Etsy Day: The Broward Patch


I am super excited about today’s Etsy Day profile.  I have been pinning after one of Jennifer Daniel’s custom camera straps ever since our photo shoot with Jenn Hopkins.  Jenn (the photographer) had the most adorable camera strap on her camera and come to find out it was custom made by another reader of my blog, Jen Daniels!  So many Jen’s!  So many camera straps!

(See Jenn’s cute camera strap?)

So imagine my happiness when I started exchanging emails with Jen (the strap lady) and she said she’d like to send me one of her straps!!!  And that I could PICK MY COLORS!!  I have zero creativity in my soul and so I told her that I just wanted something gender neutral so that Chris and I could both carry the camera.  Today I went to my P.O. box and look what I found!!!!

Isn’t it adorable?!?!?  And it looks just like me!  It’s exactly what I would have picked if I had 1,000 camera straps to choose from!

As often as I carry my camera, I never use the camera strap because it’s so uncomfortable.  It’s stiff and has no padding in it – and my camera is heavy!  Not to mention, it’s not cute at ALL.

But Jen’s straps are super soft because they are made from cotton AND they are padded all the way around, so they won’t cut into my neck when I carry my camera.  And they are just the cutest!  These just became my go-to birthday/Christmas/graduation/everything else gift!!!

I immediately sent Jen a nosy bunch of questions so I could know more about this cute camera strap makin’ lady.  (Don’t you just like knowing about the people who are making crafts that you own?  I do.)

What city and state do you live in?

We live in not terribly pretty North Carolina.  I love where we live and really enjoy it but its not the “best” parts of North Carolina for sure!  I live in between the ocean and the mountains in some incredibly flat farm land.  My son loves it because we see cows and horses everyday.  I love it because its where we started our family.

How many kids do you have?

We have one and a half-I’m currently pregnant with number 2!  Joe is 18 months old and this one is due December 25th.

Do you work or stay home with your kids?

I am a stay at home mom and am the first to admit that while I love it and wouldn’t change anything, it makes for some long days sometimes!  Before kids, I was a teacher at a local elementary school. I really loved teaching my quickly realized that I could not teach other kids all day long and then come back home to small children at my house.  Teaching takes a huge amount of patience and, for me, I knew that I couldn’t maintain that level of patience ALL DAY.  Someone was going to suffer and as much as I enjoyed my job, I selfishly wanted my kids to get the best from me.  I have an huge amount of respect for those that do it.  Not just teach, but find a way to balance a work life and home life with kids.  I have come to believe mom’s everywhere have a large appreciation for each other.  If you stay at home you can truly appreciate the moms that work and if you work you can truly appreciate staying at home.  I think that’s been one of the most eye opening experiences of motherhood.

You mentioned your husband was in the military.  How in the world do you balance everything in your life, like an Etsy shop, with him being deployed?

My husband is in the military and while very hard at times, its also been one of the most rewarding experiences ever.  We have lived some amazing places, met some AMAZING people and learned some incredible lessons.  Its been our entire married life so I really don’t know anything different!  He is home right now which has really helped me have the extra time and support to get my Etsy shop going. I’m not exactly sure how I am going to balance everything when he leaves again.  All I know is that, somehow, it will work out. My shop is very new and I think that its going to be a great distraction for me and will help make the time fly by!

How and why did you start making camera straps?

Camera straps weren’t my main focus when I opened my Etsy shop. They have quickly become the new focus but they were about number 5 of my “must make” list.  I actually made one for my sister in law for the first time and then one for me and it kind of took off from there. There are so many different ways to create them and it took me a while to really get my process down.  After the process was in place, I went in search of fabric and think I have found some really pretty and modern options in the fabric department.  I never anticipated the response which I have gotten.  I thought that I may sell 4 or 5 and I was ok with that.  I was making something and putting it out there and that was about all I expected from it.  I always loved sewing.  My mom put me in a sewing class in middle school.  I was a scrunchie making MACHINE back in the day!  I never really appreciated the fact that I knew how to sew until I was an adult.  I realized how much I could really make and loved creating something.  I am not a creative person by nature.  I would love to be able to paint but that’s not in the cards for me.  I can sew though and quickly found a love for making everyday things just a little bit more unique.  That’s my goal in all of this. I still have the “must make” list and still intent on making those items for my shop.  Camera straps are the current focus until I have a bit more time (and everyone laugh with me now…..hahaha…).

What’s in your purse?

I am the over-preparer.  I would rather tote everything around and not need it then need something and NOT have it!  So, my purse is a diaper bag.  I always carried big bags before kids, so the idea of a big diaper bag was not really threatening to me.  I am not going to pull everything out and take a picture because I probably wouldn’t be able to get everything back into the correct place. Diaper bad includes all of the “normal” items for a toddler, extra pair of sun glasses for me, some suckers in case we have a mega melt down somewhere, disposable changing pads and table toppers (most amazing invention every), lipgloss, a sampling of tons of adult medications (tylenol, advil, benadryl, tums, dramamine, etc), minor first aid stuff (bandaids), a bug bite stick (which I can’t tell you how many times I have actually used!!!), extra change in case I am ever stuck somewhere and need to make a call at a pay phone (thanks for making me crazy mom)-this change actually gets used for purchasing emergency diet cokes which is almost as important as making a call on a pay phone some days.  And most days, my wallet.  The days it doesn’t make it in there is when the emergency change is used.  There’s a few more items but this is getting embarrassing!


