A Working Woman’s Womb

Today was my first day at my new job, which means I am officially un-unemployed.

Can I get an amen?

You all have been so supportive and kind about me going back to work and especially about me starting down a new path as a teacher for the first time.  The thing about teaching though is that I really can’t share too much about my job for privacy reasons.  I think I’m going to like this job, so I’d like to keep it…  That means I won’t be able to give you too many updates about work and I certainly won’t be able to share any stories with you from my classroom.  But let me just tell you a few things about my new job and then I vow to never speak of it again:

1.  I think I am really going to love teaching.

2.  I think I am going to be a good teacher.

3.  My fetus apparently hates teaching.

Yes, the New Guy seems to abhor teaching and is royally ticked off that I am now spending my days as a teacher, which would be why I felt like I was seasick all day long.

(Incidentally, the New Guy is what we’ve been calling this one.  And contrary to what my mother thinks, this is not a gender specific nickname – it’s just what this little inch worm in my belly happens to be…the New Guy in our family.  When we know the sex of the baby, I’m sure we’ll pick something a little more endearing, but for now there’s been a lot of, “Hey, New Guy – Put some pants on!” or “Hey New Guy – You want pizza for dinner?”)

First of all, I woke up this morning and yacked four or five times.

Don’t ever tell me I don’t share enough personal information with you imaginary people.

Then the nausea miraculously went away all through the school day, but the minute the bell rang and just after our faculty meeting, I was back in the restroom where I stayed for the next half hour.  Awkward, awkward, awkward to meet your new co-workers and then upchuck in the faculty restroom for 30 minutes.

So, the short of it is that the New Guy just can’t hack it for a full working day.  He (again, MOM, that’s a universal “he” not a masculine “he”…) preferred when I laid around on the couch all day watching Oprah and Dawson’s Creek reruns.
Photo 226

(In my tired state, I couldn’t figure out how to write backwards for these pictures.  Sorry.  I blame the New Guy.)

I, however, have missed working.  This morning as I was sitting in stand-still traffic, I even thought to myself, “Man, I love rush hour!”  I have really missed being in a working environment and I am thrilled to be back at work.

Photo 227

So, the New Guy and I are in a bit of a stalemate at the moment.  Of course, by the time we got home from work (don’t you love how I am a plural now that I’m growing a person?  I’m like a turducken!), we were so stinking exhausted that we called a truce and immediately laid on the couch until Bean whacked me with his golf club and demanded dinner.

All things considered, I think I am going to love working.  Even with the whole fetal seasickness thing.  And the New Guy is just going to have to chill out and deal.


And in my house, the mom always wins.

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51 Thoughts to “A Working Woman’s Womb”

  1. Laura

    So glad you like your new job – you are going to be a fab teacher! Sorry to hear about the sickness, hopefully it subsides soon. Because if you yak in the classroom, it may freak out the kiddies 😉 But seriously, welcome back to the workforce!!!

  2. That is great that you are loving the job! I hope the New Guy calms down enough for you to feel better!

  3. I think it’s fantastic that you’re going back to work and that you enjoy it (even if the little guy doesn’t just yet). 🙂 It’s such a hard decision to make and one that I’ve been struggling with so I know how tough it is to make that adjustment. While I’m sorry we won’t be able to hear a lot of great stories about your work, I understand of course and wish you the best with your new job!

  4. A turducken!! oh my gosh, I’m dying laughing. Hahha. And you must really love your job to be loving rush hour, too!

    Glad to hear it’s going well. I always hear the first year of teaching is the hardest (most people in my family are teachers). That’s so great to hear you love it so much.

  5. So glad you’re enjoying your new job. The New Guy will learn to love it too. P.S. you can definitely share stories…just no names or specifics. I use initials (or in cases where a child’s name starts with X or Z, and people would know without a doubt who I was talking about, I make up another initial).

  6. I’m so glad your new job is going great and that the new guy chilled out for at least during the teaching part! Good luck today, hopefully he’ll last longer than 7 periods (or however many classes you have…). AND that’s a bummer about no classroom stories

  7. Sarah H.

    Awesome. You’re a working winning turducken!

  8. I like “The New Guy.” That’s fun. 🙂

    I recently returned to work after my 15 week maternity leave… and I’m really happy to be working. I, too, love the whole thing, even the traffic. (Oh, and I teach, too, although not all day like a K-12 teacher.) I’m glad you love your job – we need more teachers who do!

