Exciting Things for Marriage Confessions

Several weeks ago, the amazing photographer, Jenn Hopkins, did some family portraits for us and I thought I’d share them with you.  They are gorgeous and we can’t thank her enough.

We had portraits done for a few reasons.  I wanted some family pictures done in honor of Bean’s first birthday.  Sort of a celebration session of how far we’ve come as a family.  But there were other reasons as well.  Later this summer, MC will be launching a brand, spankin’ new website designed by preeeee-fessionals this time.  The design company has sent us several draft versions already and let me just tell you – it’s freaking awesome.  I wanted to make sure we had some really great family and individual stock photos for our new site and I think we got just what I was hoping for.  I can’t wait to see how the web design team incorporates the pictures into their designs.

I also wanted family portraits taken because as some of you have seen on Twitter lately, I have started working on my first book.  It is a memoir based on the first five years of my marriage and it tells the entire story of how my marriage came to be.  Like my blog, it will be a real look into a fairly normal marriage and I’ll share about experiences where my marriage was strong and times when we really struggled.  The idea is not that we are perfect, but that all marriages have ups and downs.

I’m finding that it is really different to write a book than it is to write a blog, and I struggled at first to get into the rhythm of telling a full-length story.  But the further into it I get, the easier it becomes and it seems to be taking on a life of its own.  I have been speaking with several agents and even have interest from some publishers already, so things are on the move.  I also have a publicist now who will be working with both my website and, hopefully, my book.  That’s really all I can share right now and I hope its enough to hold you over (and peak your interest so you buy 10,000 copies when its available…).  So, in light of this new chapter in my life I needed some good head shots and promotional photos to send out.  And Jenn managed to find the perfect balance between family and business in our pictures.  She’s pretty impressive like that.

The reason I am sharing all these things with you right now is because without my marriage, none of these things would be possible.  I don’t often talk about Chris in a serious tone.  Usually I’m poking fun at him or threatening to divorce and/or kill him.  But I thought I’d take a minute while I’m letting all these cats out of their bags to give credit where credit is due.  Nothing good that has happened in my life and nothing good that will happen in my life would have been possible without Chris.  Look at who I am – a working mom who writes silly things about trivial aspects of her world at her kitchen table.  I have always dreamed of writing a book.  In fact, it was the silent driving dream behind starting this blog to begin with.  But that dream was so far from the reality of my every day life that I would never in a million years had the courage to even think that I could actually do it.

No one takes my dreams more seriously than my husband.  And for that alone, I would marry him all over again.  He has taken my dreams and made them his, too, and that has meant that the road to accomplishing things has been traveled by both of us. There is not one thing I write, one decision I make, one goal I set that I do without talking to him.  And its not because he takes ownership or because I feel like I owe that to him.  It is because he is the only one I can whisper these silly little ideas to who then turns around and blasts them out in a megaphone, breathing life into them.

Eleven years ago, he was my high school boyfriend who broke my heart countless times but underneath it all loved me more than anyone else.

Five years ago, I married him because he loved me that much.

And today I am living a life and accomplishing the dreams that I never thought possible.  And its all because he loves me that much.

I am asked often on my blog how to know if you’ve found The One.  I hardly ever answer that question because it varies so much from person to person.  But for me, personally, The One was the person who took my dreams, pulled them out of the sky, and made them obtainable goals.  He’s the one who stands by my side and shares my triumphs and tribulations as if they were his own.  He’s the one who tells me every single day, without fail, how proud he is of me.  And through all these things, he’s the one who makes me the driven, focused, dreaming person that I am.

There are still a lot of things to be worked out over the next year and who knows if anything will ever come to pass.  But I do know that no matter where the chips fall, when the dust settles my husband will be standing right there by my side, whispering how proud he is of me in my ear.  And that makes me the luckiest woman alive.

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85 Thoughts to “Exciting Things for Marriage Confessions”

  1. Dyanna

    Wow….I follow you on Twitter as well and I remember when you tweeted that chapter 1 was done, Chris tweeted that he had just read it and he was going on about how awesome you are. I thought to myself “How lucky she is to have a husband so supportive of her dreams”. I came to your blog back when you were nominated for a blog award and wanted to read up on the nominations…..I’ve never left. Your writing just draws me in. Good luck and can’t wait to read your book….

