Etsy Day!

My name is Katie.  And I am an online shopper.

It started when I was pregnant and was too tired to drag my huge belly around from shop to shop.  I started shopping online from my couch in my yoga pants and it was like the Heavens opened up and the angels were singing down to me from on high.

(To the tune of the Hallelujah chorus, please)


You saved monnnney!  You saved monnnney!


You saved monnnney!  You saved monnnney!

It was amazing.

Now that I have Bean, shopping in stores has become harder for different reasons.  I’m okay to just run in and pick up a few things, but it can be difficult to just leisurely peruse the aisles looking for that perfect pair of kitten heals.  Which means, I have once again turned to online shopping.

Well, technically, I’m not shopping for anything right now because the cost of moving is, apparently, the equivalent to two ivy league educations.  But when I HAD money and WAS shopping, it was online.

And then someone introduced me to Etsy and now I just stare at the website and cry at the insane beauty of the handmade, delicious, eye candy that I can’t afford.  (sigh)

If you aren’t familiar with Etsy, allow me to introduce you to the most incredible way to spend time on the internet ever.  In fact, I hesitate to introduce you to it because I’m afraid you’ll go visit and never come back.  Its like a black hole of artistry and you might not be able to find your way out.  Ever. is a website that sells handmade artisan crafts and merchandise.  Remember that time  told you my idea that the internet is one giant town?  Well, Etsy would be the outdoor arts festival in the center of town.  Only it takes place ALL YEAR LONG.  Each vendor/artist has their own “shop” where they sell their goods and you can literally spend hours wandering around from shop to shop.  How I love it.

The only problem I have with Etsy is that I tend to not know where to go first.  Much like real arts festivals, I get swept up in everything and I walk around so worried that I’m missing something that I, ironically, miss something.  I need a street map of Etsy.  And I’m probably not the only one.

So, I’ve decided that the next best thing to a street map is a tour guide.  And I’d like to be that for you.  Starting today, I will be profiling Etsy shops on my blog at random times.  I would do it on some kind of sensible schedule, but I am not sensible and rarely scheduled so this seems to be a better fit.  Whenever I feel like it, I’ll be profiling an Etsy shop on my blog and doing a giveaway with one of that shop’s items for you all.  That way, I get to shop online without spending any money (Chris is happy), the Etsy shop owner gets to have some free advertising and exposure (the artist is happy), and you guys get to find new places to visit on Etsy AND get free goods (you all are happy).


Here’s the thing though.  I do giveaways a lot on my blog for bigger companies – either things I use myself or products they provide for me to giveaway.  And I love doing that because there are some great companies out there.  But why not use that opportunity to give things away and promote companies to help my readers? So.  If you are a reader of this blog and you have an Etsy shop that you would like to be profiled, you are going to get preference in my book.  I’m sure I’ll find shops I like that I’ll profile of random artists, but I’d prefer to profile readers of the blog.


Email me your shop link at and tell me a little about yourself and your goods and be entered to be the Etsy Day Artist.

To celebrate the first Etsy Day on Marriage Confessions, today we are doing giveaways from TWO Etsy shops!

The first Etsy Day Artist is a very old friend of my family’s. Well.  She’s not very old.  But she’s known my family for hundreds of thousands of years.  Well.  Really since she and my sister were in elementary school.

Michelle grew up with my sister.  She’s about as funny a person as you’ll ever meet.  And she recently surprised us all by up and moving to Australia where she met and fell in love with her fiance, who she is marrying in a few months.  I just found out that Michelle has a shop on Etsy called The Yellow Lily!!  She makes framed jewelry displays, which I ADORED when I lived in a dorm room in college and didn’t have anywhere to put a giant jewelry box.  My sister and Michelle made a bunch of these one summer to sell and Ginny gave me one of hers for my dorm room.  I loved it and still have it somewhere.

Aren’t these adorable?

I love this blue one.  I think its the vintage white flower…

The second featured Etsy Day Artist is ANOTHER Michelle from her shop, Miss Peanut + Little Peanut.  Michelle is a reader of the blog.  I don’t know her, but I LOVE her shop!  In fact, I will be giving my sister one of her wedding gown hangers (don’t tell Ginny…)!  I love this!  Doesn’t it just make you want to put your wedding dress on it?  And its perfect for Ginny’s wedding, too, because one of her colors is yellow.

