I Wear My Sunglasses At Night (And whenever else my parents make me)

Since we’ve moved to Florida, I feel like mine and Chris’ main goal as parents is to get Bean to wear sunglasses as often as possible.  And not even because of the sun safety aspect.  We just think its hysterical.  So, we put glasses on him and then laugh at him.

Because we’re good parents.

Note the ghetto tooth in this picture…

Most of the time, Bean’s a good sport about it…

Sometimes he tries to crawl away…

But at the end of the day, I don’t think he holds it against us.

I think he understands that his parents are just very easily amused.

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13 Thoughts to “I Wear My Sunglasses At Night (And whenever else my parents make me)”

  1. Courtney Sloane

    This child is just too adorable.

  2. What is the fun in having children if you can’t mock them?

  3. Jessica

    Aww Bean man with the half tooth 🙁

  4. Bean is the cutest thing! We love sunglasses around here!

  5. how cute! We just got my 6 mo old some baby sunglasses. Not sure how he feels about them yet!

  6. He looks so BIG in these pictures… And adorable too.

    Marla @ http://www.asthefarmturns.wordpress.com

  7. Daddies with their babies are pretty much the cutest things ever.

  8. babyGap makes pretty good baby sunglasses that fit my son’s face really well (and are super cute of course). nice pics!

  9. Betty

    So cute! At least he’s happy about them. He should be, he is rockin’ the glasses!

  10. Sunglasses on babies are almost as funny as sunglasses on pets.

    Clearly, your dog is next.

  11. Funny and Cute! We just took a picture of Little Man in sunglasses the other night! Gotta get that picture off my camera soon and on the WWW!

  12. Lacy

    So cute!! You should get him some baby sunglasses! We did for our 10 month old, but he won’t keep them on! haha

  13. Tina

    haha! That’s hilarious! They do make sunglasses for little tots ;] As a Florida citizen.. all my neices and nephews have some. I told my hubby about beans ghetto tooth. I think he likes your blog as much as I do lol!

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