Giveaway! Stephen Joseph Personalized Backpack!

Over the 4th of July weekend, my mom, grandma, sister, Bean, and I all headed over to a little town outside of Orlando called Mount Dora.  Mount Dora is a cute little town full of cobblestone streets and lots of boutique shopping.  We had a fun day strolling around while we shopped and ate.

Bean had fun picking up rocks out of the flower beds…

In one of the shops that we stopped in, I found the most adorable new diaper bag for Bean.  I had been on the hunt for one because since Bean is becoming such a big guy, I don’t really need to carry a huge diaper bag with me everywhere.  So, I was in the market to downsize and I found just what I was looking for.

This is a small, quilted backpack that I now carry as Bean’s diaper bag.  I love it!  It is so cute and just the right size!  Now, I carry a little diaper and diaper wipe case, a burp cloth (for clean up and nose wipes), a toy or two, a juice cup, a snack cup, and an extra t-shirt.  And this bag is just the right size for all of those things.

Plus, I love the little details of the bag.

I even had the top flap monogrammed, which just adds an extra little detail for Bean.

And when Bean gets just a little big bigger, he can use it as his own little backpack.  That’s the day I’m waiting for.  The day I can turn my son into a pack mule.

When I got home, I looked online for the maker of the bag and was so excited to find that Stephen Joseph makes a whole children’s line of cute, affordable products!

So, today I am sharing the love by giving away one personalized Stephen Joseph backpack of your choosing from the Stephen Joseph website shop.

To be entered to win, leave a comment telling me what is the one thing you can’t leave the house without – and it doesn’t have to be related to a child either.  Like, for me, I can’t leave the house without earrings.  Just can’t do it.  I’d have to turn around and go back.

What about you?  What do you absolutely have to bring with you?

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176 Thoughts to “Giveaway! Stephen Joseph Personalized Backpack!”

  1. Chrissy

    I can’t leave the house without my cell phone… I would have to go back and get it…

  2. Anu

    Wow…. tat bag is super cute. I can’t leave the house without my watch!

  3. Ashley

    I can’t leave the house without having mascara on OR in my purse! It has to be both places!!

  4. Diane

    I can’t leave the house without my phone or Emma’s bag. Either one of those things and I would have to go back and get them.
    The bag that you got for Bean is adorable. I am looking for one about the same size for Emma. Headed over to check out the site now.

  5. Rachael

    I cannot leave the house without my wedding rings on my finger. If I do I feel lost all day.

  6. I can’t leave the house without my wedding rings on. It bothers me so much if I have taken them off to clean them and forget to put them on. 🙂

  7. Kimberly P.

    Chapstick. i must have it at all times.

  8. Holly

    My youngest son has that very bag! Love, love it! I can’t leave the house without mascara on and my wedding rings and Aggie ring.

  9. PattyHo

    My watch. I feel naked without it.

  10. Kristin

    I can’t leave my house without my purse, cell phone, wedding rings, or make up. 🙂

  11. Renee

    A ponytail holder!!! Usually more than one!

  12. I can’t leave the house without my cell phone! I feel so lost without it all day! Isn’t that sad!

  13. Irene

    I can never leave the house without my wallet! money and ID, basic things in my life!!!

  14. I can’t leave the house without my cell phone, not that anyone will call me, but I’m paranoid about not having it if someone needs me. Silly, I know.

    Also, we LOVE Mt. Dora. The have an annual cycling weekend every fall that my husband and some of his family participate in (it’s for beginners all the way through experts). It’s so much fun, and Mt. Dora is just beautiful.

  15. Elisabeth A.

    Cell phone. I have an irrational fear about being stranded somewhere with no way to call anyone.

  16. I can’t leave the house without a hair tie. Even if I’m wearing my hair down that day, I have to take one “just in case.”

  17. Brittney

    My cell phone and a bottle of water!! And come March it will be a huge, full of every item diaper bag!!!!!

  18. I have left the house without pretty much everything at some point. So scatterbrained in the morning. I guess the thing I’m most likely to go back for would be my phone.

  19. I can’t leave the house without my watch. I feel naked without it!

  20. El

    Cell phone and ponytail holder! I want to be available if I am needed, and I have long hair and live in Florida – nuf said!