Michelle also makes hangers for children’s clothes.  As if children’s clothing could get any cuter…

But this might be my favorite.  This might make me go rip Chris’ clothes off of him and have a baby girl.  This might make me want to take ballet classes again.

Its a tutu.  A TUTU, people!  A TUTU!

I am so excited about both of these little Etsy shops.  If you’re like me, you’ll need to bookmark these so you don’t forget where they are in the online arts festival.  And then when you need that perfect, girly, frilly little somethin’ for a birthday gift or whatever, VOILA!  You’ve got it covered!

I’ll choose TWO WINNERS for this giveaway today.  One will randomly be selected for each Etsy shop.  To be entered to win, leave me a comment telling me either the name of your Etsy shop and what you sell or your favorite thing to shop for online.  The giveaway will close at 8:00 PM EST on Sunday, March 28, and a winner will be announced Sunday evening.

Thanks to both Michelle’s for such a fun giveaway and cheers to all my Etsy readers!!!

Please note that this giveaway is not affiliated with nor sponsored by

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159 Thoughts to “Etsy Day!”

  1. My favorite thing to shop online for is furniture. I mentally put together my dream home from the various websites of gorgeous home goods.

  2. Katie

    I don’t have an etsy shop, but I love everything there! I don’t have a favorite thing to shop for on there, I just love everything!

  3. jessa

    i adore etsy (and your blog)! i love to look at the purses/totes, homemade cards, and i always want to buy something from the “handpicked items” on the main page!

  4. I have yet to set up my shop, but I adore Etsy and everything about it!!! 🙂

  5. Betty

    I WISH I were creative enough to have an Etsy shop! Right now my favorite thing to shop for online is maternity clothes! But after September, I’ll be shopping for skinny jeans (ha…)

  6. Carrie

    My favorite things to shop online for in no particular order…. Handmade jewelry, cute ceramics and knickknacks for my apt, anything vintage and SHOES!!!

  7. Rhona Lutton

    I love shopping for jewelry online.

  8. Brittany

    I love Etsy!!!! I bought both the earrings for my engagement pictures and the earrings for my wedding from Etsy…… I loved knowing that I had something handmade and unique as part of both of those special days – so now, Etsy is my favorite online site for accessories!

  9. Meagan

    I adore Etsy and it’s the only place I shop online. I got some great jewlery and baby stuff while I was pregnant. I would love that tutu for my daughter!

  10. My favorite things to shop for on line are running skirts (at the moment) and goo gaws for the house, stuff that’s cutise yet grown up a little. And it must have a sense of humor; and the running skirts need to be funkified!

  11. I don’t have an Etsy shop. I’m not creative enough! But, I love to look at baby clothes on there. One day, my husband and I will be shopping on their for our own little Munchkin.

  12. I LOVE shopping for kitchen appliances online! The past few months I have started cooking and baking a lot so anytime I get something in the mail I can’t wait to use it! It is so exciting to see those brown packages outside the front door 🙂

  13. Sarah M.

    My favorite thing to buy online is jewelry. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry or a lot of money to buy everything I want, but I LOVE to search around the internet (And especially etsy) for cute jewelry that I wish I could but and wear.

  14. My favorite things to shop online for are toys and books. I got really into online toy shopping during this past Christmas season!

  15. Chan

    I’ve never actually shopped online! I love to browse online but alas I am a poor grad student who has big dreams of a house and a wedding and a baby lol. Though I do love to browse for cute baby stuff for my friends kids! 🙂

  16. Dyanna

    I love to shop for bakibg items online, such as sprinkles and cupcake liners.

  17. Valerie

    I love shopping for dresses online. It’s so much easier than the stress of actually being in the store, flipping through rack after rack, dragging armfuls into the fitting room…

  18. Ashley

    My favorite thing to buy online is make-up! Weird I know, but I love receiving fresh make-up in the mail 🙂 I love receiving anything in the mail for that matter!

  19. oh no.. not you too.

  20. I love just about anything on Etsy. But one store I really like is Twist of Dazzle. So unique! LOVE IT!

    Great idea by the way. All I need is someone pointing out the good Etsy shops for me! Farm Boy will be so pleased at the time I will save.


  21. Rebecca

    I don’t have an Etsy shop, but I love looking at jewelry and wedding accessories!

  22. oregonjudy

    I’m a quilter so I love shopping for fbaric or quilt related stuff.