    I LOVE the last 4 pictures.

  2. Holly

    Fabulous photos and a beautiful post…much luck to you!

  3. I am just so excited you’re writing a book!!

  4. Those photos are amazing! Cutest family ever!

  5. Best of luck to you with your book! That has always been a dream of mine as well … and one of the first things my fiance told me to work on when I recently became unemployed.

    Good luck!!

  6. That left me with tears in my eyes. You are a funny woman, and you are also so tenderhearted.
    Those pictures are AMAZING. And you said Bean didn’t smile! I mean, they are truly beautiful…Jenn definitely has a gift, she captured you guys. Perfect moments.

    1. Hello! I was so moved by what you wrote about Chris and your marriage that I totally forgot to say congratulations about the book in your future!! That is so exciting. So…there you go. That’s awesome!

  7. Congratulations to you for going for it. You’re who I want to be when I grow up (even though I’m your age – but I’m getting married next year, I have one dog and no kids, so I still want to be you when I grow up). Love the honesty that comes through in all your posts. Can’t wait to see how things keep going for you!

  8. I’m so excited for you! Don’t you love being married to your best friend? It’s the best.

  9. Andie

    Wow. Those photos are amazing!! I’m so happy you’re working on a book 😀 I never met you guys but your posts make my day sometimes. Weird how that goes..

  10. Ella

    Beautiful photos! How exciting you are writing a book. Ill defintely be buying a copy!

  11. Claudia

    Beautiful, beautiful post. You and Chris are very fortunate to have found each other and make your relationship a home. I am very excited for your book and I look forward to reading it. Just like you are stalking your BFF in Orlando on her book tour, I will do the same to you when you are out and about 🙂 It’s also very exciting for your redesigning of the blog. Can’t wait to see what it looks like.

    Beautiful pictures as well. My favorite is the second to last. I can’t stop staring at it.

  12. The pics are so fabulous! And congrats on starting your book – I would love to read it!

  13. Those pictures are great. Congratulations on all the exciting things going on with your writing! I would love hearing more about the process you’ve gone through- how you decided to write a book and went about the whole agent/publisher/new website process.

  14. So exciting!!! I am thrilled and will totally buy 10,000 copies of your book. 🙂 Love, love, love the photos!

  15. Sarah H.

    So excited for the book! I of course will buy many! Great post Katie 🙂

  16. Congratulations! If the advance copy was available..I would totally have it already purchased. Thanks for sharing your world.


  17. Amy

    Those photo’s are fantastic! And you were worried that Bean didn’t smile in a single photo- he looks like the happiest baby in the world.

  18. Love the photos! They turned out amazing…and you’re right, just the perfect blend of family and professional. You look gorgeous in them and Bean looks so happy!

    Congratulations on the book! That’s so exciting!

  19. Tawny

    Love this post. Glad to hear all is going well with the book, so glad I found you through PW. I can’t wait to see the new layout!!!

  20. Lisa

    The photos look amazing! Congrats on the book and the new website, can’t wait to see how everything turns out!

  21. kk

    this is sooo exciting! if you do travel to my city i’m definitely coming with my husband!

  22. Ginna

    Gorgeous photos, beautiful family, inspiring post, thank you for sharing them!

  23. Congratulations, Katie!!! This is all so exciting! You deserve it!

  24. Oh my goodness – I am SO excited for you. It sounds like your dreams are all coming true. And, as always, you and Chris are so adorable I can’t even handle it.

    p.s.~ The photo of Bean on your back while you’re laying on the laptop is my favorite. I know you’ve been waiting to find out which one I like best, you know, before deciding which ones you like, so I thought I’d let you know.

  25. Beautiful pictures! And I am SO excited for all the great things happening in your life! God has been so good, even in this crazy move to Orlando. I am so excited to follow along on your book journey and will definitely be buying that book (maybe not 10,000 copies) BUT you HAVE to do a book signing in Birmingham, so then I can be YOUR stalker 😉

  26. So excited to hear about the book Katie, I can’t wait to read it, I’d love for you all to come over to the UK on your tour so I can meet you all! Loving the photos as well, you all make such a cute family.