  21. Sunglasses no matter What time it is I have to have them.

  22. My sunglasses! Or as the recent “Reader of the month” called them, sunnies! That bag is adorable.

  23. deepa

    Sunglasses, all the way!

    I have left the house without keys, my wallet, my phone, water, my inhaler (always need it when I don’t have it, naturally), my planner, and once, my shoes (went back to get those), but I always have my sungalsses:)

  24. I *have* to have my cell phone in the event of an emergency and my coupon organizer 🙂 Can’t leave home without it!!!

  25. Amy

    I cannot leave the house without a belt–if my pants have loops, there must be a belt there–it’s a must.

  26. Lissa

    Not too original here, but I can’t leave without my iPhone!

  27. Whitney

    I can’t leave my house without my sunglasses, a must in Florida!

  28. Jen C

    its a tag team effort of lip gloss and gum (trident tropical twist). i’m equally addicted to both and have some in each and every purse i own so i am never without.

  29. Amanda

    My wedding rings. If I cannot go back and get them, I will have my sweetie bring them to me. He thinks I am crazy.

  30. Casey

    I must have a hair tie on my wrist. Even if my hair is already up, I have to have spare.

  31. Angie

    I can’t leave the house without sunglasses! If I somehow make it out without them I either have to turn around and get them . .. or buy new ones . . .its sick!

  32. Beth

    I really can’t leave the house until I make sure I have a working pen in the car. Sounds silly, but something will come up and I will need to write a check or make some kind of list and I am lost without one.

  33. Lauren

    I am like you…can’t leave the house without earrings!! My wedding rings and cell phone are a close second, but earrings are a must. In November when our baby boy gets here, I am sure there will be many more essentials!!

  34. Hannah

    I love reading about Bean, because my little boy is almost exactly Bean’s age-born June 9. It’s fun to see what other little guys are up to.

    I can’t leave the house without my phone! I feel lost without it.

  35. Ann G-B

    I can’t leave without my wedding rings for me and puffs for the little man! Although I regularly do!

  36. Lena

    I can’t leave the house without a drink and chapstick. I must have those two things with me at all times.

  37. Sue V.

    I leave the house all the time without essentials…what bugs me the most is when I have my purse, but somehow my wallet is nowhere to be found.

  38. I know this is going to sound weird but I can’t leave without my kids or my keys.
    Since i’m a SAHM i’d get in trouble if i left the kids 🙂
    And even if i’m going for a walk or someone else is driving, for some reason i feel better if i have my keys with me.
    I’ve left just about everything else behind before, including diapers and wallet, and have been ok.

  39. I cannot leave my house without 1) my cell phone or 2)chapstick! Without those thiings my day goes very poorly!

  40. Oh, that’s such a cute backpack! I might have to go and purchase one for all the babies that I know. So evil!

    I totally can’t leave home without my Alien Registration ID Card. It’s not so much that I love it so much that I can’t live without it… It’s more like if I’m stopped by the police while wandering the streets of Tokyo and I don’t have my ID card on me, I’d be taken to the police box until someone comes and rescues me.

  41. I hate to admit it but I cannot leave the house without my cell phone. I know thats not very original but its true. That bag is VERY cute.

  42. I cannot leave my house with out my cell phone … if I’m going to be out by myself then I have to have my phone. I’m addicted.

  43. Ana

    Well, I can’t leave home without the keys, of course! But apart from that, I really can’t go out without brushing my teeth. Even I have to brush them 5 times in a day, I can’t stop do it when I’m leaving.

  44. Amanda

    I can’t leave the house without my phone and a ponytail holder. One is on my wrist, and the other in my pocket/purse. It just depends on how my day is going as to which ends up where!

  45. Nate's Mom

    That bag is wicked cute! I can’t leave my house without my keys. Since having a child, I’ve done it more times than I can count….

  46. I can’t leave the bag without my phone… i am so afraid that something will happen the one time i don’t bring it with me.

  47. Summer B R

    Cant leave the house without Cell Phone and a bottle of water. E related, cant leave without his bag that has all the stuff in it you mentioned Beanie needing!

  48. stephanie

    I must have lipstick! I feel naked without it!

  49. Kaitlyn

    Now that I’m 26 weeks pregnant, I can’t leave the house without my cell phone. Just in case baby decides to let me know he/she is ready to come while I’m strolling down the aisles at the grocery store, I want to be able to call Mr. Husband and Mrs. OB as soon as possible!