  23. I adore etsy! My favorite thing to shop for online is purses/totes – can’t get enough of them!

  24. Rebekah M.

    i love the “wedding” category on etsy. i love searching through stationary and signing books. its so fun! and i’m not even engaged! my boyfriend said, “read marriageconfessions new post, it screams, Rebekah” so i did & well, it does. i fell in love w/ etsy while preggers too 🙂

  25. Whitney W

    I love to shop for Christmas gifts online! No crowds or lines and everything is delivered right to your front door! I also love buying books or CDs online. You usually can items so much cheaper than you can find in stores.

  26. I love shopping for ANYTHING online!! Naptime in our house is momma’s shopping time!!

  27. I like to shop for laptop bags online. I never buy them (does that still count as shopping?) but I love to look.

    I’ve been wanting a jewelry hanger like that for years now. I hope I win.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  28. Ahhh I looooove etsy!

  29. definitely accessories and of late, maternity clothes! i at one point started an etsy shop, but then everyone elses stuff was WAY cuter than mine, so i took it down out of embarrassment of the professionals out there! maybe one day i will get the guts to start it back up again and by then my creative skills will improve so i will have cool stuff to sell and not just glorified kids crafts!

  30. My shop is still a fledgeling, but it’s IlariaEve and I make little girl clothes.

  31. I <3 etsy, too, and could easily spend my entire paycheck there. So far, though, my favorite purchase has been wall art for the baby’s room from Define Your Space vinyl ( My favorite thing to shop for online, though, and I know this is so lame, is diapers. I just love that I can pull up Amazon, get them for cheaper than the store, and open my door to them in two days. Internet shopping is the bomb-diggity.

  32. My favorite thing to shop for on-line is my boy!!! Since having a baby, I hate, HATE buying things for myself. Even with birthday money, I would rather spend it on my son. I’ve been looking for a cute shirt for his 2nd birthday and I think I’ll be searching Etsy!!!

    And seriously, Bean looks like a big boy now with his adorable hair cut!! It seems like just a few weeks ago, that I saw that he turned 4 months old!! Where has the time gone?!!

  33. Sue V.

    Love, love, love to shop for baby items. My youngest is 4, but my sister-in-law just had a baby girl. So many cute things out there – Etsy is awesome!

  34. Kristin

    I lived in a college town that did not have a mall (I repeat, did not have a mall) so I was always online shopping. It’s addictive. I will shop for anything – shoes, clothes, hair products, etc. My current favorite is baby stuff! 🙂

  35. Bridget

    I’ve never been a big fan of online shopping, I guess I like to go and touch things and see how they feel. But I love mentally planning my future wedding (that has no date set at all nor are we engaged) using random etsy shops and inspirations from blogs all over the place. I think eventually when we do get married, Ic ould easily plan the whole thing in about a week. (Now paying for it….well, that’s another story)

  36. Lindsey

    I don’t have an etsy shop, but I do love to shop online. I love looking for clothes for the little boy I take care of…he’s a little older than Bean. I bet they would be good friends if you guys ever decided to move to LA!

  37. Oh I just love Etsy! And my favorite thing to shop for online is little girl clothes because I have two girls, and they are so much more for to shop for them myself!

  38. Mel

    I love shopping for fabric on Etsy! I drool over new fabric listings frequently. I love to quilt and I usually end up getting my supplies from Etsy.

  39. My favorite thing to shop for online is home decor or photography equipment:)

  40. hmmm…my email is saying that doesn’t exist….any thoughts??

    1. Katie

      Try again – I’m receiving other people’s emails there already. ??

  41. Beth

    My favorite thing to shop for online has to be baby clothes! I love finding cute and different clothes for my daughter that you don’t see in every other store in the mall.

  42. ope, spelled it wrong. doi. sorrryyyyy.

  43. JEWELRY!!! ahhhh jewelry. 🙂

  44. I wish I could think of something fun and artsy to sell on etsy! Can you sell cupcakes on etsy? 🙂 My favorite thing to shop online for are shoes & jewelry… not that I can afford either! 🙂

  45. I absolutely adore Etsy! Online shopping wise, I’m definitely drawn to the clothes. I’m 5’10” and am always looking for great deals on tall clothing.