As if Jen could get ANY nicer, she has graciously offered to give away a custom camera strap to a lucky reader today.  The winner will be able to either pick a premade one from Jen’s Etsy shop or they can customize their order by choosing colors and Jen will make one especially for you!  And don’t worry if you don’t have a big camera to lug around with a big strap – she also make smaller digital camera straps, too!!

To be entered to win a custom camera strap from Jen, leave a comment below telling me where you would carry your camera if you had one of these fantastic straps.  I’ll go first – I will now carry my camera on the playground because I have this adorable strap that will keep me hands free!

All comments must be in by 8:00 PM today and a winner will be announced tomorrow.  Good luck!

Thanks to Jennifer Daniels for my adorable strap and for sponsoring today’s giveaway.  Be sure to check out her Etsy shop and order a camera strap for everyone you know!

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210 Thoughts to “Etsy Day: The Broward Patch”

  1. I need to be better about taking my nice SLR everywhere. Instead I tend to use my point and shoot because it fits in my purse. If I had a cutsie little strap, I might be more encouraged to take it with me wherever I go.

  2. I would love taking my big slr out more if the strap wasn’t so uncomfortable.I like to put it over my head and around like a purse sometimes, it keeps the strap from cutting into my neck. I would use it probably, more on trips if I had something to make it more comfortable and stylish. 😀

  3. I would carry my camera EVERYWHERE! 🙂 It’s always in my purse and then it’s not really all that handy. I’d love to be able to carry it on a strap!

  4. So cute!! I would carry my camera strap EVERYWHERE. I’m trying to start my own photography business so my camera is always attached to my hip… er… neck… 🙂

  5. I would take my camera with me more. I usually try to stuff it in a pocket of my pants. It gets uncomfortable and I can’t tell you how many times I have sat on it because it was in my back pocket. ugh. LOL

  6. Suzanne

    Like others have said…everywhere, I dislike the strap my Nikon came with and would love one of these! I’m military spouse in NC as well!

  7. sarah

    I will still carry mine everywhere, I’ll just not be super grumpy doing so because it won’t be slicing into the back of my neck :)!

  8. Kristin

    I would take mine anywhere and everywhere! Maybe if I have a pretty strap, my husband would let ME take pictures for once:) He’s such a camera hog!!!

  9. Jenny J.

    I would take mine out everywhere as well, but the most important would be out on bike rides so that when I see a beautiful old house or something I can stop and take a picture right away!

  10. I would carry mine to church…okay, that sounds weird. But my daughter is being baptized soon and I’d love to be able to “wear” my camera (or have my husband do it) so that it won’t be such a hassle to take it!

  11. oh – how I would love this… In fact may need to get one anyways. I carry my camera most anywhere already and I loathe the manufacturer strap that came with it….These look fantastic!

  12. I would carry mine straight to the delivery room to have my second child which is due in two weeks… maybe if i go there early the baby will be delivered early. 🙂

  13. jcristg

    I would carry mine the day of the wedding. Is it faux pas for the bride to carry her own camera?

  14. Allyson


  15. Maryellen

    If I has a cutesy strap, I would carry my camera when my daughter and I visit my parents at their work. My mom works in a nursing home & on somedays we take her a nice, cold coffee drink! You should see everyone’s face light up when my 10 month old daughter crawls into the room! My dad owns a hardware & animal feed store. When my husband, daughter and I go to buy more food for our dog, we get the royal treatment (I worked there since I was 12 & all through breaks at college & even in the summers when I was teaching – so I know most of the customers that come in). They love to see Claire & my Dad (who is a very tall, burly-looking guy) hold my itty-bitty daughter the whole time we are there! My Dad is the best at playing the SUPER PROUD GrandpaBear! But yea, I would take my camera to those places & the dog park & everywhere!

  16. Katie C

    I would actually take my camera SOMEWHERE!! I always, always forget it, and I think that is because it is so annoying to carry the camera around!! This would be so handy…and maybe even an excuse to get a new camera!! 🙂

  17. Carrie E

    I love these! I just bought a new big old SLR camera and would love to have one of these cute straps!

  18. Kristin

    I’m about to buy an SLR in preparation of our first born! I’d LOVE to have one of these straps to carry my camera around with once she arrives – in fact, if I don’t win, I’ll probably buy one!:) Great find, Katie! 🙂

  19. Carlene

    I’d take it house-shopping! Or to the beautiful beaches here in Cape Cod.

  20. Whitney

    I think I would take my camera everywhere now. I don’t take it many places because the strap I have now that came with my camera is so uncomfortable and hurts my neck.

  21. yayayay! i just bought a digital camera yesterday – i would carry my camera downtown Philadelphia if i had one of these camera straps to capture urban moments of my new life as a grad student!

