Reunited and It Feels So Good

Oh, my.

I mean, oh.  my.  goodness.

Yesterday, I was out shopping with my Grandmother and Bean all day and so I didn’t have email or computer access.  When I finally sat down at my computer last night, I was bombarded with emails and Twitter messages all telling me the same, very important piece of information


THE Pioneer Woman.  Ree Drummond.  My imaginary BFF is coming to Orlando.

You might remember the beginning of our friendship when Chris, Bean, and I made the trip into New York to see her at her book signing last year.  She signed my cookbook.  She took a blurry picture with us.  And she made one, small, little comment that she recognized my name from the comments in her blog.

On anyone else, that comment might have been lost.  But to me, she might as well have said, “Hey, do you wanna come over and watch Real Housewives of New York in our PJs and talk about boys?”

That was when I knew she wanted to be best friends.

Shortly after that, Chris and I attacked her on Twitter.  Seriously.  We sent her so many messages, forcing her to be our friends.  It didn’t really work, but she did start following Chris and I on Twitter and we considered that a minor victory.

Once we knew we were Twitter friends and, like, totally meant to be real life best friends, Chris and I started begging – no, more like groveling – to come to PW’s ranch.  We wanted to come out and spend a weekend with her and her family.

Was this creepy?  Sure.

Was this weird?  Absolutely.

Did this make us stalkers?  Possibly.

Apparently, you can smell desperation through the internet and, naturally, PW ignored our requests.  As any sane person would have done.  Probably a good move on her part.  We would have showed up and been so star struck all weekend that it would have left Bean to do the talking for us.  And all he can do is say Ma-Ma and Da-Da and give high fives, so that might have been awkward for everyone.

After that desperate attempt to reconnect with my BFF, Chris and I moved to Florida from Connecticut.  And WHO SHOULD FOLLOW US DOWN HERE BUT THE PIONEER WOMAN HERSELF!  Obviously, she wants to be my friend and is just nervous about reaching out.  So instead, she has followed me to Florida where she will casually hang out until I come see her.

I get it, Ree.  I totally get it.  I know you want to be my best friend, but you really didn’t have to follow me down to Orlando…

Bean was really excited about meeting PW in January.

Here is the part where you, dear readers, come into the picture.  CLEARLY, Ree is unsure of the next step to take in our friendship.  I can understand that.  Imaginary friends don’t often come to life.   But if she just had a little encouragement, then I think it might be possible.  SO…  If you love me as your blogger at all, you can do a little something to unite two long lost imaginary friends.  If you are so inclined – and I do hope you will be! – you can do one or more of the following to help my cause:

1.  Go to Ree’s blog and leave a comment on her Orlando post telling her that you think she should meet me, Chris, and Bean while she is in Orlando.  We’re BFFs, so she will TOTALLY know who you are talking about… (but you might want to mention Confessions of a Young Married Couple just in case…friends can’t remember everything, you know…)

2.  Send Ree a message on Twitter telling her she should meet us while she is in Orlando.  Ree’s Twitter name is @thepioneerwoman.  My Twitter name is @MarriageConfess and Chris’ is @MrConfessions.

3.  Send Ree an email telling her she should meet us while she is in Orlando.  Her email address is

I think if we just flood her little heart with messages, I might actually reunite with my imaginary BFF!  I mean, its the LEAST I can do for her since she followed me all the way here, bless her heart.

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53 Thoughts to “Reunited and It Feels So Good”

  1. LOL – you are lucky you got to go to one! I need to start a petition for her to come to Pittsburgh. 🙂

  2. I know exactly how you feel- and I tried to contact her too- and I only live about an hour away from her.
    Sniff… sometimes celebs are just too big to be real. 🙂
    Good luck!

  3. Krista

    You are HILARIOUS! I missed Ree when she was in Denver, so I am bit jealous.

  4. This is like Ellen’s effort to get on the cover of O magazine!! I love it – and I think it will work. Good luck!

    1. Katie

      And did Ellen get on the cover? OH YES SHE DID!! YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN!

  5. Well when you do see her can you let her know that New Hampshire (or at least Boston or Portland Maine) would like to see her too.