  46. Heather

    the main thing i shop for online is cd’s since a lot of the things i want to get can’t be found in just any store <3

  47. I love to shop for unique, handmade jewelry! Etsy is great for that!

  48. Love shopping for jewelry, shoes, makeup, gifts, clothes online. Basically everything. Sigh.

  49. I have always heard about Etsy but never knew exactly what it was, so thanks for introducing me to the wonderfulness!
    My favorite thing to shop for online is anything non-clothing; I HAVE to try clothes on before I buy them. So all the artsy stuff is just perfect!

  50. Ooh cute frames!

    I’ve just recently entered the world of online shopping, influenced mainly by my boyfriend who loves ebay more than me 🙂 My purchases are pretty random depending on what I want or need. The most recent thing I got was a pair of New Balance shoes, and they just arrived today!

  51. Tiffany

    I just recently found your blog and I love it! I check for updates everyday. I also love Etsy… some of my favorite things to shop for on there are hair accessories. I found a beautiful handmade flower to wear in my hair for my wedding, and it was perfect. Thanks for profiling these artists!

  52. Ella

    I shop for pretty much everything online except for food. Makeup, clothes, kids clothes, jewellery – the list is endless! I rarely go to the shops these days which is a good thing. Ive bought a couple of things on etsy and like you Katie, im not sure where to start! I also started online shopping while i was pregnant as it seemed the easier option.

  53. Heidi M

    I don’t have an etsy shop, but I love etsy. My favorite thing to shop for on etsy is witty children’s t-shirts, with a close second being everything other category on etsy.

  54. I like to shop online, but I have to try things on or see them! I love etsy though, and have purchased home items from there – a quilt, a decorative plaque, and a set of baby things to give to a friend.
    I am not afraid (but probably should be) to say that I not only shop online in my pj’s and with no bra, but I have been known to go to a store that way as well. 🙂

  55. Cristy

    I don’t have an etsy shop. If I did, I would sell handmade jewelry. I don’t know how to make jewelry, but that would be something fun to learn! I love to shop online for kitchen items (I am stalking websites waiting for a certain espresso machine to come down in price…). When I’m not shopping for me, I like to find presents for friends and family online. We moved from California to Washington, DC, so it’s easier to ship a pretty present than to visit our family sometimes. 🙂

  56. I love looking at Etsy as well, but haven’t ever bought anything there. I am a sucker for buying clothes online, but I think I need to make the switch to Etsy.

  57. Kelly

    I don’t have an etsy shop but have found some of the most interesting and unique gifts there.

  58. My favorite thing to shop for online is clothes! My most recent Etsy buy was a custom Christmas stocking for my daughter. I wish I could tell you the seller, but like you I get completely lost and can’t find my way back to people on Etsy!

  59. Betsy

    Shoes, Shoes, and more Shoes…I don’t think a woman could have enough shoes!!!

  60. I LOVE Etsy! My favorite thing to shop for online is my daughter. I can’t get enough of cute little baby clothes (as evidence by her overflowing drawers and closet!).

  61. Diane C

    I love to shop for my daughter online. She is sooooooo much fun to shop for!

  62. Laura

    Too picky to shop for clothes and shoes online, but I do like finding deals on electronic items.

    I love the buttons on that frame. Adorable.

  63. Sandy

    no etsy of my own…no on-line shopping either. quiet honestly i hate to shop…mostly because i hate to spend money…but hey, if it’s FREE it’s for me! bring it on katie!!!

  64. Melissa N.

    My favorite thing to shop for is purses – I can’t have enough! *lol* I swear my husband will go insane if I get another one.

  65. oh yes, I discovered Etsy last year and fell in love. Whenever it’s time to give a gift to someone, I always shop around on Etsy trying to find the perfect thing.

    My sister(being the wonderful sister that she is) made me a jewelry hanger from a frame several years ago. It’s not as fancy as these ones, but I sure do love it!!

  66. I love to shop for handmade knit items – especially stuff for my baby coming in August!!!!

  67. Katie Rivera

    I don’t have 1 thing in particular that I like to shop online for – – but I do a TON of browsing trying to find that special something…

  68. Heather

    I will shop for groceries online if i possibly could. However my favorite thing is probably bags….specifically messenger/laptop type bags…it is VERY close to quite possibly taking over my shoe shopping fetish…to which my husband may approve because my shoe fetish makes him nervous and to him bags are cheaper…(i don’t agree…but whatever). my current favorite etsy shop to which my attention keeps being drawn is craftieROBOT becuase there is just alot of vintage looking awesomeness that makes me happy.