  22. Omaha Kat

    Very cute! What a great idea! I already am the “camera lady” for all our family outings and events. I’d love to look more stylish! PS- I agree that this might have to be on someone’s Christmas gift list this year…. 😉

  23. I’m a wedding photographer so I kinda HAVE to take my camera to “work” with me, but I take it everywhere else too and I HATE the canon straps- they don’t ever match my outfits. I’ve been wanting to get a cuter strap for awhile now 🙂

  24. Valerie

    I’d bring my camera everywhere.. instead of just having it stuffed in my bag like I usually do now.

  25. Krista F

    I would take my camera on hikes. I don’t now b/c of the bag and yucky strap.

  26. Kimberly

    Such a cute and creative idea! I recently bought a new camera — I would love a new strap to go along with it! I would take the camera/camera strap everywhere — especially for travel!

  27. I would carry my camera everywhere, instead of it being stuffed my in purse strapless – not many pictures taken in there!

  28. Shawn

    I too have a big camera and the strap that came with it is just awful. I would have to say that I would probably be willing to carry mine more if I had a really comfortable strap. Ordinary places maybe; like the park, church, even vactioning and shooting pictures of my family could be made better with a better strap. Thanks for letting us in on this great product!

  29. What a lovely giveaway! I am coming from Jen’s blog and she has given yours such a glowing review I am looking forward to reading some more!

    I carry my camera everywhere and take pictures of just about anything.. Lately I have been asked by my regular readers to do a daily weather forecast, which is great fun! So I have my camera with me rain or shine, at all times..

  30. Katey

    I would take it everywhere. I am always running back and forth to get the camera because it is in the house and not with me.

  31. i already carry my camera everywhere. but with the strap, i’d look much cooler 🙂

  32. Rosemary

    I pretty much take my camera with me everywhere but now I could do it in STYLE and COMFORT….love these straps and am putting them on my Christmas give list as well.

  33. I LOVE those straps!! I am soo ordering one…next pay day 🙂
    If I won I would carry my camera geocaching. my strap sticks to my neck and start to feel heavy after a while of digging under things.

  34. I would take my camera EVERYWHERE. Sometimes I’m embarrassed toting around my clunky DSLR, but if I could add some spunk, maybe I’d just feel trendy and less paparrazi-ish. 🙂 Super cute. Great gift ideas! Thanks for introducing us to Jen’s designs, Katie!!!

  35. I usually take mine everywhere but it’s always stuck in the big bulky camera case. It would be much more comfortable, convenient and cute to carry around with one of these awesome straps!

  36. My in-laws recently passed along their old SLR and it would be awesome to have a cuter/more comfortable strap for it! We are going to Europe in a few weeks, so it would be nice for that as well. Great find, Katie!

  37. Oh my what a cute camera strap. Can’t wait to browse etsy. If I won- I would carry my camera everywhere and take it out of the ugly little black case I have for it.

  38. Dyanna

    If I won I’d carry my camera more to the dogpark and when the hubby and I go geocaching!!

  39. Meagan S

    Holy crap these are amazing! I agree with you and would bring my camera to the park. I only have a small digital camera but I don’t always have a pocket to put it in.

  40. Angie

    I would gift mine to my aunt – she takes her camera everywhere and she would love one of these!!

  41. I would take my camera EVERYWHERE if I had a cute strap! Right now my camera sits on my dresser and I always forget it because I HATE carrying it around.

  42. Oh how precious! I will carry my camera EVERYWHERE in a few months when my baby is born!

  43. Awesome straps! I will be getting one even if i don’t win, but I really hope I win!
    I would just keep my camera more handy. I now stuff it into my purse but would love to wear it around my neck and show it off.

  44. Sare

    I would carry mine down the aisle. It kills me that it’s one of the most important days of my life so far and I have to leave the picture taking to others!

  45. Brittney

    The strap would allow me to take it to my pond to take some nice summer pictures without the fear of my clumsy hands dropping it into the water.

  46. I would carry mine everywhere! I hate the uncomfortable strap on there now!!

  47. I would definitely start taking my camera with me more often if I had a cute camera strap like that! I used to take it with me everywhere when I first got it, but I’ve been a slacker lately 🙂

  48. I would carry mine on Jeep rides with the top down and windows, doors, EVERYTHING off because I would be able to use my hands to hold on when my husband is 4WD his jeep off-road.

  49. Sarah D.

    I would use a new strap on my Canon DSLR and I would take more pictures of my twin 3 year old boys. I would start with our summer vacation planned in July!

  50. I’d carry my camera all around Europe because I am going to study at Oxford in 2 weeks for 6 weeks!

  51. Rebekah M.

    I need to make more of an effort to take my camera everywhere & pull it out! i don’t have nearly as many pictures now that my son is more active!

  52. Oh I love these. If I don’t win, I’m ordering one tomorrow!

    I’d take mine on vacation! We’re headed to Myrtle Beach and Tampa/Orlando for two weeks in July.

  53. Stephanie Neal

    I will take my camera everywhere with one of those cool straps!! I will also use this as a go to gift!!