  6. Let the onslaught of messaging begin! Good luck!

  7. HAHA! I’m going to help you out on this one. I would love to see pictures of your two families hanging out in Disney!

  8. Heather in ND

    Oh it’s already been done, as I’m sure you noticed last night–I replied to a Tweet of Chris’!! I hope you guys meet. I would LOOOOVEE to read posts about it–“Together At Last!!”

  9. deana

    She is going to Disney so I was thinking of stalking her there.. J/K!! But seriously I cannot wait for her to come here. Love her blog!

  10. Totally commented and tweeted 🙂

  11. I can’t decide if this is awesome or creepy.

    But I love it.

    And I’m totally onboard.

  12. Jen

    LOL I knew this is what you were up to last night with your secretive tweet. and I’m all for it!


  13. Commented and tweeted. C’mon everyone! Help with the scary stalker-ness!

  14. Haha… I will comment for you! I hope you finally get to hang out!

    I wish she would come to the Reno/Tahoe area!

  15. Or, possibly, she might take out a restraining order. 🙂

    1. Katie

      And the voice of reason finally sounds…

  16. You are too funny! If you get to hang out with her, then I will be insanely jealous and will live vicariously through you… I might even talk about your visit together like you are MY BFF, Or better yet, like I was actually there. 🙂

  17. Haha! I had the same reaction yesterday– SHE IS COMING TO SEATTLE!!!! How early do you suggest we go wait in line? I wish it was a morning thing, but it’s at 5pm on a Saturday.

  18. If you get to meet her you will be my new BFF!!! I so totally get the meeting her thing – she’s just to awesome!
    *scurries off to to tell P-dub she must meet Katie!*

  19. Stephanie Neal

    As soon as I read PW’s post about coming to Orlando, I thought of you guys & how excited you would be! I commented on her blog that she should meet you! Good luck.

  20. Jennifer

    LOL I this is hilarious! I must say I am super jealous that she is not coming to my area. I would love to meet her. Good luck and I hope you get to meet up with her.

  21. Done. Once you guys go from imaginary bffs to real life bffs can I be one too? I’ll bring sushi:)

  22. Oooo, I already commented on her blog yesterday that she should meet up with you. I’m so ahead of the game because I know your heart Miss Katie B. 😉 OK- did that sound wierd? Probably. Whatever.

  23. All three done! Good Luck!

  24. Okay, I will help you out under one condition:

    My sister (Sarah H, who just commented above) and I are planning a trip to Universal Studios to visit Harry Potter World (will you forgive us that we’re total HP nerds?) and we would love to meet you too 🙂 So if you get to meet PW, we get to meet you!! Okay? Okay! 🙂

    1. Oh, so we ARE going on this trip. Fun! Just tell me when 🙂

    2. Katie

      DONE! I’d love to meet you guys!

  25. I agree with Marium (comment way up there ^). How about Burlington Vermont?? hehe.

    And I laughed so hard when I saw that you tagged this post “stalking the pioneer woman.”

  26. This is so cute and funny!! She HAS to meet you! I mean really, who wouldn’t want to?

  27. I am so excited about this too! Orlando is only about 45 minutes from our house so I have to figure out how to beat the rush hour traffic to get there! See you there!

  28. You got it! I love this so much! 🙂

  29. That is so funny! I got excited when I saw that she was going to be there but it’s much earlier than our vacation this year. Wah! She did mention you on her blog when she was talking about the Bloggies this year. Very cool!

  30. I’m totally onboard.

    I’m from Oklahoma too. I’m marrying a farmer. I should have some kind of connection to PW, but I totally don’t. Maybe someday.

    Marla @

  31. I just found out yesterday that she IS coming to Seattle, well Lake Forest anyway, and in two weeks! I started plotting, er planning my striking attire immediately.

    Katie-Begates (I’m weird) I do find it so strange that she hasn’t invited you to the ranch.. it is high time!

    Rooting for ya!

    Tracey @

  32. Isn’t she already your mentor?

    Either way, it’s fun news. She’s coming to Seattle and I’m planning to go! If there’s any parking left in Lake Shore after all her fans converge on the city. 😉

  33. Haha, hilarious! I am debating going out to see her myself, but I don’t know if I could stand the wait in line, especially since I would never be able to get my husband or friends to wait with me. I just haven’t converted enough people into PW fans yet.

