Rental Home Tour in Florida, Take Two

Earlier this week I tried posting this video of our new rental home in Florida, but we think there was something wrong with the video because our site started having some problems that afternoon.  I thought I’d try to post it one more time to see if we have better luck.

We downsized for the next 6 months from a 3 bedroom, 2 bath cape cod in Connecticut to a 2 bedroom 1 bath in Florida.  We plan to be here for the next six months to a year while we look for a place to buy in Orlando.  Until then, we sort of feel like we’re camping.  Or living in dorms again.  But we’re trying our hardest to make it feel like home.

Come on in, ya’ll!

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13 Thoughts to “Rental Home Tour in Florida, Take Two”

  1. Wow, so weird to hear your voice since every time I read your blog you have my voice (in my head!) =P It’s small but cozy. Thanks for letting us in!

    1. oops – I forgot your cardinal rule of spreading Blog Joy! <3

  2. I must say I LOVE the picture that is on your wall right outside of the kitchen! Cute little home and happy house hunting!

  3. Thanks so much for allowing us a peek into your home! I know from experience how difficult it is to try and shove 5 years of house living into a tiny apartment, and you’ve done well! So what if the sodas have to live on the kitchen floor and the living room chair is in your bedroom, you have Chris and Bean and your health! You’ll make anywhere you are a wonderful home for your family!

  4. I totally feel your pain when it comes to the tiny kitchen! I too store food and other kitchen wares on the counters/on top of the refrigerator/wherever I can find space. Like you we are renting at the moment so hopefully one day we will have some additional space.

  5. Kandace

    I still cant seem to watch the video:(

  6. Oh gosh, I feel for you guys. The challenges of small housing!

    We lived in a tiny, tiny one bedroom unit last year. The whole place was actually a big, old house that had been converted into four units, and, unlike your sweet little house, ours was awful. There was absolutely NO storage space, so most of our stuff was left in boxes jammed in corners. Our food always lived out on the bench and fridge, too – we had nowhere to chop! Our bed didn’t really fit in the bedroom, AND halfway through the year we had to fit a cradle in there, too. Oh, and our bathroom/laundry opened right on to the shared back deck, and we couldn’t get Internet or TV reception. Glorious!
    We have a new place now. I like to to think that our last place made me appreciate this house so much more.

    It’s good to see that you’re making the most of your new digs – it seems it’s worth it just to be in Florida for you guys!

    (Oh, and rental curtains. You gotta love ’em. :P)

  7. Heather

    Wow that is tiny! Did you and Chris go down and apartment hunt or did you have some help searching for a temporary home before you moved?

  8. It looks cozy! We are living in our first home now at a tiny 800 feet, which is just great for us now, but I shudder at the thought of fitting a baby up in here!

  9. Considering it’s a downsize and you haven’t been there long, you guys look pretty well moved in! I also noticed you have the same swing and jumperoo that we have 🙂

  10. So, did Chris pick this place out himself when he was down in FL? Because I’m not sure I would trust my husband to do such a thing. He would see a nice back deck and immediately say “i’ll take it!” without even considering how many cabinets are in the kitchen or how big the bathroom is… I’m working on him for when we actually buy a house.

  11. Cute little house– it will be nice for when Bean starts walking since you will be able to see him wherever he goes:)

  12. I’m just getting to see this now because I was away on travel…WOW! Thanks for sharing 🙂 You all looked pretty moved in, but I know how that is–trying to work things that seemed to fit so well into your old space—into the new space! Sorry to hear about the dinning set, hopefully when you move again it can be repaired. I’m glad you have a lot of light and a big back yard!

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