  54. Gina B.

    Um, everywhere! When my camera is tucked in my purse or my diaper bag, it stays there. I never think to dig it out because it causes too much havoc. With a strap, there would be far fewer missed opportunities.

  55. Jenn

    I’d like to win this for my sister! She’s an aspiring photographer and about to leave for college. She takes her DSLR everywhere!!

  56. Elisabeth

    This is too funny! I was just telling him how the camera strap dug into my arm, neck, etc.

    As for where I would take it…EVERYWHERE!

  57. dave

    I’ll take mine to NYC. Or, to a park.

  58. I would take my camera everywhere this summer.. to the park, to the beach, cookouts.. 🙂

  59. These straps are so cute! I usually take my camera everywhere but work (vacation, parties, school events, sporting events, etc.) and I’m thinking about getting a nice DSLR camera for my birthday, so I think a cute strap would be the perfect accessory for it!

  60. Casey

    I’d take my camera to my kitchen to take pictures of all the cakes and cookies I’ve been making.

  61. Amy A.

    I would take it to my sister’s house to take pics of my nephews! I’m currently her official non-professional baby photographer.

  62. Jenn E.

    I would carry my camera to the dog park, if I had a cute camera strap. It also looks like that strap might be spot-washable, which helps when you’re going somewhere with a lot of slobber (like a dog park, or day care).

  63. I need to start taking my little digital camera everywhere b/c I suck at remembering to take pictures but I don’t want to miss any moments of my son’s life. He’s 5 weeks and I’ve already missed some pictures!

  64. Cassandra

    To the beach I will go 🙂

  65. Sarah H.

    First I need a camera! Let’s see…I would carry mine to the beach! And to weddings 🙂

  66. Amanda

    I would take mine to the lake! And the pool, and the garden, and the park, and the library. And to work…jk…not to work.

  67. Where wouldn’t I take it is the real question. I’m trying to get better about bringing my camera with me everywhere I go, but you’re totally right about that Canon strap being ugly. I’ve been trying to find a good Etsy seller for camera straps so I’m thrilled that you posted this!

  68. Anne Cooper

    I would definitely take it to nicer events! The current strap digs into my skin if i’m wearing a strapless dress, and definitely does not go with any outfit I decide to wear!!!

  69. tessabella76

    We live on a small and I would take mine out on our boat more. I’ve got to use the very thin wrist strap so I don’t drop my camera in the water but it tends to cut into my skin. I would love a thicker, prettier strap!

    1. tessabella76

      Ummm yeah, that should be: We live on a small LAKE. Haven’t had my coffee yet….

  70. these are really cute straps and how practical. i like practical crafts. i would take my camera, um, to my kid’s events. we are in the market for a good camera and a good strap would be awesome.
    love, melissa

  71. I would carry my camera when I go hiking and do nature stuff where i’ve got to climb! makes things so much easier 🙂

  72. Caroline

    I’d carry mine ON A BOAT!!!

  73. Lisa

    I would carry mine to Sri Lanka as we’re planning a trip there next month!!

  74. I would carry my camera on our walks/hikes with our two dogs! I love taking pictures of them when they are in their element, but my Nikon D90 gets heavy and the strap digs into my neck…so quite often I opt to leave it at home 🙁

  75. I’m not enterning the drawing because I couldn’t wait … I just bought one! Thanks for the great find. I love the one I purchased and can’t wait to use it on all my trips this summer! My fiance and i have the same exact camera … this will help tell them apart!

  76. Sara

    We just celebrated our first wedding anniversary with a weekend in Door County, Wisconsin, and I FORGOT our camera! I was so mad. Maybe if I had a cute strap that wouldn’t have happened…
    As a side note, I really like the one called Burn Orange in Jen’s shop!

  77. jamie

    everywhere! i am trying very very hard to make it a habit to carry my camera everywhere. a lovely strap, fabulous!

  78. I would carry my camera on more outdoor trips. I do have a good strap right now, and I am always afraid I will drop my camera!

  79. I would carry mine around my new house, take pictures and actually post them on my neglected blog. 🙂

  80. I carry my camera everywhere anyway but now I could carry it in style and COMFORT!

  81. I would carry it to the zoo, and I wont have to worry about dropping it on the pavement!

  82. I would carry my camera everywhere… and look cute doing it!

    Marla @

  83. I would actually takes pictures when I’m out and about instead of not wanting to lug my camera around. =)

  84. Jessica

    I would actually get the camera strap for my sister. She is my best friend in the entire world and does so much for me! She loves taking pictures and just got a new fancy camera (kinda like yours!) and loves photographing her adorable bernese mountain dog Callie 🙂 (my niece!) and our family. And I know she would rock her fabulous new camera strap taking pictures at my wedding in 4 months!

  85. Jessica

    I would carry my camera everywhere!! I am a little cautious near water though. This would help with that I think.

  86. Emily J.

    I would carry my camera to the beach to take vacation pictures!

  87. I would carry it everywhere I could. I’m in a rut where my 17.5 month old isn’t getting nearly enough face time because of the 29 weeker in my belly.