  9. Wait – you loved Orlando rush hour? I-4 traffic is enough to make me puke even when I’m not pregnant. You must love this job! I hope the nausea subsides too. I use to sit in meetings during my first trimester negotiating with Jellybean in my head that if he let me get through the meeting without puking there was an entire sleeve of saltines waiting for him!

  10. So stinkin’ cute – can’t wait to hear more about the New Guy

  11. Whoo! Yay for the first day! The New Guy will come around…it’ll just take some getting used to 🙂

  12. Jen C

    yay for the new happy job!! totally feel you on the seasickness thing. for the first 21 weeks of my pregnancy i was so motion sick i would have to hang on to the wall while walking down the hallway. working in a hospital on my feet all day was pretty awful but i finally got to kick the zofran a few weeks ago.

    hope you feel better!!

  13. Rebekah M.

    So glad you like your new job!!! I can’t wait to student teach next semester! readwritethink.org has a lot of good ideas for lesson plans. they are sometimes a little difficult to take them directly from the site and immediately use them in the classroom, but i feel like its easy to find something and then adapt it best to your classroom.
    If you don’t mind taking medicine to relieve your nauseau, i really had great success with Zofran. It is an anti-nausea medication that is typically used to patients undergoing chemo as a way to combat the sickness associated with treatment. during my pregnancy, i was hospitalized for dehydration & i basically threw up 5x per day for 20 or more weeks, so i get that whole sick feeling!

  14. Carrie

    Love the nickname, too funny Katie, and you must love your job if you love rush hour. Seabands helped me through my first trimester, they really work!!

  15. Erin R.

    Welcome back to the workforce! Hope the sickness subsides soon.

  16. I’m so happy for you! Just being one of our imaginary friends I can totally see you as a teacher. I feel that you teach us something new all the time so the students are very lucky.

  17. Aww, I hope your morning (and afternoon!) sickness goes away soon. Congrats on the first day! Being a teacher will be fun! Blessings on your day, amiga!

  18. Turducken? Bwahahahahahaha! Oh, man. That made my morning.

  19. I literally lol-ed in my cube at “I’m like a turducken!” 🙂

  20. Victoria

    Turducken! OMG- you just made me LOL and of course being a misplaced southerner in Chicago none of my office mates even knew what a Turducken was! I had to explain… which will probably go into the “other weird things she eats” category along with grits and fried oreos. Hope the “new guy” settles in soon!

  21. Jennifer in CA

    I love that you just referred to yourself as a Turducken. Totally makes sense to refer to pregnancy like that lol. Glad you are back at work!

  22. Wait, turducken? Does that mean you’re having twins?!?!

  23. One of my best friends is almost into her second trimester of her second pregnancy and she is so sick too! Although she has had the kind with chronic flu-like symptoms. I feel so bad for her! Hopefully the both of you ride through the first few months and don’t have that issue in your second and third trimesters!

    Cabin Fever in Vermont

  24. Liz

    In Photobooth, click the “Edit” menu. Then click, “Auto Flip New Photos”. Voila! No writing backwards! 🙂

  25. Oh my goodness. A turducken. Bwahahaha that cracked me up.

  26. I’m telling you: it’s New Girl. Both of my girls had me absolutely miserably sick. With my boy, just some nausea.

    Our morning discussion at work today, I kid you not: Is New Girl going to get her own page?

  27. Sandy

    i was sick EVERY day with my son…even the day he was born. i worked in a corp. office, my desk was at the very end of a long isle of cubicles. when i would get up and run to the bathroom to do my “business”, everyone on the isle would slide their trashcans out into the isle just in case i couldn’t make it…thankfully i never had to take them up on their offer but the love they showed was too funny!

  28. Amy

    So Katie, I hadn’t checked the blog in a few days. And I’m just reading along when I come to your list of things you vowed to never speak of again.

    And then I get to point number three. And this is what happened:

    Me: “Since when is Katie referring to Bean as “the fetus?” That just seems kinda silly!

    Me: “OHMYGOSH!!!!!!!!!!”

    Roommate: “Amy, it is WAY too early to be screaming bloody murder!! What is WRONG?!”


    Roommate: …Katie, who?

