Jillian Michaels and Other Things I Could Live Without

I am late blogging today because I spent my entire morning preparing for a 20-minute work out DVD.  Today I started my first day of Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred.  With Bean’s first birthday, I realized I was rapidly running out of time to use to “New Mom” excuse for my body.  Plus, I’m tired of complaining about how I look and spending too much time thinking about how to hide my flab.  If I put half as much time into working out as I do shopping for moo-moo dresses, I’d own my own work out video empire.

Just. Like. Jillian.

So, today I quit complaining (well, not really) and I started using this 30-Day Shred thing.  I wish I could tell you that I feel refreshed and that I have more energy than before, but that would be a lie.  The truth is that I don’t know if I am refreshed or if I have more energy because I can’t get up off the floor.  Thankfully, Bean is still napping and so I will probably continue to lie here until he wakes up.  After that, it’s anyone’s guess as to how I’ll feel.  But I’m betting it ain’t gonna be good.

I pretty much hate Jillian Michaels.  And, yes.  I am aware that “hate” is a strong word.  But I would never use it towards a living person.  The Jillian Michaels that I hate lives inside my television and is trying to kill me, so I think that the use of “hate” here is not out of the realm of appropriateness.

But I’m going to wake up tomorrow and do that damn DVD again.  And I’ll do it that day after that.  And then, according to Oprah, it should get easier because Day Three of any major change is always the worst.

(Unlike Jillian Michaels, Oprah loves me and wants me to live a happy, balance life.)

I’m going to stick with this stupid thing for a few reasons.  First, I’m tired of Bean’s foot sinking into my mushy stomach when he crawls all over me.  Secondly, I do not want to dress like a soccer mom yet.  Third, it has recently dawned on me that I am approaching 30  years old and while that isn’t that old in age, it’s older when you have heart disease in your family.  My dad had his first (of several) heart attacks in his 40s.  And that’s not too far away for me.  So, all joking aside, it is time for me to take care of my ticker.

However, this does not mean that I am going to enjoy one single minute of this whole new working out thing.  When I think about it though, there are lots of things in my life that I have to do that I don’t want to do.  Such as:

– Pay taxes

– Buy gas

– Wear a bra

– Change diapers

– Shave my legs

– Balance my checking account

– Pay bills

– Go to funerals

– Give Bean a bath

– Give my dogs a bath

– Mop

Sadly, I must do these things.  Just like I must continue with Jillian Michaels stupid work out DVD.  BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN I’M GOING TO ENJOY ONE MINUTE OF IT!!!

What about you?  What is something that you have to do but would rather not?

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67 Thoughts to “Jillian Michaels and Other Things I Could Live Without”

  1. I HATE mopping – but now I love it! We bought a Haan steam mop that disinfects the floors as it mops. Holy happiness! There’s a scrubber pad on the bottom that zaps up all the crap and when you’re done it goes in the washing machine. I can come over and mop for you, if you like.

  2. Clean. I wouldn’t clean if my life depending on it. Our toilets are so bad that my husband does them after a few weeks (months?). I despise cleaning.

    OH, and running! And eating vegetables.

  3. I just did The Shred this morning as well!! I started it about 6 months ago, and now I only do it a couple of times a week, but it really is SO MUCH EASIER than it was when I started. You’ll be happy with the results if you stick with it!

    I hate moderating my food intake… so exercise is a necessary evil. 🙂

    1. Katie

      That’s exactly why I’ve started working out. I love food and though I’ve cut out a lot of sugar, I don’t want to have to start counting calories every day.

      1. Ok, y’all please tell me if it’s worth it–I guess Katie, in 30 days you can do an update or something–but this DVD has been popping up everywhere I feel like and I kind of want to get it, but I want to know if it’s real or not. Is it real?

        1. I just ordered it on amazon for $9 and that’s with shipping. I’m excited to start…kinda.

  4. Beth

    You are like the 3rd person who has been doing this recently, so I guess I should start too. It’s just staying in bed is so much more fun!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I like to cook and I don’t even mind cleaning, but I absolutely HATE (yes, with capital letters) yard work. I spent 2 hours weeding my flower beds this weekend, and this morning they are all back again. Grrr! I am so ready to just give up, let nature win, and declare my yard part of the natural prairie lands of the Midwest.