  69. My favorite thing to shop for online is….anything! I love not having to go out of my house to buy things! I did most of my Christmas shopping online this year, and I’ll never go back! 🙂

  70. Jen C

    i love love love etsy. always fun to pounce through stores. that’s what i do most of the time i’m shopping on there.

    i also love . it showcases all of the things on there that are a mess. now, as i said, i love etsy, so many beautiful things, but some of the things on there are just horrible.

  71. Marie

    I have yet to discover the delights of Etsy, so thanks for this great showcase of etsy artists 🙂

    I also love torturing myself by ‘window shopping’ online, but my online shopping consists of looking up horses that are for sale on an Irish horse sales website (it makes sense cos I’m from Ireland!) and this is torturing me because at the moment I can’t afford to buy a horse or even keep a horse! But I’m working towards that goal slowly but surely 🙂

  72. Melody Durham

    My favorite thing to shop for online is anything I’m too embarrased to buy in a store! 🙂 Also, textbooks. I literally save hundreds of dollars every year that way.

    I’m making Etsy a bookmark as Mother’s Day is coming up and I need some ideas.

  73. So glad you are featuring Etsy artists. It is such a fun place to shop!

    I also shop online for baking items and clothes. I create a huge wish list on and then just hope and hope that someone will see what I want and get it for me since I can’t always get everything for myself. 🙂

  74. Beth

    I just love to look – I buy my face wash products online (DHC from Japan) and I get a few things here and there. I haven’t spent much time on ETSY but I will be heading that way now!

  75. my favorite thing to shop for online is handmade jewelry on Etsy. My favorite shop is called birdznbeez… it’s fabulous! she add vintage watchworks to a lot of her pieces, which is very cool!

  76. I love I have two friends that sell there and I am going to forward them your post!!

    I love to shop for clothes for my 5 y/o and 2 y/o. There are some great sales on line and I get so excited when there is free shipping! LOL

  77. September

    I love the hair bows…sadly, my seven year old is beginning to rebel, so I must find a new obsession. Thanks for the links!

  78. Emily

    Currently I’m a big fan of shopping for anything that is dubbed to be an “organizer” of any sort. Oh, and adorable little baby girl clothes in the event that we ever have a daughter. Baby boy clothes are cute, but now that we have a son, I’ve moved on to tutus and sundresses with diaper covers.

  79. Oh, I don’t have an Etsy shop, but I spend WAY too much time there. Got WONDERFUL save-the-dates, address stickers, and “we’ve moved” cards from ColorButton, my wedding hairpiece from Lulusplendor, and a GORGEOUS photograph from flandersfield, just to name a few of my FANTASTIC experiences.

  80. I feel your pain Katie; we’re saving for a house so not much shopping happening in my neck of the woods. BUT, if I could, I’d buy re-purposed items like the handbags from Mandinka Designs (member of EcoEtsy.) She reclaims and recycles old men’s suits into gorgeous handbags!!! They make me swoon!

  81. I have to say, my favorite thing to shop for online are kitchen gadgets. My husband has recently gotten VERY into cooking hispanic food (I know, I’m super lucky), so I’ve been showering him with obscure cooking things- churro maker, tortilla press, molcateje for guacamole. This works for both of us, as he gets encouraged to cook more, and I get to eat more, AND don’t get yelled at for shopping.

  82. My favorite thing to show for is stuff for my sister! I love finding little accessories that I know she’ll love

  83. Audrey

    I don’t have an etsy shop just yet, but let me just say that (a) my fiancee would LOVE for me to corral my jewelry onto one of those screen things (so great!) and (b) I do not yet have a pretty hanger for my wedding dress to hang on. The one pictured above with the white and yellow gingham ribbon? Fabulous!

    (Oh, and, not that it will ever beat the experience of browsing through a bookstore, but I love me some for online book buying.)

  84. Jess

    I love etsy, and I love to shop online. I could shop all day. I DO shop all day sometimes…window shopping online is pure bliss! I love to buy clothes for me, clothes for my baby, cute hats from etsy for my friend’s daughters, on and on and on. And once I start, I find it’s hard to stop.

  85. recently i’ve been camera + lense shopping online. it’s addictive. & dangerously expensive.

