My Best Friend Knows My Name So Now She’s My Sister


P-Dub knows my name.

Well, technically, she said Bean’s name first.  But seeing as to how he is of my loins, I feel that counts.

Let me tell you the whole story as events transpired yesterday…

5:45pm – Chris, Bean, me, and our chaperon, Sarah, arrive at the bookstore where I have a major meltdown in the car and refuse to go inside because I am positive I have humiliated myself enough already.

5:55pm – Chris drags me inside.

6:00pm – We arrive at the bookstore and I am shocked (though I don’t know why) to find the line has already snaked around TWO FLOORS of the store and we are, sadly, at the very end of the line.

6:05pm – PW begins a Q&A session on the second floor.  Sadly, I can’t hear any of this because we are on the first floor and practically out of the store.

6:15pm – Sarah steals Bean and takes him over to the children’s section to play.

6:20pm – I hear a faint Ethel Merman impression drift out over the bookstore.

6:35pm – PW concludes the Q&A portion and begins signing cookbooks.

6:45pm – Sarah returns with Bean because he spit up all over himself and the floor of the children’s section.  I clean up Bean and take a turn walking with him around the store.

7:00pm – The line has not moved at all and Bean is starting to get fidgety and fussy so Chris takes him out to the car to play.  Sarah and I start discussing celebrity gossip.

7:25pm – I get a desperate text message from Chris, who has been walking Bean around outside the bookstore.  I take a juice bottle and the diaper bag out to the boys and then I head back inside.

7:45pm – Sarah and I are now discussing our career goals and Tiger Woods.

8:00pm – Chris gives up and brings Bean back into the store where Sarah and I have now started discussing religion as it relates to Sandra Bullock and Jesse James.

8:05pm – Bean spits up again.  Apparently something isn’t sitting well in his tummy.  Chris changes his clothes in the car, but he is starting to smell a little…ripe.

8:15pm – We give up on standing and set up camp in line, entertaining Bean with food and toy trucks.

8:20pm – Bean has had enough and decides its time to leave.

8:30pm – I chase Bean around the store for a good 15 minutes.  Finally, the only way I’m able to get him to sit still is to give him his favorite toy.  An infant Tylenol bottle with rice inside for him to shake.

8:31pm – People in line give me weird looks for giving my son medicine bottles to play with.

8:35pm – Bean tires from the shaker and decides to take a few phone calls on his cell while we wait.

8:45pm – We finally make it up to the second floor of the bookstore where Ree is!!  Yay!!

8:55pm – Bean spits up a third time.  He now smells like…I don’t even know.  Something potent and sour.  We give him a sponge bath in line with diaper wipes.

8:57pm – Ree looks up from signing and sees us standing a few people back in line and she shouts out, “It’s BEAN!”

8:58pm – I faint.  (Not really.)

9:04pm – We are about third in line and Chris, Sarah, and I are all talking quietly and I hear Ree, who was having a conversation about shoes with someone else, call out, “Katie’s wearing flip flops!  And she just moved here from the cold!”

9:05pm – I wet my pants.  (Not really.)

9:10pm – Finally, its our turn with Ree and she jumps up and gives us a big hug, telling people, “We’re old friends!”

9:11pm – I faint again.  (Not really.)

9:13pm – I tell Ree that since security didn’t stop me, I’m going to assume that we actually ARE best friends and that to consummate our friendship, I had brought her half of a friendship necklace.

9:15pm – And then she said she had to do a cleavage check because of the flowy shirt she was wearing.  I told her thanks for keeping it real.

9:16pm – (This was the best part)  We just chatted for a few minutes.  Like best friends do.  About her trip.  About her book.  About Bean.  About our giveaway that Rachel won earlier this week.  And she signed Rachel’s cookbook as we chatted.  And I thought I heard her say, though I can’t be sure and I’m paraphrasing, “YOU ARE THE BEST FRIEND I’VE EVER HAD!”  (Not really on that last part.)

9:18pm – After a few minutes of chit chat, Ree took some pictures with us.  Don’t judge the fuzz in my hair.  I blame the humidity.  And don’t judge the fuzz in the pictures.  I blame my friend, Sarah.