    Me: “:D 😀 😀 :D”

    So, dear Katie, in a nutshell…


  29. Nikki

    I’m so glad that you are enjoying your new job, even if “the new guy” isn’t cooperating. I know you can’t talk about your job, but I hope you are with teenagers/young adults. Even though I think you would be great teaching any age, I really think the kids would love you! Either way I wish you much success with your career and pregnancy!

  30. Brooke

    And there’s definitely going to be stories you want to tell and can’t. I work with college athletes and although I don’t have a blog, there are a lot of days where I want to post something goofy that one of them did on facebook, and can’t. Drives me nuts.

  31. Sounds like a sort-of good first day? Yakking isn’t my idea of a good day, hence the ‘sort-of’, but the other parts, you made it sound like you enjoyed it!lol
    I guess New Guy isn’t happy about it though. I hope work took it ok that your pg!

  32. Where have I been!! I had to scroll down because I totally missed the announcement!! Congrats darling!! I am sorry you are sick. 🙁 However, something is telling me it might be a girl. I cannot wait when you find out. Congrats again!! So exciting!!

  33. I am truly sorry about the sickies…
    I learn something new all the time; I have never heard of this turducken that you speak of. Google comes in handy, though. I have to tell you…there are three things involved in the dish. Are you growing twins? 🙂

  34. TURDUCKEN!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness I fell out of my chair when I read that!!!!!! I’m so happy everything is going well for you and your new job (minus the sickness)! Congrats again!

  35. Well, lucky for you, you found out so late, that you only have a few more weeks of seasickness to go! YAY! (And exactly WHY is it that that happens? You know, the minute you find out you’re prego, you are suddenly very prego with belly and nausea and even more tired than you were before?)

  36. Lofton

    Can you at least tell us what level of school you’re working at – elementary, middle, or high?

  37. Congrats on going back to work and also on the New Guy!

  38. Tressa

    I’m totally bummed, no classroom stories?! I completely understand, but I know they would have been a hoot to read!!
    Did I miss out reading somewhere, what age do you teach?

    I hope you feel better soon!! Fun and games of it all 😉
    Does Bean man say baby yet???

  39. Anonymous

    I feel you on the “seasick” part of your story.

  40. Most random question ever, but what does your shirt say?

  41. Congrats on re-entering the work force! I work at an elementary school, and I love summers off, but there’s something to be said for having a purpose to your day like work! The new guy will get used to school soon enough 🙂

  42. dear katie,
    i’m with “lofton” – i would love to know if you are teaching k-12 or higher education. i just started working this week after three months of relentless job searching. me. with my master’s degree. waiting tables. for the first time. what a cliche. but it is an income!
    here here for being able to support our families!
    love, melissa

  43. As a fellow teacher (kindergarten) who appreciates a good (read: hilarious) kid-related story, I beg you to tell us teaching stories as they come up!! You can totally do it anonymously and we will all love you for it!

  44. Nate's Mom

    Having experienced more than my fair share of morning sickness, I sincerely hope that your school does not have self-flushing toilets. They always seem to flush before you’re done being sick….

  45. Heather G.

    I am a teacher too and when I was pregnant with my first daughter I was sick before school, perfect at school, and sick again once the bell rang at the end of the day! It was mess! My husband and I are expecting again, and we were totally sursprised too! We were even 11 weeks along when we found out for sure God had graced us with another baby! It was VERY shocking! Luckily, I haven’t been sick this go around…I hope you get to feeling better soon!!!

  46. Damn right the Mom always wins!!! I puked and yacked for 3 months x 2 pregnancies…it was awful, here’s to hoping this passes quickly for you…

  47. Tiffany

    Can’t wait to meet both the new guy and bean..Glad you love the job.

  48. First of all, if you’re using a Mac (and I really have no clue if you are) and Photo Booth to take those pictures, command + F will flip the pic so it’s not a mirror image. Or go to Edit > Flip picture.

    Second, you’re funny!

    Third, congrats on the new job! I hope you love it!!

  49. Oh Lawdy girl…I feel for ya!! I was the kind of seasick that never gets results with Q-Tip. I felt like I had upchuck in the back of my throat taunting me for the first 3 months. And then all of a sudden..it went away. Thank the good Lord!

    I’lllll say a little prayer for you!!!



    P.S. Your gonna be a fab teacher!!

  50. Congrats again on your job and your first week of work! Woo hoo! And good luck with getting the New Guy to settle down in there…

  51. Turducken…you are killing me! :)I hope that you LOVE teaching! I’m sure your students already love you!

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