  86. Sara

    Goodbye, boring Friday afternoon at work, hello Etsy! Where have you been all my life?? 🙂
    I Love shopping for baby. I have a 5 month old baby boy and there is SO MUCH STUFF on the internet. It beats driving to Babies R Us any day.

  87. Carla

    My friend Becky Strom has a great Etsy store where she sells her artwork. Check it out!

  88. My favorite thing to shop for online is home decor or jewelry.

  89. AmyV

    I’m very addicted to shopping on etsy! I have bought custom jewelry for my bridesmaids, tons of gifts for my nephew, necklaces for me, a fancy camera strap, prints and stuff for my home, and the list goes on! I just love supporting everyday artists and buying unique hand-made items!

    I sew purses, make up bags, aprons, diaper bags, baby bibs and blankets, belts, etc.. I’ve had a lot of word-of-mouth sales recently but havent had the time to set up an official etsy shop. (I hope to have one up and running soon.) I’ll keep you posted because I would love to do a giveaway in coordination with your blog… it’s my favorite!!!

  90. Omaha Kat

    I love to “window shop” online but am sometimes too intimidated to buy. (for whatever reason.) I love to look!

  91. I LOVE ETSY! My “I Want That” list is sooooo long. I’ve actually contemplated opening a store myself… to make money so I can turn around and buy other artists’ stuff! ;-P I think your idea of featuring readers will actually get my butt in gear. Thanks MC!

  92. Deana

    My favorite Etsy show is Two florida Girls. I went to high school with Katie and I love her patterns and little guy ties. You should look into one for bean.. They are adorable!

  93. What a fun idea! I love Etsy, such gorgeous stuff. My favorite place to shop online most of the time is Amazon. It just seems to have EVERYTHING. Gotta love anything you could want in one place.

  94. These are a few of my favorite things…

    I LOVE ETSY!! All the craftiness I could never even dream of doing on my own. I’m a particular fan of handmade baby/children accessories. Hair bows that sparkle for my baby girl and little onesies with ties for my son who is on his way. I also spent days perusing the site for vinyl wall decorations for our new home.

  95. Krista

    My favorite shop right now is mauidivegirl. She has very pretty, simple and inspirational jewelry. I am a jewelry girl, so it’s fun. One bonus, she’s in Hawaii, so it feels decadent to order fun stuff from Hawaii :o) I am like you and really don’t know where to start, but I always end up starting with her.

  96. NIkki

    I always “shop” for clothes on-line and then freak myself out that nothing is going to fit, and end up going to the store anyway. The website that usually gets my money though, is Amazon. Most of the time I don’t need what I buy….

  97. Kari

    I recently discovered Etsy, and love it! Although I too get lost. I just love that blue jewelry frame with the flower! My favorite thing to shop online for is books.

  98. Dayla

    No Etsy shop for me…I’m SO NOT ARTISTIC. But I am Creative when it comes to spending $$ online! I love to buy kitchen gadgets, hair products, & anything on sale!

  99. I’m certainly not in a place where I can have an Etsy shop right now. My real job would get in the way. Makes me want to think of things I can make and sell later in life though…you know when I’d rather be at home with little ones than the 8-5 grind. I do all of my Christmas shopping online and fully intend to dive into Etsy for my shopping this year.

  100. I WISH I were creative enough to put anything on Esty. I love browsing, though! Especially the jewelry

  101. Michelle

    I’m not crafty enough to have a shop…but I am a serious online shopper. I buy almost everything online!

  102. Lauren Garcia

    No etsy shop here but i love to buy everything for christmas online..that and on-sale movies 🙂

  103. I have a favourite etsy shop but that’s because my friend runs it. 😉 She has more talent than anyone I know. Anyway, her link (

  104. Sarah

    I love etsy! My favorite thing to shop for online are kids clothes – wait until you have a girl : )

  105. Jackie

    online shoe shopping is my drug of choice.

  106. Sarah

    I love etsy and love to shop for jewelry online through etsy. Also I’ve bought some amazing feather headbands and fascinators through etsy!

  107. Leslie

    I luuurvee etsy. Our soon to arrive baby boy’s room is decorated in many a fine thing from that place. I love to shop for anything online… clothes, shoes, home stuff and the list goes on.

  108. I’m new to your site but so excited to have found you! I am a Floridian (grew up in Titusville) and am now living in North Carolina.