  6. I hate exercise too. I mean I really, really hate it. Recently, though, I found out I have something called Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. There’s no medication or treatment that exists right now, but there is one thing they tell you to do: EXERCISE! You have to exercise, lose weight, and eat healthy every single day. Plus you don’t get to drink much at all! 😉 So I get up every morning and I exercise. I feel your pain. Now that I’m in the habit of it, though, it’s not the worst thing in the world!

  7. Jen

    LOL!! I totally love it. I totally had that DVD for over a month from Netflix because like you I am losing the time where I can say that my weight is just baby fat…my guy is going to be 2 this fall. So a friend of mine told me about 30 day shred and I was all about it and then it arrived in the mail. And then it sat on top of my DVD player in the original package until my husband started to complain because we couldn’t get any more movies until I was finished with the shred. I finally just returned it without once putting it in my DVD player. So I give you lots of applause for actually taking the DVD out of the package and using it.
    Hope it goes well!

  8. I made it to day 5, gave Jillian the finger and stashed her DVD far far away in the basement. I can say with complete certainty, however, that if I would have made it to day 30, I would have been very toned. I’m thinking about starting again soon. Here’s hoping I make it to day 6 😉

  9. Faith

    Oh my gosh – I’m starting this today, TOO!!! (after work) I am kind of scared, but know I need to do it – and not quit after a couple days. I’d LOVE it if you would keep us updated – I know it will keep me motivated to know that you are doing it and reading how it’s going for you.

  10. September

    The first 30 days are the hardest, after that it starts to become routine. I was never athletic at all growing up or as an adult and started running when my youngest was about a year old. I was over that 30 threshold when things *start* to slide and my sister was pushing 40 and looking at her I was realizing that naturally thin can only do so much once gravity sets in. My goal when I started was to be able to jog for a mile straight without stopping. The nice thing about cardio is that it gives you this high…three years later I have multiple marathons under my belt and get twitchy if I don’t get in my 30 miles/week.

    And yes, it is nice to be able to eat anything and everything I want to.

  11. I am not gonna lie. That 30 day blasted shred thing never got easier for me. Like picture cow rolling on the ground panting and wailing uncontrollably – that was me. Maybe I just wasnt as diligent about it as I should have been (I did it a few times a week) and now that I am preggo, I havent worked out at all so after I have the kid, I plan on letting Jillian whip me back into shape. Let me know your tricks of the trade, cause come September, I am going to need all the help I can get. BTW, I agree with you…shaving legs and the bra could go.

  12. Grocery shopping. I wish I could order my groceries online and they’d magically appear on my doorstep.

    1. Beth

      look up peapod if they have it in your area. 🙂

  13. I was tempted to buy it and then my friend heard someone who mae it to a certain poitn and really couldnt finish it. It just continued to get harder and harder. I let her report deter me. I hope to hear from you, that it was successful and then maybe I will concider it again. NO PRESSURE!

  14. You can do it! The first few days are TOUGH, and so are those first few days when you change levels, but you can do it! I’m on Day 17 and I feel so good. It’s still tough, but then there are days when I want to do it twice because the endorphin kick is so good.

    And I would rather not ever have to clean the shower. It’s my least favorite piece of housework.

  15. Beth

    I hate doing laundry! It isn’t the washing part, so much as the folding and putting away. I guess it doesn’t really help that my 15 month old daughter’s favorite game is throw the clothes mommy just folded on the floor 🙂

  16. Yeah Jillian is NOT nice! But she works… our next “adventure” is P90X… I hear that guy is WORSE than Jillian! Keep at it girl and in her words, “you’ll be shredded in no time”

    1. My husband did P90X. I was responsible for cooking up the meal plans in the book. THAT was brutal.

  17. ugh – JM is BRUTAL. Even the women in the video glare at her with hate stares. There is one point in Stage 1 where one of the girls in the back is cheating a little and JM calls her out on it. The girl laughs and but you can tell she is like “die, Jillian, die.”

    Good luck! You can DO it!

