The Weekend Bed

When I was growing up, I never got to sleep in my parent’s bed.  If you woke up in the middle of the night and you went into their room, my Mom would just take you right back to your own bed.  The only time I was allowed in their bed was occasionally during the day to watch TV and sometimes in the evenings just before bed we would pile up in their with my Mom and Dad.  Because those were the exceptions and not the norm, my parent’s bed was such a treat.  I remember thinking it was so soft and so nice and so special when I got to get in there.

With Bean, we’ve done basically the same thing.  He doesn’t sleep with us and our bed is in the place where he normally gets to hang out.  There have been times, like when he’s gotten sick in the middle of the night, where I’ve brought him back to bed with me until he’s sleeping again, but then I go lay him back down in his bed.  And that has only happened 2 or 3 times anyway.  So, to Bean, our bed is the same as my parent’s bed was to me – something special.

Lately, on the weekends when Bean gets up so early, I have been bringing him into our bedroom to wake up Chris.  It’s a nice excuse for me to get back in bed for a little bit and Chris likes cuddling up with Beaner.  Sometimes I turn the TV on and Bean watches cartoons while Chris and I snooze and sometimes he gets his morning bottle all cuddled up with Mom and Dad.  But usually, he is so excited to have made it into OUR BED that he’s too excited to lay still.

But my favorite part are the giggles.  Bean has the best time when he’s in our bed.  He thinks everything is hysterical, especially Chris.  And we can lay there for forever, just listening to him laugh and babble (no doubt about how we should definitely do this more often…).

Those little sounds just melt my maternal heart.  And, of course, seeing Bean all snuggly-like with Chris makes me want to have, like, 10,000 more babies.

But Bean’s gonna have to go back to his own bed before that can happen…

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22 Thoughts to “The Weekend Bed”

  1. Best ending line to a post ever.


  2. You are correct: this makes me want to procreate. My parents also never let us sleep in their bed. Except one time when I was really sick, and I remember my mom giving my the pink childrens Tylenol. I then puked it up 5 minutes later.

  3. Wow, your right! I have great memories of waking up and getting ready to go to school… me and my mom would lay in her bed while we watched my dad iron his clothes for work. She’d have to DRAG me out of there or else I’d stay in their bed all day. I still remember that to this day, and I plan on doing the same thing when I have kids! But Katie, this post doesn’t help me with my “wanting-to-have-babies” kick. But wonderful still!! 🙂

  4. Sarah H.

    So cute! Love the picute! Your post held up to its claims 😉

  5. Amy

    I love that Bean’s getting the red hair! Isn’t it crazy how they come out with certain coloring and it can all change? My son arrived with dark brown hair and at 5 years old is a blondie!

  6. I can’t believe how light his hair has gotten!!

  7. Adorable! We are the same way and our little one has never slept in bed with us. Partly because I’m paranoid that we will roll on her lol.

  8. I don’t think we ever slept in our parents’ bed either, but I remember laying on their bed watching Sesame Street and Mr Rogers.

    Once our babies were more than a few months old they never slept in our beds, no matter what, but they sure love coming in to wake us up and snuggle in the mornings (after they’ve let us sleep in a while and watched cartoons in the mornings on weekends.)

    Chris and Bean look so snuggly and happy:o)

  9. Love that last line 🙂

  10. Stephanie

    Adorable pics!! 🙂

    I was never allowed in my grandparents bedroom, much less their bed. lol (unless I was sick — then it was a treat).

  11. Lisa

    This post makes me want to have 10,000 babies too…but I need to wait until I’m done with school first 😛 Must stop reading these Beanie posts…

  12. My parents’ bed was the same way, and that’s how Matt and I would like our bed to be, as little ones come along. And man alive, Bean is so stinking CUTE!

  13. Super cute. Bean’s getting so BIG! He actually looks like a little boy in that 2nd-to-last pic instead of a baby.

  14. Michaela

    I never slept in my parents bed either. I went through a phase of having terrible nightmares as a kid, and so for a little while I was allowed to sleep on a doona on the floor at the end of their bed if I woke up scared. But I totally like that- my kids will have their own rooms. My partner is 6’4″ and takes up enough damn room!

  15. adorable! i just saw the movie babies tonight – have you seen it? i’d love to hear your opinion on what it was like to see all the different cultures of parenting… i’m a single 25 year old so i’m curious what a mama thought!

  16. Friday night TV time was when I got to hang out in the ‘rents bed – and I remember that being such a treat! Now Saturday mornings are cuddle time with our Pumpkin in our bed – and yes for some reason this gets the mommy hormones rushing! I guess it is just hard to get that same sense of closeness and comfort any other way.

  17. Gin

    This makes me think of when my little brother and I were little. My Dad tends to get up early (like before the sun, crazy guy!), while my mom likes to sleep in a little more. On Sundays, he would usually get us up a little before my mom did, and we would perform a “Mommy Mug” where we all just got up in bed with her, then the four of us would just hang out of a while. I kinda miss weekend Mommy Mugs, but they are 1000 miles from me right now.

  18. Mom of 3

    I know co-sleeping is not for everyone, but all I can say is you are missing out! There is nothing more amazing than opening your eyes in the morning to see your sweet baby/toddler smiling at you. Now that mine are a bit bigger and always sleep in their own beds, we have a special tradition…when Daddy occasionally goes out of town for work, one child gets to sleep in the “big bed” with me. They think it’s awesome! I cherish this time because I know this too will pass.

    1. Katie

      LOL – You’re probably right. Right now, I wake up to Big Molly staring at me. Just doesn’t have that warm feeling you describe! 🙂

  19. courtney

    I was raised the same way and I’ve pretty much followed the same pattern with our 32 month old son. However, he is an early riser like Bean and so on weekends he often crawls in between us in bed, and “watches” cartoons. Notice “watches” is in quotations – he used to roll around and play and now he likes to talk. I have to say though, it may cause us to lose some sleep, but it is so worth it. I know that all too soon he’ll get up and get his own breakfast and watch t.v. by himself on the couch.

  20. Lisa

    Same here with my boys. They absolutely loved being able to crawl in our bed early in the mornings to wake the one of us lucky enough to sleep in. It was especially cool when they got big enough to slip out of their beds, run in and burrow in between us. Since we don’t have TV in the bedrooms it didn’t last long once they got older. Now that they are “too old” for cuddling, they like to take turns “keeping mom warm” while we watch TV one or two evenings a week. 🙂

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