on my blog for bigger companies – either things I use myself or products they provide for me to giveaway.  And I love doing that because there are some great companies out there.  But why not use that opportunity to give things away and promote companies to help my readers? So.  If you are a reader of this blog and you have an Etsy shop that you would like to be profiled, you are going to get preference in my book.  I’m sure I’ll find shops I like that I’ll profile of random artists, but I’d prefer to profile readers of the blog.


Email me your shop link at and tell me a little about yourself and your goods and be entered to be the Etsy Day Artist.

To celebrate the first Etsy Day on Marriage Confessions, today we are doing giveaways from TWO Etsy shops!

The first Etsy Day Artist is a very old friend of my family’s. Well.  She’s not very old.  But she’s known my family for hundreds of thousands of years.  Well.  Really since she and my sister were in elementary school.

Michelle grew up with my sister.  She’s about as funny a person as you’ll ever meet.  And she recently surprised us all by up and moving to Australia where she met and fell in love with her fiance, who she is marrying in a few months.  I just found out that Michelle has a shop on Etsy called The Yellow Lily!!  She makes framed jewelry displays, which I ADORED when I lived in a dorm room in college and didn’t have anywhere to put a giant jewelry box.  My sister and Michelle made a bunch of these one summer to sell and Ginny gave me one of hers for my dorm room.  I loved it and still have it somewhere.

Aren’t these adorable?

I love this blue one.  I think its the vintage white flower…

The second featured Etsy Day Artist is ANOTHER Michelle from her shop, Miss Peanut + Little Peanut.  Michelle is a reader of the blog.  I don’t know her, but I LOVE her shop!  In fact, I will be giving my sister one of her wedding gown hangers (don’t tell Ginny…)!  I love this!  Doesn’t it just make you want to put your wedding dress on it?  And its perfect for Ginny’s wedding, too, because one of her colors is yellow.

Michelle also makes hangers for children’s clothes.  As if children’s clothing could get any cuter…

But this might be my favorite.  This might make me go rip Chris’ clothes off of him and have a baby girl.  This might make me want to take ballet classes again.

Its a tutu.  A TUTU, people!  A TUTU!

I am so excited about both of these little Etsy shops.  If you’re like me, you’ll need to bookmark these so you don’t forget where they are in the online arts festival.  And then when you need that perfect, girly, frilly little somethin’ for a birthday gift or whatever, VOILA!  You’ve got it covered!

I’ll choose TWO WINNERS for this giveaway today.  One will randomly be selected for each Etsy shop.  To be entered to win, leave me a comment telling me either the name of your Etsy shop and what you sell or your favorite thing to shop for online.  The giveaway will close at 8:00 PM EST on Sunday, March 28, and a winner will be announced Sunday evening.

Thanks to both Michelle’s for such a fun giveaway and cheers to all my Etsy readers!!!

Please note that this giveaway is not affiliated with nor sponsored by

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