    1. Kim

      This made me laugh. :)Good luck Katie!

  18. Gina B.

    Oh, the list is long…
    Change diapers.
    Clean my bathrooms.
    Speak to certain people with whom I work.
    Interact with people who believe it’s okay to wear rompers if you’re over the age of five.
    But, life is better if I just suck it up and do these things.

  19. cleaning the floors, yuck!!

  20. hi katie
    i hate working out and i am struggling with my body size right now. i don’t like the way i look in photos, but i am resisting working out and losing weight just so i can sell out to the beauty myth. real women have curves. and real women get messages every day that they should take up less space. i’m struggling with the contradictions.
    by the way – don’t shave your legs if you don’t want to! hair is natural!
    love, melissa (the hairy feminist)

  21. Do the laundry! I hate hate hate doing it (especially since I live in NYC so it involves dragging everything to the laundromat three blocks away), but I’m lucky to have a guy who doesn’t mind taking care of the washing and drying, as long as I take care of the folding and putting away. It’s a good deal.

  22. Casey

    I tried Jillian out. I think I laid on the floor until it was time for Day 2. I never made it to Day 3. I had to find someone nicer.

  23. Adrienne S

    #1 I’m almost 7 months pregnant so getting out of bed is now on my list of things I hate doing.

    #2. Any and ALL cleaning! I hate it with a passion, luckily my bf is a bit of a neat freak so if I just ignore the clothes piling up in the laundry room or the dishwasher needing to be unloaded long enough he pretty much has an anxiety attack and has to take care of it. Works perfectly.

  24. Jennifer

    probably pay bills. But since i really enjoy a roof over my head, electricity, cable, not defaulting on loans and a car they are a necessary evil. I’d also say eating my veggies but since i don’t eat them to begin with I don’t think it counts.

  25. I’d have to say that I hate cleaning. We recently had to get rid of our cleaning service (budget constraints), and it’s killing me! I never have time to do one big clean like they would, so now I feel I’m constantly cleaning because I can only do 10 minutes at a time. It also means that deep cleaning doesn’t happen unless I have company coming over at which point I’m stressed anyway.

    Good for you for doing the Shred. I have cursed Jillian many times myself. But in the end, I was so glad I did it. It took me about 4 days to feel confident at level one. The last arm lift is a killer, though, no matter what! I did the 30 day thing, but now just use it as a quick workout once or twice a week when I don’t have time for a run. You may never “like” Jillian, but you’ll thank her. Good luck!

  26. I actually like the 30 Day Shred DVDs…..but I also like going to my bootcamp class, too. Weird, I know. What I have a hard time doing is actually DOING it. I’m not very disciplined like that 😉 Anyway, good luck. Trust me, you’ll feel much better about it once you start to see results.

  27. Some parts of being an adult are completely bogus – taxes and bills being the worst of them. Why weren’t we warned?

  28. You can do it Katie! I know it isn’t fun to work out but the reward in the end will be worth it and then shopping will be even more fun!

  29. Darcy

    I hate sweeping and mopping with a passion. I can vacuum with absolutely no hateful feelings put give me a broom/mop and I just get annoyed.

    You can totally beat Jillian Michaels! Just keep doing the exercise every day and you’ll show her who’s boss.

  30. Jillian really is horrible. I’ve done 30 Day Shred around 20 days (with many, many rest days) and it’s still not fun. I hate the line “I’ve got 400 pound people who can do jumping jacks and so can you!” Whatever, Jillian. That video is torture but it does get easier as you go. I can tell a difference in my muscles and even lost 10 pounds. 🙂 You can do it! I can’t wait to see how it goes for you.

  31. I was doing the Shred until the move got insane and I “forgot” to take the DVDs out of my DVD player. No I really did forget them until reading your post but I don’t know if I would have gotten them out if I remembered. Jillian is evil. I’m not even a mom but I’m kind of determined to get exactly where I want to be before I get preggers…which could be any day so not exactly the best plan haha. Good luck!

  32. Jillian is hard core. But it DOES get easier and it WORKS! 🙂

  33. Julia

    wear pantyhose! ugh. every feminist bone in my body revolts at the thought of squeezing my big butt into those things like a sausage. Hopefully my workout program makes me feel a little better too, but still! I hate pantyhose! phew…i feel better.