  88. Katy

    If I had a cute strap I would be more likely to take my camera everywhere! So cute!

  89. It would definitley get good use out of it at the zoo! I had the hardest time getting a good shot of my tot because I was constantly digging in my pocket for my camera.

  90. Emily

    Everywhere! I already use it a lot but with a cute strap I would use it even more.

  91. Oh my gosh, those are so cute! I already carry my camera in the diaper bag all the time. It would be so great to have it on a strap so I wouldn’t have to dig around when Bridget starts doing something cute. 🙂

  92. Melissa

    If my husband had a comfortable camera strap he might not have left his SLR in Seattle (we live in CA). Luckily, the camera was found by my brother but I think we are in serious need of a good camera strap.

  93. Darcy

    Mine’s just a point and shoot, but my camera is constantly in my purse, just in case! I’m also one of those “rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it” kind of purse carriers.

  94. Hallie

    I would carry it everywhere.. especially the many local sports games I go to.

  95. I think a strap would make it so handy to take a camera on vacation! Or to all the friends’ weddings we’re going to this summer!

  96. Angela

    I would take it to visit my sister…and give it to her as a present! She has recently gotten into photography, and her new fancy camera is her prized possession. This would make her day!

  97. I would carry it EVERYWHERE. I already do, but it is so annoying to have to pull it in and out of my purse every five seconds. As you said, Katie, the attached Nikon strap is just SO uncomfortable!!! I can’t stand to keep it around my neck, even when I’m in the middle of a photo shoot.

  98. I love these! I already have my order placed just in case I don’t win. I would carry it everywhere!

  99. Anne

    I would take my camera to the Caribbean. Got it for Christmas and have been pretty good about taking it with me though it soooo does not fit in my purse!

  100. Nikki

    What a cute idea! I will have to order a few for my family! I would pay to get it expressed mailed to me for Father’s Day to make sure I capture pictures of my Granddad (80 years young). I also have tons of weddings and a Michael Buble concert coming up : )

  101. I would love to take our new dSLR out more! I currently don’t like to because the strap is really uncomfortable and it’s a process taking it in and out of its case. A new, comfy strap would definitely help though! So pretty!

  102. KandaceC

    I would take my camera with me more. Its kind of bulky and the strap I currently have is very awkward and uncomfortable.

  103. Jenna

    I would carry my camera at the lake, because my new strap would fit the “lake mood!”

  104. Alciai

    I would just remember to take more pictures in general because the camera wouuld be around my neck instead of stuck in it’s case in my purse or in a backback! lol

  105. Jessica

    Love it! I would get one for my boyfriend’s big boy camera because he is getting so into photography but all the equipment is black black black. boring!
    In manly colors of course.

    Oh, and he does much of his photo-takin’ down at the West Haven boardwalk, so, there! Here’s his flickr:

  106. I would take my camera on walks around the neighborhood. I seemed to always stumble across something that I want to photograph, but my current strap is way too rough on my neck.

  107. Adrienne

    I would take my camera with me more, that’s for sure! Trying to chase after a two year old and carry a camera doesn’t work very well. Especially on those play dates where Daddy isn’t there to help!

  108. Julie

    I have a small point and shoot camera and the strap on that is so thin it tries to slice your hand right off. A new strap would be wonderful so I would want to use it more.

  109. Nigeria Hunter

    OMG!! Those have to be the cutest camera straps ever!! I hate using the strap that came with my digital camera. I like to take tons of picures around campus [i’m in college]. I’m currently working on my sophomore college memories scrapbook so my camera gets a lot of mileage. lol 😀

  110. I would carry it everywhere! Because it’s uncomfortable around my neck, I keep it in the camera bag now, then I forget to take pictures! What a great idea to make a comfortable and cute strap!!

  111. Too cute! I would definitely be more inclined to take my camera out on random occassions if I had one of these adorable straps!

  112. Soo Jin

    Right now, my strap doesn’t work correctly for some reason and my camera is constantly threatening to slip off the strip! Jen’s lovely camera strap would be great to take my camera on summer outings – bbqs, beach, parks, etc. 🙂

  113. I would carry my camera on my upcoming trip to Seattle! As it is, I feel like the big “NIKON” emblazoned across my neck just screams “tourist, steal from me!!” How cool!

  114. very unique!! I loved it! I would take it anywhereee!! I have a big camara and the strap is short and soooooo unconfortable!!! so I always end up carrying it in my hand and then leave it laying somewhere. Thanks for sharing!!

  115. Hopefully, I would remember the camera on my hikes with the dog! I’m forever thinking that something would be a great photo if ONLY I had remembered!

  116. Alexis

    I soooo need one of these. My camera strap is always scratching up my neck. I think I would start taking my camera on walks around the neighbourhood (instead of just special outings). I always see neat things and wish I had my camera with me. Thanks for the contest.

  117. I love in “the big city” and there is so much going on every day. I would love to take my big camera with me everywhere instead of my point and shoot digital.

  118. I would carry it everywhere! At the moment I normally keep it in its bag because the strap cuts into my neck. I often miss good photo opportunities while I’m fumbling with the bag’s zip!