  50. Maryellen

    Ever since I was probably about 10, I can not leave the house without a tissue folded in each pocket! That is the way it has been and the way it will always be! It makes wearing pants without pockets impossible!

  51. There are so many things, but the fundamental thing that I can’t leave the house without are my diabetes supplies!

  52. Cute bag!
    Can’t leave home without mascera. Seriously. Gotta have mascera on. If my house was on fire and I could only grab one thing (not counting hubby and child) I would grab mascera. Okay, I’d probably grab the external hard drive with all our pictures but I might put on mascera before I did it!

  53. Melissa

    I can’t leave home without my driver’s license. I was taught to always have identification on you when you are out and about.

  54. Tiffany

    I cannot leave the house with my chapstick! Although I have some in so many different places, its hard to forget!

  55. Katie N.

    My planner! I bring that thing everywhere (along w/ my special pen that is the ONLY pen I will use to write in the planner). You just never know when you’re going to make a plan! My husband laughs at me, but I always ask him how he ever kept his social calendar straight before he met me, and his plans became our plans and therefore were reflected in the planner. That always makes him pause, search his little head for a come back, and then promptly drop the case!

  56. Audrey

    I can’t leave the house without my cell phone…and wallet…and lip gloss…and sunglasses…and the latest novel I’m reading…and a few other makeup essentials…

    Yeah, I’ve got one of those monster purses. And my back isn’t thrilled about it, either…

  57. Patricia

    There’s a lot of things that I’d be lost without, but I definitely won’t leave the house without a watch.

  58. Heather in NY

    That bag is adorable! Like others, I can’t leave the house without my cell phone. I can’t function without it!

  59. My drivers license! Even if I’m not driving, you never know when you’re going to end up wanting to buy a drink or stop at a casino!

  60. Cindy In Owensboro, KY

    I can’t leave the house without Riley’s Paci!

  61. Lauren

    My cell phone/blackberry. Can’t leave the house without it!
    I love these backpacks! My son has one similar, probably by the same company, and would LOVE to have one for my baby girl!

  62. I have to have my iphone. but in a month I will not care about it and my answer will be diaper bag, I am sure of it

  63. Sarah

    I can’t leave the house without my phone and lip balm, but they are almost always in my bag, so I just grab my big bag on the way out the door. I am also getting better about always bringing some little snack for my four-year-old. Too many times I have taken for granted that she can go out and about with me without needing a snack for distraction. But I’m getting smarter…

  64. I can’t leave home with out eyeliner on – I must have it! As far as my little guy I can’t leave home with out a sippy cup and a snack – no matter how short of a trip those will be needed.

  65. Leticia

    I can’t leave home without my watch and wedding rings. It drives me crazy all day!

  66. lizzybeth

    I hate leaving the house without a book, there is always one in my purse (or my Kindle)!

  67. Donna

    I can’t leave the house without some sort of lip gloss/chapstick/lipstick applied.

    Very cute bag!

  68. Casper

    Cell phone or a jacket… even if it is hot… you never know it might get cold.

  69. Lori

    Lip gloss! Can’t leave home without it!

  70. Jennifer

    well, one time or another I’ve had to leave the house without just about everything… except keys. 🙂 don’t get very far without them!

  71. My breastfeeding cover-up! It is adorable and zebra-printed, and looks like a stylish shawl when I wear it. But my little girl can eat where ever we are with it- and she’s such a little eater, we need it all the time! 🙂

  72. miriam

    i certainly can’t leave without sunglasses.
    such cute bags- my baby is turning one in eek! 10 days and i was thinking of switching him over to a backpack too!

  73. I can’t leave my house without my chapstick. It doesn’t need to be glossy or pretty or anything cute (although its ok if it is), just some good old fashioned chapstick does the trick!

  74. This is a little embarrassing to confess, but I can’t leave the house without clean underwear. I hear my mother saying in a low hushed voice with a thick southern accent, “What if you get into a car wreck and when they are cutting the clothes off your body see holey and raveling under garments?!” I might not have showered in days, but come hell or high water, I will be wearing my cute pink and white polka-dot underwear. Thanks Mom!

    PS- Love the bag! Totally ordering one if I don’t win! 🙂

  75. Shannon Roberson

    I can’t leave home without my chap stick!

