Rebel Without a Cause

When Bean turned one, all hell broke loose in his little world.  First, we switched completely over from his bottles to sippy cups.  I even packed up the bottles.  An act which caused me to shed many a tear.  And that same day we limited the use of his binky to his crib and (occasionally) the car when it was near his nap time.  We also transitioned from Bean’s big rubber duck bath tub to the big boy bath tub.

Lots of changes for the Big Dude.

But he took them all in stride.  I was so proud of him and it reminded me, once again, how resilient little kids are.

But it hasn’t been a completely error-free transition.  The other day, for example, Bean was playing in his bedroom while I put some laundry away.  When I turned around, he had managed to get into this little box of baby stuff that I keep on his changing table shelf.  I keep extra wipes in there, some diaper rash cream, some extra shampoo – you know, just extra stuff. But what Bean had found was the binky thermometer!  He looked up at me with this thermometer pacifier in his mouth, as proud as he could be that he’d managed to find a binky somewhere other than his crib!  It was so funny!

Yesterday though was the best.  When I was fixing lunch, Bean scooted away into the bathroom, which is his favorite place to get in trouble these days.  He likes to put things in the toilet and he likes unrolling the toilet paper.  Lots of fun.  So, when I turned around and he was gone, I knew instantly where he was.  I walked into the bathroom expecting to get ready to say, “No, no, Michael!”  But what I found was that Bean had crawled into his duck bath tub that I hadn’t yet deflated.  He was smiling so big, just sitting in his duck.

Gotta love my little bitty rebel without a cause…

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16 Thoughts to “Rebel Without a Cause”

  1. That’s pretty much as cute as cute gets.

  2. Oh, you need to leave it permanently inflated. Love it!

  3. Tressa

    That lil grin looks like he is saying “well Mom, whatcha gonna do with me now”!!! He is so adorable.

    I feel your pain with the tears storing away the baby bottles.
    I was cleaning closets and found my daughters first I.D. bracelet she received when she was 6 months old. Sent me to tears right away. Boy, how the last 20 years have flown by!

    I know you hear it all the time, but seriously, enjoy every day. Next week you will be dropping Beanie off at Kindergarten, and you will shed a few tears then too.

  4. The duck bath looks like it could be a toy now.

  5. oh man, bean in the duck bath= ADORABLE. I love that he’s holding onto the pipes like “ride ’em cowboy! woohoo”

  6. Oh that is the cutest freakin’ thing ever! He looks so proud of himself in that ducky-tub.

    Cabin Fever in Vermont

  7. A couple of months ago I was going through all our old baby stuff for a yard sale. My kids were “helping” and my 5 year old came across one of her old pacifiers. She said, “Mama look!” and turned around with it in her mouth. I should’ve told her “no”, but all I could do was laugh. I can’t believe she even remembered what those were for! Kids are too funny, aren’t they?!

    And the look on Bean’s face in the duck bath is priceless!

  8. LOL – brings back memories! One tip for the toilet paper issue. If you put it on the roller so it goes down the BACK (close to the wall) it won’t matter how many times he hits it, the paper won’t roll off. Just remember to not have some hanging down below the roll or he will grab that, guaranteed! I once asked my toddler what she was doing and she said “this” and I turned around. She had brought me the end of the roll! The whole rest of the roll was drug through the house to me! Picture a long line of white all the way back to the bathroom!

  9. Eeek! You just told us Bean’s name! 🙂

  10. Mom of two

    Yeah you can’t get mad at that

  11. He is so stinkin cute!! I totally love that face of…looky what I did all by myself!!



  12. My son’s favorite spot to sneak off too was…our dog’s crate. We have a Great Dane which requires a very large dog crate. He would crawl in and pull the door to and play with whatever toy he managed to drag in there. Bean is such a cutie!

  13. I wish I could bathe in a yellow duck tub. But I probably wouldn’t be as cute as Bean!

  14. memyselfandi

    It’s James Bean!

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