  119. Dorice

    Definately on my christmas list now. And I’d carry my camera around where-ever I went. I love random, unposed shots. Those are the best!

  120. Brook

    I’d do better about toting my DSLR everywhere. (If my baby thinks she’s being stalked now, just wait!) Now, if only there were such cute straps to attach that lens cap I’m always losing…



  122. Mich from CLE

    I would take my camera to many more places since the strap wouldn’t dig into my neck anymore!

  123. Roseanne


  124. Liza

    I would carry my camera on the vacation I am in the process of planning to either the Wisconsin Dells or the Lake of the Ozarks!!! I love the cute camera straps!!

  125. LCR

    I would take my camera to more family functions. It’s just not comfortable to lug it around now and play with the kids.

  126. Laura

    I would take my camera just about everywhere…it currently has a very thin strap for the weight of the camera, and it really cuts into my neck. I have looked and looked for fun, comfy straps, and these look perfect.

  127. The straps are so cute! I would take my camera everywhere with this because I would leave it out on the table to be able to look at the cute strap all the time. Now it lives in it’s bag, and I often forget to grab it on the way out.

  128. Of all of the beautiful things on Esty, this is by far the most practical! (and beautiful!!) If I win one I will take my camera to all of the family functions that we go to document our time together.

  129. I love that those straps seem comfortable. I hate how mine digs into my neck after a while. With one of those I would take my camera around the property more just take random pics.

  130. Amy V.

    I would take my pretty strap on our family vacation to Indiana.

  131. Becca

    I would bring my camera to the beach this summer without worrying about dropping it in the sand and gunking up its parts!

  132. Kimberly

    I would carry my camera around with me every time I go someplace fun with my son. I need to get a lot more pictures of him since he’s at such a cute age right now.

  133. Christina

    I’d carry mine to my sister’s graduation! I have been using my camera a lot lately, and those pesky straps are so uncomfortable 🙂

  134. Maple

    I’d carry mine everywhere! Having a nice comfy strap for my pretty new Nikon would definitely make me a much happier camper.

  135. Brittany

    I would give the strap to my mother. As I was reading your post I was excited to hop on over to Jen’s page and pick out one for her. We are in the middle of planning my wedding and my mother has been such a big help and has been making sure that things are what I want. I don’t feel like I deserve it. So I’ve been thinking about what to give her and I think this would be amazing. She LOVES making pictures and we are constantly toting it around in her bulky bag because she currently doesn’t have a strap for it!

    This is a first comment for me. LOVE the blog.

  136. How awesome! I’d take my camera with me everywhere if I had a strap. I’m always afraid of dropping it because it’s bulky.

  137. Love.Love.Love those straps. They so beat the strap that came with my camera (it is ugly and uncomfortable). I would carry my camera everywhere I go (I already do pretty much), but wouldn’t feel so geeky and unfashionable.

  138. I would take mine outdoors. Actually right outside my apartment. There is a pond and we just saw some baby ducks with their momma a few days ago and have been keeping an eye on them. SO adorable.

  139. Kelly S

    I would continue to take my camera everywhere (which I already do), it would just be more comfortable with the custom strap! What a great idea!

  140. Since I carry my camera everywhere, I would carry it everywhere. I’m petrified of dropping it so I always have it around my neck, but have not invested in a nicer strap yet.

  141. I’d take my fancy new camera strap on a date to the beach, so it can watch my toddler frolic in the sand for the first time.

  142. I would carry mine everywhere I went!! I’m saving up for my first “good” camera right now!

  143. Sandy

    i would take my camera out of the camera bag…if not to take pictures, at least to show off my snazzy new camera strap =o)

  144. Abigail

    My husband and I are planning a trip to Alaska at the end of this month. If I had a snazzy new camera strap, I would take it there to show off to the family while taking shots of the gorgeous scenery!

  145. Jen Morris

    I would take my camera to the “everyday” places. The places that I think “i’ll bring my camera…no, it’s to heavy, cumbersome, difficult, etc”. Then we have the perfect photo op and i don’t have the camera! The camera straps are adorable!

  146. Oh my gosh, I love these! I’ve been the photo girl in my groups of friends for years now, so I pretty much carry it everywhere, but this would definitely take the load off my shoulder when I’m carting it around Disneyland, a frequent haunt of mine!

  147. Shelby

    We JUST bought a new Nikon DSLR for the arrival of our 2nd baby & pictures of our 1st. I would love one of these adorable straps to wear it out on walks, BBQ’s, the pool, etc…

  148. The first place I would probably take it is to Ireland, England and France next month. I absolutely love these! I’m absolutely famous for bringing my camera everywhere and leaving it in my purse without taking a single picture. But if I had a cute strap – I would have my camera out more and actually end up with pictures. Brilliant!

  149. I would carry my camera to weddings! I am a Orlando wedding photography and would LOVE to step up my camera’s style with one of these cute straps 🙂 They are seriously adorable! Not only would I get to take beautiful photos, but I’d look cute doing it 😉

  150. Lauren

    I would start taking more pictures because I would wear my camera all the time!!