9:19pm – And she took one with her camera, too.  Because I’m sure she needed one for a frame in her house.  Or for her Christmas card this year.

9:20pm – My friend, Sarah, had her cookbook signed as she insisted that she had nothing to do with my stalking shinanigans.

9:21pm – I took a blurry picture of PW and Sarah.

We left after that and before I could get out the door of the Barnes and Noble, I was squealing with excitement.

My work here was done.

Until we meet again, my friend…

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53 Thoughts to “My Best Friend Knows My Name So Now She’s My Sister”

  1. I am actually freaking out with excitement for you – you really are best friends! Clearly, a trip to the ranch is eminent.

  2. Keri

    You do realize that this exact same thing will happen to YOU when you book comes out? You’ll have to start a collection of BFF necklaces! Haha I’m so jealous you got to meet her! And poor Bean. I hope he’s feeling better.

  3. She really knows you!! I am seriously excited…lol. 🙂

  4. Nate's Mom

    I can’t believe you gave her the necklace! I thought you were joking – this is so much fun! So happy that you have a new BFF and that you weren’t arrested by Barnes and Noble security. 🙂

  5. SEE?!?!? We, as your stalker assistants, and fillers of her in-box did NOT ruin your friendship forever. So glad you had a wonderful reconnection!

  6. Heather in ND

    You guys are best friends!!!! I love the pictures… she was so excited to see you!!! She knows stuff about you!! You guys are best friends!!!

  7. Yippee! She likes you! She really, really likes you!

  8. Yay! So glad you and your best friend had a wonderful moment! And I second Keri’s comment…. just wait until your book comes out. ; )

  9. Emily

    Duuuude, she totally took your picture so she can post it on her site!

  10. ROFL best picture subtitles ever. Love it! So glad you had a fun time!!

  11. What a fun story! I love that PW recognized you all. She’s one classy lady!

  12. Lee Ann

    So freaking hilarious! Thanks for the moment-by-moment play; makes me feel like I was (almost) there, since I missed her Charlotte appearance last week. What ya wanna bet she blogs about that necklace on her “Home and Garden” section?

  13. Julie

    Love the play by play photos, glad you had a great time. Hope Bean is feeling better- he was excited to be there too!

  14. Yay! That’s great! I was actually thinking about it last night while I was driving, wondering how the book signing went.

  15. And also my new plan is to campaign to make you my new best friend, following in your P-Dub campaign footsteps!

  16. Yay! That was very exciting to read! You have lots of great pictures this time!! I think I would have fainted and peed myself for real! And before that there would have been major heart palpitations goin on!

  17. I’m so happy for you! I hope when it’s your turn with the pen in hand you are as kind to us… I’m looking for “Best Friend” earrings right now…

  18. I am so glad you got over your meltdown and went inside. I have been looking forward to this post for weeks! When you go on your book tour will you please stop here so I can do the same thing to you?

    1. Heather in ND


  19. Janet

    Yay! Glad you got to see Ree again…I met her in Fairfax, VA, and I was a complete dork. I had a question for her and ~completely~ forgot to ask it, I’m sure she remembers me because I made such a lasting impression (heh.) She sure is a likable, fun lady. Lucky you to be best friends with her 😉

  20. All that worrying for nothin’ – You and PDub – you go together like peas and carrots!

  21. SO jealous! But, so happy for you that Ree is really truly your best friend. Pretty durn awesome.

  22. kk

    Ree has the big smile on her face when she saw the necklace.
    Just so happy for the both of you!!

    Trip to the ranch is definitely becoming a reality.

  23. Lisa

    Soooo funny, I didn’t think you were serious about giving her the necklace! Glad you got to see her again 🙂

  24. Sarah H.

    Oh man Katie; I had the biggest smile on my face when I was reading this! That’s so exciting! You’re just so darn cute. And you got so many pictures 🙂 I LOVE that you gave her that necklace, and I can’t wait for her run down of the event–hopefully she’ll show the picture! And now–what in the world is wrong with Bean? Do you think he was really nervous to meet Ree the superstar? Perhaps he was concerned with upholding his internet image? That can be a lot for a little dude.