  76. my kids… it seems as though i am never out of the house without at least one… and on those glorious occasions when that happens.. i cherish every moment!

  77. Shelley

    I cannot leave without a spare set of keys. They’ve saved me many times over.

  78. Jill

    I never leave the house without a book. You never know when you are going to get stuck somewhere and have some time to read!

  79. Erica

    I cannot leave the house without Burt’s Bees chapstick. It is a must have for me!

  80. Roseanne

    My cell phone.

  81. Katie L.

    My baby! and mascara. That’s all. 🙂

  82. Kathleen

    I can’t leave the house without a pen. I’m a reporter. But even off-duty, I always seem to find myself needing one €” maybe to sign a receipt at a store or write down a quick shopping list or directions. I get nervous when I realize I don’t have one with me.

  83. My cell phone… I get VERY fidgety without it!

  84. I would probably have to say it’s my cell phone. I will forget to bring my keys and diaper bag, but I will be sure to have my cell phone. I can’t count the number of times I’ve gotten out to my car only to realize that I didn’t have my keys!

  85. Sarah S

    My cell phone! I feel naked without it.

  86. Heather Ben

    my phone. (i am really bad about forgetting it though…)

  87. Chanon

    My Palm Pre! I’m naked without knowing my schedule from my phone!

  88. My phone. I will turn back and get it if I have forgotten it.

  89. My sunglasses! I live Arizona and the sun in blinding against concrete and sand. I will not leave my house until I find them. Plus they are a great fashion statement!

  90. Angie

    I can’t leave without my cell phone, hmmm how did we ever get hold of people before cell phones?

  91. Alison

    My Itouch. It has my schuedule, music and probably a book or two to listen too.

  92. Can’t leave my house without my cell phone!!

  93. Maria

    Definitely can’t leave the house without my cellphone. It’s funny how addicted we get to those little things!

  94. Sara M

    These bags are super cute! I can’t choose between the construction bag or the sports bag. I can’t leave the house without putting mascara on…scary times when that has happened before! I now have a backup in my truck.

  95. Burt’s Bees regular lip balm. Its a must.

  96. Alycia H.

    I cannot leave the house without my lip balm. Mint or pomegranite flavors are preferred.

  97. September

    Cell phone.

  98. Marlene

    This is weird – but I always check to make sure I have my BRA on! 🙂 I actually DID forget one day (I was small busted at the time and I was wearing a sweatshirt so it wasn’t TOO noticable – but what if **GASP** I was in an accident!)
    And I LOVE reading your blog – I have a grandson 1 month younger than Bean so it is fun to watch! And he is soooo big that I am sure his mom would appreciate one of these backpacks so he can become the pack animal he was destined to be! 🙂

  99. Amy

    I can’t leave the house without my cell phone, I am kind of addicted to it. I have turned the car around so many times, because I left it on the kitchen counter.

  100. Adrienne

    My sunglasses. Even on cloudy days. I hardly ever leave the house without them because they are almost always on my head!

  101. I can’t leave the house without 1.00 for tea and a Book, I do a lot of hurry wait kinda of errands

  102. Sunglasses, even if it is cloudy (then they become a hair accessory). I feel naked without them.

    Love the penguin and the pirate backpacks! Too bad they dont have a Jeep one.

  103. Melanie Mott

    a water bottle! nothing worse then running errands and being thirsty.

  104. Sarah Tolar

    These bags are so cute!!

    I can’t leave the house without sunnies! I have three pair so that I don’t ever get caught without them.

  105. dear katie,
    i love that my kid can carry her own crap now. granted, she is nine, but it is wonderful. now if only i could get my partner to carry her own stuff.
    i’ve come back home for my cell phone, but i’ve left it there before, too. hmm…i guess my wallet. i do have a slightly irrational fear of getting into an accident, losing my memory (or being comatose) and people not knowing who i was or where i belonged it. probably i acquired this fear from watching muppets take manhattan. poor miss piggy.
    love, melissa

  106. Amy

    I can’t leave the house without my iPhone and the baby of course!

  107. Those backpacks are to die for!! Especially since I just made my little one start helping by carrying his own stuff (preparation for baby #2 here we come…..)
    I can’t leave the house without my cell phone. I frequently leave without my wallet though…go figure!

  108. Anna

    I always feel out of sorts if I don’t have my jewelery on! It messes up my entire day if I forget it!

