Portrait of a Bean

As Bean gets busier and busier, it’s getting harder and harder to catch him for a picture.  I used to be able to sit there and take as many pictures of him as I wanted and he just laid there and cooed up at me, never moving.  Now, I pull out my camera and he literally runs the other direction.  He has places to go, people to see, and toys to destroy.  He cannot be bothered by mom’s camera.

So, imagine my extreme happiness and surprise today when I pulled out my camera and not only did he not run in the other direction, but he whipped out his pearly whites, looked right into my camera lens, and hammed it up.


There he is.

My little apple dumplin’.


My little cherry blossom.


My little….

Wait! Where are you going?!?!


Moment over.

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18 Thoughts to “Portrait of a Bean”

  1. Oh my goodness has he gotten cute. I can’t even believe how blond he is now, and how tame his hair looks.

  2. Good thing you got such a terrific shot while you had the chance!

  3. Jenny J.

    Oh, he is SO adorable!

  4. Oh! He IS a little apple dumplin’. He’s sooooo dang cute, Katie. So. Cute.

  5. Wow! That is a great picture, LOVE IT!! Thank goodness you are creating more babies, it is pretty much your duty when producing ones so cute…

  6. At least you got that one moment! hehe. Even if it was ever so brief 🙂

    Cabin Fever in Vermont

  7. I know EXACTLY how you feel! Now that our little guy is crawling, it takes me twice as long to get a decent picture of him which basically is just one where he’s sitting still. 🙂

  8. he’s so stinkin’ cute. I love it. Also, I thought my sister-in-law was the only one who called kids Hams but apparently I was thoroughly mistaken.

    1. Ashley

      My family does too! It’s an epidemic. 🙂

  9. Ella

    What a beautiful boy. His hair is starting to curl – cute 🙂

  10. Tressa

    Good Lord, help my heart!! Look at those eyes!! I’ve said it his whole life…he’s precious!!! I could help spoil him rotten!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Sommer

    I love your blog, Katie! I’m one of those readers that never comment but this is so cute that I had to. Does he have little curls in his hair? So adorable!

  12. Courtney

    I like the LL Cool J look he has going on there in the last picture. He’s soooo cute.

  13. Ashley

    I hate to tell you this, but he’s ADORABLE. Oh my goodness…you could just eat him up! I can’t wait to see what The New Guy/Girl will look like!

  14. So cute! Rohan’s PJ pants do the same thing – one pant legs is always higher than the other…

  15. That’s exactly what I get when I get out the camera…a moment. And that’s only about 35% of the time. The other 65% of the time she runs for cover!!



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