Cool Things in Bean’s Life

In the past week, I have had two unexpected gifts fall into my lap for Bean Man and they both were just the coolest, so I had to share them with you!

First, my Mom (a.k.a. Nana, a.k.a. The Craftiest Person I Know) made another homemade goody for Beaner.  Remember when she made that neat grocery cart cover?  Well, this next gift is just as cool…literally.

Since moving to Florida, we are all adjusting to the heat and humidity.  Especially poor little Beaner, who I think has an internal thermostat set at 112 degrees.  It was really a problem when we got into a hot car.  I would get him out of his seat and he would be drenched in sweat.  And he was miserable.

So, my mom made one of these…

This looks like a little piece of fabric, but it is so much more because inside that little piece of fabric is an ice cold gel pad!

You just stick the ice pack into the sleeve…

And then you put the whole pad into the car seat…

My mom says you can use the pad in two different ways.  You can lay it in the car seat and put the child directly on the pad or you can leave the pad in the chair while you are out and about and it will keep the seat cold so that when you get back to the car, his seat isn’t hot.  We use it the second way right now because I don’t want to freeze Bean’s boy bits off.

Isn’t that the COOLEST summer gift idea?!?!  And so easy to make, too!

Then today, I got a package in the mail from a blog reader.  It was a set of four Inch Bug Orbit Labels.  This was a perfect gift for Bean because whenever I write his name on cups, the ink always washes off making the cup look old and raggedy.

Orbit Labels are rubber bands that you slip around bottles and sippy cups.

They are engraved with your child’s name so that their drink is personalized.  How nifty is that?!?!

The packaging even says they are usable by people of all ages for things like water bottles, travel mugs, and even toiletry items like shampoo and conditioner bottles!  How clever!  AND they are dishwasher safe and microwavable!!

I think they are the greatest thing ever!!

What a great week Bean had last week!  Two super fun gifts from two super fun people!!

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17 Thoughts to “Cool Things in Bean’s Life”

  1. Rebekah M.

    a) i LOVE the inchbug labels-i try to get them as gifts as often as possible!

    b) where did your mom get that cool icepack that stays cold, even in the heat?? we are in tennessee & its getting HOT! CJM always says, “its hot! its hot! help me help me!” and i’m kinda starting to feel sorry for him!

    thank you!

  2. Debbie

    I LOVE how you turned the inchbug labels so we couldnt read his last name in the photos. What a great safety minded mom you are! They are too cute and you are too smart!

  3. You’re mom is so cleverr.. my Kung Fu Baby has that problem, he is hot all the time and the fabric his car seat is made of doesn’t help at all here in Florida. If she’s looking for something to do, she should totally open an Etsy shop.. I’ll buy those and the shopping car seat cover too!! =)

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. You’re smart not to leave the cooling pad in the seat while the baby is in there – it’s not safe! They sell these cool little clip on fans at the Walmarts that plug into your car’s cigarette lighter that work great to help circulate air and keep the baby cool while he’s riding in the car. I think I paid under $10 for mine.

  5. Sara M

    My mom found something similar to the car seat cooler pad your mom made. We definitely are NOT crafty, so these were great! The company is local here in AZ, but they ship! These are awesome for hot cars. I have 2, one for each car seat, plus my mom and 2 sisters have these for their cars.

    Also, the inchbugs are cute. I’ve seen them before, but have never gotten around to getting any.

  6. Lisa

    Seriously, your mom needs her own Etsy page!

  7. Amy

    Those labels are awesome!!!

  8. Nate's Mom

    I’m with Mabelline and Lisa – Etsy for your mom! She’s got a whole built in buying audience right here!!!

  9. That’s awesome! I love the rubber bands. Your mom totally needs and etsy page. I get dishwasher safe labels from someone on etsy and she custom makes the designs.

  10. Beth

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!! def get your mom to sell those suckers!!!

  11. We love our inchbug labels too. They are especially helpful when you have 2 little ones. My boys are 16 months apart and sometimes, you know, when it’s super early in the morning and you pour their cups, you’re not really paying attention to what cup you give each kid. Then, later in the day, you’re asking yourself (and 2 little ones who don’t know themselves!) who had what color cup =) Now that they are 2.5 and almost 4, they can go get their own cups out of the fridge in the morning b/c they know who’s cup is who’s. And there’s no more asking “Who had the blue cup and who had the green cup.” They know their cup based on the color of their inchbug label. =)

  12. Adrienne

    We have the labels and I love them. Another way that I use them is to keep sippy cups from being dropped from the stroller. I just leave one tied to the stroller with a ribbon and then stick the cup in it when we are using the stroller. Just make sure the ribbon is short enough that if they drop the cup, it doesn’t drag on the ground!

  13. Sarah H.

    Thos are both really neat! I need one of those packs for my car! Does your Mom have an Etsy site yet?? And I love the turtle fabric–for some reason I feel like its very Bean man.

  14. I love, love, love the cool pack! I live in Atlanta and I would love something like that for his stroller when we go on walks. So cute!

  15. Michelle

    I would buy one of those car seat cooling pads from your mom if she was selling them! My Ava is three months old and is always drenched after we get her out of her carseat. Carseats on a hot summer day in Texas are not a fun place to be, even when the a/c is on full blast. Seriously, I would love love love to buy one from her!

  16. I LOVE the car seat cooling pack & could definitely use something like that here in Tallahassee. Maybe that would help Molly not HATE her car seat. Do you know where your mom got the ice pack?

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