  109. Rika

    I can’t leave the house without chapstick.

  110. Megan G

    I can’t leave the house without my Carmex! That stuff is addicting! I just love love love those little backpacks! It’s a nice transition from diaper bag to big boy bag! 🙂 It would come in handy for my 2 year old little man.

  111. Rachel T

    Absolutely can’t leave the house without my wedding rings! The first thing I do when I get in the car is run my thumb over my ring finger and if I forgot to put them back on I have to go back and get them! Oh, and my phone, and a drink for the little girl, and of course I have to have at least a little makeup on!

  112. Suzanne Branch

    My wedding/engagement rings and makeup–on my face and with me. Though, after reading Melissa’s response about her fear of losing her memory, I might consider my wallet a necessity from now on!

  113. I cannot leave the house without my cell phone. I usually even take it to the mailbox. How pathetic is that?

  114. Sara Hefner

    I can’t leave my house without my iPod touch! I spend the majority of my day in a lab without anyone else and it would get mighty boring without my podcasts of my favortie radio station!

  115. Jen

    I can’t leave my house without…a sippy cup! A snack! Extra toys! Diapers! It’s no longer just easy to run out the door with a 16 month old 🙂

  116. Diane

    For me, it would be a toss-up between my cell phone and my chapstick. Gotta have those smooth lips!

  117. my phone, wallet and keys. =) Oh, and clothes too! 😉

  118. For me personally, it’s my cell phone. Without it I feel completely naked. Now children-wise, when it was just my 2 year old, it’d have to be his sippy/travel cup. I always had to have that. But in the last few weeks, since I now have a baby who’s 6 wks old, I can’t leave without the whole diaper bag!

  119. Leslie

    There isn’t really anything I couldn’t leave without… maybe an elastic for my hair.

  120. Kimberly

    Rubberband for my hair, cell phone and chapstick!

  121. Katie

    Chapstick and a ponytail holder!!

  122. Rachel

    I must have my cell phone. If I leave it at home, I will go back as I am convinced that will be the time that I need it, the one time that I don’t have it with me!

  123. I can’t leave my house without my… KIDS! I’m a SAHM – so obviously they are with me during the day… but even when I want to sneak out at night when my husband is home… I end up with at least one with me. Oh well – sooner or later they are going to avoid me like the plague so I should savor these times… right? 🙂

  124. Heather M

    Definitely ear-rings. Also my keys 🙂

  125. With or without my child, my Tide to go pen is always with me. I’m a mess, so its a requirement. 🙂

  126. Lacy

    I can’t leave home without my wedding rings. It just doesn’t feel right without them on!

  127. I can’t leave the house without mascara on! I look 12 without it!

  128. Heather

    Frankly, I can’t seem to leave the house without at least one child hanging on my hip, but somehow I don’t think that’s quite what you meant?

    Ahh, I’ve found I feel disconnected without my cellphone but going without my purse is oddly freeing.

  129. for me it is my cell phone..I feel lost without it!

  130. Jules

    It’s impossible for me to leave the house without bobby pins. I recently made the mistake of getting bangs. After about an hour I MUST pin them back.

  131. lip balm. and a book! i hate having a spare moment somewhere and no book to pass the time!

  132. My grandma once told me to always have a snack and sweater…I’ve added a bunch of things to my routine purse stock but these are good basics and have come in handy more than once.

    That bag looks like the perfect place to stow a snack and a sweater for Pumpkin!

  133. Kristin

    Well, I’d have to say my house keys are what I check…and double check for each time I leave my house. Unfortunately, there have been times where I have had to sit and wait for someone else to come home, so I have learned that lesson well. =)

  134. Amy

    My cell phone… and I hate it! I’ve become so reliant on it and so paranoid that I’ll need it if I don’t have it.

  135. Nikki

    I have to have my watch! I feel naked without it….

  136. For all practical reasons it would be my wallet. IT has my license, military ID and debit card. All very valuable to an outing!

  137. Heather

    chapstick and chewing gum.

  138. I can’t leave the house without my lip balm. Although I almost always have one or thirty in my purse or pocket or diaper bag that it’s hard to turn around without finding one.

    Those backpacks are just the cutests and just what I need, but I can’t tell my hubby that since I just ordered the worlds largest diaper bag because I didn’t look at the dimensions before ordering it.