    I <3 ETSY with a passion. The best way to keep track of all your favorites is to create and account. On the right hand side you can HEART and item or HEART a seller’s shop. Then you are all set!

  109. cathy

    My favorite thing to shop for is art.

  110. Lee

    I love to shop for SO many things online, etsy, ebay, craigslist anything, anywhere, you name it…but right now my obsession is a: Babies R Us registry for our soon-to-be-due baby boy (b/c registries are like shopping but not actually buying anything) and for super cute funky baby room finds like bedding and mobiles…just bought an blue toile upholstered rocking chair from craigslist;)

  111. I don’t think I have a single favorite… I love buying clothes, books, and shoes. Buying gifts via Etsy is so much fun too!

    Love those jewelery displays. So pretty!

  112. Katie

    I love to shop for books online. The prices are great, especially for used books, and I can always find what I need.

  113. Ginny

    I think I may be excluded from this one since Michelle is my BFF and we’ve already made some of those together and I’m supposedly getting the wedding hanger (which I’ll only believe it when I see it… I’d bet $200 you’ll keep it for youself. HAHA). But, just in case you want to know, I love shopping for dog accessories for Sugar and stationary online. And also love, love this outdoorsy website called

  114. Etsy rocks.

    This is not my shop, but I absolutely love it – eyemasks by BibBon: I’ve bought several! They’re incredibly comfortable. I buy them as gifts for friends, and I myself can no longer sleep without one. SO WONDERFUL.

  115. Darcy

    I love etsy and browse it often, but have never bought anything from there… I really need to get on that. The tutu is so adorable! Love the jewelry hangers too… I always find so much at Etsy that I love.

    When I do shop online, I typically go to Amazon and mostly buy music and books… I’m in a book club and getting to Borders can be a pain, so once we decide on a monthly book, Amazon gets my business.

  116. […] the article here: Etsy Day! Author: admin Categories: News Tags: ginny, gown-hangers, her-shop, her-wedding, love, shop, […]

  117. Angie

    I’m addicted to Etsy – my current obsession is anything with a vintage bird motif, so I am constantly scanning etsy for cute bird-themed steals!

  118. i wish i had an etsy shop! instead, i do enjoy shopping online once in a while. I love to buy things on sale at jcrew!

  119. Kelly

    I LOVE Etsy! When I was planning my wedding I spent way too much time (and money) shopping on there. Now my favorite thing to shop for is baby girl things for my first niece who will be born in August.

  120. Dorice

    Oh my gosh, I love those framed jewelry displays. And, truth be told, this past christmas was the first time I have really tried online shopping (in a big way). And, I have to admit, it was awesome. 3 hours in my jammies, sipping coffee and most of the christmas shopping was done.

    Thanks for posting.

  121. Hallie

    I love etsy! My favorite thing to shop only for is clothes or homegoods. I also love shopping for presents around Christmastime. I also love your blog!

  122. amybee

    I love etsy. I like shopping for art prints of dachshunds. (Husband says stop already.) Also like the art of Sarah Jane Studios.

  123. Adrienne S.

    I don’t have an etsy shop because…well because I’m not crafty in the least!! I’d love to be, but I just don’t have the imagination BUT I am great at shopping! I do 95% of my shopping online. My favorite thing to buy online are clothes…right now it happens to be maternity clothes:)

  124. Keshet

    My favorite thing to shop for online would be scrapbook supplies!

  125. I love to shop online and save lots of money that way. My favorite thing to shop for online is bargins!!!

  126. Well, I shop for EVERYTHING online so I’m not sure I can really name a favorite. But I have found so many fun etsy shops that sell prints with ironic sayings on them. Seems a small niche, but there are tons of them and they’re very funny 🙂

    That tutu would be PERFECT for my first niece – who is due in August on my birthday (how fun is that?)

  127. Kelly H.

    I like to shop for deals online. I love a good sale!

  128. Laura L.

    I don’t have an etsy shop but I love to shop online for . . . puppies! is my favorite:) but my husband says that two puppies are enough for now!

  129. Jill

    I love shopping for books and toys. I don’t have a favorite Etsy store. But, I do enjoy Cora’s store when it is open. She has some cute clothes and it goes to a good cause!

  130. Jen

    I love Etsy…especially the jewelery and the handknit items!!

