A Toddler, A Dog, and Two Golf Clubs

Bean has decided that his plastic golf clubs are his favorite toy right now.  He carries them around the house and uses them to point at things, whack things, and push other toys around.  I think of them like really big chopsticks.

We’re having to watch closer now because he’s getting a little rough with them, as Big Molly will now demonstrate….

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19 Thoughts to “A Toddler, A Dog, and Two Golf Clubs”

  1. Alicia

    Too cute! He’s just found a way to make his arms a little bit longer.

  2. Lisa

    Future baseball player in the making. Big Molly is awesome though, totally patient. She can get whacked with plastic golf clubs, and she’ll still wag her tail and lick Bean’s face when he falls down 🙂

  3. You definitely have one wonderful dog! She takes a toddler like a champ!

    Cabin Fever in Vermont

  4. Nate's Mom

    You and I sound exactly the same: “No no no! Be gentle! GENTLE!” And, somehow, Nate’s gentle petting of Archy Cat progresses quickly into gentle love pats and then “gentle” tugs of fur and it’s all over. AGAIN. He’s working on it….

    Looks like Bean’s got some dear friends in Lucy and Molly. What wonderful pals to grow up with! And Bean is toddling! TODDLING! Wasn’t he just born yesterday?

  5. So cute! Molly is so patient. Our dogs are that way with our babies, too, thankfully. The video made me think of that quote, “Every boy should have two things: a dog, and a mother willing to let him have one.”

    Bean reminds me of my munchkins! My kids (now 6 and 4) still get the same instructions with plastic golf clubs, real golf clubs, foam bats, and any other long items that they tear through the house with: “It’s not a weapon!” Now they even say it to me first!!

  6. Aww!! Big Molly says “Dude, let me outside so I can get away from this little guy!” but she loves him up, too! 🙂 Gotta love baby/puppy love!

  7. When I hit play and Bean’s voice boomed out through the speakers, Faith looked up and asked, “Is that Bean?”


  8. Verity

    So how did you introduce Bean as a baby to the dogs and vice versa?! We have a 13 month old Labrador who is a pretty big speciman and are expecting our first baby in October. I had to be talked into the dog thing in the first place but now I adore her but I don’t know how I’ll cope with baby and dog. Also my dad seems to be convinced that the dog will eat the baby!! Help me reassure him that this isnt going to happen!!

    1. Nate's Mom

      Our hospital had a class called “Dogs and Storks” especially for expectant parents who have dogs. I didn’t take it (I have cats) but those who did said it was brilliant. The biggest thing I remember is that you should bring home a piece of clothing that the baby’s worn prior to bringing the baby home. That way, your dog will get used to the scent of the new master of the house! 🙂

  9. I really like Bean videos :o) I feel like I know the little dude in “real life”!

  10. Ugh, did it again… that was supposed to be a 🙂

  11. He’s just toddling all over now isn’t he?! TOO CUTE!! I’m sure he’s figured out that those golf clubs make his reach a little longer and make more noise than his hands banging around on things. My aunt sent Q-Tip this stick at Christmas that was no longer than a ruler and had glitter in it. She loved it…until Farm Boy hid it. He couldn’t handle the banging and possible harm done to the TV. lol…

    You and I are like broken records…be gentle…GENTLE. I’ve said it so much to Q-Tip that it was actually one of her first words.



  12. So cute. What a patient dog you have in Molly. We have one dog that will take all the beating from our 2 year old with a grain of salt. Those are the best kind of dogs!

    @Verity- we introduced our daughter to our dogs right away. They LOVED her as soon as we brought her hope. They would always try to lay by her and by her bed. Now, she LOVES them.

  13. Laura

    Do we lose points if we correct your spelling errors? You used “reeking” and the proper word is “wreaking”…

    I’m sorry, I’m a terrible person who doesn’t deserve to read your blog. I’ll pack my bags and leave immediately.

    (But before I go, I must say that Bean is super adorable, especially when he starts being gentle with Molly. Aww!)

    1. Katie

      LOL – You could make a full time job out of correcting my spelling errors!! 🙂

  14. Bean is doing a great job of being gentle, my son loves to pull the cats ears and stick his hands in the dogs mouth.
    I’ll never understand why they make shorts for babies/toddlers so long? It’s a pain in the a$$ when they’re learning to crawl.

  15. Nicole T.

    Big Molly’s Guide to Bean.

    1. Star intently.
    2. Ask mom for help.
    3. Play dead.
    4. Run
    5. Stare at door to outside and wag tail enough to get outta here!
    Hahaha they’re both really cute. Poor big mo’ just needs useless too.

  16. Julia

    “Are those shorts or capris?” I died laughing. SO funny.

  17. Well at least he’s learning self defense early! As my husband would say, Bean is “dual wielding” his “swords” 🙂 We don’t have golf clubs but Ellie uses empty 2 liter plastic bottles the same way. Instead of beating up doggies though, she loves to clonk us and herself in the head with them.

    Totally agree with Julia about the shorts and capri comment 🙂 Such a random question to ask Bean and totally a girl thing because you know boys don’t care if they’re called shorts or capris as long as it fits 🙂

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