  34. We should start a Jillian support group! Ya know…something to keep us all motivated and accountable.

    I started the Shred a little over a week ago. I missed a couple days in between there. And although I pant and groan and growl all the way through it…I feel so much better when I do it. The first time though…Oh the first time I was cussing Jillian’s very being. lol… 🙂

    Speaking of Jillian…have you watched her new show Losin It? It’s GOOD.

    And my thing that I don’t like to do but have to do…clean house. I hate it! I don’t usually mind so much but we are on 3 levels now and even after a year of living here we aren’t all “put together” so to speak. I’m not organized and I feel like I have crap everywhere. Which makes cleaning house feel pointless cause I don’t ever feel like it’s all clean. I’ve been on a mission for quite some time…a mission to come up with a million dollar idea so I can hire a freakin cleaning service. Mainly so I’ll feel more motivated to get us “put together”. 🙂



  35. I’m going to put that DVD on my netflix list right now… I recently started running, but I think I need to add some more exercise to my life. My wedding is less than seven months away and I’m getting a little chunkier.

    Marla @ http://www.asthefarmturns.wordpress.com

  36. Alison

    I just started “30 Day Shred” yesterday myself! I’m sore today (stupid lunges) but going to do it again tonight. For several reasons, I need to exercise right now.
    I hate to iron.

  37. Ana

    Don’t forget doing laundry!

  38. Jessica

    Can I say work?? haha That’s one thing I hate doing but have to. Or at least say working full time…because I think I could handle part time 😉

    Jillian is a tough cookie! FI and I are starting P90X in a couple weeks which is supposed to be incredibly brutal. We tested out the ’15 min abs’ section this weekend and I was so sore the next morning. (I consider myself in pretty good shape– I’m a runner and all– but man, even Jillian kicks my butt during her work outs!)

  39. cleaning the toilet
    goig to the dentist

  40. I like cooking but i don’t like HAVING to make meals, it takes the fun out of it.

    I do some computer work for my husbands office when the kids are napping and I will say, without remorse, i HATE doing that damn work! I don’t mind working but there are so many other things that I would rather be doing while the house is quiet then having to sit and stare at a computer screen. small price to pay i guess, we can always use the extra income, *sigh* well kids are sleeping, i better get to work, bye…

  41. Mallory

    I was surprised to see that ‘laundry’ wasn’t included on your list… I thought that would be number one for you!

  42. Diana

    I was doing the Shred last year before my daughter’s wedding and it was cool to actually exercise and see a difference. I continued to do it on and off for several months, but I usually only did level one…it seemed like a good workout for me. Your post is inspiring me to give it a go again. Good luck!

  43. My husband tried “the Shred”, he says that Jillian is never allowed in our house again. I believe he called her a naughty word too as he crawled across the floor at the end of the first workout.

  44. Marie

    You can do it Katie! Just keep telling yourself that!

    Personally I hate working! Would love, love LOVE to be a lady of leisure but the lottery never seems to get my numbers right so I’ll have to just keep working until such time as it does…

    I don’t mind exercise as long as it’s fun which is why o go horse riding once a week 🙂 it really is the best form of exercise!

  45. Kat

    Your list of things you rather do made me seriously laugh out loud. Now, I’m in an office setting and I was taking a quick break from my tedious day to entertain myself with your blog, so you can imagine that my co-workers did not understand when I suddenly burst out laughing at my computer screen. I might have to read these at home from now on.

    As for my items or things I don’t want to do but can’t escape:
    *Shave the dogs, or just general pet grooming like cutting their nails or brushing their teeth – but pet grooming is sooo expensive!
    *Weeding – please kill me.
    *Picking up dog poop – I can’t escape this one unless I never want to step foot in my yard again.