  131. Oh, I love Etsy! I’m not crafty enough to actually sell the shapeless objects I knit and call scarves — which is about as far as I go — but it’s so much fun to look at others’ talents!

    During my insomniac days last winter I fell into an online shopping addicting centered around sexy shoes and cute dresses to wear to work. I’m still in recovery.

  132. I was referred to your blog by a friend today! And just reading a few of your blogs, i cant wait to start following you religiously!

    I recently started my own etsy shop with handcrafted hair excessories!
    I am a stay at home mommy of 2 and also do majority of my shopping online. There is no better way to do it and the feeling of the doorbell ringing and your packages arriving is like none i can explain!

  133. Jana

    i am not on etsy but i have a dear friend who is. her pottery & photography are awesome, here’s the link:

  134. There are two things that I love to shop for online…jewelry and baby items. And the best etsy shop for this (ok, I am a little biased ’cause they’re friends) is SistersLuvCrafts. Beautiful one of a kind jewelry and adorable baby items. Also, lots of bags and purses. All very cute!

  135. Kimberly

    I love shopping at this one Etsy shop…she makes lockets. So pretty!

  136. My favorite thing to shop for online is everything!

  137. Heather

    I love those frames!! I don’t have an Etsy store, but I love to browse the homemade jewelry.

  138. Jessica

    I don’t have an Etsy site, but I LOVE to shop for outfits online… ohhh and vacations (does that count?) Then I will try to match outfits for a ‘dream’ vacation I want to take. *sigh*

  139. I have an etsy (which I’m in the process of stocking) and also the Australian Etsy alternative as well. I do drawings 🙂 The shop should be up and running for my 4th blog anniversary in early April.

    I *heart* handmade!

  140. i love shopping for deals online!
    i also love to do any sort of sewing, crafting and i enjoy making invitations, i haven’t bought invites for over 5 years. birthdays, showers, even my own wedding invites, i made them all myself, it’s so much fun!
    i’m working on a new blog right now to try and start selling fabric crafts…totes, gift bags, diaper/wipe holders, keepsake quilts, etc…fun, easy stuff I sew. it’ll be a little while till it’s Etsy worthy though. i’ll email you when I’m more organized and hopefully do a giveaway with you.

  141. I love to shop for my little girl. I am starting to look for gifts for her first birthday in May!

  142. I love to shop for many things online so I am excited about checking out etsy! I mainly buy little baby girl clothes for my precious baby girl:)

  143. Jennifer

    I LOVE etsy!!!!! I love shopping for jewelry online (although I can’t afford it)!

  144. I’m a clearance clothes shopper… 🙂

  145. I like finding kitchen gadgets online, It is hard to find the perfect one in actual stores.

  146. kaki

    shoes. and maybe things to go with the shoes.

  147. Jen

    I shop for clothes online. It’s much easier to just get online and pick things I like than going from shop to shop to find something great.

  148. Kimberly

    i love to look up where garage sales are online… then go look for great finds for our home! Like this morning… got a cute chalkboard for our kitchen!

    Other than that… love to browse for clothes.

    Oh! And fabric to recover old furniture at you should request a catalogue!! SOOOO fun. Great for ideas!

    And it’s too cute!

    Phew.. 🙂

  149. Andrea in MN

    I bought a cool jewelry “tree” that hangs on the wall from Etsy. It helps organize my necklaces, so they don’t get tangled!

  150. Jenna

    My favorite thing to shop for online outside of Etsy is probably books … my favorite Etsy sellers are “thehomespunraven” and “malindi” LOVE Etsy!

  151. My favorite thing to shop for on Etsy are headbands! Pretty headbands with feathers. =)

  152. Michelle

    All of those are adorable!

    My favorite thing to shop for online at the moment is baby stuff for my precious girl that is due in one week.

  153. I love shopping for beautiful cards and notepaper – even though I’m really bad at actually getting down to sending letters!

    (btw – I am selling some lovely jewellery in my bookshop at the moment in aid of orphaned children in Uganda. It’s not online so unrelated to this post – but I’m doing a giveaway tomorrow, so be sure to stop over at DOTC and enter) 🙂

  154. Rebecca Balderas

    I love Etsy! I have so many favorite sellers. I get so inspired just looking at what people make on Etsy.

  155. Emily

    Mmmm Etsy is brilliant! I like looking for little quirky brooches and figurines – anything old-school and unique!

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