  151. Keith

    I will carry my camera everywhere, since in 4 short weeks my first little man is due to arrive into the world.

  152. I love it! I do my best to take mine everywhere we go, but let’s face it, it’s bulky and I hate the straps that came with it…nothing says comfort like the straps cutting into the sides of my neck! I’d wear it around my neck, tourist-style, everywhere 😉

  153. I would carry my camera out and about in my little home town to take the daily photos for my blog. Maybe I would finally stop taking all the pictures on my iPhone!

  154. I would carry my camera on afternoon walks with my hubby and baby! To catch some wildlife, or just the way the sun cuts through the trees.

  155. First of all I would have to decide whether I want one for my current digital camera or buy the SLR camera that my hubby and I have been searching for! But I definitely would use it a lot because I am constantly taking pics at the park, the ball field, the football field, school, and all of our vacations!!!!

  156. Emily

    During the summer, I’d take my camera camping, to church, and out and about around the city. When school starts up again – it’d be great to have a camera readily available during field trips, class competition days, and even just the “normal” every day activities – my students crack me up and I’d love to get some more pictures of them!

  157. Since I already lug my camera around with me all the time, I would be super excited to take it out this time and show off the cute strap when I go home in September to visit my parents, who I only see about three times each year. THIS year I’m taking my boyfriend there with me to go camping for the first time at the “family campground” where people from my family been pitching our tents for about forty years — starting way back with my grandparents!

  158. mm

    I love these camera straps!! I would carry my camera on more hikes with me. I carry it with me most of the time already, but the strap it came with is very uncomfortable, and not cute.

  159. Katie

    I just bought one for Disney World! I could always use another for a gift :o)

  160. I saved… and saved… and saved.. and just bought myself a fancy new camera. I had no idea how uncomfortable the strap would be to wear it around my neck… but to keep it safe as I’m chasing my 3 little girls around, that’s where it has got to be. I already take it everywhere we go, but maybe if I had a fancy new strap to go with my fancy new camera… I wouldn’t have a raw neck at the end of the day 🙂

  161. I LOVE those straps! So cute and such a great idea!

    I’m so bad about taking my camera places because of that VERY reason. I didn’t know such cute and comfy looking straps existed. I would take my camera everywhere with me if it was comfortable to have around my neck…EVERYWHERE!!


  162. Ooooo….these are too cute! I love the idea! I would use a new nifty camera strap on my brand new camera I got for a long road trip with my husband in August!

  163. These are adorable! I still have the uncomfortable strap that came with my SLR. With one of these cute straps, I’ll be much more comfortable when I take my camera on vacations!

  164. Those are awesome! If I had a cute camera strap like that, I would wear my camera everywhere in HAWAII – which is where I’m going at the end of next week to visit my brother and very pregnant sister-in-law! 🙂

  165. Heather

    Those are adorable! I would take mine out in public more- I am so scared to hurt it now!

  166. I just received a new digital camera from my mother and father in law for Christmas. They really researched and got me just what I wanted. AND it is pink! LOVE IT!!! I would love to have a really cute strap to put on my perfect camera. What a great idea Jen! 🙂

  167. my cameras (both my SLR) and my little one go EVERYWHERE with me so to carry them in style would be sa-weeeet!!!

  168. Holly

    Just about everywhere!

  169. I will carry it everywhere! =) I love taking pictures, but like you, the strap is just not comfortable, and my camera is heavy!

  170. Camille

    My granddaughter is a photographer, and I think she would love one of these.

  171. Josh

    I would give this to my wife, who would probably take her camera everywhere. She already likes to when she remembers it!

  172. Love this idea! If I had one of those I would actually remember to take my camera out of the bag!

  173. I will carry it anywhere Weebie goes. Cough*Cough* that DESERVES a win.

  174. Everywhere! I just gave birth to a little boy, and it would be great to have my camera handy at all times.

  175. Lauren Garcia

    Everywhere, i recently got a nice cannon and love to tote it around random places.

  176. Shelley

    I’d love to carry my camera when I’m outside, but can’t stand it around my neck because of the terrible heat. These look so nice and soft and COMFORTABLE!

  177. I already carry my camera everywhere…but it would look soooo much more stylin’ with one of Jen’s camera straps!!!

  178. I would wear my camera everywhere to get even more pics of everything my lil guy is up to.

    I live in NC like Jen, and I’m bummed she thinks it’s “not so pretty”. I’ve been here 10 years and plan to stay because it is beautiful!

  179. Heather Ben

    I would carry it everywhere!

  180. I have met Jenn Hopkins and she rocks!! We attended a photography workshop together and I always love checking out her work. I photograph many weddings, in which my camera is around my neck a lot of the day. Having a soft, comfy strap would make it so much more pleasant 🙂

  181. Emily

    I would carry it everywhere instead of leaving it in my purse and always missing potential cute shots of my daughter!

