A Giveaway in Preparation for The Pioneer Woman


We all know that Chris and I stalk The Pioneer Woman, right? First, we met her in New York at her cookbook signing and I took a blurry picture with her and it was the biggest tragedy of my life.

And then Chris and I annoyed her on Twitter and I was afraid we would go to jail, but she ended up following both of us so that one kind of actually worked to our favor.

But now it seems the tides are shifting. Instead of me following her around and begging for her to be my bestest friend on earth, she has now followed me all the way to Orlando where she is doing a book signing tomorrow night at a Barnes and Noble here.

Seriously, PW. I already told you I’ll be your friend. You really didn’t have to come all the way down here.

So, tomorrow night Chris and I are going to take Beaner over to the bookstore to meet our beloved family friend again. Bean is so excited. He can’t decide if he should wear his cowboy boots or not. I’m voting no. Chris says yes.

We are a family divided.

Anyway, as the time of the book signing gets closer and closer, I am getting more and more nervous. In fact, I have almost talked myself out of going. I’m afraid we’ve made complete fools of ourselves and that when we get to the bookstore, security might escort us out.

So humiliating

Or, I’m afraid PW will recognize us as those weirdos who stalk her and she’ll say something like, You people again?€

Also humiliating

I decided the only way to prevent these things from happening is to come bearing gifts. And I found the PERFECT gift for my BFF.

Remember in the late 80s and early 90s when all the girls had friendship necklaces? Well, I found one for PW and me!

Now, she’ll get half the heart and I’ll get the other half and we will officially be best friends. And then maybe she will call off security when they try to kick out her best friend. Hopefully.

Anyway, I figure that I shouldn’t be the only one who becomes friends with PW tomorrow. So, today I am giving away a personalized, signed copy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks. I’ll take the cookbook to the book signing tomorrow and have PW sign it to the winner of today’s giveaway.

To be entered to win, please leave a comment telling me what your favorite type of food is. Mine is Mexican. I can’t get enough of it. Especially the queso. I’m a professional queso connoisseur.

The giveaway will close tonight at 8:00 PM. Be sure to check back tomorrow morning to see if you’re the winner. If I don’t hear from the winner by noon tomorrow, then I’ll choose another winner. I need to make sure I get confirmation from the winner before I have a book signed over to them.  The winner.  (I felt like I needed to throw one more “the winner” in this paragraph…)

Also, if you’re in the Orlando area you should come on out tomorrow, May 12, and meet The Pioneer Woman at her book signing. The signing will be at Barnes and Noble (2418 E Colonial Drive, Orlando) at 6:00 pm. If you see Chris, Bean, and me in line, be sure to say hello!

This giveaway is not sponsored by anyone, especially The Pioneer Woman. Because I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m freaking crazy.

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372 Thoughts to “A Giveaway in Preparation for The Pioneer Woman”

  1. Wooo hoooo first comment! That has to be lucky, right? Anyways, my favorite kind of food is sushi. I love it, especially with the eel sauce. Now if only it would start being cheaper and less trendy so I could eat it more…

  2. Anne

    My weakness is also Mexican. I think I could eat it every day of the week!

  3. Meghan

    I am gonna say my favorite food is Mexican also….but mostly I am just obsessed with Chips and Salsa!

  4. Cristy

    Queso is pretty awesome. But my favorite is Thai! Lots of tofu, basil, and spicy drunken noodles. Yum.

  5. Favorite kind of food – that’s a toughie. And toughie is a word… right? I’m gonna stick with…… Mexican. Not because I want to be a copy cat.. but because I do, in fact, love it. Have fun meeting up with your BFF! 🙂

  6. Beth Shelton

    Well, I will never win being in the first 5 comments but no big deal. 🙂

    My favorite food is whatever I get here in Texas. I will trade anything for a good bowl of gumbo!

  7. Kaitlyn

    My favorite type of food is healthy Italian. The more whole wheat penne pasta and grilled vegetables the better. Oh yeah, and did I mention the olive oil. I know Dr. Oz says that’s good for something!

  8. I almost bought her cookbook the other day, but if I can win a singed one…even better! My favorite food/meal is salad…I know, weird…but I get really excited about a good salad…especially when I make it myself.

  9. I love Italian food.

  10. I love Italian! 🙂

  11. My favorite kind of food is dessert! Does that count? If you made me choose a type, I’d probably say Italian.

  12. Keri

    I love, love, love Thai food. I think it’s the coconut milk. It’s absolutely addicting. So for me, being a southern girl, to say that I love Thai Duck more than my buttermilk cornbread? That’s saying something MAJOR. And I think my Mema just rolled over in her grave.

  13. Michelle

    I go through phases, but right now I can’t get enough of spicy Mexican. The hotter the better!

  14. Kim B

    I love a good steak. Yum!

  15. Diane

    My favorite would also be Mexican…or maybe Italian. Yes, definitely Italian. But there’s also grilled hamburgers…mmm. Ok grilled hamburgers. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…can’t decide.

  16. Jennifer

    Mine is Mexican too! I am something of a nacho connoisseur, and the queso can make or break nachos!

  17. Angie

    I love Italian . . . and Greek / Mediteranian . . . and Mexican . . OK, maybe I just love food?

  18. Whitney

    Italian is my favorite!

  19. tessabella76

    Mmmmmm…..ice cream! That’s a type of food, right????

  20. My favourite food is Poutine! A french Canadian dish made up of french fries, cheese curds and gravy. Even though it is my favourite, I try to avoid it at all costs, because you can literally FEEL your arteries clogging more and more with every bite! You haven’t lived until you’ve tried it though!

    Life is Golden – http://melissa-anne-morris.blogspot.com

  21. Beth

    Good Old American! Cheeseburgers, Grilled Cheese, Mac & Cheese….

  22. Oooo mine is Italian. I’m a sucker for a great plate of pasta. And salad. Yum salad. Plus its fun to think about all those mopeds and people going “Ciao!”

  23. deana

    Can I have more than on?? Mexican, Italian, Greek food.. they are all my weakness!

  24. Pam

    I think my favorite type of food is chocolate. That counts, right? I also really love fruit, fresh or dried.

  25. my weakness is italian. subs, pizza, stromboli, pasta, breadsticks, chicken parm… oh my.

  26. My favorite kind of food has recently become Indian! I didn’t try it until right after I graduated college, and then I was sad that I had missed out on so many years of awesome kormas, curries, and the very best, chicken makhani. In fact, if it wasn’t 9:30 in the morning, I’d want some now!

  27. Mexican. I make a mean fajita. Seriously, you should come over one day and I’ll cook for you. Other than that I’d have to say any type of chocolate and caramel combination lol. Gooey Goodness.

    Have fun with your best friend tomorrow… and take more than one photo with PW or we’ll never hear the end of it!

  28. Rachel

    Italian! I will be seeing PW tomorrow too! My husband is just as excited as Chris to meet her!

  29. Shannon

    I love seafood. Shrimp, lobster… oh so good. That would definitely be my type if I had to pick just one!

