Wedding Weekend Extravaganza, Part II

The rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding at the Pensacola Yacht Club


Bean having dinner with me and my Aunt Joan


Part of the wedding party


Michelle, Ginny’s best friend since 6th grade, getting ready for her toast


These three girls have been best friends since 6th grade and somehow all managed to get engaged at the same time! Their weddings are within 3 months of each other.


My dad, me, my sister, and my mom. (Please ignore my frizzy hair. Humidity sucks.)


I LOVE this picture of my dad. He has such a great laugh!

The morning of the wedding, the bridesmaids met at the salon to get our hair done…


At the salon


My sweet Momma getting her hair done


At the salon


Before and After they straightened my hair


The beautiful bride


My pretty Grandma


Ginny checking out her gorgeous hair do


Such a bridal ‘do!


Testing out the hair with her veils


Putting on the cathedral length veil



My mom, sister, and me we to a different place after the hair salon to get our make up done…


Gosh, Gin! Could you be a LITTLE happier, please?


SKIN Salon in Pensacola. They were amazing!


Checking out my make up


My hair…All 50 pounds of it…


Mother of the Bride getting her make up done


Chris got stuck driving us around all morning. He was not as excited about the make up as we were.


With her make up done, my mom starts to get excited about the wedding!!

Up next?  We arrive at the church and the first look at Ginny’s wedding dress!!!!  Stay tuned…

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31 Thoughts to “Wedding Weekend Extravaganza, Part II”

  1. Beth

    🙂 You all look so nice. Chris looks like he needed a caffeine IV

  2. Heather in ND

    Great pics!! Thanks for bringin’ us along for the ride! 😀

  3. Lee Ann

    This is so much fun! Thanks for sharing! (Although I do wonder HOW I’ll manage to get anything done here at work today, as of course I’ll HAVE to check in everytime I have the chance!) Can’t believe you look so relaxed with those pulled muscles (… or were those the pain meds kicking in? ha, ha!)

  4. Angela

    You all look so pretty!
    Hahaha, poor Chris.

  5. Dayla

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Smashbox cosmetics! You, Ginny, & your mama looked beautiful!!

  6. Gorgeous photos! You guys look AMAZING!

  7. Your whole family looks beautiful! And the smile on your sisters face is beaming!

  8. Love the bib in the first picture – where ever did you get it 😉

    1. Katie

      This AWESOME blog reader sent it to me from her Etsy store!!

      (Thanks again! It looked so great and got so many compliments!!)

      1. I was wondering the same thing..the bib is soo cute. Can you share which etsy store?

  9. Looking at these pics I’m getting so excited!!

  10. So fun and happy!! There is something so cool about watching the transformation of a wedding party…women who were already beautiful become totally radiant! Your hair looked gorgeous! I love wedding ‘dos!! Her hair was so pretty, too.

  11. I love weddings!! I’m so excited to see more. I’m going to check back every 15 minutes lest I miss a single shot…

  12. Joke

    Gorgeous hairdo’s!
    But Katie, I also like your frizzy hair! Don’t fret about it :):):)

  13. I love the photo of Michelle getting ready for her toast – I think it encapsulates everything great about wedding toasts.

  14. I love weddings…love them but what I get especially excited about besides the obvious (The CAKE) it’s the frills, the mimosas, the nails, the perfect shade of pink, the smell of the otherwise highly toxic hairspray.. why the primping of course.

  15. Trish

    Gorgeous pictures! Thank you for showing the back of your head! Grins…pretty hairdo…how hard was it to take down the next morning??

    Humidity..don’t you just love it? We had a rainy weekend so my head looked like it wouldn’t fit into a bushel basket!

  16. oh and speaking of all things girls

    the lingerie shower, for you and you and you!

  17. Thanks for sharing the festivities with us! I love watching the transformation of you, your sister, and mom:)
    If you want to see what I was up to last week read this:

  18. That is the coolest bib that Bean is wearing! So perfect for the occasion. There are some clever people in this world I tell ya!

  19. Diana

    Loving the play by play of the wedding day…so much fun!

  20. So much fun! Can’t wait to see how Ginny looked in her dress 🙂

  21. flutter

    I’m getting married near Pensacola in April…do you have the contact info for your hair salon and SKIN? I’d love to check them out!

    1. Katie

      I don’t have their contact info, but you can probably Google it. Our make up girl was Erin and she was AMAZING. Super nice, really easy to work with, and she did a fantastic job! She made us look just like the pictures we picked out!

      1. flutter

        Is this them? Had a bit of trouble finding it the first go; Erin’s name helped!

        1. Katie

          That’s it! Tell Erin that Ginny Tillman’s sister recommended her! 🙂

          1. flutter

            Definitely! I love the blog (naturally!), but I must admit I’m enjoying seeing your sister’s wedding so that I can get a few vendor names! I’m up in Atlanta, so finding local FL vendors has been a little challenging with no one to recommend anyone. THANK YOU. <3

  22. I am loving your play by play of the day! I love weddings! Thanks for sharing all the details! 🙂

  23. Katie, you look so great! I hope I look as good as you do after I have a baby. I’m not just saying that 🙂

  24. Jeska

    Haha poor Chris. You guys all look great though!

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