  46. courtney

    I hate working out and washing dishes, but I love to eat so both are a necessary evil. Now I’m gonna get my butt out of this chair and get on the treadmill 🙁

  47. I totally know how you feel! I did the 30 day shred twice – still haven’t gotten out of level 2. I laid on the floor after every work out thinking “This is it….it’s over…..Jesus here I come!” but of course that never happened. I did day 2 with the sorest muscles I ever had but day 3 was better and day 4 no soreness. If it gets easier, you have to go to another level. Easy means you’re comfortable where you are and you DON’T want to be comfortable. I figure, it’s only painful for 20 minutes. Being overweight was painful all the live long day! It’s worth it – stick with it. Can’t wait to hear your success story!!

  48. Nigeria Hunter

    Hi Katie

    I absoluteky HATE doing the dishes!!! Our dish-washing machine is broken so ALL dishes have to be washed by hand. In our house we are always having humongous meals so washing those dishes by hand can take up to an hour and by the end my hands are all wrinkled like raisins… ugh!

  49. I hate working out too. So I don’t. =) I take dance classes instead, and even though I’m occasionally so hot and tired at the end of a class that I want to stab the instructor, I at least feel satisfaction in knowing that I learned something new/can dance all pretty-like! My latest adventure has been Irish dance… ouch, my calves…

  50. You make me feel as if I’ve been terribly lazy.

    I mean, that’s because I’ve been terribly lazy.

    Still, a little harsh to push that in my face Katie.

    Just sayin’.

  51. Ugh, Jilian. I once tried the 30 day shred. I think it was day 1 that did me in. I ended up just watching the last 10 minutes, which sadly, burns NO calories. So you are already beating me!!!

  52. I hate putting clean laundry away. My closet is way too small as it is and I have to share it with my husband! Stupid old house! The bugger is that my bedroom is also small (stupid, stupid old house) so if I don’t put my clothes away it’s unbearable. No win situation there.

    I also hate running but I do it every morning. As it turns out, I hate my ass if I don’t run even more.

  53. Kim

    This seriously made me laugh out loud. My husband wonders how I can loathe her so much, but it makes me feel better to curse her while working out. Especially when she says the same thing every day. “Hours of phoning in at the gym…”

    Now, Oprah. She I can get behind. 😉

  54. Laura

    I hate putting away laundry. And I feel like I’m constantly doing dishes/loading/unloading the dishwasher.

    But, weirdly, there are chores I actually don’t mind, like cleaning the bathrooms. I don’t really “enjoy” it – not at all! I just love the result of the sparkly clean faucet, tub, etc. I grew up in a really clean house so I love a clean bathroom. Is that weird?

    We should make a chore ‘Job share’ setup and we can all skip the things we dislike and do what we’re good at!

  55. From time to time we get a flyer in the mail for a cleaning service that declares “Life is too short to clean your own house.” I’ve been thinking about calling them to get a quote for mopping my floors once a week. I hate to mop, but I don’t think I need a maid. Just a weekly mopper.

  56. Cooking dinner. Every. Night. I hate it. Actually, the part I absolutely hate is the whole comin’ up with something to fix. I hate my husband’s response “whatever is fine” to my question “what do you want for dinner?” I hate it even more when he says “surprise me.” UGH. {Boy, I used “hate” a lot…sigh}

  57. Ella

    I HATE doing the dishes but i love to cook.
    I dont enjoy exercising but i need to for my health.
    I also hate shaving my legs! Recently ive started waxing instead so i get pretty much 4 weeks hair free legs!

  58. Oi, I’ve got that DVD and was supposed to pull it out yesterday in an attempt to get back into exercise (kinda like I was supposed to wake up early this morning for it). I hate exercise. I can relate somewhat to your feelings toward Jillian though. My first attempts at doing the video (aka I made it all of 3 days in a row) resulted in my hiding in semi-fake terror any time we saw her face anywhere (“but Matt….she yells at me!!”). Granted I kinda liked her “this stinks but just stick it out” attitude. Ok fine – I’ll pull it out this evening. Sheesh.

  59. Girl – I made it through the 30 Day Shred and if I can do it, so can you! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  60. at the moment? WRITE TERM PAPERS!

  61. Sara

    I have been doing the Shred as well, and I agree with you… I hate the Jillian Michaels who tries to kill me. I have been doing it for about 6 months, but I only use the video once a week. I also jog/walk and lift weights. I like to do several different forms of exercise to keep my body guessing.

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