  30. Lauren Mc

    Oh goodness… I’d have to say it’s a tie between Mexican and Italian! mmm cheese…. Also, I might have to vote yes for the cowboy boots

  31. MMMmmmmm I too am a lover of Mexican food! Cheesy, spicy, deliciousness!! *grins*

  32. I love all food! haha .. but I would have to say my favorite is Italian.. pizza, pasta.. carbs and cheese yum!
    I would love the Pioneer cookbook!
    I think your necklace is hilarious. You have to take a picture when you give it to her!
    I am doing my first giveaway on my blog.. come stop by..

  33. Katie Rivera

    anything on the grill – YUM!

  34. Amy S.

    My favorite is Mexican too! I’ve been meaning to pick up her cookbook and just haven’t yet. There’s always something else in front of it on my Amazon wish list.

  35. Lindsay

    Mexican food is my all-time weakness (esp Southwestern!)
    But right now I’m going through a spicy Indian faze. YUM!

  36. Love Mexican food! And shouldn’t a PW/BFF use “Weiner” instead of winner? BTW- love your blog!

  37. Heather in ND

    Bahahaha!! This makes me giggle. I like brownies. Yum. Yum. Brownies.

  38. Marie

    OOOh – have fun meeting & greeting with PW, and I think Bean should wear the cowboy boots, although it is highly likely that PW might just want to steal Bean for herself when she sees how cute & adorable he looks. On second thoughts, you might want to leave Bean at home, it might just be safer 🙂

    My favourite food is anything pasta. Absolutely love it, plain or with pesto or with meat, just as long as there is pasta & lots of it 🙂

    1. Marie

      Oh and just in case I get lucky & win this, being from Ireland and the time difference and all, I won’t be online when you’re picking the winner, so if I do win, I’ll just confirm ahead of time that I do want the book to be signed to me. And you might ask PW as well when she’s planning on touring Ireland? Seeing as how you & her are BFFs…

  39. dear katie
    i love breakfast. breakfast means eggs, potatoes, cheese, and some kind of meat substitute like morning star sausages. i love breakfast.
    love, melissa

  40. Amanda

    I love Mexican, but I also enjoy a good steak, salad and loaded baked potato!! I’m a BIG time lurker.. You could be my PW 🙂

  41. Alyssa

    Italian for me! Chicken parm, fettuccini alfredo, spaghetti…yummo!

  42. Can my answer be all food?!

    No, okay, then I will say Mexican (and homemade baked breads and cookies!)

  43. Kate

    Dessert! cookies, brownies, cakes… I’m not picky.

  44. Dyanna

    Mine is Mexican. We eat tacos at least once a week. I love queso, just wish I could make a decent one at home.

    Have fun tomorrow! She’s coming nowhere near my neck of the woods (Lexington, Ky).

  45. Cess

    Mexican or italian!!!! Yum and g reat giveaway!!!

  46. Kat

    Sushi…or Italian….wait, maybe Chinese. Shoot. This is a really hard question, can I have a life line?

  47. Ashley

    I have to agree with you, Mexican is top notch stuff, queso, margaritas, it’s all good…. I base my menu selection based on if it comes covered with queso….

  48. JLOhlmann

    So jealous of you! I really wish I could be down there!!

    Mexican is also my favorite food! I could eat it all day every day!

    P.S. I think I check your blog more than I check PW now…yep it’s the truth! Keep it up! I love to read your posts!

  49. Cess

    mexican or italian! Yum and great giveaway!

  50. Hahahaha you always make me laugh. 😉 I’m right there with you on Mexican!

  51. Lee Ann

    My favorite kind of food is anything that’s bad for me – fried, cheese, salt, sweet – you get the picture! And while I already have one copy of PW’s cookbook, it’s starting to look a little spattered, because I love cooking from it. It would be great to have a nice, clean, “coffee table-worthy” copy. And Katie, your gift for your BFF is fabulous! Have fun!

  52. I just love food, everything…that’s another reason that pregnancy is awesome, eating!
    I do have a particular weakness for tacos though, it has become a bit of a family joke. My best friend and I try new mexican restaurants every time we go out to dinner, mexican food and margaritas, how could you ever get tired of that!

  53. Sonya

    Chocolate! Or Italian. One of those.

  54. Emily S.

    I’m so envious you get to meet her not once, but twice! I’m also addicted to Mexican food- I think I could eat my weight in chips and salsa!

  55. I totally agree with you. Mexican is my favorite. I could eat it every day at every meal. It’s the Texan in me for sure. 🙂

  56. Rika

    Cheese. Love it!

  57. Rachel

    I love Italian food! Anything that is pasta I love!

  58. Kristin H

    My favorite type of food is dessert, particularly one that involves chocolate. However I adore Mexican – if someone told me I could only eat food from one region for the rest of my life I would definitely choose that! Have fun with P-dub tomorrow 🙂

  59. Although I love all food (seriously). I’m Italian…and love me a good pasta! Although we eat Mexican 4 times a week or more. Talk about a family divided.


  60. Kate

    Lately my favorite kind of food is anything bland…I’m 7 weeks pregnant and absolutely nothing with flavor is appealing to me at all!

    Normally I like Italian or Asian cuisine. Although thinking about that even long enough to type it just now made my stomach flip over. I also love just basic, American comfort food.

  61. I love all food but if I had to pick one I’d say seafood.

    I had a similar stalker-y experience with PW…I saw her in a hotel I was staying in Kansas City back in the fall and totally bothered her in the gift shop where she was buying snacks for the punks. I was simultaneous thrilled by our brief and awkward chance meeting and embarrassed for walking up to her like a groupie. Also kicking myself for not having a cookbook with me (because clearly I should carry one around with me at all times for these types of chance encounters) for her to sign!

  62. I also am a huge fan of Mexican Food! I could eat it everyday. I’m so jealous you get to meet PW!

  63. Diane C

    I would have to say mine is Mexican and Italian. I love them both equally. Have fun with P-dub tomorrow. Hopefully you won’t get thrown out for stalking her. 😉

  64. Elisabeth

    This is going to sound ridiculous, but my favorite food is definitely chocolate. I recently had some severe stomach issues, that I think were caused by stress, but the result of which was that I was forced to give up ALL dairy. No foods with milk or butter as an ingredient. Do you know how hard that is?! It was then that I realized how deeply my chocolate dependency truly is. Let’s just say, you do not want to know me if I haven’t had a piece of chocolate that day. So yep, it’s chocolate, and I’ll take super dark zero dairy if that’s what I have to put up with in order to get it.

  65. Never thought I’d say Mexican but MEXICAN! Being 7 1/2 months pregant may have something to do with it, but I can’t get enought. Really isn’t not very funny!
    Watch out Tijuanna Flats here I come!

  66. Shannon

    I tend to go through cycles where I can’t get enough of something for a while and then can’t even look at it again for a year 🙂
    Right now I’m on a mexican kick…mmmmm is it wrong to want chicken fajitas for breakfast?

  67. Ellen

    My favorite is Italian! Loooove me some pasta!