  139. Melanie More

    My blackberry.

  140. Kelly H.

    My wedding rings…like some random guy is going to hit on me while I’m schlepping through Walmart. HAHA

  141. Laci

    My mommy item would be cell phone and lip gloss,just can’t survive with out them. Baby Marcus item would be his paci. If we ever forgot this…*shudder*….I don’t even want to THINK about it!

  142. Heather

    I cannot leave without my cell phone!

  143. I cannot leave home without my cellphone.

  144. Amy L Butler

    I cannot leave my house without lotion. I am constantly putting it on my hands to keep eczema away. Nothing frilly, just something to keep me from feeling dried out. Everyone knows this and is always wanting to use my lotion. So I share in my moisturizing :0)

  145. Meredith

    Have have HAVE to have my Burts Bee’s lip balm.

  146. Courtney

    I absolutely can’t leave the house without my cherry Chapstick (I’m addicted) and a hair tie.

  147. Meghan

    I can’t leave the house without my rings!

  148. Debbie

    My son! A sitter is rare this far from “home”, and daddy does not do diapers (we are 85 % potty trained 🙂 ). After that it would be my wedding rings and sunglasses.

    The farm and outdoors bags are way too cute… I heart moose!

  149. Marina

    I can’t leave the house without my sunglasses or chapstick (Kiehls).

  150. Beanie's Nana

    My car keys. Tried it once and I just sat and sat in the driveway. Never again. Just have to have the car keys.

  151. Lindsey

    Chap stick or lip gloss…my lips get so dry in the LA heat!

  152. I cant leave the house without my wedding ring, I feel naked if I do!
    I love the BUDDY BAG PENGUIN!

  153. Courtney

    I can’t leave home without my cell phone! I forgot it one day and then my vehicle got stuck on the muddiest dirt road, ever! I was lucky it was the road I live on…but I had to walk over a mile home in the mud because there was nobody there to help me. I’m glad my babies stayed at home with their daddy that day!…I still have nightmares!!

  154. Lena

    A shower! I don’t know about other people, but I need that nice fresh morning shower. 🙂

  155. Janet

    On work days, my breakfast smoothie for the lo-ong commute.

  156. Diet Coke! It’s a bad day when I walk out the door without a Diet Coke in my hands.

  157. Katie

    I know it’s not some thing I tak with me, but I have to brush my teeth or I can’t pull out of the driveway.

  158. Tiffany

    I can’t leave the house without my cell phone. I would be lost all day long if i didn’t have it with me.

  159. Mimi

    Well, I absolutely cannot leave the house without brushing my teeth! Holy smokes – someone before me wrote the same thing… that is funny!!

  160. Rebecca

    Chapstick, preferably Burt’s Bees. I will turn around and head back for it, or make a quick Target run for a new tube. It’s a must have.

  161. Cell Phone for sure. Then my wallet.

  162. Erin Jobe

    I can absolutely not leave the house without my iPhone. It is my lifeline. Containing my address book, planner, gps, and the ability to contact my husband and sisters, my cell is essential!

  163. Rhona Lutton

    I am with you on the earrings. I don’t know why but I feel so incomplete without them.

  164. my wedding band (i often skip the engagement ring on days when i’m feeling casual/simple). i feel naked without it!

  165. Earring, and a hair clip. Also- as a side note, I went onto the site to order these for my nieces and you can’t order them personalized. I called and they referred me to the crazie daisie to get them! FYI.

    1. Katie

      Yeah, I didn’t see a personalizing thing on their site. I have a woman here who will personalize for the winner. She’s the one who did Bean’s. 🙂

  166. Melissa N.

    I can not leave the house without chapstick – it’s an insane addiction really

  167. deana rooks

    Lipgloss and my phone. In that order!

  168. Oh, oh, I hope I’m not too late. I’m totally in the market too! I didn’t see this yesterday – it was my baby’s 2nd bday. Busy.

    So, kids. Try as I might, I can’t seem to get out without them. sigh. 🙂

  169. Chapstick and my cell…I need them with me at all times!

  170. colleen fogelson

    I lovd the bag, it is adorable! I can not leave the house without two things… watch and my phone. If I do get out of the house without them I have to go right back to get them.

  171. A tube of Burt’s Bees. I once had to suffer through a 3 hour Tool concert without my Bees. No joke.

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