  182. I have a confession. I am a photographer by trade – and I don’t carry my camera when I really should. I carry it when I’m working, but when I’m off the clock I don’t take it with me to family functions, birthdays, trips. Why? I’m not sure. I think it’s because I see it as a work tool, not a fun accessory. My entire life’s passion is to preserve memories and moments of life for other people and I’m incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to do it. But I’ve come to realize that I’ve dropped the ball when it comes to my own family. I recently got engaged to my boyfriend of 6 years – we’re getting married next september and to announce our engagement I wanted to put together a little collage for my blog. I searched and searched and only came up with 7 photos. SEVEN PHOTOS of us in 6 years of a relationship. Not seven good photos or seven photos I liked – just seven photos period. __ I cried for two hours that morning. How could I possibly have let 6 years go by and been so busy documenting other people’s love stories, that I totally forgot about ours?? I guess I always felt like everyone looked at me expecting it, or would think I was faking it for the photo – since I was always looking like “the professional”. While I love my career and the people i get to meet and make memories for, I want to see my own life that way too.

    Maybe if I jazz up my camera a little and shed the canon professional camera strap it would be a small step towards making a transition from work to personal life and making time to preserve our life story too. ?

  183. I will carry my camera on the sidelines when football season starts this fall!!!

  184. Nicole

    As soon as I am off bed rest I have promised myself to take my camera everywhere to capture pictures of my kids, husband and all my family and friends that I love so dearly! Since becoming sick I have realized not to take life for granted and to capture every moment I can. Life is too short to worry about silly little things, and I plan on taking an overwhelming amount of pictures and scrapbook my little heart out! Getting one of those adorable straps would help me carry my camera around while toting my 5 and 2 year old around! Even if I don’t win, can you still send me a direct link to her site?
    Or is it already posted somewhere and I missed it? (Sorry if this is messy or all over the place, trying to type in bed is no easy task!)

  185. Tiff

    I’m always nervous about dropping my camera by accident and I think I would feel a lot more comfortable with a strap. My husband and I are going to Mexico this fall for the honeymoon we forgot to take when we got married. I think I might buy one of those awesome straps to ease my mind. I need lots of vacation pictures!

  186. Ashley

    I would carry it to church! There is nothing cuter than the kids at church all dressed up in their Sunday dresses and cute smocked clothes!

  187. Heather in NY

    Wow those straps are great! Very pretty. My camera is kind of big and I don’t carry it everywhere because it doesn’t fit in my purse. I’d definitely take it to the park more if I had an easier way to cart it around.

  188. Since most of my photography is outdoors, and I live in Oklahoma, it would be much cooler and cuter than I currently have!!

  189. Alanna

    I would take it everywhere! Most of the time my camera is lost in my purse, so I never remember to take pictures! But, with a cute strap, I would definitely take it out more 🙂

  190. Anita

    Love it! Even if I don’t win one here, I’m headed over to her shop to buy one or maybe two.
    The next place I will be carrying my camera to is Father’s Day celebration!

  191. Emily

    I would carry it to Paris next summer. 🙂

  192. Sarah M.

    I live in DC and go to the zoo a lot because it’s free and a quiet place amidst all the busy city life–I’d definitely take my camera with me more often if I had a comfy camera strap!

  193. Keshet

    I will carry it around town as I enjoy a “gap year” next year–can’t wait! These straps are beautiful!

  194. September

    I’d carry it around Walt Disney World when I visit in August!

  195. Francine

    I would carry my camera at my college graduation next summer to capture great pictures of my friends.

  196. evajean

    I would wear my awesome new camera strap around when we go to our family reunion this year near the tetons.

  197. We carry our camera EVERYWHERE! We recently bought a new waterproof one for when we go to the beach, etc. I still haven’t mastered how to use it properly… but it is pretty sweet!

  198. I’m gonna take it everywhere! I love lugging my camera around but definitely could use a cute strap.

  199. Like everyone seems to be saying I would actually carry my camera with me everywhere! I can’t count the number of times my baby girl has done something cute or I have thought of a blog post- and don’t have my camera! So frustrating!

    Katie at

  200. Kaylynne

    I work at a Provincial Park in beautiful British Columbia. I always bring my camera to work, cause you never know when you’ll see bears, cougars, deer or any other neat critters. It would definately be handy to have a strap so it’s easier access.. Bears don’t like to pose!

  201. Kaitlyn

    I would take my camera with me during all the mundane times in life. There are always things in life that just happen out of the blue that I always wish I could capture!

  202. NINAA

    I would take it outside to take pictures of all our outside remodels (deck, garage, landscaping) we will be doing this year.

  203. Kim B

    I will carry my camera everywhere when we vacation in Seattle next month.

  204. I will take mine camping…except it might get dirty. Maybe I should buy two.

  205. Vanessa

    Love the camera straps! Does she make the kind that go around your hand for the big bulky cameras?

  206. I’ll be carrying the strap to Hawaii…and really everywhere else I go 🙂

  207. Lena

    I would carry my camera on our trip next month.

  208. This profile is one of my favorites! I live in the Piedmont of NC in the farmland portion of Fuquay AND my father is Navy so we moved around a lot. These camera straps are just too cute and such a creative idea! Thanks for the tip on these great every-occasion gifts.

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