  68. Lissa

    I love American food. Burgers, fries, grilling and all the mix of different ethnic foods that have transformed into American staples!

  69. I don’t know if it’s my favorite, but I sure as hell eat a lot of mexican, so I’ll go with that.

    On another note, my sister just gave me the PW cookbook for my birthday this weekend 🙂 I was so happy! But it wasn’t signed, so if I win I will re-gift my non-signed one to some other friend 😉

  70. Anything from the grill! I’m so excited for grilling season!

  71. Carrie

    I LOVE pasta – I would wallow in a dish of French Acadian Chicken Linguine all night. Seconds, Thirds, wheel me out to the car ; )

    LOVE the pioneer woman – you’re so lucky she’s coming near you, would use that cookbook a LOT!

  72. Mexican…in the past 4 days I have eaten Mexican food 5 times, that means one day we ate it twice!!!

  73. Kelly

    I would also say Mexican. I too love queso. My poor hubby, every time we decide to go out for a date night I always choose Mexican (he doesn’t even ask me anymore). I also have a rockin chicken taco and an AMAZING chicken enchiladas recipe so I cook Mexican food at least once a week.

  74. Cassandra

    I love some South American Food! Mmmm Goat, Mmmm Cow Heart

  75. I love all food equally, and could not possibly choose a favorite. Except cake. And Indian. And stroganoff. And Italian. And pork chops. And all other food. And Cadbury Eggs.

    I also love your PW posts, and can’t wait to find out if she thinks your amazing or insane. (Or what I personally go for in relatinships, both.)

  76. Keli Whaling

    Tex-Mex! We moved from Dallas, Tx to Atlanta over 2 years ago and I still can’t find any tex-mex breakfast served, especially migas. Why hasn’t anyone in the dirty south heard of migas? It’s a real shame. 🙂

  77. I’m with you…I love Mexican! mmm….now I’m hungry.

    I would love a signed copy of her book. I also wish PDub would be my BFF. I just don’t have a huge blog like yours to stalk her so efficiently! Maybe you could be my new BFF?! Then we can both pretend we know PDub on a personal level! What do you say?! 🙂

  78. Shannon

    Italian! I am powerless over pasta. Especially with a cream sauce.

  79. allison

    I LOVE brunch. It’s the perfect solution for someone indecisive like me! Have fun tomorrow!!! 🙂

  80. Beth

    My favorite kind of food is Southern. Nothing better than some dirty rice!

  81. Krista

    I love Mexican Food, can’t get enough of it.

  82. Dan C

    I a lover of Mexican,too! We Missed PW when she was in Portland. Give her a hello from me.

  83. Pizza is my favorite food. I could eat it all day everyday. My husband and I make our own dough in our breadmaker and then make the pizza from scratch – yum!

  84. Jon

    I have to agree with you on the Mexican. We don’t have much good Mexican up here near Boston, but I’ve found at least a few restaurants within a 30 mile radius that are worth the drive. i even converted my wife into a guacamole addict.

  85. Deanna

    Anything I make that actually looks like food. So, usually italian. But I’ll kick up my heels for mexican any day of the week.

  86. Oh Katie, you crack me up. My favorite kind of food is Italian!

  87. Leslie

    Um, is baked goods a food group? If so, cookies, brownies, cupcakes…mmmm.

  88. Mackenzie

    I love pizza!! (I feel like such a kid when I write that)
    Also I really hope that I win because I just missed my chance to see PW when she was here in DC and I really want a signed cookbook of hers!

  89. I LOVE Italian food! If I could eat pasta everyday for the rest of my life, I’d be one happy girl. 🙂

  90. Laura L.

    My favorite kind of food is Mexican, and Chinese, and pretty much anything that is greasy and not good for me 🙂

  91. I love me some good homecooked Italian food! But I also love Mexican, Chinese, Greek, etc… basically I just love food!!!

  92. I’m gonna go with Greek. And SOOO very excited to hear about your adventure. The necklace is BRILLIANT.

  93. oh, definitely thai food! I hope your best friend quest goes well…

  94. Cookie

    Love, love, love Mexican food!

  95. Good luck making Pioneer Woman your BFF! I’m quite jealous!

    As for favorite food, I’m an Italian girl. Well, really, anything heavy in carbs. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to lose the baby weight… 🙂

  96. Michelle

    I love pretty much anything chocolate! Chocolate cake, cookies, fondue, anything!

  97. Ana

    I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Mexican food! That is definitely my favorite.. and especially queso yum yum! But I am not picky I love all food… but Mexican is just so much more yummier with the tortilla chips,salsa, guacamole, beans, rice… really the options are endless! Please pick me 🙂

  98. Sommer

    I love Mexican too!

  99. American – A great steak and potatoes meal.

  100. Ana

    As a Portuguese woman, of course portuguese cuisine is my favourite one! I’ve lived abroad and I can tell you there’s nothing like your country’s food. So I think nothing can compare to the portuguese fish, meat or pastry… Yeh, I also enjoy italian or chinese food but if I wanna have a healthier diet,I know that portuguese is definetly the best one!

  101. Rachel

    I love salads, pizza, pasta, and chocolate the very best!

  102. Jen

    Mexican and pizza run a close race! 🙂

  103. Rachel V.

    mmmm, I love Chinese food. Unfortunately this love is not shared by my husband, so I don’t have it nearly enough.
    Have fun seeing PW!

  104. Emily J.

    I also love Mexican! And Indian!

  105. Laurie

    I guess I would have to say Italian is my favorite..But i also have a weakness for Mexican.

  106. OMG Katie, I’m so jealous! I missed the PW when she was in my city and I’ve been kicking myself non-stop ever since! I’m so excited for you guys to meet her again. I know she’s your bestie and all, so please say hi to her for me! And I want that signed cookbook!! My favorite type of food is Thai. Love that peanut sauce!

  107. Pizza and mexican are probably my two favs. I’ll crave mexican every few weeks and have to beg my husband to take me to mexican for dinner.

  108. Shana

    My favorite kind of food is homemade salsa … the extra hot variety 🙂

  109. Kelley


    I have been meaning to write you since this weekend.

    I was shopping at H&M and came upon a flowery flowy baby doll top and thought, OMG! PW would totally love this! It would fit perfectly into her wardrobe. I bet she would buy this right now.

    And then I reminded myself that it was really creepy that that had even come into mind…

    Enjoy the book signing! PW loves all her fans… even the obsessive ones!

  110. I love Italian food!! Especially stuffed artichokes. Best ever. Have fun at the signing!

  111. tara

    i LOVE asian food — chinese, thai, indian, you name it!
    hope you have a blast meeting the PW!

  112. Beth

    mexican, mexican, mexican, mexican. Oh the cilantro of it all.

  113. Kristina

    I love Chinese and Italian! My best friend met PW in DC last week. Her husband went to the store right when they opened that morning and got her a ticket so she was in the first group to meet her. Just a tip so that you don’t have to wait in line for hours upon hours!!

  114. Alaina

    My favorite food of all time would have to be pancakes. I absolutely love them and could eat them for any meal.