  25. Yay! It looks like you and PW are making real progress in your relationship…love all around! Plus I bet she never again takes off that friendship necklace.

  26. The smile on your face from ear to ear speaks a thousand words! I’m so glad you got to “hang out” with your BFF again! Now if only she and her family will have lunch with you!

  27. Congrats on proving once and for all that there is a legal form of stalking- and it works!

  28. How awesome for you Katie! Love the play-by-play pictures!

  29. I can’t even articulate how jealous I am! But that is soooo cool. And Ree looks amazing. And you look amazing. And Chris is amazing for taking care of Bean so nicely.

    Its awesome she takes time to chat. I would probably just babble incoherently and vomit. Apparently Bean and I have a lot in common 😛

    Cabin Fever in Vermont

  30. Diana

    Glad you eventually made it up to see your best friend! Sounds a little bit stressful waiting around that whole time with Bean, but I’m glad it worked out so well. It’s cool to see PW’s expressions upon seeing you…fun!

  31. See? Everyone loves the Bean. That’s so fantastically exciting that you finally got to chat with your bestie! Yaaaaay!

  32. Jen

    WOW!! what a great story! so glad you met, bean didn’t puke on her or you, and she knew who you were. What a great story! I wish I had been in town when she came to St. Louis. I’ll just have to live vicariously through you.

    ps i’m only 6 weeks prego but i really hope my kid is as cute as bean.

  33. Fun times. I’m wondering if she took the picture with her camera so she can show her security people…as in don’t ever let this family near me again..JUST KIDDING!! I would have died after she called Bean by his name!!

  34. wow i am so excited for you, laughed along, until OH was like what you are laughing and so i tried to explain i think he think u and me are mad lol

  35. Tressa

    That is flippin AWESOME!!!
    You two will have to do a book tour TOGETHER!!!
    I’m really really happy for you!
    I thought the whole BFF necklace was a joke! LOVE that you gave it to her 🙂

  36. Fun, fun!!

    Can’t wait to see if she writes about you on her blog. I bet she does!

    One day…when I am mentally capable of sharing it…I will blog about the day that I met Ree. I almost went in to the ugly cry. It’s a long story though and I was clearly not of right mind at the time.

    And Marlboro Man sort of snuck up on me and it flustered me a little to turn and see him standing a foot away from me. And who could be of right mind when that sort of thing happens?


    Glad y’all had fun and I’m glad she didn’t call security on you!! I knew she wouldn’t cause she’s cool like that.



  37. Your post cracked me up! I’m sure the pics are great, but at work they have blocked pic posting sites (I guess they actually expect us to work here, who knew?!)…Can’t wait to see them later at home. I love PW…she’s like the big sister I never had (of course we’re not BFFs or anything like yall :)!

  38. I love it! How exciting! I was also excited to see that my child isn’t the only one playing with medicine bottle rattles.

  39. Couldn’t help but laugh out loud (really) reading this! So happy that you finally met your BFF 🙂

  40. Casey

    I used to give my kids the tylenol bottle too, they liked the chewy top!

  41. Angela

    Woah thats so cool!
    She does know you! ( or your baby)
    Frig man, if the person I creeped (you) noticed me in one of your future-book-signings,I’d be as happy as you are with PW.

  42. This is so awesome! I am so glad you gave her the necklace! I wish she would come visit the SF area so I could meet her…jealous!

  43. haha so fun! I love the best friend necklaces idea, and that she called Bean and you out in line!

  44. Love this! Everything about this post is awesome. 🙂

  45. Stephst

    That is so amazing! I met her in November and I was awestruck myself!

  46. Heather M

    I’m SOOOO jealous. Maybe when Bean grows up he can marry one of PWs daughters 😉

  47. So, so much fun! I love it that you gave her the necklace. That is so great! What a fun adventure.
    I hope Bean is all right! What was up with his tummy?

  48. Deb

    Haha, I loved reading this post! So glad you went through with the necklace too!

  49. LOVE this!! How exciting!!

  50. Hehehehehe, amazingness. I particularly love that not only did you bring the best friend necklace, PW also had to do a cleavage check. Sounds like my kinda friend 🙂

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