Something Borrowed

This past weekend, Chris, Bean, and I drove up to our hometown for the wedding of one of my sister’s oldest, best friends.  Even with everything that is going on, I wouldn’t have missed this wedding for the world.  For as many friends as my sister has – and she has a boat load – no one comes close to the friendships that she has with Michelle and Evan.  She’s known them since middle school and while the three of them have grown up and gone on to live very different lives, their friendship is never shaken.  I’ve always loved that about them.

In fact, their friendships are so tight that somehow all three girls managed to convince three different boys to marry them within a few months of each other!


That’s Michelle (the bride) on the left, my sister in the middle, and Evan on the right.

Michelle’s wedding was beautiful.  Both Ginny and Evan were bridesmaids (of course) and so they spent the day at the salon getting ready together.

This is Ginny’s hair.  Isn’t that gorgeous?!?!


But as pretty as I always think my sister is, it was Michelle who really stopped the show.  Which is exactly how it should be on your wedding day.  Wasn’t she a beautiful bride?




What I loved most about Michelle on her wedding day was that she had two something’s borrowed.  She wore the earrings that my sister wore on her wedding day…


…and she wore Evan’s veil from her wedding day.


I just thought that was the sweetest thing.  And as they all came down the aisle, one right after the other, I smiled as I thought how wonderful it was that these women were still standing side by side after all these years.



Michelle lives in Australia now, where she met her husband, Max, while backpacking for a year just after college.  I know my sister misses her more every day and being that far apart is really hard for them.  But even that kind of distance hasn’t diminished their friendship.  They Skype, they email, they send packages, and whenever there is the chance, they visit in person.

To me, that is true friendship.  The kind that can withstand anything.  I’m glad my sister has that in Michelle and Evan.  And I’m so happy to have had a front row view of such a friendship.  They are wonderful, strong women and I couldn’t be happier for them that they now get to experience their next big adventure as wives together.

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23 Thoughts to “Something Borrowed”

  1. I love that she incorporated pieces of her friends’ weddings. What a beautiful connection. 🙂

  2. Kat

    Beautiful bride! And I love that she wore her two best friends’ wedding items – that’s such a cute twist to “something borrowed”.

  3. Ginny

    Awwwww… I love this post, Kate!!! Although, it’s my first day of work at my new office and I’m now teared up before the first staff meeting. 🙂

  4. So sweet!! What a great idea to borrow from her best friends – that is so amazing and a wonderful way to further honor how special their friendship is! LOVE.

  5. how beautiful! Those are the best friendships to have.

  6. Beats the heck out of borrowing my MoH’s bobby pin. What an beautiful friendship.

  7. That is so great that their friendship is still going so strong despite the years and the distance. And it’s so amazing that they are all getting married basically at the same time!

  8. Girlfriends seriously are the best thing ever!

    And totally necessary for when someone trips on her wedding dress and splats right on her face in the middle of the church for God and everyone to see.

    That might’ve happened to my friend. And the preacher might’ve been laughing too hard to continue.

    Needless to say, she might’ve been thankful her girlfriends picked her back up.

  9. I have a picture just like that (holding the left hand up) with two of my besties!! What fun!! I LOVE that she wore the earrings and veil of her two best friends (and lucky that it all worked together!!) Just lovely!

  10. Tressa

    Beautiful bride, beautiful friendship!! Those are far and few between any more. Life usually gets to busy to keep up like that. Awesome to hear that it truly still does exist!!
    LOVE that she borrowed her two best friends items, that is SPECIAL.

    As always, Ginny is drop dead gorgeous!!!

  11. Gorgeous dress, beautiful smile, and such happiness! Sounds like they have a rare kind of friendship.

  12. Jessica S.

    what a beautiful bride!
    One of my bridesmaids and I have been best friends since 7th grade (we’re both 25 now..or soon to be) and her friendship is one of the most important things to me. When you find those people who are there through thick and thin, distance or no distance, it’s very rare and special. 🙂

  13. You can tell from the photos what true happiness there is in the bride and her friends. You can’t be that beautiful and that happy on your/your friend’s wedding day without true happiness in your life! Friendship truly is a wonderful thing!

  14. You girls are making me feel o-l-d. 🙂
    What a sweet story of friendship!!

  15. Awwwwe…this post kinds choked me up a bit…mmm… So sweet, girls and our girfriends – just something great about that, eh?

  16. Laura

    What a beautiful wedding and nice story. They are lucky to be such close friends!

    I’m nosy and I wonder…oh, where does she live in Australia? 🙂 That’s something we have in common! I hope life down under is going well for her. What is it like to live abroad but plan a wedding in the US? I could find LOTS to talk to Michelle about!

  17. Amy

    Look at that dress! Stunning!

  18. awww… so pretty! And you’re right, Ginny’s hair is gorgeous (as is the bride)

  19. Keshet

    So lovely to have good friends like that!

  20. Michelle looked so pretty! Glad you shared. Question, where was the wedding located (the venue)? It looks beautiful!

  21. What a great “something borrowed” idea! That is so touching and sweet.

  22. A beautiful bride and a beautiful friendship!! Loved this post!!

    My friends are so important to me and I am so blessed to have them!!



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