  115. I would love to wins this! I’m pretty good at winning your give aways, so I think my chances are good! 🙂 My favorite food is seafood and vegetables. BUT my other favorite food that I could eat over and over is chips and salsa and chips and guacamole. My husband makes both homemade salsa and guacamole that are just SO SO good. I love when we have Mexican food for dinner because I love those sides€ who are we kidding, we all know they take up the majority of my plate.

  116. Michelle

    I loooove Italian food. I could eat it breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and never get tired of it.

  117. Kandace

    I would have to say it is a toss up between Mexican and Chinese. MMM MMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

  118. Jessica

    I love junk food. Any and all types: cookies, cakes, candy, icecream, soda, chips…

    Yum 🙂

  119. Mari H.

    A really good steak and baked potatoe will get me good!

  120. Katie

    So hard to choose just one…but if twist my arm, I think I would pick Italian. I can never get enough pasta.

  121. Kate

    Sadly for my hips, my absolute favorite food is mac & cheese. No, I’m not from the South, and no, I’m not 5, so I don’t have any excuse…

  122. Kelly H

    Italian baby!

  123. Casey

    My favorite food is Japenese. I live for our trips to the hiabachi restuarant and gorging myself on rice and chicken.

  124. Sarah, who misses you lots

    I LOVE Mexican food. But you already knew that. We have taco night at our house, and I eat like I’ve never eaten before. Whereas my husband pecks and says, “meh”. Emma is a full fledged taco lover, but I have yet to turn her on to the glory of queso. It’ll take some time, but I’m sure she’ll cave at some point. I mean, who wouldn’t??

    (I want to win something!!!!)

    1. I had to reply to this post via Sarah because thanks to her I have become a quiet, near-stalker of Katie, Chris and Beanie. And I feel ok about it because Katie is so open about her feelings toward PW. Thanks Sarah!

      Fav food: Italian cooked by mom or grandma

      Cowboy boots: always a “YES”

  125. I’m a sucker for Italian. Pizza and breadsticks man, pizza and breadsticks.

  126. Jamie G

    I’m with you on Mexican food, but would have to say my absolute favorite food is BREAD. I LOVE BREAD! That’s a food type, right? 🙂

  127. Erin

    Any kind of baked good! Cakes, cookies…..

  128. Italian – lots and lots of pasta/carbs!

  129. Allyson

    Mexican for sure! My husband and I frequent the restaurant enough in town that I am sure my little boy (3 1/2 months) thinks it is another room in our house!

  130. Heidi M

    I can’t decide if it’s Thai or Mexican, so we’ll just call it Thaixican. Hmmmm, wonder what I can make that would be Thaixican?

  131. Janell

    Breakfast. I would eat breakfast food for all three meals every day if I could!

  132. Diana

    Japanese – yum yum yum.

  133. Emily

    I’m a Chinese girl myself! Well, I’M not Chinese, but I love Chinese food.

  134. Mexican and cookies… and coffee… and cookies dipped in coffee… and breakfast food… and coffee

  135. Lena

    I just love food in general but if I have to pick I’d say Italian.

  136. El

    Today my favorite is Italian… I am craving tomato sauce and cheese. But I also love Mexican and Indian and Chinese and Sushi….I love good food! 🙂

  137. Does Southern and anything chocolate count??

    P.S. Bean should definitely wear his boots!!

  138. Jen

    Dip..i love Dip! any type of dip weather it is hot or cold!
    I keep dropping hints to my husband that I really want her cookbook!

  139. Close tie between mexican and itallian. Basically anything with cheese.

  140. Shelley

    Cinnamon buns. Specifically cinnamon buns and coffee. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    Yup, cinnamon buns.

  141. Ohhh I love seafood, wait I mean I love all expensive seafood 🙂 I don’t like bass and trout and stuff, yuck! I like lobster and scallops and snow crab. Mmmm.
    Oh and pie, I love pie 🙂

  142. My favorite food is Mexican. We have a restaurant called “On the Border” nearby, and I absolutely love their Cheese & Onion Enchiladas with Sour Cream Sauce! YUM. My stomach just growled.

  143. My favorite kind of food is also Mexican. Enchiladas. Cheese enchiladas…mmmmmmm.

  144. I also LOVE mexican. Especially cheese dip.
    and being Tuesday, that means it’s Taco Tuesday for my family tonight $1 tacos $2 margarita’s … life doesn’t get much better than that!

  145. Stephanie Neal

    My favorite kind of food is home cookin’! Roast & potatoes, meatloaf, chicken & dumplings, bbq ribs…you get the idea!

  146. Connor's Dad

    It’s a tie (pun intended) between thai and indian.

  147. Leticia

    I love Mexican and Italian! I don’t think I could pick a favorite! I also love Pioneer Woman! What a great giveaway!

  148. Allie

    Mexican and Indian!

  149. Sarah M

    I am torn between chinese food and mexican food! The only reason chinese wins out is because that restaurant is closer! But come on, who can resist driving across two cities for the best chips & salsa and a margarita?!?!?!

  150. Shana

    Mexican Food…or pizza Good luck tomorrow!

  151. Farrah

    I love, love LOVE me some Mexican food as well. Nothing super saucy or cheesy, but pretty much anything else qualifies. Especially if it involves black beans and avocado/guac. And I love chocolate…but not Mexican chocolate (ah, the irony). A dinner consisting of both is pretty much the best thing ever!

  152. KimberlyHMN

    Mexican too! (I could eat a good mushroom quesadilla times a day for a VERY long time, I’m sure!)

  153. Jenna

    I’m a big fan of good Italian.

  154. Since moving to a new, much more multicultural city, I’m now in love with Dim Sum. I just can’t get enough of that dumpling goodness!

  155. Tammy

    MMmm, I think it would be Italian Food, love all the pastas.

  156. Mine is Itallian we have this amazing restraunt down the road and if i could go there once a week I soooooo would. Except my hiney wouldn’t like it

  157. Kari Shepherd

    I guess if I could only pick one type of food it would be Italian because I cook more pasta than anything else!

  158. jennie

    i love cheese!

  159. Diane R

    No doubt about it……Mexican!! Love it!

  160. I love, love Mexican food, although it gives me horrible indigestion right now due to being with child. I want to be PW’s and your’s BFF Katie, is there room for another friend?!

  161. Trish

    I love side dish/appetizers. I wish my whole diet could consist of crab rangoon, queso dip and maybe breadsticks.

  162. Kim

    Today, I’m going to say Japanese food, I need sushi in my life.

  163. Sarah

    Definitely Chinese food! Mmmmmmm soy sauce! Yum!

  164. Alison

    I am you. Definitely Mexican.

  165. Totally a fan of Mexican food, and Italian is a close second.

    I enjoy reading your stalking Tweets 🙂

  166. Margaret

    Dessert is my favorite food. hands down.

  167. Jen

    My favorite food is defintely Mexican. I love you. I love your bean, too. I love PW (but not more than you). When PW was in Portland last month I was going to go and tell her to be sure to visit you while in the world of Disney, but my baby got deathly ill and somehow showing up with the “au de baby puke” just didn’t seem appropriate. *sigh*

  168. naomi

    Mexican totally. Is there any other food?
    Well, maybe sushi.
    Could there be a delicious way to combine the two?