  27. Jessica

    Ohhh LOVE the pics. Can’t wait to read the book one day.

  28. Thanks for making my eyes well-up at work! What’s that you say? I should be working and not reading blogs. Phooey! Beautiful pictures, family, writing, everything. I have very similar aspirations; you’re part of the reason I started my own blog (and I’m secretly doing it with the same dreams in my heart!) Thanks Katie… can’t wait for the book.

  29. Beautiful! Your words, the pictures, everything. Simply beautiful. Good luck on your adventures and I hope and pray all goes well for you and your family.

  30. How exciting!! I can’t wait to hear how everything starts to turn out. Good luck — and yay for the supportive hubby, he sounds amazing!!

  31. Those photos are WONDERFUL. What a happy love story & perfect starting point for a book. I’m excited to see the final product.

  32. So awesome! And seriously, you have the most beautiful skin I have ever seen.

    I stumbled across your blog a few months ago and was hooked right away. I very rarely have time to actually sit and read through blog posts but I read every single one of yours. I love curling up with some hot tea and reading all about little Bean. I can’t wait to read your book!

  33. Heather in ND

    You ARE the luckiest woman alive, Katie! Thanks for sharing your life with us. Congrats on the book… can’t wait to read it!!

  34. Oh this post was amazing for SO many reasons!!

    1. The pictures are AMAZING! (PS – LOVE how Bean’s blue eyes are played up by his outfit; too adorable!)
    2. I am so freaking excited you’re writing a book; I’m mildly obsessed with your blog and can’t wait to read anything you write.
    3. What you wrote about Chris was so moving, made me cry a little at my desk (pregnancy hormones have been making me cry over anything that makes me happy or sentimental). Those words made me reflect on my relationship with my husband and how lucky I am to be with him, and I’m so hoping our marriage is as fabulous as yours when we’re at the 5 year mark (marriage-wise; 5 years of marriage will be 13 years together for us…yay for high school sweethearts!).

    Love, love, love the post and the pics!

  35. Wow! That’s a lot of great things and I’m so proud for you!!

  36. dave

    Wow!! way to go katie. Wish you the best on the book.

  37. Tressa

    WOW…you give us every side of you! This post made me tear up.
    I’m proud of you as well Katie! I’m buying the book!! 😉

    LOVE LOVE LOVE each and every picture!

  38. Love the photos Katie! Thanks for sharing your story – so excited for you guys!

  39. Yippee! You rock, your family rocks, and I can’t wait for your book. You totally deserve all the happiness in the world and congrats for following your dreams.
    Now, will you move to South Carolina and be my friend IRL? Haha!

  40. Jen

    What a wonderful life. And the fact that you realize this just sweetens the deal. Congrats on everything.

  41. Heather Ben

    Those pictures are great!!!

    keep up writing.

  42. Kristen Boysen

    How wonderful…I loved reading this. I love your honesty and transparency. Thanks!

  43. Jennifer

    As much as I love your funny stories about finding the humor in life, posts like these are also very sweet. You guys look so happy in those pictures and it really shows in your posts as well. 🙂

  44. What beautiful photos!!

  45. Jenny

    I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago. Let me tell you… you have a gift of putting thoughts into words. And I completely agree with you on “The One”. I am marrying my “One” in 3 1/2 weeks and he does all those things for me too. Every dream I have had thus far he has encouraged me to make a reality. We are so fortunate to have that in our men!
    P.S. Your posts about your sister’s wedding made me cry. I can’t wait to follow you more… and read your book!

  46. So sweet 🙂

    The pictures are fantastic! And how exciting that you are writing a book. I’ll definitely buy a copy 🙂

  47. Stephanie Hannum

    I can’t wait to read your book! Good luck!

  48. What a gorgeous family! Unbelievable photos!

  49. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by jennhopkins. jennhopkins said: So excited for @marriageconfess, and honored my photos will follow her in her new journey! http://tinyurl.com/24u9nvd […]

  50. Congrats on the book! The pictures are great and it looks like Bean was totally into it! 🙂

  51. Exciting news – many, many congrats to you!!

  52. cori

    Beautiful post, beautiful photos. Sweet!

