Sunshine on My Shoulder Makes Me Happy

After Bean’s haircut yesterday (and before the colossal meltdown at dinner that night), we took him to the park with Chris’ sister, Annie, to celebrate what a big guy he was getting his hair cut.  It was his first time in a park.  I think he liked it.  What about you?

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35 Thoughts to “Sunshine on My Shoulder Makes Me Happy”

  1. Jessica

    He looked like he has so much fun! I love the pic of Chris and Bean on the swings together. Adorable!

  2. Just read the other post. Yes, this definitely makes me want one. And even in the other one, he still looks sweet as pie.

  3. Mmm…pretty darn cute, but I don’t know. I had this fantasy about babies being easier than puppies in that at least you could take them with you places… Who am I kidding? Definitely cute enough to be tempting.

  4. Bean looks like a whole new baby. Digging the do little dude.

  5. AAAAAAH! That haircut! SO DAMN CUTE! Nate went in a swing for the first time last week at My Gym. He didn’t ever want to get out. He was probably hoping that I’d push him so high that he would have the opportunity to flip out of the swing (daredevil that he is!).

    Sorry about your dinner adventures but I’m with you. Parenthood has made us feel bad about passing judgment on all those parents in restaurants that we encountered prior to becoming parents ourselves…. And, as the kid’s parent, I think we’re hypersensitive to situations and (hopefully) strangers didn’t think it was all that bad….hopefully….

  6. I’d say he had a blast! (and so did Chris on the swings!)

  7. Dude, how tall is Bean? He looks SOOO TALL in those photos!

  8. Oh my goodness. I love the second to the last picture of him the post! He looks thrilled! And all those cute teeth!

  9. Kat

    Oh my gosh is he the cutest Bean ever! I just love that new haircut! And your pictures are amazing. What settings are these taken in?

  10. It’s all about the swings and slides at our place! We have a few playgrounds within a 10 minute walk and my son just loves it there. We have pictures of him from last winter, all bundled up, propped up by pillows in the swing (now he has grown into the seat), with a face full of glee.

    Nice hairvut – the bean cleans up well!

  11. Love, love, LOVE the new haircut! Adorable!


  12. I can’t believe how much lighter his hair looks. He looks like a completely different baby. What a cutie pie! I can’t wait for it to warm up here so I can take mine to a park too! I hope you guys love Florida and make a happy life there.

  13. Mara

    You guys look like such FLORIDIANS!! Welcome back to a life where having a winter wardrobe means putting on socks once in a while. I hope you enjoy every moment!! 🙂

    1. Katie

      Its like riding a bicycle… 🙂

  14. What a fun time! Does he have red hair? It always looked brown before the haircut, but in those outside pictures it looks red!

  15. My head is about to explode from all this cuteness!

    Bean’s two front teeth – adorable!

  16. Wow, now I’m totally torn from reading the dinner post and then seeing this ridiculously awesome cuteness…!

    1. Katie

      Welcome to my life. If he wasn’t so darn cute and snuggly, I’d give him to Goodwill. 🙂

  17. Courtney

    So cute. He really doesn’t look possessed here at all. LOL.

  18. I am really happy for your family. Your new life is looking pretty good (even with the occasional horrifying dining experience).

    That baby kills me with his cuteness!

  19. Tracy

    Seeing his totally adorable bare feet makes me terribly jealous. Here in Oklahoma we had snow a few days ago, and a cold, yucky rain today!
    Congratulations on your move – it’s such an exciting time for your family!

  20. Jessica

    LOVE the last two, Katie! Nice experimenting with camera angles.

  21. Oh my!! Beautiful pictures! We have tried out swings recently too 🙂

  22. Lee Ann

    Maybe during the restaurant meltdown, Bean just wanted to be back on the swing? Maybe when you got into the car, he thought you were taking him to the park (read “fun”) when in realty, you were taking him to some boring (read “adult conversation”) restaurant? Cause he sure looks like he’s having fun here!

  23. He’s so happy and precious … melts my heart
    and secretly (or not so secretly now I guess) makes me want to have another baby

  24. Christina

    After just reading about Bean’s meltdown this definitely helps remind you of happier times and a good balance of life with a little tot! He’s so darn cute!!!!

  25. Darling, darling, and darling. I love his teeth…so cute! What fun to go out in the sunshine almost all year…it makes me think I could live there after all.

  26. Tressa

    LOVE the big boy haircut!! He looks so grown up now!
    Those four little teeth….adorable!
    I’ll say it AGAIN….he is precious 😉

  27. Ack! I go on vacation and when I come back I find that you have shaved the baby! It looks good though. 🙂

  28. Ella

    Bean looks like he had a great time! His haircut is sooo cute!

  29. Cindy In Owensboro, KY

    Those are some of the cutest pictures ever!! Love the last couple with his little teeth showing:) You guys are really blessed. It’s moments like these that make babies all worth it– it is also so awesome that you both were with him on his first trip to the park.

  30. And how oh HOW can they be so cute yet make you want to pinch their little cheeks off?!

    He looks like he is adjusting to Fla quite nicely. And I have to say…we are thoroughly jealous of the nice and warm onesie wearing weather! Can’t wait!

  31. Theresa

    Soo cute! He looks like such a little man with that haircut and those cute little teeth!

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