  169. My favorite is Mexican. Fajitas, tacos, burritos, spicy, chicken or beef with cheese, pico and some form of avocado!

  170. courtney

    I love seafood. I also love mexican, italian, chinese, japanese, etc. And if you throw seafood in with any of those I’m in heaven. I also like desserts of any kind. I like all kinds of food. I’m hungry now – goodbye.

  171. Katie S.

    First of all, your obsession with the Pioneer Woman never ceases to amuse me 🙂

    And second, I would have to be generic and agree that Mexican is definitely the best genre of food. It’s also ingenious. I mean, every single dish includes the exact same ingredients, just in a different form or displayed differently. It’s phenomenal! Plus, queso is proof that God wants us to be happy. Queso and margaritas.

  172. Jessica W

    Mexican… no, Italian… ooo, Enchiladas, definitely Mexican! But then there’s Chicken Parmesan so Italian! … Darn… can I get back to you on this one?

  173. Callie

    I love so many differnt kinds of food, but Italian is my ABSOLUTE favorite. Mmmmm, carbs. Have fun meeting PW!

  174. Meredith

    I love American food; burgers, apple pie, stuffing, french fries, sandwiches mmmmm….. think Thanksgiving but instead of turkey you get a burger…that would be incredible

  175. melanie k. from rc

    Definitely Mexican is my favorite….with Italian right behind it! But honestly…I love all food, I’m really not that picky 🙂

  176. Flora

    Mine is Thai food! YUM!! Throw in a thai iced tea and man… gorgeous..

  177. Claudia

    Mexican food!

    Grew up in Mexico… with a great Mexican grandmother… who in return made me great Mexican food… she made me plump… Thanks Grandma!

  178. Mary

    My favorite food? It’d have to be good ol’ fashioned Southern food. Give me a plate of Eastern Carolina style BBQ with hushpuppies and slaw any day!

  179. My favorite food is pizza, but if i had to only eat one food for the rest of my life it would be mexican. It just has so much variety.

  180. Katie

    Normally I would say Mexican, just like you- but since I got preganant it is salad! Crazy right?!

  181. I LOVE Sushi! But now I live in an area with no sushi locally… 🙁

    I saw PW in Portland, and she was great! So sweet and funny. Sooo, if you draw my name, could you have it signed for a friend of mine instead? She wasn’t able to make it to the signing, and I know she would love to have a signed book! 🙂

  182. StacyRae


    Oh – is that not a type of food? Shoot.

  183. The kind that is not nailed down.

    Please oh please pick me. Because even though I live just one state away SHE IS NEVER COMING HERE. So this is my big chance.

  184. I rarely disagree with anything you say on this site, but today I am siding with Chris on the cowboy boots. I’m pretty sure there’s a federal law somewhere that says if you are choosing footwear and one option is cowboy boots, you must go with the boots!

    Anyway, what a fun giveaway! I love love love Indian food, so maybe that’s my favorite. But when it comes to cooking, I love making Mexican food! Seriously – I could eat about 20 tacos in one setting. Or ten pounds of guacamole. Let’s not even talk about burritos! YUM.

    Hope you have a super time at the signing! I bet PW will love the gift.

  185. Cathy

    Unfortunately for my waistline, my favorite foods tend to be sweets!

  186. Robyn

    I love love love Italian food. 🙂

  187. Jessica

    Indian food! So vegetarian-friendly.

    Good luck making her your BFF, Katie! Love the ongoing saga.

  188. Victoria

    I love, love, LOVE mexican food. which is sad because after we moved from Fl to Chicago it seems there is no good, cheap mexican food here. Have fun with PW!

  189. Patricia

    I love Italian, especially pasta!

  190. I love Mexican too, especially Uncle Julios. My son knows him by his picture, sad but true.

  191. Mike J in Fremont

    I’ve been in the Indian food mood for quite a while. Lots of yummy sauces.

  192. Heather in NY

    My favorite is Chinese! I could eat it every day!

  193. Nikki

    Like you I am a huge fan of Mexican food. If there is a special occasion and I get to make the selection, everyone already knows what I’m picking!

  194. American food! Good old fashioned home made cooking… love it. 🙂 Congrats on getting to visit PW again and on your visit to WDW (how cool are both!).

  195. September


  196. Definitely Mexican food. Unfortunately since we live in Germany it’s been waaay too long since I’ve had any decent Mexican food!

  197. It’s a pretty tough call for me, seeing that I pretty much love all food. If I had to pick one kind… Italian food! (although now I feel disloyal to any kind of Asian food, which I also love)

  198. Kristen Boysen

    I love pioneer woman and I LOVE your blog. So helpful! And funny!

  199. Summer

    Italian! Italian! Nothing gets between me and my pasta!

  200. Beth G

    It’s definitely sushi. I could eat it every single day.

  201. Um, well right now (6 months prego) EVERYTHING is my favorite food. At the moment, I am jonesing after a grilled bratwurst with lots of mustard and some pickles. weird. i know. But now that you mention it, some queso would be AWESOME. Dang. I am divided.

  202. I pretty much like any type of food, but since I’ve moved to Albuquerque, I’ve decided that New Mexican is spectacular. Green chile, sopaipillas with honey, carne adovada…mmmm

  203. Jill

    I would say the ice cream food group is my favorite, but since I am the only person who sees that as a food group I would have to say anything you can cook on the grill!

  204. Alanna

    I could eat Mexican everyday!

  205. Whitney W

    Oh I love PW!!! My absolute favorite food is Mexican! I could eat it everyday! Have you tried Pastor Ryan’s Mexican Lasagna on PW’s website? It’s delicious!

  206. I’ve been on a Mexican kick myself lately. So dee-lisshh-ious!

    Christina C.

  207. Danielle

    Mine is mexican too! And my fiance is Mexican so is mother makes amazing food! It’s a pretty good deal I have going. 😛

  208. Vanessa

    Chinese food!!!

  209. Anne Cooper

    I love Italian (anything with garlic and onion!!), but have lately been on a Mexican kick!

  210. Jessica Duran

    I love love love Mexican food. Sadly there arent many very good Mexican places to eat in Western Washington, but it still delicious and tacos are a favorite in my house!

  211. Gale

    I am addicted to…food! Have met very few things I don’t like, but I think I also like Mexican best 🙂

  212. Rachel

    I LOVE Mexican as well. I could eat it, 3 meals a day, 7 days a week!!!

  213. Elaine

    I like mexican food. OR chinese. But I also have a weakness for a good plate of pasta. I just like food.

  214. Kathie

    Definitely Mexcian food for me too— big time burrito lover!
    Could eat them every single day!!!!

  215. Mexican for sure. Except, of course, for Italian. And also Indian – I love a good curry. Bangers and Mash has to be up there too….