  53. Wonderful photos! You’re a beautiful family, inside and out.

    And I’m totally happy for you that your dreams of writing a book are coming true. That is also my ultimate dream, as far as “work” goes. I think I started my blog for this reason too. I missed writing so much once I graduated from college. I’ve tried to make my blog more “popular” but I have failed to figure out how to do it. I guess you have to be a really good writer. And maybe my writing doesn’t jump out to as many people. Either way, it’s my own little place to write about my family. And I feel much the same way as you do about your husband. Nothing would have been possible without his love and faith in me. His love and God’s love keep me in one piece.

    p.s. I will soooo buy your book when it comes out, girlie.

    1. I hear ya Molly, it ain’t easy to convince other people they want to hear what you have to say! *wink* Katie, I bet we’d both be curious… how long were you blogging to just family and friends before you blew up and total strangers (like me) started stalking you????

  54. stunning photos absolutely stunning! I would buy your book, this morning at work (I live in the UK in yorkshire) my friend next to me said, wow did you see those cute photos of bean this morning, hes seriously cute. This morning was the one day i didnt get time to check out your blog, so i snuck into the toilets at work and got out my trusty iphone and looked coz i didnt want to be left out. So you have 2 people in the UK who would buy your book.We (me and he) will also come and stalk you when we are next in florida, maybe somewhere in Animal Kingdom coz its awesome. x

  55. WOW!! Congrats to you!! This is all so exciting and I personally can’t wait to buy 10,000 copies of your book! Except I might get in trouble for that so I might just stick with 1. But I will recommend it to 10,000 people I swear!!

    Oh the blessings you have dear Katie…it’s so refreshing to hear them and to hear how much you appreciate them!




  56. Noelle

    How exciting! The post was such a great tribute to Chris and your marriage. I can’t wait to buy a copy of the book. Promise you will come to South Carolina on your book tour!

  57. Jenny J.

    What a sweet post, and the pictures are adorable!! It made me think of how wonderful my husband is and how lucky I am, thanks so much, just what I needed today!

  58. That first picture is adorable! Such a great family portrait. Congrats on the book! Such an exciting time in your life. It sounds like you have all your bases covered but if you ever need any advice on the publishing world, I am a book publicist and would be happy to offer any tidbits of the industry I have picked up along the way 🙂

  59. Jeska

    I’ll be first in line at your very first book signing. 🙂

    Such exciting news all around! Your photos are gorgeous!!! I wish I had such a talented photographer in my area!

  60. Pictures are adorable and can’t wait to read your book! how exciting! :))

  61. Keshet

    This post is so moving, and the pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Wow!

  62. Those pictures are AH-MAZE-ING!!! They’re so beautiful! I can’t wait for the launch of your new blog design. Good luck with your book!

  63. Alaina

    What a wonderful post! I’ll be marrying my One on September 18, 2010. and you are so right with everything you’ve said. It’s so great that you are with someone who supports you in everything you do and try to achieve. Best of luck with your book!

  64. Congrats on the book! The pictures are so cute!

  65. Amy

    Katie, congratulations on your exciting times!!! You show so much candor and warmth in your writing on the blog, and I know that’s going to translate into the book. The way you approach every day with humor and determination inspires me to live as gracefully as you do. May God bless you and your precious family throughout these experiences!

  66. Ana

    Your post is so sweet and all the pictures came out wonderful! Little Bean is so adorable!

  67. Katie, I am SO excited that opportunity is presenting itself after all of your hard work on this blog. I will be camping outside of the bookstore the night before your book hits the stores. Your blog is the light of my day, and I love that when I read about your marriage I’m filled with both admiration and a sigh of relief to see that ALL relationships have ups and downs.

    Congratulations on how far you’ve come. No matter what happens, you and your family should be so proud :).


  68. This post totally made me tear up! It was a very sweet post and the pictures turned out great – you have such an adorable family!

  69. Angela

    You sound so casual when you talk about writing a book.
    That’s SO great and exciting!
    And the pictures are so beautiful!