  34. Maple

    I’m totally driving to Seattle to meet her. I’ll probably just gape and stare and be a complete creeper…but she loves the freaks so I feel better about it already.

  35. I thought of you when I see that PW was coming to Orlando. And I checked twitter and nothing. Glad you go the notice!!

  36. Okay, so obviously she’s sending you a message by hitting Orlando but my advice is to play it cool. If you’re all like, “Oh, hey, PW. Welcome to my state. I don’t know, if I have time that is, I’ll show you around, maybe. I’m so busy, though. I’ll have to let you know,” she’ll have no choice but to want to be your BFF due to your aloofness alone. Good luck. =)

  37. Marie

    See Katie – doesn’t that make the long, torturous move to Orlando worth it? Now you know PW is secretly stalking your site, she KNOWS you moved, and now she’s following you to Orlando, just to make you feel better about moving 🙂

    And I’ve already hopped on over to tell her to make sure she catches up with you, and that she should add a stop in Ireland to her book tour. She soooo should!

  38. So here is what I said Katie….I hope all of us harrassing the poor woman will help her to see this is the right thing to do! LOL!! We’re such crazy stalker people! 🙂


    P-Dub…I need to talk with you. It’s very urgent. It’s a matter of sanity and insanity, life and death, sercurity and insercurity.

    You must….MUST….meet with Katie, Chris and Bean while in Orlando. P-Dub…I fear for their soul if you don’t. I fear for the amount of disappointment and sadness if you don’t. They just moved…they are stressed out. They need a moment of P-Dub to give them a nice laugh and boost of reassurance.

    Please P-Dub…for the love of blogging…grant them this one small wish.

    Forever in your debt….



    So Katie…if I am ever in Orlando or you are ever in Maryland…we can meet right?

    Cause if you say no….I’ll have my 25 readers harrass you until we can. K? Thanks! LOL!! 🙂

    Just kidding on the 25 readers part…maybe 10. LOL!!

    So until then we can be Twitter friends right? I am reddirtandcrazy and I already follow you. YEAH!! Can’t wait!

  39. I have tweeted her so good luck!! hehe

    I saw she is going to Disney World – I have lots of friends who work there! Maybe I can get them to do some recon for you, and you can just be all “oh wow I casually just ran into my best friend in the middle of a hugely crowded theme park what are the ODDS?!” and live happily ever after as best friends riding the Dumbo ride. 🙂

  40. Jen

    KATIE…she is coming to Portland OR on the 19th of April. My hometown. I will make the trip to tell her IN PERSON to visit you in Orlando. But if I get hauled off for having been misunderstood as a stalker…YOU will be my one “blog” call to bail me out. LOL

  41. EmilyC

    I see what’s really going on here – PW is really stalking you. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she’s coming to Orlando and I didn’t buy the whole Disney World thing – she’s definitely stalking you! I’m going to her blog right now to let her know that we know what’s really going on! lol 🙂

  42. Haha, you are totally a stalker! But a loveable one, I think. You guys can stalk me any day. Especially Bean.

  43. Laura

    I left a blog comment for her 🙂
    Unfortunately she’s not coming to Las Vegas… maybe if you meet her you could suggest that she come out here on her next tour 😛

  44. Hey, good luck with that, if nothing else you can bombard her with cute pictures of your little one and she’s sure to cave!

  45. Chloe

    I read your blog every single night, but I’m a pretty lazy reader. I never comment. I just suck the entertainment right out of you and leave nothing in return….until tonight. I have never read Pioneer’s blog ever, but I 100% left her a comment to support your creeping. 🙂

    PS: You crack me up every single night, and I bore my poor fiance to tears telling him about all the amazing hilarious things you wrote. (Boys just don’t get it.)

  46. Hey, what about her meeting ME when she’s in Orlando? 😉
    Just kidding…I know she’s taking her family to Disney and it’s not a tour. So bummed.

  47. dave

    You all are crazy

  48. Katie, you are awesome! I adore PW so much I talk about her as if she actually knows who I am. 😉 When this campaign succeeds please reward us with photos and the like. Ooooooh! Maybe you can make a vlog post together. That would be so super fun! Also, maybe during lunch or after dinner drinks or something can you please tell her that Kristin says hi? Thanks bunches!

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