    What can I say? I’m a foodie 🙂

  216. I love Mexican and live in Central/South Texas, but I would have to say my fave is Italian!

  217. Maggie

    I could eat sushi for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For real.

  218. Hilarious Katie! Good luck meeting your best friend again tomorrow 🙂 I think she’ll totally go for it — that necklace is cute!!

    My favorite food is Italian, though I did recently go through a big Japanese/sushi kick recently too 🙂 yumm carbs or raw fish? hehe

  219. Dorice

    Seriously, that woman can cook.

    My favorite food is chocolate. And if you haven’t already done so, try PW’s chocolate sheet cake. It’s amazing.

  220. Nicole

    Italian. Easy question. 🙂

  221. Lola G

    I’m a desperate lover of Mexican. Especially now that it does not exist in the small town where we live. It just makes me want it MORE. 🙁

  222. Sarah S

    Mexican, mexican and more mexican! Yum.

  223. Trish

    Mexican, hands down! I could eat it every day and not get sick of it. I love it all! We live in New Orleans and to be honest…there are slim pickings when it comes to my favorite cuisine.

    hmmm or maybe I just like margaritas. Nah!

  224. Adrienne S.

    Before I was pregnant it was mexican all the way, BUT it had to be authentic not the cheapy chain stuff. Now that I’m pregnant though I’d have to say Mex is just not doing it for me anymore it’s all about chinese food! Yum!

  225. Lauren Garcia

    I love me some mexican….chips and salsa/queso/guac are my weakness!

  226. I love Italian food. Actually, more like Italian pasta dishes. Well, really it’s just pasta as a category of favorite-ness. I wish carbs were healthy…

  227. Emily

    Carbs – we have an abusive relationship. I abuse them, they abuse me. (Just ask my waistline).

  228. Holy moly so many entries! I’d have to say anything Italian! Though Mexican is a close second 🙂

  229. Denny

    I don’t care what country it’s from as long as it’s fried. I guess my favorite cuisine would be Southern!

  230. Katie

    I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Mexican food! I’m actually eating a soft taco and black bean soup as I type…well not exactly as I type…but you know what I mean!! And as much as I LOVE mexican food I adore the PW!!! I hope I win!! Have a good day!

  231. I have to go with Russian food. Chicken drenched in butter and gravy, roast tongue (no kidding – it’s delicious), and, best of all, blini with jam and sweetened condensed milk…be still my heart! So tasty.

  232. Tawny

    Hmm queso…*drool*

    I would have to say my biggest weakness would be deli sandwiches. I love them and cannot get enough of them. I really miss our Town Mouse deli back home, they make the perfect italian and I mean perfect.

    : )

  233. Sandy

    I already have a signed copy so no need to enter me in the contest…since PW wasn’t coming to my hometown I sent my cookbook to her and she signed it and sent it back…THEN, she decided to come to Charlotte! We didn’t go because I would have felt foolish asking her to sign it a second time.

    Oh, and my favorite food…anything made by someone other than myself!!!

  234. Melissa

    My favorite food is sushi and pasta. Can’t get enough of them. YUM!!

  235. Ash

    I don’t know if I can pick a favorite… I love pretty much all food. If I HAD to pick, though, it would be anything “Southern,” i.e., fried chicken or pork chops, rice and gravy, devilled eggs, fresh vegetables with “seasonings”… maybe it’s time for another visit to my grandparents’ farm to let them cook for me.

  236. I have to say Italian since my last name is Capone! 🙂

  237. Hallie

    My favorite type of food is definitely sushi!

  238. Jeska

    My favorite is Italian. Especially pasta.

    I’ve just recently began cooking for real haha. I’m sure my husband is pretty grateful.

    My mom makes the best home made tortillas. You would love them Katie. She makes amazing enchiladas too!

  239. anything pasta and cheese related. ANYTHING.

  240. Anna

    Well, I love Mexican. And Italian. wait…and sushi. I can’t decided. I love any food you put in front of me.

  241. Chinese food – REAL chinese food, not the american wanna-be chinese food 🙂

  242. Jennifer

    Italian-pizza,chicken parm,italian meats & cheeses -yum!

  243. I’m totally with you on the Mexican — everything is so cheesy! In a food way. Not an embarrassing way.

  244. My favorite food is pasta. Or soup. Or bread. Or anything food. 🙂

    PS, it’s my daughter’s first birthday today! I’ve been following you since before Bean was born (you’re in my feed reader which is why I never comment) and if we lived in Orlando, I bet we could probably get Bean to marry my Hannah someday. If he isn’t already promised to anyone else. Hannah’s pretty cute. Or, if you move to California, we could totally set them up. Just so you know. 🙂

  245. My favorite food is sushi – spicy tuna rolls!!!!

  246. I love comfort food (is that a type?) – fried chicken, meat loaf, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, fresh rolls. Yum.

  247. Wow, my favorite food… I love cheese, so anything that includes cheese is up my alley: pizza, Mexican, cheese fries.

    Hope you take a non-blurry pic with the PW this time!

  248. KayleeP

    I LOVE TEX MEX!!! 🙂 I eat it every chance I get. There’s just something about the way the people here in Texas make mexican food….it’s sooo great 🙂

  249. Lindsey

    My favorite food is also Mexican, can’t get enough of it!!!

  250. Manisha

    Indian food – and pizza!

  251. Katie C

    Mexican! Major YUM!!! I have a soft spot for Italian, too.

  252. mmm italian – gnocci, pizza, angel hair… and homemade sauce!

    i hope i win!

  253. Is cheese a food type? Or ice cream? Chocolate? Dairy is my favourite food type.

  254. Um, I just love food. But if I had to choose one kind I would say…mexican, because I have an unhealthy obsession with cheese. Especially if it is melted.

  255. Joy

    Although I love so many types of food, if I could only pick one it would be Italian. I can’t imagine a life without pasta or pizza. My doughy body is a living testament to this. 🙂

  256. What an awesome giveaway!! I would have to say I love all food lol but my favorite would be Italian..pastas, pizzas..cant go wrong!!

  257. I’m jumping on the Italian bandwagon. Was neck and neck with Mexican for a minute or so, but we just had a calzone baking party last weekend and it was too much fun watching people in their mid-20’s getting pumped about a home ec-esque project.


  258. Mexican food ALL THE WAY!

    I grew up in AZ and always ate the best Mexican food. Then I moved to MN and could not find good Mexican for the longest time. Finally, after living here for three years, I’ve found a place. It’s called El Loro for those Minnesotans out there!

  259. Love Chinese the most I think, but I’ve been in a Mexican mood lately. Made homemade quesadillas last night. Yummm.

  260. Kerrin

    Anything sweet, sugary, or chocolate!

  261. Christina

    Italian, love love love it. I think I need some now!

  262. Alicia

    Southern! Love going to my Granny’s house or to my parents house to eat!

  263. Leslie

    Mediterranean… I think. I love all food.

  264. I love mexican…. and chinese! =)

  265. Josh

    My favorite is Italian. Love lasagna!