  70. Sarah C. H.

    Yesterday I was this close (makes small distance with fingers) to commenting that you really needed to write a book so I could go buy it. Thank you for reading our minds.

    Those pictures are beautiful! I can’t wait to see the new layout!

  71. allison

    Keep writing! Keep writing!!!! I can’t wait to read your book =)

  72. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!
    Great and exciting news!!!
    Can’t wait to hear how it went with PW!

  73. Michaela

    Totally made me tear up! Those photos are pretty special, but what you wrote about Chris was just beautiful. And it takes me breath away to know you found each other that young! it’s heartening- it’s reminder that while not a lot of people in their very early twenties can have that kind of relationship and commitment, the rare few do- and i am one of those too! I’m lucky enough to have a partner who is willing to follow me overseas and support me while i study to reach my dreams in a few years. and i’d do the same for him in a heartbeat.
    And i will definitely buy 99998 copies (assuming bean and Chris will beat me to the punch)!!!

  74. Heather M

    It does make you one of the luckiest women alive. Admittedly I also share that honor. My husband and I have seen each other through two international moves, a hospitalization, unemployment, employment and our love of living life together rather than apart.

    He and I complete each other in very tangible ways while still holding strong to our own individuality. We offer each other support in every facet of our lives and I would not change this in any way.

    Having worked in the world of publishing myself for a while 🙂 – I was an Editor for several years – I wish you all the very best. You have a unique story to tell and in a manner that is warm and embracing. I think you will do well. Stay true to your story and your self and any good publisher/editor will not change that voice but they may be able to assist you in creating that final polish to enhance your work.

    The photos are beautiful too 🙂

  75. Omaha Kat

    Congratulations on your “next big step”… we look forward to reading your stuff on actual paper! 🙂

  76. Aw man, Katie, you’re going to make me cry. What a sweet post, complemented by some really beautiful photos. You are, indeed, very lucky (Just look at those boys of yours!)– but also really talented, so I applaud all of these wonderful things that come your way. Good job, girl. Keep up the great work!

  77. Diana

    Oh. My. Goodness…these pictures are gorgeous! Love, love, love them!
    I enjoy your writing so much, I’m thrilled to hear that you are writing a book…how very exciting! Congratulations!

  78. Leigh

    Katie, I have been stalking MC for a while now, and I really love your writing. Often, I feel like you are talking directly to me when you write about you and Chris. My boyfriend and I have been dating for 5 years, since high school. I am an upcoming senior at the University of Alabama and he is an hour away. Not as far as you and Chris were in college, but still too far 🙂

    It’s not always easy, but it ALWAYS brings joy to know that he loves me THAT much! To have that ‘I-have-your-back-kind-of-love!’ is what LOVE is all about! I can only imagine the love that Bean brings into your relationship! He is such a cutie! I cannot wait until your book and new blog design comes out!


  79. Annick

    Oh wow… This post is just… Wow!
    I dont really know how I got here, well I do. A few weeks ago, and I have been “stalking” this blog a couple of times a week ever since. Dreaming and hoping that one day, I too will say my I do’s with the love of my life (my high school sweetheart) and being all of that woman I have ever dreamed about. 3 years down, many more to come… Ups and downs but many more blessings to come our way.
    Your blog gives me hope, it inspires me. To be commited to the person you love is to be commited to yourself, to your heart as well and like you, we also believe we’ve found the ONE in each other. Also like you, we are now in different colleges. It can be hard at time with the distance but only hope and faith keep us going.

    Sorry for not commenting before, I’m just not a “post a comment” type of person. But I most say, thank you for making this blog.

  80. It is so great to see these things happen for you and your family because I adore this blog. I feel like I know you guys! I will definitely be buying 10,000 copies of your book when it comes out, and I will be among the people in line when you do YOUR book tour!

    It is so amazing to hear you talk about your marriage, both the good and difficult things, because it shows what a real love you both have. I actually read my partner a paragraph from this entry because I believed it described him. It’s so great to see a young couple with such love for one another making it work every day, no matter what.

  81. I can’t wait to read your book!!!! You are very lucky to have a wonderful husband who supports you in everything you do!

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