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28 Thoughts to “It’s A Girl!”

  1. I love the look on his face, like “Dad, why are you allowing this nonsense?!”

  2. Ha ha ha ha….I laughed at this photo for a good minute. Kids are the greatest to put things on their heads.

  3. His expression is what makes the entire thing that much funnier!! Like, ‘are you serious?’

  4. HaHA!! Poor Bean! Daddy better start steppin’ it up!

  5. Totally awesome! I think putting your son in bows and headbands is definitely the way to go about getting a baby girl.

  6. hahaha that is priceless. Bean looks so indignant.

  7. Heather in ND

    Haha! Poor Bean!

  8. Sandy

    i think bean just called you a dirty word =-)

  9. I love the look on his face. It had me laughing hysterically.

  10. Dyanna

    Ha! Adorable….although coming from twitter I thought this was gonna be something totally different….

  11. Nate's Mom

    Oh. That’s not a happy camper that you have there…!

  12. It’s like he’s saying, “WHAT THE HELL, WOMAN???” laughing my butt off here!

  13. Haha! I’ve done that with My son with the hairbows I make….

    the look on his face is priceless!

  14. Tammy N.

    Hahahahahaha!!! This made my day. My husband even laughed! Thanks!

  15. Cindy In Owensboro, KY

    That made me laugh– thanks!

  16. Keep it up and I am sure that Chris will cave any day!

  17. Jen


  18. Bwahaha….

    Poor kid. He looks more than a little concern. But hey, at least you didn’t go all out and put makeup on him or anything.

  19. Lol! What a good little sport. Cute blog!

  20. haha! I love the fact that you have an entire tag called “Angry Bean”. Hilarious!

  21. Ella

    Lol! Thats so funny

  22. Ashley

    Bahahahahahaha this totally made my night! Best post ever!Bean is way too cute for words!

  23. Marie

    Ha ha ha! Bean will never forgive you for that!

  24. Bean’s expression is priceless! Though I don’t know why – I’d wear that headband with pride!

  25. Ash

    Seriously, if I didn’t know how creepy it would be, I’d totally make that picture my background on my computer… I may just have to bookmark this post so I can see it when I need to laugh.

  26. Haha! I love it. I always wanted a girl, and now that I have two boys, I have no idea what I would do with a girl if I got one. But I’m sure it would involve many pretty headbands and bows and dresses.

  27. Sarah C. H.

    Haha, poor Bean. Just keep it up. Chris will start fearing that it’s gonna make his son into a pansy and he’ll give in. Hehehe.

  28. Hilarious!!! You’ll totally have to save that picture for his high school graduation party.

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