  266. I’d have to say that my favorite is also Mexican. Funny, seeing as how I am married to someone who is Mexican, and my kids are half Mexican. Apparently, I am obsessed with Mexican. =)

  267. Carrie

    I am a comfort food kinda person!! You know what I am talking about don’t you??? Mac and cheese, goulash, shepard’s pie, lasagna… that kinda stuff!!!

  268. I concur–Mexican!! And anything chocolate!

  269. Mandy

    Yum! Another Mexican food lover here too! Well, I like tacos at least- I could eat those every day of the week! Can’t say I’ve really had any authentic Mexican food, but Taco Bell rocks my world. That still counts, doesn’t it?! 🙂

  270. Erin

    So hard to choose! I love Mexican and Italian food!

  271. Joanna

    Oh my gosh I am obsessed with queso! I am from North Carolina which has lots of delicious queso but live in Philadelphia which has every type of delicious food other than queso! Its really so sad! So my favorite type of food would probably be Japanese. If I had tons of money, I would eat sushi every day!

  272. I love some nachos…really i use mexican food as a means to eat copious amounts of sour cream!

  273. Kara

    Recently I’ve been on a Mediterranean kick. Falafel? Yes please!

  274. Meredith

    My favorite is Korean followed closely by Mexican.

  275. My favorite is homemade…anything! I know, lame, right? But I’ve been in a homemade/made from scratch kick recently, and I’m lovin’ it all!! Even the taco seasoning I made last night. I’m crazy.

  276. Natalie

    I love mexican! Oh, and anything chocolate. Cheesecake is wonderful too, and ice cream. Did I mention that I am a sucker for pasta too. Do I have to pick just one?!

  277. Melissa

    My favorite food is Italian and I NEED this cookbook signed by PW. 😉

  278. Cheryl

    my favorite food is vacation food. wayside taco stands, unknown food from little cafes with no english-speakers. tandoori chicken mcnuggets. point-to-the-menu and nod restaurant food. The i don’t know what I just ate but it was awfully yummy food.

  279. Lena

    I love soups and seafood! And Asian food of the Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, and Korean variety.

    You are hilarious, btw! I’m sure your BFF thinks so too 😀

  280. Amy

    My favorite type of food is definitely THAI! I love the flavors. I love curry. I love enjoying the meal with a Tsingtao…

  281. sue olson

    My favorite kind of food is any kind of seafood!!

  282. lindsay

    My favorite food ever is a french fry. But not just one french fry, no no no — copious amounts of french fries dipped in a combo of blue cheese and hot wing sauce. YUM. Can you tell i’m dieting at the moment? That’s why I need that book – to celebrate when I come off my diet!

  283. amy klawitter

    my favorite type food is Italian…because red wine always taste good with some pasta! 🙂

  284. Mine is Mexican as well … that an Chinese … or Italian … oh my I can’t choose!!!

  285. Heidi

    My favorite type of food is Mexican. It is so YUMMY!! My fav thing os a fajita quesadilla. Just thinking of it makes me want to go Mexican tonight.

  286. Sonya

    Chinese. California has the BEST Asian food!

  287. Karli

    Mine is Mexican too!! Yummy!

  288. Cindy

    I’m a seafood lover….and I also love the Pioneer Woman!

  289. Carol

    Love chinese. Cant go a week without it.

  290. I’d say yes to the cowboy boots. Who could resist?

    Mexican, too. Definitely Mexican, though I’m not particularly snobby to any kind of food. ahem.

    PW came to Mpls, and I had sick kids. Sigh. I doubt she’ll come this way again. And my hub, in contrast to yours, is NOT the thoughtful romantic type. He’s utterly clueless. As in, didn’t even say Happy Mother’s Day to me – mother of 4 1/2 of his children. (My mother’s day post would have been about murdering spouses, not snakes). So, a signed copy of Pdubs book would rock my socks off. And since it’s freaking 43 degrees outside, I actually AM wearing socks today. Nice fuzzy ones. Ahhhh…

  291. Meghan

    I could eat sushi over and over……..that’s my favorite food when hubby and I get a dinner to ourselves!

  292. ShelbyP

    Chinese! Yummy! And sushi, I could eat that almost all the time.

  293. Melanie

    My favourite type of food is Italian.

  294. Maria

    I’d have to say that my favorite food is Mexican, too. Italian follows pretty closely, though!

    I love Pioneer Woman! Have fun and thank you for the chance to win her cookbook!

  295. MEXICAN!!! LOVE IT!! Could eat it at least once a day!! 🙂

    Good luck with security tomorrow! J/K…I’m sure it will be fine and I’m sure P-Dub thinks the whole thing is funny. At least I hope. I’m just like you though…I would do crazy things or say crazy things and then be embarrassed about it if I did see them in person.

    Like um…probably if I met you. Mainly because I talk to you like I know you…yet…I don’t and you probably think I’m crazy!

    Anyway…good luck tomorrow and I hope I win. I have plans for a personalized copy of a P-Dub cookbook…not for me but for a good friend!

    Ta Ta


  296. Gabriele

    Seafood, anything with seafood!!
    I so missed her when she was in Saint Louis would love to win an autographed book!!

  297. Honestly, potatoes. I love potatoes. Cook them any way you want, and I’ll eat them!

  298. Heather Young

    I too love Mexican.

    I already have the cookbook but wanted to get signed last week when she came to DC but had other obligations that night unfortunatly.

  299. Brooke

    My favorite food is Pizza. Have you ever had a bad piece of pizza? Not possible.

  300. Kelaine

    Chocolate. Does that count? 🙂
    I love PW, too!! I hope she accepts your friendship necklace with open arms. I sure would!

  301. Katarina

    Indian! No wait…Lebanese food…no…Mexican? Can’t decide. Definitely not Thai food though…I’ve had too much of that lately.

  302. Jessica

    i love all food – mexican, italian, american, chinese, everything!

  303. Katie

    It’s a tie between Mexican and Thai….and red meat.

  304. I have to agree with you on the mexican and queso, I could live on queso and salsa!

  305. Kristin

    I love all kinds of food: Chinese, Greek, Thai, Mexican…but if I had to choose, I’d go with Italian.

  306. Suzanne

    Born and raised in Florida I have to say Seafood. But now that I live in land-locked Nashville,TN I will say Mexican. But my stomach belongs to Seafood forever and ever.

  307. I totally Love Italian and Latin Food, that’s why I married an argentinian who’s last name is Valenti and knows how to cook.. The Best of Both Worlds!

  308. Ashley

    So glad you and your bestie get to meet again!! Hope you all have a great time!! My favorite type of food is “Granny Food!” It’s the best 🙂

  309. Cheese. Does that count?
    Oooo…I saw sushi above. That’s pretty good too.
    Thanks for the giveaway – I don’t think I’ve ever commented before, but as a newly-ish, got married “young” person, I really enjoy reading (although no kids yet…they still terrify me). Have fun with PW! Work prevented me from a 2.5 hour drive to see her in Charlotte last Friday…but just barely.

  310. NieleMichelle

    Oh gosh, I adore good old home style southern cooking!! I had to RENT the cookbook from the library because no one in town can keep it in stock. I LIVE IN FREAKING LAS VEGAS!!!! Bummer!

