When Mom Does the Dishes

This past weekend as I did the dishes, I learned several important things about the men in my life.

First, they are easily entertained.

Photo 222

Next, some short person has been putting items into my dishwasher when I’m not looking. So far, I have found the following items in my dishwasher:

– 5 Legos
– 2 golf balls
– A book
– A shoe
– And most recently, a plastic golf club

Photo 221

Third, Chris really needs to empty the food particles out of the drain when he does the dishes. Yuck!

Fourth, Bean can hear me open the dishwasher from three miles away. And then he comes running and tries to climb up inside it. Every. Single. Time. No matter how many times I make him get out of the kitchen. I turn around ten seconds later and he’s crawling back in again.

Photo 220

And finally, I learned that Dads are fun because they let sticky, stinky, grabby little boys click the mouse and type on the keyboard all by themselves. Which means that when Mom sat down to write this very blog post, it took her about 15 minutes to clean the computer first.

Photo 219

I don’t think I can live in these conditions much longer.

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19 Thoughts to “When Mom Does the Dishes”

  1. Sandy

    gee katie, in pic’s 2 & 3 your legs go on forever…
    it sure is nice of lucy to mop the floor for you! =o)

  2. I hear ya! As much as I love my husband’s help, sometimes it just makes more work…whether it’s cleaning the sink after he does the dishes…or doing the dishes after he “does the dishes”…lol! And my daughter LOVES to climb up on the dishwasher…my husband hates it, but I let her!

  3. My dog crawls in the dishwasher every time, too! (not to imply your son is anything less than an adorable human) Unfortunately, at 75 pounds, the door has failed a few times.

  4. On the plus side, doing dishes apparently makes your legs really long and thin. If that worked at my house, I’d do dishes all day long.

  5. I hope for your sake that some of those special items in the dishwasher were found pre-wash. I’m sure some of those aren’t dishwasher safe 🙂 But hey, at least he’s trying to help, right?

  6. I can’t get over how nice it is of you to do the dishes. I make my husband do them.

    1. Me too Jessica! Except he also does not empty the food particles out of the drain when he’s done. And I can’t bring myself to say anything about it because I just feel so grateful that he actually does all of the dishes (and we don’t have a dishwasher, so that’s a really big deal…)

  7. ha this is hilarious because there is evidence of you HARD AT WORK scrubbing away in the kitchen, and those two are just playing around. how nice of them!!

  8. Who wears short shorts! Look at you, a sexy housewife with those sexy gams! And your man didn’t even notice, he was too busy making himself look funny on the computer… Next time I need a confidence boost to look supa fly, I’ll do dishes and put my man on the mac!

  9. In the words of my 20 month old, your boys are “silly”. My husband also allows the sticky typing. Gross!! But as others have commented, your legs are great! I may have to buy the software and start stretching some of my photos.

  10. ohh your legs look so long, tall and thin! i need this camera. 🙂

    and bean is so stinkin’ cute i can’t stand it.

  11. On the bright side, your legs look super long in these photos. A perk of doing the dishes at your house? Sign me up!

  12. Ann G-B

    I put the legos in there on purpose! They can get pretty dirty and my little man still insists on tasking everything first… including the dishwasher door.

  13. Tell Chris his face is going to freeze that way if he’s doesn’t start helping with the dishes 🙂

  14. Christina

    One of your best posts ever. Love it!

  15. Kat

    hahahahahaha! I love that Lucy is scavenging for food!

  16. Come on – are you suggesting that you’ve never looked at a shoe, then at the dishwasher and felt curious?

    Bean’s just willing to act.

    He’s a go-getter, that one.

  17. Say it again my friend!!

    Q-Tip is like a little growth on the side of my leg while I’m doing the dishes. Or she insists upon standing inbetween me and the sink. It’s lovely…just lovely!




  18. I noticed the long legs too and I thought, “Damn gurl!” lol

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