  311. Jenny

    Ooo pick me- I went to PW’s signing in Portland a few weeks back, but had to leave before I got my cookbook signed (dang baby’s bedtimes anyway). My fav food is Italian. No Mexican. No French. Ummm, how bout I just say that I like food? 🙂

  312. Salt please, and if you sprinkle it on top of melted cheese that would be the best. No, I’m not morbidly obese.

  313. Im pregnant.. so ANY FOOD! but especially sweets.. does that count?

  314. Oh my gosh. Yes PLEASE! I have to agree with you. Mexican is my favorite. And anything fried. wow.

  315. Jenna

    I’m torn between freshly made McDonald’s french fries and a good steak… maybe both.. together?

  316. Shelby

    I adore Mexican & Italian good. It’s a toss up!

    Hope you have fun tomorrow. She was just here in Portland a few weeks ago, but unfortunately I couldn’t make it 🙁

  317. Chicken!!! Any chicken… but chickfila has the all time best chicken ever.

  318. my boyfriend’s family is from New Orleans and, over three years of dating, has gotten me totally hooked on traditional Louisiana fare. Jambalaya! Crawfish Ettoufee! Po’ Boys! Alligator sausage! and don’t even get me started on beingets and chickory coffee… i might have a heart attack just thinking about it.

  319. Diana

    My favorite is Mexican, too, but I really love all things food!
    Lucky you getting to see PW again. I got to see her when she was in Los Angeles and had her sign her book for me but I would love another to give to my friend on her upcoming birthday.
    By the way, is Bean sucking his thumb in the picture above? I know he used to have a pacifier, but maybe he found his thumb instead…so cute, that Bean!

  320. Sarah Choukalas

    Mexicana bebe! Nada es mejor que una tortilla grande!

  321. Ginna

    Macaroni and cheese (yes I am five years old! Italian, followed closely by sushi and maybe Mexican. And I vote yes to Bean wearing the cowboy boots – she will never be able to resist a baby in boots!

  322. My favorite food is Mexican-I could eat chicken enchiladas for every meal. That along with chips and salsa.

  323. Ginna

    PS – can we request a post about the book you’re writing? It sounds fantastic!

  324. Kelly H.

    I do love Italian, but I love seafood more…specifically steamed blue crabs!

  325. Joanna

    I love Mexican as well, anything with avocado is good with me!

  326. Angela

    and seafood.
    Especially shrimp.
    Oooh, and chocolate.

  327. Heather

    A great steak, a fresh crispy salad, and a delicious glass of wine

  328. Summer

    Italian….bread, pasta, bread, cheese, oh and bread!!!

  329. Stephanie

    i’m torn between mexican and italian!

  330. Amy

    My favorite is definitely Mexican! I could live off queso and flour tortillas!

  331. Erin H

    My favorite is comfort food, like meatloaf, friend chicken…. mmmm

  332. Mine is Italian food!

  333. Mitzi Muirhead

    Tex-Mex is by far my fave. When I was pregnant I ate it at least once a day. When I was lucky, I ate it 3 times a day! Can’t wait to hear how PW loves her half of the necklace.

  334. Liesel

    Gourmet food! I love, love, love really good food!

  335. Courtney

    I too love Mexican. It’s so easy. Quesadillas, fajitas, burritos, tacos, nachos, enchiladas, salad and you can’t leave out the guacamole! Yum, I’m hungry.

  336. Eric

    Depends on the night. Tonight is Italian, but we have plans this week for some authentic Mexican.

  337. I love all food. Italian, Mexican, and PW recipes are my favorite!

  338. Melissa

    I think my favorite food is Italian. But I sometimes also really crave a good Indian curry.

  339. Liz M

    I love your blog and I love the Pioneer Woman, I am also sure we would be BFFs if we ever met. Anyway, my favorite food is New Mexican (trust me it’s in its own catagory!)…

    Have fun at the signing!

  340. My favorite is southwestern, but it’s still gotta be mild. I’m a wimp when it comes to spice.

  341. Noa«l Stout

    Braised Short Ribs….PW Style!!!!

  342. My favorite food is definately Mexican. I’m pretty sure I could eat it every day!

  343. I think my favourite has to be Indian – can’t beat a prawn korma with naan and onion baajis! Hope you have an awesome time meating P-Dub again!

  344. OMG. Chinese for sure. I only wish it didn’t do the food baby thing.

    And for some reason SoCal–this is CA, people!–has no decent Chinese! This blows my mind.

    Fantastic Mexican though. We’re an hour away from the place itself, after all.

  345. I really love Italian…but Mexican is a close second.

  346. Nicole

    I really enjoy trying everything… i think my favorite food is food i dont have to cook! haha and anything grilled. mmm

  347. My favorite food is Italian. Have FUN tomorrow!!! I’m so jealous!

  348. My weakness is Italian, particularly when it involves shrimp with pasta in some spicy type of sauce. Mmmmm.

  349. My favorite type of food to eat is thai! but i love cooking italian.

  350. Keshet

    Love Italian and Mexican!

  351. There’s a drive-thru Japanese restaurant run in my neighborhood. I’m completely addicted to it. I actually prefer it to “real” Japanese restaurants, which makes me feel a little cheap and dirty…I get the “sorority girl special” which is, of course, just hibachi chicken.


  352. I love Moroccan food. Anything you can eat with your hands and not be stared at is a favorite in my world.

  353. Caroline

    MEXICAN!!! I love quesdillas and burritos loaded with some queso. In fact, my parents and my fiance and I got to a Mexican restaurant every Friday because it is so freaking delicious and they make fab margaritas – happy hour! (PS I am getting married Saturday, brownie points?)

  354. Autumn B

    Italian, mmm I love me some pasta, oh and chocolate if that counts as a food group 🙂

  355. I’m with ya’ on the Mexican! I love the queso but I also love the salsa if it has lots of cilantro in it. Yum! Of course, authentic Mexican is even better than the stuff you get at the “mexican” restaurants in the south.

  356. Chloe

    Anything I can put ketchup on. Seriously. I’m like a 2 year old.

  357. Heidi

    I’d have to say that my favorite food is chinese.

  358. Mexican! Or Chinese! Or Italian! I just like food…

  359. I love Tapas! But also Italian. And sushi. And Chinese, Greek, French, hmm not British, Mexican, Thai, Middle Eastern…

    I am to ethnic foods what Harlan Pepper is to nuts.

  360. My favorite food is Southern food! I love all food but Southern food (cheese grits, bbq, gravy biscuits etc.) is my FAVE!!

  361. Summer

    I love mexican too! Probably my fave with pizza (is that even a food group?) coming in a close second.

  362. Ella

    My favourite(s) are thai or indian. Yummo 😛

  363. Krisitna

    Oh, I hope I am not too late. I love Mexican food too. Bring on the enchiladas and the margaritas!

  364. Kristin


  365. K.T.

    My favorite is the entire P.F. Chang’s menu…I’m not picky – anything will suit me just fine.

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